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Free Computer Tutorials, Guides, Support, and Help Sites
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  Best New Free Computer IT Training and Tutorial Resources Blog

  Free Computer and IT Books Blog - Gain access to hundreds of Free Training and Tutorials covering Microsoft Office, Flash, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, FrontPage, and Web Design and Development. This is one of's sister sites.

New!  Also check out our free training blogs on this site:
- Web Development   - Adobe / Macromedia Apps   - MS Office

Intelligentedu Online Library of Training Courses - This is another one of our new Free training and tutorial sites, providing over 450 free online IT tutorials. Tutorials range from entry level training on using word processors through to advanced techniques in programming, web development, database design, and network routing. In-depth courses are also available at low cost.

 Free Systems Course with Lecture Videos - This free computer course, entitled Systems, teaches you topics on the engineering of computer software and hardware systems: techniques for controlling complexity, system infrastructure, networks and distributed systems, atomicity and coordination of parallel activities, recovery and reliability, privacy of information, impact of computer systems on society. The available training and learning content includes Lecture Videos, Lecture Notes, Problem Sets, Exams, and Web Resource Links. The lecture videos are in Real Player format. Lecture Videos, Presentations, and Notes are here.
 Free online Linux Technical Skills Assessment - Whether you are seeking Linux certification or want to accurately assess your skill level, Novell's TSA will provide you with an easy method of evaluating the current level of knowledge you have. The assessment is free of charge, completed on-line and simple to use. Five assessments are offered and each assessment is more technically demanding than the previous one and corresponds to a Novell training offering. Free registration is required. Below are the assessments offered: SUSE Linux 10 Fundamentals Technical Skills, SUSE Linux 10 Administration Technical Skills, SUSE Linux 10 Advanced Administration Technical Skills, SUSE Linux 10 Networking Services Technical Skills, and SUSE Linux 10 Security Technical Skills. - This site is no longer online but is in It provides the following three programming tutorial sections:
- C++ Tutorials and example programs
- Tutorials, Java applets and source code.
- Well-documented Perl Scripts. All Scripts are downloadable as a text file.
 AntiOnline - The Tutorials Forum - This is an 18 topic tutorial forum of uploaded tutorials at AntiOnline. They cover many areas, including  Database, Hardware, Internet, Microsoft, Networking, Programming, Security, Web., etc.

  An Introduction to Programming Languages - This web page is for people who know one language and are wondering about learning another. It describes some of the differences between common programming languages and considers why and how a new language should be learnt. 

  The Programmer's Lair- Programs - This site offers C++, Visual Basic, Delphi programs, source codes, tutorials, forums and more. Home Page - A comprehensive source of computer information on the Internet, covering everything from product information and prices to tutorials. The site's content is well organized.
Technology used by Web Developers - Technology and application development tutorials.  Also, here are the tutorial search results for this site.  
The Code Project - The Code Project is a community of Windows developers specializing in C++, MFC, C# and .NET who have come together to share source code, articles and tutorials. All the source code on this site may be freely used. Do a search for 'tutorial'.
The Programmer's Resource Centre - Many categories of technical articles, including an archive section. A very good place to learn programming techniques. Webcasts - Free educational and informative webcasts from vendors such as IBM, Microsoft, Sprint, Storability and Compaq.  Free registration required.
Computerworld's QuickStudies - Learn about the latest concepts and trends in IT with Technology Quickstudies. These are weekly tutorials on computer-related trends and technologies with simple definitions and real-world examples of how they work. Here are Computerworld's Whitepapers. - Guides and web resources for Internet, Computers, Certification, Networking, Windows 2000, Windows NT, Windows 98, Windows ME, Software Selection, and over 1000 web site links.

Let's Talk Computers - Radio Talk Show - Let's Talk Computers is the U.S. South's longest-running computer radio talk show. You can listen to all of their past shows covering many areas of computing.
ServerWatch Tutorials - Many server related tutorials including those about security, PHP, Linux, DNS, BIND, Wireless, Apache, RAID and Perl.
Technology Documentation from the University of Kansas - Free online documentation in pdf and html format covering: Web Site Authoring/Publishing/Managing, Operating Systems, Office and Statistical Software, Computer viruses, Languages, and Networking.
Gateway's Support's Mini Tutorials - Free Mini Tutorials in these areas: At Home, Consumer Electronics, Gaming, Handhelds/PDAs, Hardware, Internet, Music & Video, Operating System, Software, and Linux.
Black Sun Tutorials - Many tutorials in several areas such as Unix/Linux, Windows, networking, programming, security, hardware, viruses, and encryption.  This site is archived.'s Free Tutorials - Free Windows Tutorials in areas such as networking, security, registry, tuning and optimizing.
WirelessDevNet Tutorials - These wireless development tutorials are available free of charge. This material provides background information for wireless development topics. It also can be used as an excellent training aid for developers new to mobile computing devices. Also check out their WML Tutorial.
Builder AU by developers for developers - This is a pretty good site to learn a lot about different technologies, such as Java, XML, JavaScript, HTML, CGI-Perl, Graphics and Multimedia. - Free Articles, Source Code, Tips, Components and Web Sites for ASP, Delphi, Visual Basic, DHTML, Java, XML, and Wireless.
Faculty Multimedia Center Tutorials - These are online tutorials covering multimedia, audio-video, web presentations, and imaging.
Mundi Design Studios - Great interactive tutorial on The Principles of Graphic Design. Very well made and informative site built using Macromedia Flash.
3D Cafes's Free Tutorials - A forum with websites and tutorials for computer graphic artists, covering 3D Modeling, 3D Studio Max, Maya, Lightwave 3D, AutoCAD, and Developers.  Once you register for free, you will receive access to their weekly member model and tutorial.
Graphics Software How to's Index - Online free tips, tricks and techniques on computer and web graphics covering Photoshop, Paint Ship Pro, Mac OS X and much more.
Image Compression - This is for those who want to learn about image compression. Here are several good sources of learning material and information for this topic, including chapters, class notes, slides, Dr. Dobb's Compression Site, and a data compression reference center.
 Dotnet Spider - Dotnet Spider offers many ASP.Net tutorials, broken down into 71 chapters for easy navigation and viewing.
Workshop Handouts - These workshop handouts from NC State University  train you on HTML, Web Design, Web Conferencing, Audio, Usability, Fireworks, Flash and Photoshop.  Also look at this Learning to Use Technology page on Digital Videos, Data Analysis, Creating Web Pages, Digital Cameras and more. 
Website Design and Programming - Here's an online resource for Design and Layout, Client Side Coding and Server Side Coding.  They offer articles and tutorials on Flash, Photoshop, HTML, JavaScript and more.
Free Flash Training and Free Photoshop Training -  These 'single topic' pages on our site feature all the best Free Training and learning material available on the web today for Flash and Photoshop. Learn all the latest tips and techniques on using these powerful web site tools.
Quantumwave Interactive - Here Quantumwave Interactive offers many Flash tutorials, articles and script files. - A good array of web design and graphics tutorials to improve your skills: PHP, ASP, HTML, CSS, XML and JavaScript.
Tutorials from Ulead Systems - Tutorials for Video Editing, Image Editing, Digital Photography, Animation and Web Utilities.
Photoshop Tutorials from the Goddess - This site offers Photoshop Tutorials covering shapes, drawing, lettering and texturing effect and much, much more.
Web by Design - This is a site offering links to tutorials in many categories: Frontpage, Internet Basics, HTML, Web Forms, Unix Basics, Images, Color, Photoshop, etc.
SpiderPro: 100 Do's and Don'ts in Web Design - This is a Styleguide for creating webpages. Suggestions to improve the look and feel of a website. SpiderPro's StyleGuide contains 9 categories with exactly one hundred do's and don'ts about making web pages. Here are their ebooks.
Beginners - This site is a Free Learning resource for those seeking excellent tutorials in over 20 different categories, including Java, Javascript, Visual Interdev, Visual Basic, Web Development, Linux, Flash, Director, Fireworks, Photoshop, Perl, XML, ASP, SQL, WAP, and E-Commerce. 
Techniques for Object Oriented Analysis and Design - By Martin Fowler, this tutorial is separated into three broad sections. The first looks at several general topics for analysis and design techniques: the elements of a technique, standardization and the UML, and case tools. Different modeling techniques such as class diagrams, interaction diagrams, and use cases are then presented. The final section looks at process techniques, such as evolutionary delivery, patterns, and refactoring. Also take a look at A Survey of Object-Oriented Methods by Peter Biggs.
 Building User Interfaces for Object-Oriented Systems by Allen Holub - These tutorial articles take you step by step through the entire Object Oriented Design process. 
What is 'Object-Oriented Programming? - This pdf file explains what object-oriented programming is. The presentation centers around C++, but is not limited to facilities provided by that language.
Object Orientation Tips - Keep up-to-date with object oriented technologies, without having to read through high volume, low signal-to-noise sources. About one new article per week.
Object Oriented Programming Tutorial - This tutorial aims to teach you the basics of Object Oriented Programming. It is not tailored to any one specific language, although examples in C++ and Java are given.
OOP Tutorial -This is an Interactive Web Tutorial for Object Oriented Programming: OOP Concepts, OOP Design and UML, along with tests to assess your learning.
Object Oriented C# for ASP.NET Developers - This tutorial introduces the OOP features of C# as they apply to ASP.NET Web development. This article is the third in a series on ASP.NET. If you're new to ASP.NET Web development and haven't read the two previous articles, check out Getting Started with ASP.NET and ASP.NET Form Processing Basics.
AmbySoft - AmbySoft White Papers and Scott Ambler's Online Writings covering Object-Oriented development, EJBs, and UML are here.
Object Central - Founded by Dr. Bruce E. Wampler, to advance object-oriented programming, provides you with good information about object-oriented (OO) programming and available OO resources, including free software and source code, guides, tutorials, and links.
Available resources:
The Essence of Object-Oriented Programming
  - The VIDE Help Package: includes help information for the V C++ GUI, the V IDE, and general information useful to C and C++ programmers.
Many More Free Object-Oriented Development Training & Tutorial Sites - Be sure to check out this page on our site for all the new O-O development and programming training and tutorial sites that we're always adding.
The Unified Modeling Language (UML) Resource Center  - UML is the industry-standard language for specifying, visualizing, constructing, and documenting the artifacts of software systems. It simplifies the complex process of software design, making a "blueprint" for construction. This site has articles, diagrams, guides and more here.  And here is the UML Documentation page.
 Sparx Systems UML Tutorial - This UML Tutorial provides a technical overview with 13 diagrams supported by Enterprise Architect.  Also take a look at UML 2.1 Tutorial, a great introduction to UML for beginners.
 Search The Rational Edge Archives - Find informative articles about Rational Rose and UML.  Also, check out the Technical Library View and then select articles and tutorials using the topic dropdown, such as Rational Rose, Use Cases, and UML.
Guide to UML Diagrams at - This guide introduces you to the 9 standard diagrams in the UML 1.4 specification, and divides the diagrams into two specific groups: Structural, and Behavioral.
An Introduction to the Unified Modeling Language - A 15 slide introductory visual tutorial showing all the key concepts of the UML with notes. Also, the authors offer two self-extracting zip files that you can download and view (pdf format). Also, here is the full UML 1.4 Document Set including notation, detailed semantics, a summary, the meta-model in Rose and .pdf format, and some suggestions for using the notation for business modeling, process modeling and constraints.  The Notation Document for version 1.4 (605KB) contains full definitions of all the UML 1.4 notation .
UML Applied - This free guide to the UML brings you up to speed with the most important models in the UML. Rather than focusing on the Class Diagram, the guide takes a Use-Case Driven approach. (zip download, .pdf format, 2.0mb)
Mini-Courses from Brown University (pdf format) - 
  -  Design Issues in Java and C ++
  - C++ Mini-Course
  - UML Designer
A UML tutorial by Lavoie Philippe - This is a pretty good tutorial in which the author takes you through several iterations of of using the UML. Also take a look at this .rtf document explaining the UML Notation(111KB).
UML Resources Page from - This is's UML Resource site containing these categories of documents: OMG Technology Submissions, OMG Press, Articles and Information, and Useful Links. Here is the page that contains links to the various OMG Unified Modeling Language revisions, starting with UML v. 1.1, which was adopted by the OMG in November 1997.
Here are learning sites with Rational Unified Process White Papers and Tutorials:
  - A Manager's Introduction to the Rational Unified Process (RUP)
  - Rational Unified Process: Best Practices for Software Development Teams
  - Rational Unified Process Whitepaper
Here are learning sites with Rational Rose White Papers and Tutorials:
  - IBM Rational Rose and UML
  - A Rational Approach to Software Development Using Rational Rose 4.0
  - IBM Rational Rose Integration
Many More Free UML Training & Tutorial Sites - Be sure to check out this page on our site for all the new UML training and tutorial sites that we're always adding.
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