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University Computer Science Courses - All Free to Browse & Study
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Distributed Object Technologies SFT5000  - This course teaches the distributed object-oriented programming paradigm and the issues involved in implementing a distributed object-oriented system. Java and C++ are used to illustrate and implement the distributed objected programming principles.
Introduction to Distributed Systems and Networks CIS307   - Introduction to the concepts of distributed systems and the technical infrastructure that makes them possible. Teaches concurrency, mutual exclusion, deadlocks, scheduling, and transactions, and examines issues that arise in distributed systems, like ordering of events and distributed shared memory. Reviews computer networks.
CPSC-612: Applied Networks and Distributed Processing - Click on Transparencies link for excellent Lecture Slides in ppt and sxi formats.

CPSC-662: Distributed Computing Systems - Click on Resources and Slides links. Also, here are the instructors guide and additional material for the text book for this course.
 MIS 474 - These course Notes give you information about Distributed Data Processing, Client/Server, Network Management & Security, WANS, LANS, and Wireless.
INFOSYS 206: Distributed Computing Applications & Infrastructure - Good online notes and Slides directory
CSCI E-162 Advanced Topics in Java and Distributed Computing - Covers various aspects of n-tier Java systems including distributed architectures (message passing, RMI, EJB, CORBA), directory services, persistence, and security. The role of middleware and application servers will also be discussed, including an examination of the Enterprise JavaBeans framework. The Spring Class also contains good notes.
Business Data Communications  - 3rd edition by William Stallings. These well presented lecture slides. Here are free chapters and slides from his book, High Speed Networks and Internets.
Raj Jain's Computer Networking Site  - This web site by Raj Jain, Professor of Computer and Information Science at Ohio State University is the most comprehensive learning site for computer networking that I have ever seen. If has literally tons of resources and tutorials available to you for free.
 CSC 364 Computer Networks - This course focuses on the communications protocols used in computer networks, and also considers the use of network architectures and protocol hierarchies to provide more complex services.
 Understanding Networked Computing - This course provides you nice lecture slides to study and assignments to try. It covers a wide range of content in networked and distributed computing. Examples from the Internet are used where applicable; eBay serves as the example.
 Lecture Notes MIS 3523 - These slides explain Data Communications & Telecommunications for business. Student presentations are also available.
Network Systems Architecture 3 - Course presentation on computer networking systems and architecture containing 56 excellent slides and two tutorials with solutions are available. Also check out the Network Communications Technology 4 course with 48 excellent slides and exam questions with solutions.

Professor Scoggin's Homepage - Very good lecture slides for these online classes are available on this site: CISC360 Computer Architecture, CISC450 Computer Networks, CISC452 Telecommunications Systems, CISC458 Applied Computer Networks, and CISC479 Unix System Administration.
Fundamentals of Computer Communication - Online notes covering Data Transmission, Coding, Synchronization and Framing, Error Detection and Correction, Data Link Control, Multiplexing, Circuit-Switching, Packet-Switching, Local and Metropolitan Area Networks, Protocols and Architecture, Internetworking, and Protocols.
Courses from Christopher Newport University - Networking and Communications Courses with good, online lecture notes. Also presents a C++ course.
Unix Network Programming with TCP/IP - Client-Server and Internet Applications - You can download the complete notes for this excellent online course (688kb, 167 pages).
32521 Internetworking - Free notes available for multi-protocol LAN design, IP and IPX addressing strategy, elements of WAN design, allowing LAN access to a WAN, and introduction of simple access control security to the network.
EE555 - Broadband Network Architecture - This is an excellent class with thorough online lecture notes. Here are the Lecture Notes. Here are the Fall 2000 Course notes, homework and exams with solutions.
CPSC441 - Computer Communications - This computer networking and TCP/IP course has a set of good online notes, slides and a free book in pdf format.
A247/A547 - Network Technologies and Administration - This course will teach you about Networking Topologies, Networking Protocols, Network Operating Systems, and Desktop Operating Systems. Good lecture notes and slides are freely available for you to study on this site.
CDA1522 - Computer Networks - Computer Networking Course containing well presented lecture notes and additional networking documents on the web.
Networking Infrastructure for E-Commerce - Today's e-commerce driven economy is driven by networking infrastructure. What is meant by a networked computing infrastructure? This course provides students with a working knowledge of the capabilities and limitations of the infrastructure underlying networked computing. Nice powerpoint slides are provided.
Computer and Network Architecture - Lecture resources (slides, etc.) covering: foundation, protocol info, direct link networks, packet & cell switching, internetworking, end-to-end protocols & data, congestion control, high-speed networking. Also see this instructor's courses: Network Application Design and Network Performance, Design, and Management.
Internet Application Protocols and Standards - The goal of this course is to describe the most common application layer protocols on the Internet, and to describe the general principles and methods used in these protocols. Most useful are the many previous exams with correct answers and the reading section. Here is a nice collection of exam questions with links to answers.
Computer Networks CS 461 - This Princeton University course studies computer networks and the services built on top of them. Topics include packet-switch and multi-access networks, routing and flow control, congestion control and quality-of-service, Internet protocols (IP, TCP, BGP), the client-server model and RPC, elements of distributed computing and the design of network services. Here are the Lecture notes.
Computer Networks Course BITCNE and Data Communications Course BITDCO
Two great networking courses from the Latrobe University, Bendigo, Australia - They include extensive lecture notes, tutorials, other resources, and old exams and lectures. Here are more lectures from the networking course.
Communication Systems CP3340 & Advanced Systems Programming CP3008 - This module concentrates on the technical and programming aspects of computer communications: Standards, the OSI 7 Layer model,  X.25 protocol, LANs and Ethernet, Internet Protocol ver. 6, Routing, Sockets Programming, Transmission Control Protocol (TCP), Telnet Protocol, File Transfer Protocol (FTP), The Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP), Network Information Systems, Kerberos security mechanism, PC Networking, Systems Management, and Network File System.
Introduction to Cryptography Math 187 -  If you are interested in cryptography, you should take a look at the class notes for this course, they are very good. The handouts are in pdf format and are freely available at this site.
CS513 Computer Security - Lecture Annex - Excellent course notes with helpful graphics covering computer security.
Computer Security - This course from the University of Edinburgh teaches computer security fundamentals, some current internet technologies, and some engineering and management aspects. The fundamentals cover basic concepts of secure systems as well as the low-level design of security protocols.
Home Page of Oded Goldreich on Cryptography - Cryptography Information Available at this site:
 - Foundations of Cryptography, Fragments of a Book (1995)
 - Lecture Notes (1989)    - An Essay (1997)
 - Modern Cryptography, Probabilistic Proofs and Pseudorandomness (1998).
 - Zero-Knowledge and Secure Function Computation -- the GMW papers
 - Papers, including surveys and essays.
Introduction to Software Engineering CS 3802 - Taught by Allison Elliot Tew, this website has excellent introductory materials and notes to software engineering.
 New!   Computer Science I Slides: Software Design and Java - Here are the slide prensentations for the Computer Science I course at Rochester Institute of Technology. This course introduces you to Engineering Problem Solving (EPS) by examining the elements of EPS, including problem decomposition, design and implementation of solutions, testing those solutions and integrating pieces of solutions together. It introduces object-oriented technology for designing solutions and implements them using Java as the programming language. Java is an object-oriented programming language that was designed for developing large systems from reusable components.
Software Engineering Design 2000 - Click on the Download page for excellent overviews and lecture notes on software engineering. The Resources page provides great templates for your Requirements Analysis Document, Use Cases, System and Object Design Documents, and Test Plan and Test Cases.
CSC444F: Software Engineering I - These excellent course notes teach you: Software development process, Software requirements and specifications, Software design techniques, Techniques for developing large software systems, CASE tools and software development environments, Software testing, documentation and maintenance.
CEN 5035 Software Engineering - This course covers: Software Processes, Project Planning, Requirements, Prototyping, Architectural Design, Object Oriented Design, Software Testing, Software Change, Process Improvement, and more. Here are the lecture notes.
CS 406 Software Engineering I - Excellent lecture slides cover Software Process (What & Why), Requirements Analysis, Software Architecture, UML, and Testing.
Engineering Software Structures - Lecture slides on Object-Oriented Design and Programming, Software Process, Software Quality, Design Patterns, Software Architecture, and Usability.
ECPE 2504 - Introduction to Computer Engineering - These are great online lecture 
notes from this Fall 2000 course at Virginia Tech by Dr. Scott F. Midkiff.
University of British Columbia Computer Science Dept. - IT courses from this university with good online notes: Advanced Software Engineering, Client/Server Architecture Lecture, Design Patterns Lectures and here, and here are slides from a lecture on Source Code Comprehension Tools.
Comp 211 Introduction to Software Engineering - This course covers system analysis and design concentrating on Object-Oriented Analysis and Design (OOA&D) using the UML. It also discusses the principles of user interface analysis and design. Excellent Notes and Tutorials. Here is the Spring 2000 class.
CS032 Introduction to Software Engineering - Advanced programming techniques including object oriented design, C++, programming environments, the software life cycle, specifications, user interfaces and project management. Good lecture slides and resource page.
CPSC 333: Foundations of Software Engineering - Materials - Great lecture notes are available in both pdf and powerpoint formats for topics such as requirements, analysis, use cases, UML, class diagrams, state diagrams, testing, process models, software process improvement. More lecture slides for the same course.
 CSC-223 Software Design - Study of software life cycle and its consequences, includes design, coding, testing, and documenting large software packages. Study issues in software engineering, human factors in computing systems, safety of software systems, and learn languages like Java, tools like Make and RCS.
 Software Engineering 104 - This course introduces students to the foundations of software engineering by using the object-oriented design methodologies required for the generation and maintenance of reliable software. (Java and UML)
Software Engineering Course Lectures Notes - Here are some good lecture notes from this software engineering class. Included are these: Software Project Management, O-O Windowing Decomposition and Debugging and Testing.
CPSC 451 Practical Software Engineering - Learn about software engineering from these online study notes.
INFO 222 Software Engineering Methods - Human Computer Interaction - Download Lectures in powerpoint format.
Utah University, Hamlet Project - Free tutorial-style courseware in engineering & computing, extensive library of tutorials for introductory courses in engineering computing, Unix, C, Fortran.
San Jose State University Software Engineering Class - All course and lecture notes are available for 5 semesters of this class. The objective of this course is to expose students to the essential principles of Software Engineering. The requirement analysis, design, prototyping, implementation and testing phases of a typical software development cycle are covered in detail. Different development methodologies and their associated techniques as well as tools are examined. The course material is based on current Object-Oriental and Internet technologies.
CS1704 Introduction to Data Structures and Software Engineering - This excellent and freely available course introduces a disciplined approach to problem solving and emphasizes the utility of software engineering principles applied to programming practices. Also stressed are program design and implementation involving multiple modules, verification of program correctness, and abstract data types and objects such as strings, arrays, sets, linked lists, stacks, queues, and files.
Software Engineering CSCI 577a - This is another great course website teaching all the topcis in software engineering. The schedule page contains all the important content links.
Object-Oriented Software Engineering, CSC2050 - Introduces the object-oriented programming paradigm, and the basic concepts of the discipline called "Software Engineering", which is the study and practice of a collection of concepts, techniques and tools which enable programmers to design and build, and maintain large software systems in a reliable and cost effective way. Excellent lecture notes are available.
Software Engineering Course D22 - Taught by Graham Roberts, this is an excellent course from the University College London.
Teaching Page for Richard Thomas - He places all the lectures, notes, tutorials, etc. on the web for these courses: Software Engineering Principles, Object Technology, Integrated Software Engineering Environments, Engineering Computing 1, Software Development 2 (data structures), Software Development 1.
Object-Oriented Re-engineering S7071 - This course presents the main problems that software engineers face when they reengineer applications. The lectures are practically oriented, incorporating lab sessions to test the solutions and tools presented. Topics Covered: design extraction, software metrics, software repositories and information models, and reengineering operations and refactoring. The complete lectures are available online.
CSCI 203 Introduction to Computer Science I - This online course makes available very well done lecture notes with nice graphics.
Information Systems in Society - Excellent class notes and links, based on a diverse body of research which fall under the rubric of 'social informatics'. These include communications, computer science, information systems and science and some social sciences.
Foundations of Information Technology, UQI108s1 - Very well done Powerpoint slides covering Data Representation and Computer Systems Hardware, and Data Communications and Software.
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