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Learn programming for Free and how to develop and write computer programs and IT applications. Get Free knowledge, information, references, and resources about computers now. Many Free training courses, tutorials, books, training guides, tips, articles, and helps are available to you.

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Free Computer Training and Courses Online
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Build Your Own PC - If you are thinking of building your own PC, or need practical information about PC hardware or software, this site is for you. It is an easy to follow step-by-step guide combined with many images to help you build, configure and setup your own PC.
Ken Coar's Apache Server Tutorials - These Apache tutorials cover several areas including getting started, image theft, using htaccess, and authentication.
Build Your Own Cheap Computer - Free step-by-step tutorial to build your own cheap computer using inexpensive computer parts. - Programming Tutorials and Texts from Fsix Security covering C, Assembler, Pascal, Perl, PHP, Security, and Socket Programming.
Roadmap Quick Reference Guides - Roadmap to Computing provides several Quick Reference Guides are intended to make your programming and developing environment easier. Topics include C, C++, Perl, Unix, HTML, and Office applications. Interactive Courses are also provided.
Wireless Networking 101 - This four part tutorial from covers several wireless topics. the four chapters are The basics of wireless networking, The lay of the LAN (make sure you pick the right equipment for the job), Sweating the details (learn basic rules and processes) and Optimizing and securing your network.
Guide to choosing a Cheap Laptop - This site  offers advice on choosing cheap laptops and provides tutorials on how to enhance them for less. Build your own laptop gaming system, home mobile system, wireless internet laptop etc. Decide between a brand name cheap laptop, a refurbished laptop, and a used laptop.
Training Paths for Career Growth - This archived site (mirrored) has some good training material to help you learn what you need (some graphics are missing). Here are the course tutorials: Apache for WebMasters - Thinking In Objects - CGI Scripting with Perl - Javascript for Programmers - Using Databases on the Web - Java Jumpstart - Hands On XML.
Microsoft .Net Framework Academic Resource Kit, version 2.0 - This site is no longer online - the link is to archived pages of this site where you can find some or most of the content. Covers Microsoft .Net Course Materials, Compilers, SDKs, and Tools for .Net, Source and Samples, Technical Reports and White Papers, and Glossary
CNS Publications - This "Getting Started With" Series, in pdf format, is no longer available from Kansas State University, but are on - get help learning these programming languages: Getting Started With C, Getting Started With C++, Getting Started With Pascal, and Getting Started With SQL/DS.
C++ for Java Programmers (and vice versa) - These tutorials are intended for students who are already familiar with Java or C++ and with data structures, and are interested in learning the other language. They each include 5 "self-guided" lessons that include reading notes and writing Java/C++ programs. Here is the Java Tutorial for those who already know C++ and here is the C++ Tutorial for those who already know Java.
Two Linux Training Courses - TJ Miller has updated his Linux training curricula for both his Introduction and Sysadmin courses. He updated the intro course to align more with Linux+ certification. Here are the .doc formats: Introduction and System Administration.
Only4Gurus - Almost 2,000 learning documents and tools about everything Microsoft related, all free for download. Topics covered include ASP, ASP.NET, VB, VB.NET, Active Directory, C++, C#, Visual Studio, Data Access, ADO, .Net, SQL Server, Peer2Peer, and PocketPC.
Macromedia Fundamentals Courses - These modules introduce Macromedia Web development tools: Macromedia FreeHand, Macromedia Flash, Macromedia Fireworks, Macromedia Dreamweaver, and Macromedia Director.
Information Processing & Technology - A Virtual Approach - This online course (archived, mirrored) offers modules covering Information Systems, Algorithms and Programming, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Systems (hardware and software) and the Social/Ethical implications of Information Technology. Its emphasis is system development rather than the mere use of application packages.
InformIT Reference Guides - With these new Reference Guides you can browse InformIT's free training content and stay current with key technologies. The table of contents leads you to key topics, and points you to the best articles, books, etc. Here are the guides:
- .NET   - Linux   - C++   - Flash
- Java   - Microsoft Office   - Photoshop   - Security
- SQL Server   - Web Design   - Windows Server   - XML
TechHowTo Free Tech Tutorials and Computer Resource Center - Windows, HTML, Java and Networking tutorials. Also offers pages for Tips & Tricks and Help & HowTos.
GNU C Programming Tutorial (Edition 4.1) - Several download formats are offered for this tutorial. The previous edition of this tutorial is also available. The original author, Mark Burgess, also has some other Free computer books and lecture notes. Here is the GNU C Library Reference Manual and more Free Documentation at GNU Manuals Online.
Techieindex eLearning - This site offers you completely free online IT Training Courses in Microsoft .Net, Linux, PHP, Java, ASP, C, C++, XML, and SQL. From their home page at you can also access their forums, experts advice, articles, and white papers. (free registration required)
Cottontail OS Development Library - Here you will be able to download virtually any programming-oriented information that is available for computer hardware devices, processors, and operating system development. This site gives you free e-books, hardware reference manuals, programming guides, datasheets, and source code on many types of computer subjects. - Code Notes is designed for the software developer who needs to come up to speed quickly. It drills down to the core aspects of a technology and focuses on the key elements needed to implement it immediately thus presenting highly technical material in an efficient and useful  format, bridging the gap between comprehensive manuals and pocket references. Covers .NET, VB.NET, XML,.NET, Web-Based UI, Java, J2EE, ASP.NET, Oracle 9i, Web Services, and C#.
Vision2Learn - Here is a series of free courses in Information Technology and Business and Personal Development. Click on the "Courses Link". The IT courses are: First Steps in IT, Next Steps in IT, and Wizard on the Web. IT units include desktop publishing, database techniques, website design and creation, and e-commerce.
Grooveyweb Tutorials - This is a site map of all their computer and programming tutorials. Here are their Programming (Games, VB, C, Assembly) and Operating Systems (Windows, Linux) tutorials.
Free E-Learning Courses - These free self-study courses are organized into lessons, which are then divided into modules. Several IT topics are offered including A+, Linux, Windows 2000, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Access, and Cisco.
Howstuffworks "Computers!" - Learn about Computer Hardware, Peripherals, Networking, Programming, Security, and Computer Video. In the Programming section learn about C, Java, Perl, encryption, operating systems, BIOS, and more. - By using the Internet and some freely available programming tools this site delivers four facilitated online computer programming courses that are now Free: Introduction to Linux Programming, Linux Programming the SIMPL way, Introduction to GUI Programming with Tcl/Tk, Beginner Programming, Network Programming the SIMPL way (coming soon). Courses start every month on demand and each week a new lesson is posted and online for 8 weeks.
Learn Express - This site hosts free online learning modules for Java, C#, ASP, and other subjects. - Programming tutorials, articles and code for C#, SOAP, COM+, Internet Programming, Win32 Programming, and C++.
A Component Engineering Cornucopia - Study and learn about COM, ActiveX, OLE, COM+, CORBA, JDO, PE:J, Visual C++, MFC, Java and related technologies, Java Data Objects, JavaBeans, JFC, EJB, WFC, InfoBus, Enterprise, Jini, Design Patterns, Microsoft Transaction Server, C#, JDO, Java Data Objects.
MSDN Events and Webcasts - Keep up with the latest Microsoft technology, includes .NET Visual Studio webcasts and SQL Server webcasts.
Juicy Studio Tutorials - Good Tutorials (archived, mirrored) in Visual Basic, Extensible Markup Language (XML), Active Server Pages (ASP), C Programming, Object Oriented Analysis and Design and PERL. The following tutorials will be added to this section over the next few months: C++ Programming, Java and Flash ActionScript. Here are their current articles.
IBM developerWorks - Access many Tutorials and Learning Materials at IBM Developerworks. An excellent source for developer information, resources, and tools on the industry's hottest technologies. Here is their new Tutorials and Training page - With this new page you can now go directly to any of IBM's developer oriented tutorials, training, and certification education material on developerWorks and elsewhere in IBM. Here are some of their best free online technical IT training tutorials: Java, Linux, Web Architecture, Wireless Technology, Grid Computing, and XML.'s Weekly Tutorials - IT certification and computer training lessons from They currently offer 10 lessons on MCSE, A+, Internet, and computer topics. Each tutorial is updated at least once every two weeks. (This is an archive and some tutorials may not be available, here are mirrored links.)
Free Windows 2000, VB and A+ Training Videos from - Topics covered include IP Addressing, Installing Windows 2000 Server, Installing NAT with Windows 2000, Introduction to Active Directory, Introduction to Group Policy, A+ Electricity, A+ Printers and A+ Multimedia. Average length: 30 minutes, Plugins needed: Flash & Techsmith codec, free registration required.
East-West Project - A collaborative venture (archived, mirrored) of four Canadian Provinces to put on line a full course on information technology. The course offers 5 modules: Web Publishing, Graphic Design, Telecommunication Networks, Telecommunications, and Computer Applications.
PDF Training Chapters from CarrigLearningData Warehousing and Mining, Java Programming Essentials, Perl 5 Programming, XML Application Development with Java Technologies, and XML Application Development with Java Technologies. - Free sample self-study training manuals in these topics: ASP, CGI/PERL, ColdFusion, DreamWeaver, DreamWeaver UltraDev, HTML, JavaScript, Paintshop Pro, VBScript and XML.
Web Programming Tutorial Courses - teaches several in-house tutorials on web programming. Here are some of the most popular tutorials freely available here: Introduction to The Web Application Development Environment, Introduction to XML, Introduction to Web Design, Perl 5 for Web Developers, Introduction to Web Programming, Introduction to Web Security, and Introduction to Unix for Web Developers.
Center for the New Engineer's Tutorial Modules Central - Free library of internet-accessible tutorial modules in these areas: Core of IT, Computer Networking, Asynchronous Transfer Mode, Virtual Memory, Workflow, Distributed Shared Memory, Inter-Process Communication, Operating System Performance. These modules include interactive workbenches. This site is a previous free site of the month. Tutorials - Free tutorials are available on this site that show and teach you XML, CSS, and WML. You can also download the tutorials.
Devguru's Tutorial How To Manuals - These free tutorials deal with a wide variety of topics of interest to developers. They are easy to navigate, have clear, precise explanations and useful, understandable examples of code. Topics include: XML, ASP, SQL, Visual Basic, ActiveX. Also check out their KnowledgeBase articles in the following topics: ADO (1), ASP (10), Browser Compatibility (6), HTML (11), JavaScript (14), Jet SQL (2), Miscellaneous (4), Style Sheets (1), and VBScript 4).
Computer Science Technical Tutorials from the University of Saskatchewan - Nicely presented tutorials on these programming concepts: Stacks, Queues, Sorting Techniques, Trees, Searching, Hashing, Number Theory, Encryption, Project Planning, Estimation, and Graphs. This site also has excellent free Computer Aided Instruction training for these topics: HTML, CSS, Web Development, Javascript, XSSI, Web Databases, Streaming Multimedia, and Unix.
Virtual Dr Online Tutorials - A very comprehensive collection of online "how-to" tutorials on the Web. Select from the following topics: At Home, Handhelds/PDAs, Hardware, Internet, Operating System, Software, Linux. Also check out their discussion forums and tips area covering Windows, and Linux.
Unix Network Programming - A Free online training course in socket programming (contains audio). If you do not want to register for free, use 'guest' for both user id and password.
Learn To Subnet - A free, lecture-based educational course on IP addressing and subnetting. This is an educational resource for those interested in the Internet, TCP/IP and Subnetting.
Java Programming and Advanced Java Programming - These 2 courses contain excellent lecture notes that you can use to understand Java Programming. First course covers Java code basics, Data types and flow of control, Objects and Classes, Methods, Members, Inheritance and Encapsulation, The Java Standard Library, Interface Methods, Interface Class Types and Interface Subclassing, Packages, Project organization, Exceptions, throw, try, and catch, Multi-threading, Synchronization and Concurrency, Abstract Window Toolkit, Object Hierarchy Reference, Graphics, using the graphics class, Sound Processing , Image Processing. The advanced course covers streams, digital audio processing, advanced digital audio processing, digital images, and image processing.
Enterprise JavaBeans by Gopalan Suresh Raj - This site gives you free training material covering "Developing Entity & Session EJBs, EJB Clients, & EJB Servlet Clients". This is one of the best and most excellent free EJB training sites we have ever reviewed. Here is their Advanced Java/J2EE Tutorial.
IT Tutorials from - Free IT Tutorials and resources covering databases, E-Commerce and Java.
Free Java Training Course - Improve your Java knowledge and prepare here for Sun's Certified Java Programmer Exam. Experiment with shift operators, bitwise operators, GridBagLayout or any other Exam related topic. Play online or download the package. Covers user level from new to expert.
Java Lessons - Here are 19 free Java training lessons on these topics: Simplest Applet, Mouse click, Mouse coordinates, TextArea, Button action, Button and TextArea, Which Button, Numerical Limits, Repetition and Painting, Using an Array, Language, Continue, Break, Timing, Environment, Strings, String Methods, String Buffer, and Instances.
Java and Javascript Programming Tutorials - Dick Baldwin's Online Java and JavaScript tutorial lessons are designed to teach you how to program in Java and JavaScript. Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced programming tutorial courses on Java are available, as are tutorials on XML, Python and C#. Some of these are available as downloads. This is an excellent free training site.
jGuru Self-Paced Courses - jGuru presents in-depth online courses on Java software development. Each course takes you step-by-step through developing your own software and includes course notes and exercises with sample code. 
More Java Training and Tutorial Web Resources on our site are here,here, here and here.
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