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Free Computer Tutorials, Guides, Support, and Help Sites
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Miscellaneous... Graphic Web... Object Oriented... UML... C++ Programming... C Programming... Java Programming... JavaScript... Linux... Networking... TCP/IP... DNS... Cisco... CORBA... RAID... Perl... CGI... PHP... Apache... SQL... Tcl... Python... XML... Oracle... Hardware... Forums... Help & Support Sites... More Misc. Tutorial Sites... Glossaries... - Our new Free Computer Training Search site is now online, containing over 150,000 free educational, training and tutorial web resources, all at your fingertips. Also search for computer programming and software development sites. Check out our predefined search page for faster access. If you're an Member, go to our member search page to access this special page to search over 220,000 free training web resources.

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ThinkQuest - Computers and the Internet - These are good technical tutorials and articles written by high school students. Here are some of the topics covered: Programming and Computer Languages, Operating Systems, and Web Design. - This is a good site for programmers to share their technical expertise. You can learn computer programming through their many excellent articles, tutorials, and their source code repository.
Sorting and Searching Algorithms, A Cookbook - This is a collection of algorithms for sorting and searching. Descriptions are brief and intuitive, with just enough theory thrown in. Assumes you know C, and that you are familiar with concepts such as arrays and pointers. The first sections introduce basic data structures, notation, and several sorting algorithms. These are followed by techniques for implementing dictionaries, structures that allow efficient search, insert, and delete operations. The last section illustrates algorithms that sort data and implement dictionaries for very large files. (mirror)
Earthweb's Software Developnment Portal - An excellent technical training site, tutorial database includes: ASP, ActiveX, CGI, Databases, Distributed Objects, General Internet, HTML/DHTML, Intranets, Java, Javascript, Multimedia, Perl, Visual Basic, VRML, and XML.
Software Development Online: Articles - Search for articles in past issues of Software Development Magazine. These include some very good technical and helpful articles to learn software development. - Magazine Back Issue Archives - Now, for the first time, all 17,000+ back issue archives from the leading technical magazines for developers and IT management are available for free in one place. Here are the 4 magazines: JavaPro Online Magazine Articles  - .NET Online Magazine Articles  - Visual Studio Online Articles  - XML Online Magazine Articles. - Free Certification Study Guides - Cramsession's Study Guides for all the vendor and I.T. Certification Exams are Free again, all you need to do is register on their site. These are resources developed and written by IT professionals. You can register for free on this page.
The Development Exchange: DevX  - The premier online technical source of information for development professionals, including tips, techniques, useful code, and resources for development tools. Free Tips here, also the C++ Zone, the Java Zone, the JavaBeans Zone, the Open Source Dev Zone, the UML Zone, the SQL Zone, The DHTML Zone, and the Application Server Zone. - A site containing many programming and coding resources for the professional computer programmer and web developer. - Expert tutorials, downloads, tips, and more on Open Source Software: PHP, Zope, Python, Perl, MySQL, JServ, Apache, Roxen.
IT - Offers ITtoolbox Portals and Open IT Exchange in the spirit of the Open Source movement. Portals offer community-centric, organized knowledge bases of content, enhanced by portal users. Open IT Exchange is an Internet "communities hub" that lets IT and business professionals work faster and smarter by collaborating. Areas include: CRM, ERP, Data Warehousing, Enterprise Applications, E-Business, SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft, and Baan. All About Computer Technology - This is a great site with many, many resources and documentation. Also visit their Computer Science section.
Webmonkey- Offers extensive, free online tutorials for web developers, including these areas: Java, Javascript, ASP, PHP, Cold Fusion, Perl, CGI, XML, DHTML, Shockwave/Flash, E-Business, Databases, Unix, Security, and Networking. Here is their excellent Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) Tutorial by Steve Mulder and their PHP/mySQL Tutorial by Graeme Merrall. - Great site for web site developers and designers, containing many tutorials and articles, etc. Here is their Archives page with lots of articles and links. - Many articles and tutorials about web site design and development. Here is a great 3-D Animation Workshop containing 40 lessons. - One of the world's top resources for daily news, how-to articles, tips and techniques, product reviews, and free downloads of special interest to Web developers, designers, programmers, and Webmasters. Here are their Tutorials.
HTML Center - Very good tutorials in these areas: HTML, CSS, DHTML, Javascript, VRML, and Design Fundamentals.
Web Developers Virtual Library - Everything (tutorials, tips, how-tos, guides, etc.) for beginning, intermediate and advanced web developers. This is a well organized list of resources for HTML authors and Web developers in general. Here are their Tutorials for Web Developers and here are their current Top 100 Tutorials. - Offers a wide range of tutorials on these topics: Active Server Pages, Java, Java Server Pages, ADO & SQL, COM components, XML, HTML, and incorporating databases into your website.
TheScripts- A growing community site covering everything you need to create and run advanced web based applications on your web site. Topic areas such as Server Side Scripting, Client Side Scripting, and Server Administration are covered.
Computer School Net - Free tutorials (and links to more)  in learning HTML and Java, Internet, Computer System Requirements, Digital Photography, Web Design, and Computer Fundamentals.
DevJournal - A wonderful and in-depth online publication full of articles and tutorials about all the cutting edge technology. Topics covered include: XML, Servlets, JSP, and Servlet Engines, PHP with MySQL, HTML, JavaScript, OpenGL, and Visual C++.
The Brighton University Resource Kit for Students -  A large, carefully chosen selection of resources, tutorials and documentation for the following: hardware, operating systems, programming, compilers, reference manuals, source code examples, tutorials and FAQs for over 20 different programming languages, information and software for browsing the net, for using your machine as a server, for authoring your own documents, a collection of freeware and shareware for all sorts of purposes, and a full distribution of Linux Red Hat 6.0 with all documentation.
Earthweb Technical Computer Discussions - Bringing Usenet and Earthweb computer and technical experts together.
Dr. Dobbs Programmers Vault - Explore programming tutorials on graphics, games, languages, operating systems and the Internet. Language tutorials include: C/C++, Assembly, Java, Pascal, QBasic. Includes search capabilities and a book store. Here is the C/C++ Tutorial page and here is their Java Tutorial. These links are archived.  Programming tutorials, compilers, downloads, forums, chat, news, jobs, and more, a huge site, including a Programming Search Engine. The mother of all tech sites, free tech support, free how-tos, free practice exams, and free study guides. They also have two channels/communities: network engineers and developers. Their Cramsessions for IT training and certification are used to consolidate the most important items you will need to know for your certification test from a 500 page manual to a 10-15 page printout - they are freely available for all the major certifications. A one-stop problem-solving network for enterprise IT professionals. Gives you access to IDG's product's: CIO, Computer World, InfoWorld, LinuxWorld, JavaWorld, Network World, and SunWorld - plus, all new interactive features such as whitepapers, webcast, RFPs, ITcareers, peer-based advice, and much more.
TekCentral- An information technology directory that is geared toward information technology professionals and users. It's designed with the user in mind, offering a directory of useful links, onsite information, and an onsite bulletin board. 
IT papers - White Paper Search - This is a great search tool for accessing thousands of computer and technology white papers. They bill their site as the Yellow Pages of White Papers. Free, quick, logical searches on information technology.
White Paper Library - Up to date information from a variety of leading vendors and analysts. Search or browse to locate the whitepapers and reports that will help you understand the latest trends and technologies. Broadly covers eBusiness, Streaming Media Services, ISP, and m-Commerce.
White Paper Library in Information Technology - Free White Papers from many vendors, free registration required. Areas covered are Enterprise Solutions, Application Enabling Technologies, Networking and Telecom, Computing Hardware, and Open Source. - Your IT Newsletter Subscription Service. FreeTechMail has searched the web for the best IT Newsletters, and brought them to their site for you to sample and subscribe. You can subscribe to's free monthly newsletter at this site on this page.
  Code Library - All the things the author uses and forgets: web tricks, tools, site promotion, java apps, asp stuff, stupid web tricks, etc. that you can use. 220 training, tips and examples pages in total. - Free IT tests with certificates, like, but free.
FCC Office of Engineering and Technology - Previous Tutorials and Downloads on the Impact of Convergence, Wireless Access to the Internet, Voice and Data Transmission Over Powerlines, Optical Transmission in the Network, Voice Over IP, Internet Interoperability and Third Generation Digital Mobile. - Offers lots of tips and mini helps for many different applications and IT topics.
Mercury Interactive Cyber Seminars - You can attend Mercury Interactive's Free Web-based seminars - these are live, one-hour presentations on enterprise testing, performance management and customer case studies. Also view past testing and application performance management Cyber Seminar presentations. And check out their free Virtual User Conferences. - Help2Go Computer Guides, Hardware Computer Guides, Windows Computer Guides.
 Topstaging Software Tech - IT Lectures and Slides about Computer Basics, Networking, E-Commerce, Oracle and Data Modeling.
Dictionaries, Glossaries, and Encyclopedias:

- Glossary of Terms - An excellent glossary covering terms and concepts about software development, software engineering, and object -oriented programming.
- NetLingo - An online dictionary with several thousand words and definitions about the Internet.
- Free Recorded Glossaries - Free multimedia presentations covering a wide array of topics, covering tools such as XPath, Dreamweaver and Flash.

The Dictionary of Programming Languages - A compendium of computer coding methods assembled to provide information and aid your appreciation for computer science history.
- Free On-Line Dictionary Of Computing
- PC Webopaedia - Definitions and related links; very exhaustive and very useful.
- Whatis- One of PC Week's Top100 sites, it seeks to define every internet-related term briefly but clearly.
- The Gemini Strategic Research Group's Essential Guide to Digital Age Terminology
- TechWeb Technology Encyclopedia - Over 10,000 definitions to technology terms and concepts, some with illustrative graphics.
- Encarta Encyclopedia - Computer Science & Electronics Category of the Encarta Encyclopedia Online Deluxe edition
- InformIT - Free access to the one of the largest technical reference sites on the web.
- URISA Glossary of Terms
- UGeek Technical Glossary - Now with 1,349 terms defined.
- BABEL- A Glossary of Computer Oriented Abbreviations and Acronyms
- Hanford Abbreviation and Acronym Directory
- World Wide Web Acronym and Abbreviation Server
- Computer Communications Acronyms
- Computing Dictionaries - A good list of online computer related dictionaries from
- The Jargon File - The definitive glossary of computer programmer slang.
- Encyclopedia Britannica
- Glossary of Computerized System and Software Development Terminology
- Dictionary of PC Hardware and Data Communications Terms - You can search this excellent dictionary from your browser.
- Dictionary of Algorithms and Data Structures
Ritter's Crypto Glossary and Dictionary of Technical Cryptography - Technical cryptographic terms are explained.

- TECHtionary - Animated technical dictionary on telecommunications, data networking and internet technology.
- Volta NetGains E-Commerce Glossary - A glossary of online business & e-commerce terms.
- The Electronic Dictionary - Another dictionary of e-commerce terms and words.

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