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University Computer Science Courses - All Free to Browse & Study
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C Programming Course - The Computer Centre's C Programming Course at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland. Written by Steve Holmes.
Fundamentals of Computer Science in C - 21 sets of very good lecture slides on beginning programming in C.
C Programming Course - From the Experimental College at the University of Washington, by Steve Summit. This is a reasonably complete course and is usable as a stand-alone tutorial.
Introduction to Computer Programming Methods in C - This C programming course has very good online notes with graphics.
CSC 330: Programming Languages - The lecture notes discuss the following and more: History of programming languages, Techniques for describing syntax and semantics, Scope and binding, Data types, Expressions, Control (selection and iteration), Subprograms, Polymorphic subprograms, and run-time stacks.
Dan Ellard's CS50 Section Notes on C Programming and Unix - These are excellent class notes from this Harvard University course.
Baldwin's Java, JavaScript, XML, C/C++ Programming Page - Dick Baldwin is an excellent teacher who thoroughly covers everything in Java and C++ also. Here are his Java tutorials and here are his C++ tutorials in zipped, ms word format.
Systematic Programming (Java) - This is the textbook for COMP114: Foundations of Programming, written by Donald F. Stanat and Stephen F. Weiss. It covers all the important aspects of learning Java.
Software Engineering in Java - Click on the Lectures link and learn about Object-oriented programming & design, UML, Design Patterns, Model-View-Controller, User Interface Concepts in Java, Threads in Java, and various Java packages (Beans, JDBC).
Developing Graphical WWW Applications in Java - This is an excellent course on web programming with Java, the course notes and examples are most helpful in understanding the principles and topics taught.
Java Programming Resources - This Java site at John Hopkins University has tons of Java programming resources: FAQs, tutorials, compiler and browser download sites, documentation, books lists, applet and class library collections, security, CGI in Java, etc. This site is excellent and has many free learning materials.
Further Java - This Cambridge University course has excellent free online notes covering the advanced features of the Java programming language. An elementary familiarity with Java is assumed.

QMCS 280 and QMCS 281 - These are beginning (280) and more advanced (281) Java courses with good lecture handouts, previous exams, source code, and resources.
Introduction to Computer Programming CS100j (Java) - This Cornell University course has some very good notes on learning how to program in Java. It offers an introduction to elementary computer programming concepts and emphasizes techniques of problem analysis and the development of algorithms and programs.
Pace University - This site has some technical papers on subjects including Java, Extreme Programming, C++ and Object Oriented Programming. Here are a couple: Rules for C++ Programmers and Java vs. C++.
Computers and Programming ComS 211 (Java) - Topics in this Cornell University course include program structure and organization, modules (classes), program development, proofs of program correctness, recursion, data structures and types (lists, stacks, queues, trees), object-oriented and functional programming, and analysis of algorithms. Java is the principal programming language.
CSC 314 Programming in Java - Good Java Lecture Notes are available on this site. Here is another section of the class.
SE 450 Object-Oriented Software Development - This course teaches the fundamentals of object-oriented programming using Java. Topics to be covered include: Java applets and web pages, Java classes and interfaces, Data types and control flows, Java Abstract Window Toolkit (AWT), Java Foundation Classes (JFC) and Swing, Java threading, Networking with Java, Object oriented design, Introduction to design patterns and frameworks.
Java Programming I (Foundations) - This course provides a careful introduction to computer programming and object-oriented thinking in the Java programming language.
Java Programming II (Intermediate) - Students learn to decompose problems into algorithms and data structures and then code, debug, analyze, maintain and document programs using established software engineering principles. (2nd part of lecture slides not available)
Java Programming III & IV (Advanced) - These two courses introduce advanced topics on graphical user interfaces, networking and connectivity support provided in the Java Development Kit.
CS99 Fundamental Programming Concepts - This course introduces fundamental programming concepts and covers data types, loops, object-oriented programming, classes, and methods. No previous programming knowledge is required for this course. It uses and teaches the Java programming language. Here is another section.
Introduction to Object Orientation - This O-O Java course has very comprehensive notes online, covering all the important material in moderate depth.
CS193k Advanced Java - This course in advanced Java has very good online handout notes in pdf format covering Swing, Threads, XML, Performance and more.
Java Lecture Notes - By Elliotte Rusty Harold, these lecture notes are used in the course, Introduction to Java Programming (Spring semester, 1999) being taught at Polytechnic University in Brooklyn. These notes are several hundred pages, extensive and very thorough. His shorter Brewing Java: a Tutorial is also good. Also check out the Java FAQs, News and Resources at
Java Programming I and III 1B11 -  By Graham Roberts, this class is a thorough introduction to object-oriented programming with the Java programming language. Excellent notes and homework assignments with sections on operating systems and parsing also included.
Introductory Programming with Java CPSC124 - This is an  introduction to programming course using Java as the language of instruction. The course textbook is online and the site also contains links to resources that are relevant to the course.
Introduction to Java and Object Oriented Programming CS108 - This Stanford class site is good for getting the basics of Java, OOP, and software development down. In the class they learn Java and then create a significant software project with it. The class is considered somewhat of 'the' programming class at Stanford University.
Programming in Java 193 - This Stanford course starts right at the beginning with objects, messaging, inheritance, etc. and goes through the various language facilities such as interfaces, exceptions, inner classes, and so on. Time spent on learning the built-in support for I/O, managing collections, networking, concurrency, and developing graphic user interfaces and applets. Also peeks under the hood to look a bit at Java implementation, the virtual machine, verification and security.
Java Computer Science Class 232 - This Java course includes inheritance, abstract classes, Exceptions, I/O, recursion, Big O, sorting, searching, hash tables. Lecture notes. Links to related materials. By Hans-Peter Bischof, Rochester Institute of Technology.
Java Computer Science Class 233 - This Java course includes Linked structures, graphs (BFS, DFS, Dijkstra's algorithm for finding minimum paths), threads, semaphores, networking, swing, object oriented programming. Lecture notes. Links to related materials. By Hans-Peter Bischof, Rochester Institute of Technology.
Algorithms and Data Structures, CS124 - A Harvard University course on the design and analysis of efficient algorithms, data structure representations and their use for provably efficient implementation of abstract operations: searching, sorting, set manipulation. It also addresses graph algorithms and general algorithm design techniques.
471/671: Design and Analysis of Algorithms I - Studies the major design strategies that can be used when creating an algorithm to solve a given problem.
Algorithms, MX4002 - All lecture notes, tutorials, and examinations are provided here for this course. This course gives excellent treatment and a detailed analysis of computer-based algorithms.
CSE1303 Computer Science - Excellent lecture notes and slides are available from this course covering Data Structures and Algorithms and Computer Systems.
725-311-0 Data Structures and Data Management - This course teaches the design, implementation, and analysis of abstract data types, data structures and their algorithms. Topics include: data and procedural abstraction, linked lists, stacks, queues, binary trees, searching, and sorting.
CSC366 Home Page - Algorithms course with pretty good notes in postscript format.
Computer Organization & Architecture by Dr. N.J. Davis
 Web Based Information Systems - Web technology and Applications, excellent course slides, look under Course Content column. Covers Protocols, HTML, Animation, Forms & CGI, JavaScript, Dynamic Pages, Perl & Cookies, Java Applets, DBMS & WWW. SGML/XML, Web Mining, CORBA & SOAP, and Security Issues.
  EE 565 - Introduction to Computer Architecture - This course's goals are to familiarize computer architecture majors and those interested in computer system design with both the state-of-the-art and trends in processor, memory, and platform architectures in today's and future systems.
  EE 666 - Advanced Computer Systems - Good notes on multiprocessor computer architecture including parallel programming models, shared-memory architectures, snoopy-based systems, scalable systems, interconnection networks and synchronization primitives. (ps format)
Software Architectures CS612 - This course teaches you to the concepts, principles, and state-of- the-art methods in software architectures, including domain-specific software architectures (DSSA), architectural styles, architecture description languages (ADL), software connectors, dynamism in architectures, and architecture-based testing and analysis. In the process of studying these concepts, their relationship to other areas of software engineering is discussed, specifically requirements, design (including object-oriented design and related notations, such as UML), and implementation.
Management Information Systems Area - Click on the links in the left column under 'Courses' to access online lecture notes covering Management Information Systems.
Chris Jesshope's excellent Computer Courses - 
 - Advanced Computer Systems, great notes via AudioGraph web plug-in, allowing you to watch and listen
 - Foundations of Computer Science, also with AudioGraph
 - Architecture and Networks, notes in html and pdf format
Systems Analysis I -- Lectures - These are excellent slides to learn and study Systems Analysis. Many topics are covered, including data, object, process and networking modeling, system design and construction, and application architecture and process design.
CSC 375 Systems Analysis - This course gives good lecture notes helping you understand the following: Project management; Cost-benefit analysis; Managing people, Metrics, planning, and estimation; Risk management; Requirements 
and analysis overview, Gathering requirements, Process modeling, Data modeling, Sequence modeling, Design overview, Architectural design, Interface design, and Data design.
Database System Concepts and Designs CS 6400  - The objective of this course is to give an advanced introduction to the concepts for modeling, designing, querying and managing large databases. The relational model is emphasized and relational database management systems are addressed from the standpoint of query optimization, database security, transaction management, concurrency control, and recovery. Taught by Sham Navathe.
CS 265. Database Systems - This Harvard University database source covers: network, relational, and object-oriented database models, system architectures, transaction processing, system implementation, and SQL. Here are good lecture notes on database systems and administration.
CT20402E Storage and Retrieval Module Study Guide - These are the freely available learning sessions for this online database course. It covers relational databases, SQL, storage schemes, and introduction to OODB.
Advanced Topics in Database Systems MIS696G - A great resource site for Database Systems, these areas are covered by reports and presentations: Industry Overview, Knowledge Discovery and Transfer, Special Topics, and Projects.
Data Mining Lecture Notes - These are very good lecture notes about data mining, along with assigned readings and resources, all available on the web.
ISAT 340 Software Development - A software development class with good Visual Basic and Database notes. Here are the downloadable teaching slides in .doc and .ppt format.
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