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Free Computer Tutorials, Guides, Support, and Help Sites
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Miscellaneous... Graphic Web... Object Oriented... UML... C++ Programming... C Programming... Java Programming... JavaScript... Linux... Networking... TCP/IP... DNS... Cisco... CORBA... RAID... Perl... CGI... PHP... Apache... SQL... Tcl... Python... XML... Oracle... Hardware... Forums... Help & Support Sites... More Misc. Tutorial Sites... Glossaries... - Our new Free Computer Training Search site is now online, containing over 150,000 free educational, training and tutorial web resources, all at your fingertips. Also search for computer programming and software development sites. Check out our predefined search page for faster access. If you're an Member, go to our member search page to access this special page to search over 220,000 free training web resources.

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XML Articles - This page contains a list of XML resources that are helpful for both the beginning and veteran XML student.
Free Learning Resources from - XML articles and tutorials, also an XML Quiz with 50 questions to test your XML skills, and an XSLT Quiz - 35 Questions to test your XSLT skills.
White papers and examples of XML modeling from -
Modeling XML Vocabularies with UML:
- Part 1 discusses XML Modeling, UML, XML vocabulary and XML Schemas
- Part 2 discusses mapping UML models to XML Schemas
- Part 3 discusses customizing the PO Schema Design Model
Modeling the UDDI Schema with UML
Modeling XHTML with UML
XML Articles and Tutorials - These learning and teaching XML related documents are from the faculty and students at
Introduction to XML - If you need a well written introduction to XML, this article will fill your needs. XML will be a key enabler for e-business. Read this Technical Brief to understand why and how. This link is an archive.
XML Tutorials -  Several tutorials and some example XML code, by Frank Boumphrey. This is an archive.
Introduction to XML For Web Developers - Excellent, in-depth tutorial from Web Developers Virtual Library, by Selena Sol.
IBM's XML Zone - XML Tutorials, Articles, Tips, Howtos, and Guides from IBM.
XML: Education : Tutorials - Many excellent tutorials are available on the XML zone at IBM's developerWorks web site.
XML The Least You Need To Know - An introduction to XML via a slideshow of 49 slides. Here is another good Introduction to XML with references and links.
What is XML - This is a good resource site for XML, includes several tutorials.
IBM XML Exam Preparation Tools - This site has an XML tutorial, a 10 question practice test and some web resources covering XML.
XML and Scripting Languages from IBM - Using Perl, you'll see a method for transforming XML to HTML, followed by a simple stock trading application that uses Perl, XML, and a database to  evaluate trading rules. You can apply the techniques using other scripting languages too, including Tcl and Python.
Working with XML - This is Sun's tutorial for using Java with XML, containing 3 parts: Understanding XML and the Java XML APIs, Serial Access with the Simple API for XML (SAX), and Manipulating Document Contents with the Document Object Model (DOM).
Secrets of the XML Developer Elite - Software architect Derrick Bell advises XML developers to mind their XML vocabulary and syntax when designing XML solutions. In this second of a series of articles that share advice from experienced XML developers, Bell gives his opinion of XML Schema, XML patterns, and the importance of remembering the XML basics. Tutorials and resources for server-side computing with XML, Java 2, JDBC, Swing and Servlets. 
Available resources:
  - Introduction to XML, Java, Databases and the Web      - Benefits of using XML with Java
  - Application Categories Possible with Java and XML      - Introduction to DOM
  - XML and Java Tutorial, Part 1      - XML and Java Tutorial, Part 2: Servlets
  - XML and Java Tutorial, Part 2: Swing

  - SAX Tutorial      - SAX vs. DOM      -  XML References and Links
Many More Free XML Training & Tutorial Sites - Be sure to check out this page on our site for all the new XML training and tutorial sites that we're always adding.
OracleZone- Provides a place Oracle users can go to findout all the latest tips, share articles, participate in discussions and get the most recent news for Oracle-related products.
Free Training from

Oracle9i Application Development
- View Free on-demand application development internet seminars.

Internet Seminars
- Oracle's top 10 Internet Seminars 

Free streaming Oracle Training: One Day Web Tools Course
Part 1  -  Part 2  -  Part 3  -  Part 4  -  Part 5 A premier online community for Oracle Database Professionals. Areas of interest include Oracle 8i Zone, OCP Zone, Java Center, Backup Zone, Server Tuning, techinical docs, scripts, tools, FAQs, and forums.
Database Systems: The Complete Book - The home page for this book includes 2 chapters and many notes and slides. An Online Guide is also available as a first course for the Oracle Database.
Oracle Applications Portal - This site contains archives of articles and postings addressing problems and solutions of Oracle Application issues. These include Oracle Financials, Oracle Human Resource Management System, Oracle Manufacturing, Oracle Self-Service Web Application, Project Accounting. Also DBA and Developer and Designer 2000 issues are covered.
Basics of Online Relational Database Development with PHP 4 and MysQL 3.23 - This tutorial article assumes the reader has working knowledge of SQL and PHP4.
Many More Free Oracle Training & Tutorial Sites - Be sure to check out this Oracle tutorial resources page on our site and also this page for all the new Oracle training and tutorial sites that we're always adding.
Many More Free Database Training & Tutorial Sites - Be sure to check out this page on our site for all the new Database training and tutorial sites that we're always adding.
A Tutorial on COBOL Programming Language
- Another short COBOL Tutorial (local)
The PC Technology Guide -  This is a good computer hardware tutorial site, covers everything you need to know concerning hardware.
The PC Guide - Another good computer hardware tutorial site, covering just about everything. Check out our Two Free Computer Hardware Training Tutorials page for all the detailed topics this site offers.
A Complete Illustrated Guide to PC Hardware - A 'click and learn' hardware and operating system knowledge course containing over 400 pages of illustrated material for self study or remote instruction.
PC Lube and Tune - Supplies usable introductions, tutorials, and education on technical computer and networking subjects.
Computer Hardware Tutorials - This site offers free, introductory level, online computer training course, and provides tutorials on computer hardware, software, operating systems, and basic troubleshooting.
Tom's Hardware Guide - Where you can find advice on just about any computer hardware  available.
Anandtech - Along the same lines as Tom's Hardware guide, but he updates a bit more often.
Free Hardware Training and Tutorial Sites  - Visit this detailed link page on our site to study all about the important computer hardware web resource tutorials. We add to this page as we find new ones. 
Guide to PC Motherboards - Find a collection of motherboard manuals and specifications and read articles about identifying a motherboard. Also find links to manufacturers.
HardwareCentral Tutorials - HardwareCentral has many hardware tutorials, covering many different topics, all on this one site. You can also browse their tutorials by subject here.
A Guide On Computer Hardware - A decent guide on computer hardware, with tips on assembling, maintenance, fault finding, and diagnostics.
Tech Guides from - The following hardware related guides are available for free at this site:
- FAT32 and Hard disk Guide
- Mystery Behind Windows Registry - A Guide
- The Hardware Guide
- Mystery Behind Overclocking - A Guide
- Tweaking Guide to PC
Here is the download page.
The Memory Management Reference - Several articles which we hope will be helpful to people using memory management. Their Memory Management Glossary aims to have an entry for all common memory management terms.
eHow's Computer and Electronic Center - How to do just about anything, covering Computer Hardware, Applications and Activities, Internet and Networking, and Operating System Basics.
Digital System Tutorial -Multimedia Teaching of Digital Systems - Part 1: Introduction, Number Systems and Codes, Logic Gates, Boolean Algebra. Part 2: In this series, teaching of various types of Flip-flops, Counters and Shift Registers are covered. Part 3:  Sequential Circuits - in this tutorial, you will learn the basic concept of sequential circuits, how to analyze a simple sequential circuit using step by step procedures. You will also learn how to design a simple sequential circuit using the various types of flip-flops.
Tek-Tips Forums - A web community where computer professionals meet and talk. Topics discussed: MIS, Programmers, ISPs, instructors, servers, communications, wiring, desktop systems, data management, and vertical applications. Includes Microsoft, Unix, and Linux discussions.
Information Technology Forum Boards - You can make yourself at home on the IT Forum boards by jumping in and posting a question or helping out with answering someone else's questions.
Focus on Windows 2000/NT Forum - This web forum board concerns Window 2000 and Windows NT issues, questions, comments, etc.
The Computer Certification Bulletin Board - This is the place where you can exchange information, hints on passing certification exams, answers to questions regarding technical IT Computer Certification and anything that pertains to Computer Certifications.
Forums for Computer Certification Exams - Web forum boards for Microsoft (MCSE, MCP, MCT), Novell (CNA, CNE, CNI), Cisco (CCIE, CCNA), A+, Sun, Oracle, Lotus, Intel, IBM, Sybase, Hewlett-Packard, and Compaq.
Computing.Net - A very fine technical support site. This site is devoted to centralizing technical support for all operating systems and all computer types in one location, making it very easy to get technical support. In the forums you can ask a question or offer an answer.
  Free Technical Support - At you can submit your question to their team of technicians and they will help you at no cost to you. Also at this site are some excellent hardware, system, and software tutorials, tips, information, and FAQs.
 Abuzz - Software Development - Questions about Java and C++? Need advice on product development? Through this site you can connect with other programmers, discus innovations in the field, and review current development strategies. - lets you solve computer-related problems simply by asking questions in plain, everyday language to access knowledge bases from leading vendors. Support - Step-by-step computer tutorials and tutorial videos. Here are their Tutorial Videos.
System Crashes.Com - Offers a wide range of tips, tweaks, reviews along with free technical help with computer systems, with details on how they work. - These guys say they provide fast answers, expert technical support, and offer a helping hand when you need it. If you have a techie question or problem, give them a try.
Company Tech Support - Search for support from major tech companies like Apple, IBM, Novell, Sun, Gateway, Intel, Oracle. - This is an excellent free tech support site, get help on Hardware, Operating Systems and Web mastering, without the typical techno-babble. 'Where People with problems come for help...And answers come from people that know.'
Linux Questions - Visit their forum where Linux newbies can ask questions and Linux experts can offer advice. Topics include security, installation, networking and much more. Here is their new Linux Man Pages Online.
Five Stars for Effort - This excellent free support site currently has 53 technicians available to help you with your problems. There's also a very good collection of tips, tricks and FAQs online to search.
Linux Support Services - A free Linux help and support site, looks to be very helpful.
Open Tech Support - Here's a great free tech support site that aims to answer technical PC problems as quickly as possible. They also post regular news updates so you can keep up with technical developments.
Ask the Security Experts - This IT security site has a new security clinic. If you have a security question, post it on the site and it will be forwarded to a group of 100 experts from leading IT security consultancies around the world.
PC Resource Guide - This site offers free tech support on all PC and Windows matters. They state on the site: "Simply Free, Easy-to-understand, Computer Support."
5 Star Support - Free Technical Support - A free technical support site with thousands of Tips, Tricks, Tutorials and problem solving technical information.
Computer Technical Support and Information - This web ring is dedicated to help solve computer hardware or software problems and to offer valuable technical information. It is also to help professionals find resources quickly and effectively (35 sites).

Computer Tech WebRing - A web ring of 20 sites containing software and hardware tips, as well as "How To" information, from fellow computer techs that you can learn from.

Support Tech - A site dedicated to helping you find links to drivers, patches, upgrades and service packs for your hardware and software.
PC PitStop - Free online PC diagnostics and help to fix Windows crashes, security and improve PC performance; Anti-Virus scan, disk health and internet connection tests.
CyberTechHelp - Free Computer Help & Technical Support, support for all windows operating systems, hardware, software, web design, and internet issues. Here are the Support Forums and Free Tutorials.. - - A computer help desk offering free technical support - windows help, hardware reviews, and pc tutorials. They give your free tutorial videos. - - A free tech support service from CNet. This is a fully researched site with many online resources from a variety of sources to assist you. Here is their question and answer service (free registration required).
PCMech Support - Nice set of support resources including guides and articles along with a free technical support area where you can ask your questions.
Free PC Tech Support - Many Free Technical Support Articles and several Free PC Support Guides: - This site provides support in areas of troubleshooting and repairs, acts as a help desk for computer and network related issues and provides MCSE and A+ links, information, and support.
Experts Exchange - Connects you with other qualified experts, gives you access to our ever-growing KnowledgeBase of IT solutions, and provides fast solutions to your tech problems.
HelpOnThe.Net - Tech Support Guy - - Tech Support Guy offers free support for users of Microsoft Windows 9x, NT/2000, Linux. This volunteer site has a very active forum area covering a good range of subject areas.
Ask-A-Tech - Provides free web-based technical support and assists people with both common and not so common computer problems. They provide this assistance through Driver Databases, message exchanges, e-mail support and a section on "frequently asked questions". - Get Help - where you can ask and get expert answers to tough development questions - Provides technical support to computer users for free. All their support techs are volunteers, and many have been recognized in media publications. If you have a computer problem - anything from hardware to HTML problems - then submit your question to them. They support nearly everything: PCs, Macs, Unix and PDAs. Computer Help Section - A free Question & Answer service featuring thousands of volunteers in every subject you can think of, browse previously answered questions and participate in their active forums. Experts are available for: C, C++, Java, Delphi, Javascript, Oracle, Object Oriented Programming, Pascal, Perl & CGI, PHP, Powerbuilder, XML, Assembly, DHTML, Networking, Linux, Windows 2000, Windows NT.
Helpanswers Educational Foundation - Provides an online computer help support center with thousands of computer questions and answers; hundreds of computer tutorials; a computer dictionary; a computer address book and a person-to-person custom question answering service by the Helpanswers Knowledge Editors. - Free Computer Help for Everyone, helps you with all of your computer related questions with information on all hardware and software.
PC Support Advisor - Free Training Guides covering Computer Networking, Microsoft Windows, and Computer Security topics.
Find great Computer and Internet books at

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