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Web Development and Programming   - page 1 of 2

Free Computer Training and Courses - Use our new Free Computer Training Search site to find Free Web Development and Programming Training and Tutorials now. It contains over 150,000 free educational, training and tutorial web resources, all at your fingertips. Also search for computer programming and software development sites. Check out our predefined search page for faster access. If you're an Member, go to our member search page to access this special page to search over 220,000 free training web resources.

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Here are some great Edcomp free training result pages for Web Development and Programming:

Web Programming  |  Web Development  |  Web Tutorials

Website Development  |  Website Programming

Ajax  |  Ajax Tutorials

JavaScript  |  JavaScript Tutorials

HTML  |  HTML Tutorials

CSS  |  Cascading Style Sheets  |  DHTML  |  XHTML

XML  |  XML Tutorials  |  XSL Tutorials  |  XPath

Linux  |  Linux Tutorials  |  Linux Programming

.Net  | 
.Net Tutorials  |  dot Net

Visual Basic .Net  |  Visual Basic .Net Tutorials  |  VB .Net  |  VB .Net Tutorial

C#  |  C# Tutorials  |  More C#   |  More C# Tutorials

Windows 2003  | 
Server 2003

 Our Blogs are now online, written by Jeff Love, site editor for and Keep pace with and give comments on all of the new free computer and I.T. training, education, and tutorial web resources and sites that he is discovering on a daily and weekly basis. We also encourage you to write your own posts linking to free training.

Best New Free Computer IT Training and Tutorial Resources blog

Free Computer and IT Books blog

Free Web Development Training and Tutorials blog

Free Training blog for Photoshop, Flash, Dreamweaver, FrontPage, and Adobe Macromedia Apps

Intelligentedu Online Library of Training Courses - This is another one of our new Free training and tutorial sites, providing over 450 free online IT tutorials. Tutorials range from entry level training on using word processors through to advanced techniques in programming, web development, database design, and network routing. In-depth courses are also available at low cost.

 Web Development  i-Net+ Certification  Dreamweaver  Active Server Pages
 HTML  JavaScript  FrontPage  Photoshop
 .NET  Cisco  Networking  PHP
 C# Programming  Internet  Perl  XML
 Network+ Certification  Flash  Linux  Windows
 Scanning Images  WAP  Unix  XSLT

 New!  Web Development Articles Library - The Bontrager Connection hosts several good tutorials and articles to help you build better and more effective and secure web sites. Some of the topics covered are HTML, CGI, JavaScript, CSS, Forms, Payment Gateways, RSS, Blogs, and Syndication.
 New!  Web Development Tutorials and Articles from - Here are several excellent tutorials and articles using CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) and in some cases, free Dreamweaver and Fireworks customizations, to make some very interesting web site usability and graphics features.
 New!  Web Publishing and HTML Coding Tutorials - The Web Publishing Series and HTML Coding  Tutorials from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire provide you a great collection of free training guides to help you understand how to create and develop web pages and web sites.
 New!  Max Design's CSS Tutorials and Presentations - Max Design offers several excellent CSS resources and tutorials for web designers and web developers. Their tutorials, articles and presentations cover CSS, accessiblity and web standards. Topics include CSS page layout tutorials, CSS layout samples, liquid layouts, styling lists, definition lists, centering with CSS, source order, skip links, web standards checklists.
 Interactive Tutorial Course in HTML and Web Site Design - Using this well written HTML Coding Tutorial Course you can learn how to code HTML. This is interactive and uses examples to help you understand the tags and concepts. HTML coding and and tag topics are covered along with web site design concepts, layouts, backgrounds, colors, page divisions, and using tables for layouts. 

Dave's Web Site Design Tutorial - When developing a web site you need to presenting your content in an attractive and compelling manner. These are tips for designing what the author considers a good site, one that will make your visitors take you seriously.

 Dave's JavaScript Guide - Looking to learn how to program using JavaScript? This Java Script tutorial is for you.
 CSS: An Interactive Tutorial for Beginners -Learn Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) interactively by example in this Interactive Tutorial for Beginners. With the help of this hands-on CSS tutorial, you can learn virtually every aspect of CSS1, by example, according to the official W3C specifications.
  1. Introduction to CSS
  2. Basics of CSS
  3. All About Selectors
  4. CSS Background and CSS Color
  5. CSS Fonts and Text
  6. CSS Links
  7. CSS Lists
  8. CSS Margin
  9. CSS Padding
  10. CSS Border
  11. Good CSS Design
  12. Resources
 Web Publishing Workshop Tutorials - Here are several well written and illustrated workshop tutorials on Web Publishing from the University of Washington's Walk-In Workshops. These web development and publishing workshop tutorials include planning the web site's look and layout with HTML and CSS, and programming Web applications using Javascript to make the site interactive and dynamic. Also offered are workshops for learning PHP, MySQL, Video Streaming, Podcasting, and Dreamweaver. Some workshops are under development and not ready for publication yet.
 Internet and Web Tutorials - These Internet and Web tutorials teach the following topics, among others:

The future of RSS   Podcasting   Customizing Firefox
   Self-publishing with POD   Web Marketing   Website Creation
   Manipulate Images with PHP   PHP Filters and Effects   DHTML Sliding Menus
   DHTML Web Navigation   Advanced Style Sheets   Cascading Style Sheets
   Running Web and FTP servers: part 1   Running Web and FTP servers: part 2
   Running Web and FTP Servers: part 3
 New!  Free AJAX Coding and Environment Setup Training - This is a case study from PackIt Publishing that teaches and demonstrates how to develop an Ajax web application, along with setting up the computing environment needed for it. Another guide is offered that suggests programming and debugging tools for Ajax and PHP.

AJAX Whiteboard Mini-Book - This is a case study in Ajax web application development offered for free. It teaches you how to implement efficient client-server communications for an application that requires heavy realtime communication. The JavaScript/DOM drawing is interesting and instructive as well. The application is an online whiteboard where your visitors can draw and publicly express their artistic skills. (28 pages, pdf format)

Preparing Your Working Environment
This guides you to installing and configuring Apache, PHP, MySQL, and how to prepare the database used. You will need this understanding when you read through and implement the Ajax Whiteboard case study above. (12 pages, pdf format)

Writing Better Code Using Smarter Tools
This introduces you to a number of tools that can make your AJAX and PHP programming and debugging life easier. (10 pages, pdf format)

Advanced XML: XPath and XSLT
This quickly introduces you XSLT and XPath, as these technologies are used in some of the book's case studies. (14 pages, pdf format)
 2 Ajax Tutorials from, which bills itself as "By developers, For developers"
 15 Tutorials for Learning How to Code AJAX - AJAX, short for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML, is the latest and most popular web programming technique to hit the Internet. In a nutshell, AJAX allows you to make a call to an http server, get its content and load them into your existing page without having to refresh the whole page. This means that services like email dont have to reload the whole page every time the user clicks a message, thus saving bandwidth, and making web sites overall more efficient. These are some of the best AJAX Tutorials we could find on the web.
 3 Chapters from Ajax in Action, and Ajax Tutorials - The following are 3 Free Chapters from the current, popular book, Ajax in Action:

Chapter 4: The Page as an Application (44 pages)
   - Organizing complex user interface code
   - Using the Model-View-Controller pattern with JavaScript
   - Separating presentation from logic for maintainable code
   - Creating a flexible event-handling mode
   - Generating the user interface directly from your business objects

Chapter 7: Security and Ajax
(zipped, pdf format, 19 pages)
   - The Javascript security model
   - Remote web services
   - Protecting users' data on the Internet
   - Protecting your Ajax data streams

Chapter 9: Dynamic Double Combo (38 pages)
   - The client-side JavaScript
   - The server side in VB .NET
   - Data exchange format
   - Refactoring into a reusable component
   - Dynamic select boxes

 10 Web Development Quick Reference Cards - This site hosts the following web dev quick references:

     HTML   PHP   CSS   PHP   JavaScript

     Apache   Mod PERL   Perl   Win32 Perl Routines   Tcpdump

 Cheat Sheets for HTML, Ruby on Rails, Javascript, MySQL, CSS, PHP, RGB Colors - Dave Child offers the following Cheat Sheets on his web site covering HTML, Ruby on Rails, HTML Character Entities, Javascript, MySQL, mod_rewrite, CSS, PHP, RGB Hex Colors, and ASP/VBScript. I hope you enjoy these.
  Free Application Development for the Web Course - offers the following Free online Course teaching you how to develop Web Applications. It provides coding examples and explanations, and links to free training tutorial web resources. This course covers these topics: coding HTML, connecting a web page to a database, web site security, and scripting using PHP, Perl, and JavaScript. 
W3Schools Online Web Tutorials - Completely Free web based e-learning. At W3Schools, you can study at your own speed, everything you need to learn, in a short and handy format. Inside you will find step-by-step tutorials with lots of cut-and-paste examples. With their on-line html editor you can test your skills, and prepare yourself for professional work. Areas covered include Flash, XML, XSL, DTYD, DOM, SOAP, DHTML, HTML, CSS, VBScript, JavaScript, WMLScript, ASP, ADO, SQL, and Graphics. This site is a previous Free Site of the Month.
  Free Course on Web Development using HTML, XML, DHTML - This free course contains 10 interactive HTML tutorials, 4 interactive XML tutorials, and 5 interactive DHTML tutorials. For more information and available links, please check out this blog post.
Web Programming Articles from Online Programmer Ezine - These articles cover Programming Techniques, Reviews, Web Programming (ASP, PHP, ISAPI, Perl, CGI), Network Programming, Linux Programming, Database Programming (MySQL, Ms-SQL, PostgreSQL), and Software Engineering. Here are 2 Free eBooks: Web Design In 7 Days and Programming in C in 7 Days. Here are 3 free online courses this site offers: Web Design In 7 Days, Start with Perl CGI Now, and ASP Programming in 7 Days.
Ken Coar's Apache Server Tutorials - These Apache tutorials cover several areas including getting started, image theft, using htaccess, and authentication.
Juicy Studio Tutorials - Good Tutorials (archived, mirrored) in Visual Basic, Extensible Markup Language (XML), Active Server Pages (ASP), C Programming, Object Oriented Analysis and Design and PERL. The following tutorials will be added to this section over the next few months: C++ Programming, Java and Flash ActionScript. Here are their current articles.

IBM developerWorks: Web Architecture - Access many Web Development Tutorials and Learning Materials at IBM Developerworks. Here are many of their Web Architecture Tutorials and here are all of their Web Development Technical Library documents. Also available at this site are learning areas for Java, Linux, Wireless Technology, and Grid Computing.

Web Programming Tutorial Courses - teaches several in-house tutorials on web programming. Here are some of the most popular tutorials freely available here: Introduction to The Web Application Development Environment, Introduction to XML, Introduction to Web Design, Perl 5 for Web Developers, Introduction to Web Programming, Introduction to Web Security, and Introduction to Unix for Web Developers. Tutorials - Free tutorials are available on this site that show and teach you XML, CSS, and WML. You can also download the tutorials.
Devguru's Tutorial How To Manuals - These free tutorials deal with a wide variety of topics of interest to developers. They are easy to navigate, have clear, precise explanations and useful, understandable examples of code. Topics include: XML, ASP, SQL, Visual Basic, ActiveX. Also check out their KnowledgeBase articles in the following topics: ADO (1), ASP (10), Browser Compatibility (6), HTML (11), JavaScript (14), Jet SQL (2), Miscellaneous (4), Style Sheets (1), and VBScript 4).
Free Online KeyStone PHP Scripting Courses - Try out 3 free KeyStone PHP online courses. Log in using the information below. Choose the course you want and its topics are shown on the left navigation column. When clicking on a topic you may be required to agree to a free license that is good for one day. Username: developer0602  Password: keystone

Courses available:
  • PHP 5 Programming Essentials Level 1
  • PHP 5 Programming Essentials Level 2
  • PHP 5 Programming Essentials Level 3
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