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Computer Programming

Free Computer Training and Courses - Use our new Free Computer Training Search site to find Free Computer Programming Training and Tutorials now. It contains over 150,000 free educational, training and tutorial web resources, all at your fingertips. Also search for computer programming and software development sites. Check out our predefined search page for faster access. If you're an Member, go to our member search page to access this special page to search over 220,000 free training web resources.

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Here are some great Edcomp free training result pages for Computer Programming:

Web Programming  |  Web Development  |  Web Tutorials  |  CSS

Java Tutorials  |  Java 2  |  Java Servlets  |  J2EE Tutorials

Linux  |  Linux Tutorials  |  Linux Programming  |  Linux Application Development

XML  | 
XML Tutorials  |  XSL Tutorials  |  XPath

C++  |  C++ Tutorials  | C++ Programming

.Net  | 
.Net Tutorials  |  dot Net

C#  | 
C# Tutorials  |  More C#   |  More C# Tutorials

ASP.Net  |  ASP.Net Tutorials  |  More ASP.Net Tutorials

Visual Basic .Net  |  Visual Basic .Net Tutorials  |  VB .Net  |  VB .Net Tutorial

Windows Programming  |  Windows Application Development

Windows Vista Programming  |  Windows Vista Application Development

Windows 2003  |  Server 2003

  Our Blogs are now online, written by Jeff Love, site editor for and Keep pace with and give comments on all of the new free computer and I.T. training, education, and tutorial web resources and sites that he is discovering on a daily and weekly basis. We also encourage you to write your own posts linking to free training.

Best New Free Computer IT Training and Tutorial Resources blog

Free Computer and IT Books blog

Free Web Development Training and Tutorials blog

Free Training blog for Photoshop, Flash, Dreamweaver, FrontPage, and Adobe Macromedia Apps

Intelligentedu Online Library of Training Courses - This is another one of our new Free training and tutorial sites, providing over 450 free online IT tutorials. Tutorials range from entry level training on using word processors through to advanced techniques in programming, web development, database design, and network routing. In-depth courses are also available at low cost.

 .NET  A+ Certification  BizTalk  Active Server Pages
 C++ Programming  Basic  FrontPage  C# Programming
 Dreamweaver  Cisco  Internet  Java
 Finance  E-Commerce  MCSE  Perl
 HTML  Flash  Unix  Visual Basic
 JavaScript  i-Net+ Certification  Web Marketing  Windows
 Network+ Certification  Linux  XML  Web Development
 SQL  Networking PHP  XSLT

New!  Free Programming Training Videos - These are free programming training and tutorial videos available from
Developer' Computer and Programming Tutorials - This site has excellent tutorials and articles for the following topics, free registration is required: C++, Database, Java, Open Source, Security, Visual Basic, Web Development, Web Services, Wireless, XML, and .NET
 Digilife - hosts some good training, learning and tutorial content on their site, among which are Books, Papers & Tutorials, and Quick Reference Cards. Topics include the following: Java, C++, C, XML, DOM, SAX, JDBC, EJB, JSP, Linux, Oracle, MySQL Perl, CVS, UML, Vi, XSLT, and HTML.
Tutorials from - Tutorials on this site include: Introduction to SQL, PHP Tutorial, Getting Started with VB 6, Coding a Webserver, Using Crystal Reports in VB 6, C Tutorial, Introduction to Flash MX Design, Floating Flash, and Site Design Made Simple.
Programmer World - Free technical articles, resources, and links to online books covering C++, Visual Basic, .Net, C#, Database, Web Programming, Cisco, Oracle, Linux, and Java. - Programming Tutorials and Texts from Fsix Security covering C, Assembler, Pascal, Perl, PHP, Security, and Socket Programming.
Roadmap Quick Reference Guides - Roadmap to Computing provides several Quick Reference Guides are intended to make your programming and developing environment easier. Topics include C, C++, Perl, Unix, HTML, and Office applications. Interactive Courses are also provided.
Training Paths for Career Growth - This archived site (mirrored) has some good training material to help you learn what you need (some graphics are missing). Here are the course tutorials: Apache for WebMasters - Thinking In Objects - CGI Scripting with Perl - Javascript for Programmers - Using Databases on the Web - Java Jumpstart - Hands On XML.
CNS Publications - This "Getting Started With" Series, in pdf format, is no longer available from Kansas State University, but are on - get help learning these programming languages: Getting Started With C, Getting Started With C++, Getting Started With Pascal, and Getting Started With SQL/DS.
Techieindex eLearning - This site offers you completely free online IT Training Courses in Microsoft .Net, Linux, PHP, Java, ASP, C, C++, XML, and SQL. From their home page at  you can also access their forums, experts advice, articles, and white papers. (free registration required) - Code Notes is designed for the software developer who needs to come up to speed quickly. It drills down to the core aspects of a technology and focuses on the key elements needed to implement it immediately thus presenting highly technical material in an efficient and useful  format, bridging the gap between comprehensive manuals and pocket references. Covers .NET, VB.NET, XML,.NET, Web-Based UI, Java, J2EE, ASP.NET, Oracle 9i, Web Services, and C#.
Grooveyweb Tutorials - This is a site map of all their computer and programming tutorials. Here are their Programming (Games, VB, C, Assembly) and Operating Systems (Windows, Linux) tutorials. - By using the Internet and some freely available programming tools this site delivers four facilitated online computer programming courses that are now Free: Introduction to Linux Programming, Linux Programming the SIMPL way, Introduction to GUI Programming with Tcl/Tk, Beginner Programming, Network Programming the SIMPL way (coming soon). Courses start every month on demand and each week a new lesson is posted and online for 8 weeks.
Learn Express - This site hosts free online learning modules for Java, C#, ASP, and other subjects. - Programming tutorials, articles and code for C#, SOAP, COM+, Internet Programming, Win32 Programming, and C++.
A Component Engineering Cornucopia - Study and learn about Microsoft's .NET Framework, Visual C#, Visual J#, Visual C++, Microsoft Transaction Server (MTS), Component Object Model + (COM+), and Sun's Java 2, Enterprise Edition (J2EE), Java Data Objects, Enterprise Java Beans, CORBA, Design Patterns, and Parallel Architectures.
IBM developerWorks - Access many Tutorials and Learning Materials at IBM Developerworks. An excellent source for developer information, resources, and tools on the industry's hottest technologies. Here is their new Tutorials and Training page - With this new page you can now go directly to any of IBM's developer oriented tutorials, training, and certification education material on developerWorks and elsewhere in IBM. Here are some of their best free online technical IT training tutorials: Java, Linux, Web Architecture, Wireless Technology, Grid Computing, and XML.
PDF Training Chapters from CarrigLearningData Warehousing and Mining, Java Programming Essentials, Perl 5 Programming, XML Application Development with Java Technologies, and XML Application Development with Java Technologies.
Devguru's Tutorial How To Manuals - These free tutorials deal with a wide variety of topics of interest to developers. They are easy to navigate, have clear, precise explanations and useful, understandable examples of code. Topics include: XML, ASP, SQL, Visual Basic, ActiveX. Also check out their KnowledgeBase articles in the following topics: ADO (1), ASP (10), Browser Compatibility (6), HTML (11), JavaScript (14), Jet SQL (2), Miscellaneous (4), Style Sheets (1), and VBScript 4).
Computer Science Technical Tutorials from the University of Saskatchewan - Nicely presented tutorials on these programming concepts: Stacks, Queues, Sorting Techniques, Trees, Searching, Hashing, Number Theory, Encryption, Project Planning, Estimation, and Graphs. This site also has excellent free Computer Aided Instruction training for these topics: HTML, CSS, Web Development, Javascript, XSSI, Web Databases, Streaming Multimedia, and Unix. Tutorials - Tutorials covering Visual Basic, Access, Database Design and SQL, HTML, Web Design, Unix and Telnet, with these coming: Object-oriented analysis and design with UML, Visual Basic 6 to VB .NET conversion, and XML Primer. (free registration required)
Zhanshou Yu's Home Page - These tutorials are available on this site: Object-Oriented Design Patterns and Zhanshou's CGI Tutorial.
Programming Resources - Course primers and tutorials with code examples, for students new to programming, plus a compiled directory of programming resources, including C, C++, Visual Basic, Java, C#, .NET, ASP.NET; and also JavaScript, VBScript, and Active Server Pages 3.0
Dick Baldwin's Programming Tutorials - Dick Baldwin's online programming tutorial lessons are well written, teaching you how to program in the following programming languages: Introductory Java, Intermediate Java, Advanced Java , C#, C++, Python, JavaScript, and XML. Also covered are tutorials on Digital Signal Processing and Wireless Networking. This is an excellent free programming training site. Free Tutorials - Free tutorials for C++, Visual Basic, J++, Delphi, Pascal, Access, FrontPage, Dreamweaver, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Linux, and Windows 2000.

Planet Source Code - Programming Tutorials and Code - Learn how to program using the code from these free and informative tutorials from Subjects covered include the following: Visual Basic, Java / Javascript, C / C++, ASP / VbScript, SQL, Perl, Delphi, PHP, Cold Fusion, and .Net.
SimplytheBest Programming Tutorials - Here are many programming tutorials (with learning  resources) to choose from, covering the following areas: ASP, CGI, CGI errors, CGI scripts, DatabasesDelphi, DHTML scripts, DHTML scriptlets, HTML editing, HTML reference, Java, Java applets, JavaScript, MySQL, Installing MySQL, Perl, PHP, Visual Basic, XML.

Lifelong Learning on the World Wide Web - Use these self-study programming courses: C Programming, Pascal Programming, Data Structures, and Visual Basic 6.0. Click on the 'Notes' link to read the training material.

Barnes and Noble University - They have dropped their Technology Campus, but still offer some Free technology and computer related courses. Here is their Beginning Programming course and their Web Pages Made Easy course.
Ray Toal - Classes - Ray Toal offers plenty of free learning and training courseware materials on his site. Here are some of the resources available to study and learn from:
»  Internet Technologies Courseware
»  Computer Graphics Courseware
»  Object Technologies Courseware
»  Programming Languages Courseware
»  Systems Programming Courseware
»  Concurrent and Distributed Programming Courseware
»  Data Structures and Algorithms Courseware
Artificial Intelligence Courseware
»  Introduction to C
»  Introduction to C++
»  Introduction to Programming Languages 
»  Introduction to Perl
»  Introduction to Java
»  Introduction to SQL
DevCentral - A collection of high quality IT training materials for beginner and advanced programmers alike. This site includes tutorials, question and answer forums, and source code examples covering C, C++,Win32, Java, Visual Basic, MFC, DCOM, Networking, C#, Perl, HTML, XML, ASP, PHP, Javascript, Other.
 New!  Rebol Programming For The Beginner - This Rebol programming tutorial shows how easy it is to program real world applications with the Rebol computer language, which is considered to be both flexible and powerful. This tutorial teaches average users to program computers to do useful things, without the long learning curve required by most other programming languages. If you're an experienced programmer, be sure to check out the final example applications to see Rebol's compact code and simple cross-platform usability.
 New!  Delphi Tutorials, References, Help, and Tips - Delphi Basics offers tutorials, references, help, and tips for learning how to program in and advancing your knowledge of the Delphi programming language. It hosts an excellent series of tutorials for the Delphi Object Oriented Language, and provides a ready reference for experienced programmers.
 Egghead Cafe - bills itself as the niche portal for experienced ASP and Windows web developers and programmers. It offers Tutorial articles, forums, and sample code for C#, .Net, ASP.Net, Visual Studio.Net, Visual Basic.Net, SQL Server, ADO, JavaScript, XML/XSLT, DHTML/HTML, Web Services.
Object Mentor Articles - Better Software - By Lecture, demonstration, and by example. This site provides you with experts to show you how to write better software. Areas covered include Analysis, Architecture, C, C++, Database, Design, Extreme Programming, Java, Object Oriented, Patterns, RUP, UML.
IT Training Manuals from Queen Mary University of London - Introduction to C Programming, Java Training materials, Fortran Training materials, Visual Basic slides, Introduction to HTML, 3-page Object Oriented Overview.
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