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Free Computer Tutorials, Guides, Support, and Help Sites
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Miscellaneous... Graphic Web... Object Oriented... UML... C++ Programming... C Programming... Java Programming... JavaScript... Linux... Networking... TCP/IP... DNS... Cisco... CORBA... RAID... Perl... CGI... PHP... Apache... SQL... Tcl... Python... XML... Oracle... Hardware... Forums... Help & Support Sites... More Misc. Tutorial Sites... Glossaries... - Our new Free Computer Training Search site is now online, containing over 150,000 free educational, training and tutorial web resources, all at your fingertips. Also search for computer programming and software development sites. Check out our predefined search page for faster access. If you're an Member, go to our member search page to access this special page to search over 220,000 free training web resources.

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Linux User's Guide - This book covers all of the user-end aspects of Linux, from sitting down at the first login session to using complex tools such as gcc, emacs, and so on. It assumes no previous Unix experience, so not only will it serve as an introduction to Linux, but to Unix in general as well. This manual won't cover system administrator tasks (i.e. anything that needs to be done as root) - it's for the J. Random User who has a working Linux system sitting in front of them. By Larry Greenfield.
The Linux Programmer's Guide - This guide is to help Linux programmers understand the peculiarities of Linux. By its nature, this also means that it should be useful when porting programs from other operating systems to Linux. Version 0.4, by Sven Goldt, Sven van der Meer, Scott Burkett, and Matt Welsh
O'Reilly Network: Linux Tutorials - These Linux articles and tutorials cover a variety of topics, such as Gnome desktop, SGML and LinuxDOC, SANE, Linux Audio Editors, Javascript III. and more.
 Linux Terms and Man Pages - Linux Terms, Commands and Programs, or Search for a Linux Man Page. And here is another site with a Linux Man Page search.
Linux Optimization and Fine Tuning - Linux Journal shows how to optimize a Linux machine by tweaking the kernel, services, compile options, and window system.
Linux Tips - Be sure to check out these articles:
  - Ten Tips for Ubuntu users - This article at talks about getting multimedia to work, changing the defaults, how to install packages, sudo and gksudo, adding users to sudo and much more.
  - Fedora Core 4 Tips and Tricks (v0.6) - Find out how to install the MPlayer media player
  - Tips for Linux Explorers - Helpful info for those learning Linux

Unix Tutorial for Beginners - A beginners guide to the Unix and Linux operating system. Eight simple tutorials which cover the basics of UNIX / Linux commands. 

Linux Certification: An Updated Look at the LPIC-1 Exams - By Emmett Dulaney. To become certified at this level (LPIC-1), you must pass two exams (101 and 102). This site has tables that offer current sites where you can find the information needed to pass the questions on each of the topics in Exam 101 and in Exam 102. 
Linux Certification: An Updated Look at the LPIC-2 Certification Exams - By Emmett Dulaney. To become Level II certified, you must first obtain Level I certification, and then pass the two exams,201(Advanced Linux), and 202 (Linux Networking Administration), which are not easy exams. At this site you will find the information needed to help you pass the questions on the topics and objectives for the exams. The absolute best resource to consult when studying for Exam 201 is the Linux System Administration III Study Guide by Adrian Thomasset, Andrew Meredith, Andi Marshall, and Duncan Thomson.  The absolute best reference available for Exam 202 is posted here at Wikibooks
Red Hat Certification RHCE and RHCT Exam Preparation Guide - This guide provides information candidates may use in preparing to take the RHCT or RHCE exam.  To help you determine the best courses to take, Red Hat provides online skills assessment (free registration required).
Linux Survival - Where Learning Linux is Easy - Linux Survival is a free online tutorial designed for people who have little or no experience with the Linux operating system. You'll learn which commands you need to know to perform most basic tasks so that you can immediately become more productive. The course also covers more sophisticated concepts and commands which you will find useful when you have more experience with Linux.
Linux Tutorials from LinuxPlanet - This site contains 40 excellent Linux tutorials that will teach you how to efficiently and effectively use this important operating system at work and at home. It includes web and networking tutorials that will help you set up your internet applications on Linux. This site is an online guide to Linux and you'll also find the latest Linux news, primers, discussions, opinions, reviews, reports and tips.
The Linux Tutorial - This website will teach you the basics of the Linux operating system. It discusses processes, files and directories and the basics of how a user interacts with the system, and more.
The One Page Linux Manual (pdf format) - A summary of useful Linux commands to run from the Linux command line.
GNOME Developer Tutorials - In this section you will find tutorials for creating GNOME applications, applets, components, and more. Many are in postscript format, you need Ghostview.
Linux Installation and Getting Started - This book is for personal computer users who want to install and use Linux. The book assumes that you have basic knowledge about personal computers and operating systems like MS-DOS, but no previous knowledge of Linux or UNIX. Ver. 3.2, by Matt Welsh and others.
Linux System Administrator's Guide - This is the third book in the main Linux Documentation Project (LDP) series, and assumes knowledge of everything in the Installation and Users' Guides. It covers all of the aspects of keeping the system running, handling user accounts, backups, configuration of the system, installing and upgrading software, and more. Whereas some of this information is in the Installation Guide this book is much more complete. Ver. 0.6.2, by Lars Wirzenius and Joanna Oja.
Linux System Administration Made Easy - The Linux Administration Made Easy (LAME) guide attempts to describe day-to-day administration and maintenance issues commonly faced by Linux system administrators. By Steve Frampton.
Linux Administrator's Security Guide - This is an excellent guide to computer security for Linux. Remember: security is not a solution; it is a way of life (or a procedure if you want to tell your manager). Ver. 1.0, by Kurt Seifried.
The Network Administrator's Guide (Linux) - This guide supplements the System Administrators' Guide and cover all of the diverse issues of networking under Linux, from UUCP to serial connections to TCP/IP. It contains an intro to TCP/IP and UUCP, SLIP, and DNS configuration, configuration of mail systems such as sendmail and Smail, setting up NNTP and news, and NFS.
Linux/Unix Tutorial Site - Linux/Unix tutorial for beginners. This is a practical tutorial designed for beginners to learn Linux or Unix quickly by actually using the Unix shell. Absolute Beginner to Linux "Expert" in 10 Lessons.
LinuxPlanet - A Guide to the Linux Operating System - A very good resource and portal site for everything related to Linux programming. Sections include information and documentation, code, development tools, libraries and toolkits, and languages. - A repository for slides and similar documents presented during Linux and Open Source Conferences.
Linux Kernel Analysis HOWTO - This document tries to explain some things about the Linux Kernel, such as the most important components, how they work, and so on. This HOWTO should help prevent the reader from needing to browse all the kernel source files searching for the "right function," declaration, and definition, and then linking each to the other.
Bash Shell Tutorial (pdf) - This document is both a tutorial and a reference on shell scripting with Bash. It assumes no previous knowledge of scripting or programming, but progresses rapidly toward an intermediate/advanced level of instruction. The exercises and heavily-commented examples invite active reader participation.
Many More Free Linux Training & Tutorial Sites - Be sure to check out this page on our site for all the new Linux training and tutorial sites that we're always adding.
Beowulf Tutorial - Building a Beowulf System - A Beowulf parallel computing system combines the power and low prices of off-the-shelf PCs with 100 Mb/s ethernet to make a High-Performance-Computing and Parallel Computing environment. With free Linux and other software packages, no commercially available parallel computing system can compete with the price of the Beowulf system.
Web66 Network Construction Set - A tutorial introducing the concepts of modern computer networks, such as LANs, WANs, packets, transceivers, routers, broad band and more.
 RTP: Audio and Video for the Internet (chm) - This is a free ebook, in chm format, on The Real-time Transport Protocol (RTP), which provides a framework for delivery of audio and video across IP networks and unprecedented quality and reliability. In RTP: Audio and Video for the Internet, Colin Perkins, a leader of the RTP standardization process in the IETF, offers readers detailed technical guidance for designing, implementing, and managing any RTP-based system. 
Tutorials from Linksys - Network Basics, and Networking Video Tutorials
Here's some more tutorials about networking:
  - Network Control: Peer-to-Peer Networks Versus Client/Server
  - What is a Switch?
  - Selecting Between the Types of Hubs and Switches
Lantronix Networking Tutorials - The tutorials at this site will help provide you with a solid foundation and understanding of basic networking protocols, as well as serial to Ethernet/802.11 device server technology. They include Ethernet Tutorial Part I: Networking Basics, Ethernet Tutorial Part II: Adding Speed, Ethernet Tutorial Part III: Sharing Devices, Fast Ethernet Tutorial, Device Servers Tutorial, and Switching Tutorial.  Also be sure to check out their Learning Center for other tutorials, white papers, case studies and notes.
Free Computer Guides - These tutorial pages cover computer networking and hardware. Four tutorials are also offered.
Integrating Your Machine With the Network - Here you'll find learning materials and study guides that cover Ethernet Basics, Introduction to TCP/IP, Domain Name Service, Basic Network Configurations, Network services and Network File System.  Also be sure to check out The Open Systems Interconnection Basic Reference Model at Wikipedia.
Lectures on Computer Networking - These are lecture notes from Professor Kihong Park at the University of Purdue on computer networking covering Link Layer: Basic Techniques and Wired Media, UNIX/Linux System Programming and Sockets, Link Layer: Wireless Media, Internetworking and End-to-end Communication: IP, UDP and TCP, and more. Also take a look at this same instructor's networking slides on these topics:  hosts, routers and switches, linking, protocols, network services.
Tech Library at Network Computing - Technical learning information on hot IT issues such as wireless computing, security, Network Management, and E-commerce.
Tutorials from - Tutorials in these areas: WML, Assembly, CISC, RISC, RAID, Cache Mapping and Associativity, Cache, Interrupts and DMA, Operating Systems and Basics, Data Structures and Trees, System analysis, System Designing, Basic Gates and Functions, Laws of Boolean Algebra, Karnaugh Maps, Pipelining.
The CISSP Open Study Guide - Free Study Guides relating to Computer Security in several areas. This site is about knowledge sharing and giving back to the community (free registration required).
Computer Networking Primer from IBM -  IBM developed this Networking Primer for those new to networking, as well as experienced network pros looking for a quick introduction to new terminology or technology. The Primer is divided into five sections.  This site is archived.  
Computer Networking Primer from Novell - This primer explains basic networking concepts and technology and also introduces networking terminology to help you better understand the uses and benefits of Novell products. This primer provides a fairly thorough foundation for understanding any network-related discussion.
Network Management - By Rahmat BudiartoBasic.  This is a 32-page PowerPoint presentation about the challenges of network management, drivers, current and future trends, issues, network management architecture, and much more.
Frame Relay Tutorial Center - An extremely useful resource site to learn about Frame-Relay Networks, Disaster Recovery, Design Diagrams, or just about anything relating to Networks.
Fast Ethernet  -  Articles, white papers and tutorials at this University of New Hampshire site about Ethernet cover how the ethernet works, new technologies, the auto-negotiation process and more.  Be sure to also check out these sites: Ethernet Tutorial -- Introduction to Ethernet Technology, Ethernet Tutorial Types of Ethernet - Traditional, Fast, and Gigabit, and 1000BASE-T Gigabit Ethernet Tutorial.

CREN's TechTalk Archive - Cren's Free TechTalk events were live audio Webcasts which provided up-to-the-minute information from leading experts on today's relevant technology.  Campus Technology is pleased to host the TechTalks Archive of webcasts that were produced by the Corporation for Research and Educational Networking (CREN) from 1997 through 2002.  You can listen or read the transcripts about topics like wireless technologies, budgeting for IT infrastructure and much more.

If your want to learn about VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), here are some good tutorials to check out:
  - Voice over IP (VoIP) Tutorial
  - VoIP Howto
  - VoIP Tutorial
  - Voice over Internet Protocol
  - Voice and Fax over Internet Protocol (V/FoIP)
Networking Tutorials from - These tutorials include TCP/IP and IPX routing tutorial, X.25 Packet Switching, SDLC Protocol, Frame Relay Fast Packet Switching, Synchronous and Asynchronous Communications, RS232, RS422, and V.35 interfaces.
Network Computing's Networking Articles - These are excellent computer networking articles covering these areas: Network Basics, Network Hardware, Network Software, Interoperability, Internetworking, and Network management.
Understanding Networks - These tutorials cover Layers and Protocols, Physical Layer Protocols, Data-Link Protocols, Network and Transport Layer Protocols, and much more.  This site is archived.
Web ProForum Networking Tutorials - These tutorials are excellent and in depth, covering everything and including: Access Gateways, Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM), Telecommunications to Fiber-Optic Technology, Internet Security to Programmable Switching, Service Level Management, Synchronous Optical Network (SONET), Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), Voice and Fax over Internet Protocol (V/FoIP), Wireless Networking Technologies. Here they are sorted by category. All these are in pdf format.
Networking Tutorials from - Another great computer networking tutorial site. Some of the topics these tutorials cover are: Domain Name System (DNS), SMTP (Simple Mail TransferProtocol), SNMP, DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol), FDDI, Frame Relay, Telnet, Video Over the Internet, Voice of the Internet, VPN (Virtual Private Networks), IP Addressing, ATM, WWW Security, OSI Reference Model, Sockets, OSPF, and Packet Switching.
An Introduction to Socket Programming - These course notes are directed at Unix application programmers who want to develop client/server applications in the TCP/IP domain (with some hints for those who want to write UDP/IP applications). Since the Berkeley socket interface has become something of a standard these notes will apply to programmers on other platforms.
Network Security Library: Unix - You'll find here many guides and documents covering Linux, HP-UX, Solaris, and Internet related topics.  This site is archived.
Computing and Network Security - Be sure to check out these articles:
  - Top 10 Web application security vulnerabilities
  - Anatomy of an Attack
  - Paranoid Penguin - Seven Top Security Tools at Linux Journal
  - Ten Recommendations to Prevent a Successful Attack 
Novell Connection - You can access all of the current and past articles of this magazine online in pdf format. This is a must have for anyone interested in or actively learning Novell technology. Another great Novell learning resource is Appnotes, giving you tips and tricks on using the products and solving real problems.
Novell Support Knowledgebase - Search Novell for technical documents and manuals for various Novell programs. Find the answers you're looking for about Novell's Connectivity Products, Excelerator, Groupware, Management Products, NetWare, Novell Border Manager Services, Novell Directory Services,Web Services.
Daryl's TCP/IP Primer - This document is designed to give the reader a reasonable working knowledge of TCP/IP subnetting, addressing, and routing. This is targeted toward LAN administrators just moving to TCP/IP, however it should help anyone who wants to know a little (more) about how TCP/IP works.
 Understanding IP Addressing: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know - This is a comprehensive one page training tutorial on IP Addressing.
TCP/IP Tutorial and Technical Overview - This is a very thorough and well researched tutorial covering TCP/IP, including architechture and protocols, routing protocols, application protocols, connections, internet access, and glossary. This link is an archive.
Beej's Guide to Network Programming Using Internet Sockets - This has been written as a tutorial, not a reference. It is probably at its best when read by individuals who are just starting out with socket programming and are looking for a foothold.  This is one of the best network programming tutorials on the internet. A Socket is a way to speak to other programs using standard Unix file descriptors. Also, here is Beej's Guide to Unix Interprocess Communication.
Many More Free Computer Networking Training & Tutorial Sites - Be sure to check out this page on our site for all the new networking training and tutorial sites that we're always adding.
easyDNS Tutorials - This site hosts the following online tutorials: Reverse DNS, Initial DNS, Secondary DNS, Dynamic DNS and Dynsite DNS. Also be sure to check out these tutorials on DNS:
  - DNS Tutorial at
  - DNS Tutorial by Scott Meyer at GNC Web Creations
DNS HowTo - This guide by Nicolai Langfeldt, Jamie Norrish & Co will help you to understand DNS.
Find great Computer and Internet books at

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