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Free Computer Training and Courses Online
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New! - Our new Free Computer Training Search site is now online, containing over 150,000 free educational, training and tutorial web resources, all at your fingertips. Also search for computer programming and software development sites. Check out our predefined search page for faster access. If you're an Member, go to our member search page to access this special page to search over 220,000 free training web resources.

Type in the computer subject you want to learn more about: - OracleCoach is a great resource for Oracle Training and Course Material. It contains useful resources such as articles related to the latest topics, hands-on practice questions and tests to help you prepare and pass the Oracle certification exams.
 New! - A very useful site for Oracle users, includes tutorials, articles, scripts, and tools.
  Oracle Documentation Manuals:
 Skillbuilders Free Oracle Tutorial Lessons - Skillbuilders offers a variety of free Oracle eLearning Tutorial Lessons. These cover both 9i and 10g versions of this popular relational database. Just click on the link you need to learn more about.
 Oracle 10g 2 Day DBA Course - This Oracle 10g 2 Day DBA Course is designed to complement the Oracle 2 Day DBA manual. In this course you will find detailed information on the tasks outlined in the chapters of the Oracle 2 Day DBA manual, including step-by-step instructions. To review the materials for the course, check out the chapter and lesson titles.
 Oracle and SQL/PL Tutorials and Learning Materials - The following tutorials and learning materials will help you learn how to develop with Oracle and use its SQL language, called SQL Plus.
Oracle Database Documentation - Search and Download Oracle Database, Application Server, and Collaboration Suite Documentation.
Oracle Internet Seminars- Oracle Internet Seminars give you the latest free training and knowledge in Oracle certification and technology providing you unique training (free registration required). Also look at Oracle's Techblast home page. - Free Business, Computer, and Certification Tutorials, including: A+ Certification Core Tutorial: A+ is a certification program designed to ensure its certified experts have the critical thinking and industry knowledge necessary to be computer technicians; Network+ Certification Tutorial: A tutorial teaching the requirements for the Network+ Certification exams; and Introduction to Linux. New courses include Palm Pilot, i-Net+ Certification, Red Hat Linux, Macromedia Dreamweaver, and Flash 4.0.
Linux Refresher Course - This is Free on-line Linux system administration training, giving you a well structured overview of the Linux operating system for both average users and system administrators. This material covers many, but not all, of the kinds of activities that a Linux user and Linux system administrator has to be concerned about. Training Materials and User Guides - This site has free Linux and training materials.
How to Build a Beowulf: A Tutorial - This tutorial contains these sections: Building a Beowulf System, Motivation, Bits & Pieces, Hardware Integration, Linux, Networking, Managing Ensembles, PVM, MPI, Avalon, Tricks & Tips, and Applications. To read .ps file download Ghostscript.
Dr Dobb's TechNetcast - Streaming media learning resources about software development and information technologies covering the following: AI, C++, Dot-Net, Graphics & Game development, Java, Linux, Networking, Open Source, Perl, Programming, Security, Software Development, Web Technologies, and XML. - Offers free study guides, practice exams, articles, how tos, and lab practices for A+, Network+, Server+, MCSE, MCSA, MCAD, MCSD, Cisco, CIW, Oracle, Linux, Novell, and Sun. Free registration is required (for a quick look, use "certsguides" for both username and password).
 Egghead Cafe - bills itself as the niche portal for experienced ASP and Windows web developers and programmers. It offers Tutorial articles, forums, and sample code for C#, .Net, ASP.Net, Visual Studio.Net, Visual Basic.Net, SQL Server, ADO, JavaScript, XML/XSLT, DHTML/HTML, Web Services.
SitePoint - This site bills itself as one with New Articles and Fresh Thinking for Web Developers and Designers. Many web development and design tutorials are available here.
Object Mentor Articles - Better Software - By Lecture, demonstration, and by example. This site provides you with experts to show you how to write better software. Areas covered include Analysis, Architecture, C, C++, Database, Design, Extreme Programming, Java, Object Oriented, Patterns, RUP, UML. - Flash MX, Actionscript, PHP, and XML tutorials, tips, news and information, very well presented.
IT Training Manuals from Queen Mary University of London - Introduction to C Programming, Java Training materials, Fortran Training materials, Visual Basic slides, Introduction to HTML, 3-page Object Oriented Overview.
Free Training from TechiWarehouse - Programming, OS, Oracle, and Security tutorials. Learn everything about IT and the web. Read weekly articles and find our which retailer has the lowest prices on the best books, hardware, and software. Tons of IT tips and tricks.
Free Online IT Documentation:  - Hands-On, Tutorials, Guides  - Linux Documentation  - Books and References
Online Course Lessons from Digital University - The following technical online training is available at this site: - Beginning SQL   - Database Design      - Programming Java
 BBC  - The BBC is launching a new way of learning. Whatever your subject, learn online at your own pace and get a solid start in an area that interests you. Here are the first two: Becoming Webwise and Build-A-Bot Techlab.
Stephen Mc Kearney's Home Page - Training and learning content about Database Systems and Advanced Databases, and Programming. The slides in pdf format are excellent.
PC Center's Free Web Test - A Free online practice exam web site. Take practice exams for your Microsoft Certified System Engineer, A+ Certification exams, Network+ exams, and CIW certification exams. (registration required) - Excellent study site for Microsoft, Cisco, and CompTIA certifications. CertNotes brings you useful, top-notch notes to help you pass your exams. These notes are brought to you by leading industry professionals. - For each certification exam, they have taken 300 pages of study guides and crammed them into 10 - 30 pages of what you need to know to pass. Exams covered include Core MCSE, MCSE Electives, MCSD, Cisco, CompTIA, Novell, Linux/Unix, Certified Internet Webmaster (CIW), Oracle, and Lotus. Free registration is required. - A free online learning site for system administrators. Free tutorials, practice exams, courses, articles, and discussion forums relating to SQL Server, Exchange Server, and Windows 2000. They have recently added Cisco, Linux, and Windows XP learning areas.
SkillDrill - Free IT related certification practice exams - "Free skills testing that stretches the limits of the IT pro's brain with a workout that acknowledges the strong and sends the weak scurrying back to their workbooks."
MCSE Guide - At this site you can get braindumps of the certification exams, free samples tests, and study guides for Windows NT 4, Networking Essentials, Exchange 5.5 Administration, Internet Information Server (IIS) 4.0, TCP/IP, Windows 2000, Cisco, A+, Network+, Novell, and Linux.
MC MCSE - Provides extensive certification information and prep materials for MCSE, A+, Network+ and Cisco certifications for the very low price of $0. These materials include study guides, practice tests and more - all the free tools you need to pass the MCSE, CompTIA and Cisco exams. Their Tech Tutorials section contains hosted content and links to over 800 free computer/networking related tutorials and whitepapers.
Free Windows Training from
Windows Longhorn Training and Learning Materials

ASP.Net Beginner and Intermediate Training and Learning Materials

VB.Net Beginner and Intermediate Training and Learning Materials

C# Beginner and Intermediate Training and Learning Materials

XML related Training and Learning Materials - This site offers you many Free Study Guides and materials for IT Certification Exams. - Free MCSE Training Videos, Study Guides, Practice Tests and White Papers. The videos are short, but to the point. You will need to register with Free MCSE to access this material. Number of presentations: Over 40, Average length: 5 minutes, Plugins needed: Flash.
Windows Scripting Solutions - Nonsubscribers can now freely access issues of Windows 2000 Magazine's newsletters more than 1 year old online. It focuses on how to use VBScript, NT shell scripting, and Perl code with a variety of scripting technologies, including ADSI, WMI, and WSH.
JSI Inc. - Windows NT/2000 Tips, Tricks, Registry Hacks and more. - Study guides and notes, practice exams, discussion forums, and links for these certifications: MCSE, CCNA, A+, Network+, I-Net+, and CNE.
Cisco Interactive Mentors - Cisco Interactive Mentor offers a comprehensive suite of knowledge transfer products that provide Cisco best practices for networking configuration and troubleshooting through the use of interactive, Java-based network simulations. A Free demo CD is available from Cisco. Order yours today by clicking on the link near the bottom of the page. Also, check out these Free E-Learning Demos from Cisco.
12 Cisco IP Multicast Training Modules - These IP Multicast training modules have previously been used for internal Cisco training only, but are now available for "self-training". They have been updated and are even better than before. (pdf format) - Read and study from 11 sample coursebooks of their internet and web development technical coursewares. They are (pdf format): CIW Foundations, CIW Site Designer, Application Developer, Enterprise Developer, Server Administrator, Internetworking Professional, Security Professional, ECommerce Professional, Java Programming, Object-Oriented Analysis, and JavaScript.
Test Drive NETg Course - Try a sample of NETg's industry-leading Skill Builder courses - features include preassessments, audio narration, true simulated applications, and post-assessment with review. Free courses are: C++ for Non C Programmers; Cisco BSCN; CIW E-Commerce Designer, Microsoft Windows 2000 Administration Part 3; and Microsoft Outlook 2000 Proficient User. Also here are Advanced Cisco Router Configuration - Part 3 and Miscrosoft SQL Server 7.0:Implementing a Database - Part 1
International Seminar on Establishing & Running Large Scale Internet Based Services - Occured on November 16-30, 1999 Netanya Academic College, Israel. Here is the Course Main Page. It is mainly based on internet documents and lecture notes, much effort has been put into making all documents have uniform feel and look. Covers both Linux and Windows NT. The Linux Networking Documents are a large database of internet documents for learning and setting Linux network services, it attempts to cover almost all aspects of Linux Networking issues
1999 ICTP Workshop on Web Enabling: Technologies & Authoring Tools - Workshops that teach you the basic tools to put information on the Web and to introduce you to some of the recent computer internet and programming developments.
TechOnline's Educational Resources - This site offers free webcasts, courses, virtual labs, articles and forums . Topic areas are: Audio / Video Processing, Communications, Data Acquisition, Digital Signal Processing, Embedded Systems, Fuzzy Logic and Neural Network Computing, Input - Output (IO) Subsystem Design, Microprocessors, Networking, Operating Systems, Portable and Mobile Systems, Real Time Operations and System Design, Simulation, System Theory, and Wireless System Design. Free Registration required.
 Administering Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Free Online Class - This course covers some of the most important differences between Windows Server 2003 and previous Windows server operating systems. You'll learn how to perform common administrative tasks in the Windows domain environment, including configuration and management of users, computers, and resources. You'll learn about core concepts and new features such as volume shadow copy, the Resultant Set of Policy tool, and Active Directory Domain Rename, and the EFS (Encrypting File System).  This online course is available 24/7. You can enroll at any time and an instructor leads the class and will assist you in the lessons.
 Free Microsoft E-Learning Courses for Visual Studio 2005 - These free online training courses from Microsoft will teach you how to do many important things in Visual Studio 2005, including the following: creating Windows forms, building Web applications, implementing Data Access, and learning out about Visual Studio Team System. Each course module, as a lesson, includes hands-on virtual labs and practice with functionality that is. These courses, valued at $99.00 each, are now Free until November 8, 2005. For more details and links foron these free training courses you can visit this blog post.
 Free ASP.NET Books and eLearning Course - Enter the Access Key: "8317-MSDN-6595" and enter eLearning. If you are an ASP.NET developer, or thinking of learning ASP.NET, you'll be interested to know that Microsoft Learning and MSDN are giving away 2 of MS Press's most popular ASP.NET books and a US$349 eLearning course for free, with no strings attached. If you don't have a account, you will need to register for free.

You'll receive the following for free:
eLearning Course:
  - "Developing Microsoft ASP.NET Web Applications Using Visual Studio .NET"

Reference Books:
  - "Microsoft ASP.NET Programming with Microsoft Visual Basic .NET 2003 Step by Step"
  - "Building Web Solutions with ASP.NET and ADO.NET"
World of .Net - This site bills itself as "your ultimate guide to .Net resources across the Internet". Lots of articles and tutorials are available here covering Microsoft's .Net technology and framework.
.Net Frequently Asked Questions - Very good fundamental information about the new Microsoft technology, .NET.
Visual Basic Resource: Tutorials and Downloads - This site covers these VB areas: beginner, multimedia, games, math, string, controls, and statement. Also look at Paul Lomax's Top 15 VB Tips and Tricks - This page is very helpful to Visual Basic programmers, giving you some insightful tips.
Version 2.0 of theForger's Win32 API Tutorial - This tutorial attempts to get you started developing with the Win32 API as quickly and clearly as possible. It is meant to be read as a whole, so please read it from beginning to end. Here is their excellent FAQ:
Programming Windows Tutorials - This site provides a number of tutorials, articles and projects related to Windows programming in various forms.
Windows API tutorial introduces basic aspects of Windows GUI programming.
DirectX tutorial introduces the various aspects of DirectX.
DirectX .NET framework - A large tutorial in intermediate and advanced .NET programming, using DirectX. It provides a thorough advanced-level introduction to the C++ .NET programming language, developing a powerful class library. It also provides some intermediate-level C#.NET and VB.NET sample programs.
ASP.NET QuickStart Tutorial - This is a series of ASP.NET samples and supporting commentary designed to quickly acquaint developers with the syntax, architecture, and power of the ASP.NET Web programming framework. The QuickStart samples are designed to be short, easy-to-understand illustrations of ASP.NET features

AXCEL216's MAX Speed Windows Tricks, Secrets Bugs Fixes - This page has many tips, tuning help, and examples for Windows, including downloads, secret files and HTML authoring advice.

Microsoft Product Support Center FAQs - Gain access to Microsoft's searchable knowledgebase, step-step instructions and how to articles, software and hardware FAQs, webcasts, downloads, and newsgroup views. Tutorial Index - These tutorials will show you some of the most common tasks you will have to master as a C# developer in ASP.Net.
C# Frequently Asked Questions for C++ programmers - This FAQ addresses many of the basic questions that C++ developers have when they first come across C#. 
Two New Articles from

Understanding C# Objects and Collections - Everything used in C# is an object, so understanding objects is critical to your success with C#. In this hour you'll learn about collections and what makes an object an object.

Using .NET to Build a Distributed Web Application - Use the Travel Agency Union (TAU) case study to learn how to effectively implement a distributed web application with the .NET framework.
Two Microsoft MSDN ASP Pages:

ASP from A to Z - This article provides an easy way to find information that pertains to ASP, including a short definition of what ASP is, how ASP works, and an alphabetical list of terms and tips that relate to ASP.

25+ ASP Tips to Improve Performance and Style - This article presents tips for optimizing ASP applications and Visual Basic Scripting Edition (VBScript). Many traps and pitfalls are discussed.

Active Server Pages Tutorial - This two-module tutorial provides a step-by-step introduction to several ASP features. The tutorial shows how to build sample applications and demonstrates key concepts you'll need to understand when developing your own ASP pages. (11 printed pages)

Find great Computer and Internet books at

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