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University Computer Science Courses - All Free to Browse & Study
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Introduction to Computer Graphics - Professor Andries van Dam is an expert on technology and education and is recognized throughout the world as a leader in computer graphics. Excellent lectures slides are available to review. The course teaches topics such as Viewing, Color, Image Processing, Realism, Illumination, Ray Tracing, Texture Mapping, Animation and User Interfaces.
 Computer Graphics and Modeling Course - This course is about computer graphics and modeling, and focuses on 3D graphics, which is to create 2D pictures of objects that appear similar to the way our eyes view the 3D objects in our physical world. 
COMP360: Introduction to Computer Graphics - Along with lecture notes, this course has links to free OpenGL tutorials, specs, and books.
12.4AU1 Computer Graphics - A Course in three-dimensional Computer Graphics. Click on the Contents link to learn how to produce realistic images of three-dimensional scenes using Modeling, View Definition, and Rendering. Here is the introductory Computer Graphics course.
CS 348B - Computer Graphics - This course is about appearances - Why do things look the way they do? - How can we get similar appearances on a display? - Photorealism and beyond. Great notes and slides are available. Here is the '99 course site and the '98 course site, both have good material. Here are links to all of Stanford University's graphics courses, many with online notes, etc.
  CSCI E-234 Introduction to Computer Graphics - Introduces many important data structures and algorithms that are useful for creating images on a computer.
CSCI E-235 Advanced Computer Graphics - Topics covered will include multi-resolution modeling, subdivision surfaces, image processing, image-based rendering, ray tracing, radiosity, and computer animation.
Subdivision for Modeling and Animation - All course notes are available for this 1998 SIGGRAPH course by Professor Peter Schröder. This course provides an introduction to Subdivision, a technique to generate smooth curves and surfaces, which extends classical spline modeling approaches. It covers the basic ideas of subdivision as well as the particulars of a number of different subdivision algorithms. Here are more courses Prof. Schröder has taught.
Computer Graphics 453 - Computer Graphics course with online notes covering a good selection of topics.
BYU's Instructional Media Center - This site contains instructions on using GoLive, Photoshop, Sound Forge and other Multimedia programs.
FIT5900 : Introduction to Multimedia Programming - These notes cover Introduction to Multimedia, Human Computer Interaction, Interactivity, Information Design and Architecture, Site and Page Design, Typography, Imagery, Color, Sound, Animation, and Javascript and Perl Programming.
 SCI204: Mutlimedia Technology - Great lecture notes for understanding the current technology of multimedia computers, both stand-alone and networked; and a theoretical and practical introduction to design criteria relating to the presentation of information delivered by multimedia.

 CS 6181: Advanced Internet Services - This course covers emerging Internet multimedia services, including the following areas: Multicast routing and address allocation, Real-time services, Packet scheduling, Audio and video coding and APIs, Streaming audio and video, Internet telephony, and Mobility. More materials are here.
 CS 401 B Computer Security Lecture Slides - 11 sets of lecture slides in Powerpoint format covering image and video compression.
 School of Computing Modules - University of Napier - Several courses here have learning materials available online, including these: Implementing Information Systems (lectures), Interactive Design (lectures), and Multimedia Technology (lectures).
Systems Software Course - Examines concepts relating to Unix and Windows Operating Systems, particularly in the following areas: Introduction, Utilities, File Systems, Directories, and Processes. The lectures notes are very good. Taught by Jan Newmarch.
 CS519: Operating Systems - A graduate course in Operating Systems focusing on advanced OS topics. This page has good Lecture Notes and Readings. Here is a previous course.
15412- Operating Systems - The course introduces the basic concepts of multiprogramming, timesharing and asynchronous processes. Emphasis of the course is on the design aspects of operating systems. Click on the Lecture link. 
Graduate Course on Operating Systems - Here is an online O.S. course that provides audio to go along with all the slides (click on Slides and RealAudio links.
EE360P- Interfacing to Operating System - Very good notes and examples for learning about operating systems, introduction to IBM-PC hardware architecture,, interrupts, DMA, Real-time programming in C/C++, Process and processor management scheduling, Memory management, I/O device drivers, and File system management.
CSci402: Operating Systems - This course has 24 excellent beginner operating system lecture notes covering Operating Systems Basics and Structure, Processes & Threads, Synchronization, Deadlock Recovery, Avoidance and Prevention, Memory Management, Memory Allocation and Virtual Memory, Segmentation, Caching, File Systems, Directories, Security, Authentication, The I/O Subsystem, Device Driver Specifics, and Networking.
CS 162 Lecture Notes - These operating system lecture notes from this University of Washington course will help you learn the basics of what operating system do.
CSC 343 Introduction to Operating Systems - This course is an introduction to operating system technology. It focuses on the following subset of a complete operating system: Operating system architectures, Operating system structures, Process and thread management (with an emphasis on scheduling), Memory management, File system structures. Be sure to check out Transparencies from the Text and Documents and Readings for the course. Several downloads of the course materials are available.
Operating Systems and System Software - System Software course with excellent notes, etc. - it being replaced by this course, which is also very good.
Computer Science 305 - This course's goal is to impart sufficient understanding of operating system design to allow you to understand how it impacts application design and performance. Great notes are freely available, and here is an older course page with good notes also.
Operating System I - This course covers: Computer Organization, Device Management, Processes, Basic Synchronization Principles, High Lever Synchronization Principles, Deadlock, File System, Virtual Memory, Networks. Lecture notes. Links to related materials. By Hans-Peter Bischof, Rochester Institute of Technology.
CPSC 457 Principles of Operating Systems - Principles of Operating System course offering lecture slides for 23 chapters from the book, Operating Systems Concepts.
CS1205 - Operating Systems Tools I - Beginning computer science material with an emphasis on web usage and development.
 MIS 121 Introduction to Business Programming - 21 sets of lecture slides in PowerPoint format showing you how to program in C.
CPS 104 Computer Organization, Design and Programming - Covers computer systems organization, machine language and assembly programming, machine representation of data and instructions, computer arithmetic, the CPU and instruction interpretation, basic logic design, memory organization, peripherals and I/O.
 Computer Architecture and Engineering - This course on architecture and engineering gets into a lot of detail about how a computer operates, offers good lecture slides in pdf, ppt, and ps formats.
CS/ECE 354: Machine Organization and Programming - An introduction to current system structures of control, communication, memories, processors and I/O devices.
Computer Architecture and Low-Level Programming - Very good course notes in this course teach you all about low-level, assembly and Unix programming, including subroutine calls.
The USAIL Project (Unix) - The University of Indiana Unix Workstation Support Group's nationally recognized free, independent study course on Unix system administration, complete with quizzes and lab exercises, and a Unix reference library. Unix Self Evaluation Tests are also available.
R870: Unix System Administration -A Survival Course - These are the notes, in HTML format, of a Unix System Administration course taught at the University of Washington.
CS1206 - Operating Systems Tools II - Unix - Course covering Unix tools and the Unix operating system.
Unix Systems Programming I & II - You can download the complete notes for this excellent online course: Part I notes (531kb, 65 pages) and Part II notes (493kb, 65 pages).
Unix Tools CS114 - This Cornell University course has some excellent notes on using the tools in Unix/Linux. Is assumes no previous knowledge of Unix or expertise in any particular programming language, but some programming experience would help.
Unix Help for Users v.1.3 - Very good learning material and helpful information for users of the UNIX operating system, developed at the University of Edinburgh.
Unix Tutorial - Glenn Chappel wrote this tutorial for his mother several years ago. I ran across it on a mailing list I was subscribed to for a time. A very good introduction to Unix. Enjoy and learn.
Unix Guru Universe - The Official Home Page for Unix System Administrators, a resourceful Unix web site.
The Unix Reference Desk - This site is one of the best resource sites for Unix, it covers every area you may need.
Computer Science 175a: An Introduction to the Unix Operating System - This course exposes the student to modern, multi-user operating systems principles through studying the Unix environment. The C programming language, Bourne Shell programming, and the AWK pattern-matching language are used. Well organized lecture notes and slides are available.
CS360 Systems Tools Self Study (Unix) - This page has links to lecture notes, etc. covering the Unix Systems Tools Course on the Computer Science Department's WWW Server at CalState, San Bernardino, California, USA.
The Sun ONE Studio 4, Community Edition Bundle - This free course provides students with a collection of four web based training courses which introduce the features and benefits of the Sun Open Net Environment (ONE) Studio development tool for Java technology developers and program managers. Here are more free training and learning resources from Sun:

Sun ONE Studio Developer Resources - Offers technical articles, forums, support, bug tracking, downloads, and documentation for Sun ONE Studio.

Sun ONE Technical Webcasts and here

Sun Technology Audiocasts

Tutorials and Short Courses

Architectural Design Seminars for Developers

General Site for developers
Learning material, class notes, and resources are Freely available from the Web Pages of Major University Computer Science Courses:
  - Undergraduate Courses About Programming Languages - A linked list of courses online teaching principles and concepts of programming languages. Here is the graduate course list.
Western Ontario University - Here is all the Computer Science Instructor Supplied Course Information for their courses. 
  - University of Illinois Computer Science Courses - To view course materials from the current or most recent semester the course was taught, select the Course Materials link if available.
  - Illinois Institute of Technology, Computer Science Courses Home Pages - Click on any of the computer courses to review and study the course materials and documentation.
  - Department of Computer Science, University College London - Lecture notes and online documentation for all their classes are free to browse.
  - University of Southern California Computer Science Courses
  - University of Southern California Center for Software Engineering- List of links to all their courses, each having notes and online documentation available free for browsing.
  - University of Wisconsin Madison, Computer Sciences Classes
  - Massachusetts Institute of Technology,  Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science - Click on home pages under Academics.
  - University of Waterloo Engineering and Computer Engineering Online Course Materials
  - University of Pennsylvania SEAS Course Home Page List by Department - Scroll down to Computer Science & Engineering Department and Computer and Information Science Department.
  - York University, Department of Computer Science - Listing of links to all courses web sites.
  - University of Central Florida Computer Science Course Descriptions and WWW Pages
  - New York University, Computer Science Department - All of their computer course web sites are available here.
  - University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory: Taught Courses - Click on 'Teaching Course Material' under subheading titled Information for Current Students.
  - Princeton University Computer Science Courses - Links to all of their Computer Science course web sites.
  - Queen's University, Department of Computing and Information Science - CIS Course Web Pages.
  - Cornell University, Computer Science Courses with Home Pages
  - University of Colorado at Boulder Computer Science Course Web Pages
  - Brown University Dept. of Computer Science Course Listing
  - University of Washington, Dept. of Computer Science & Engineering Course Webs
  - Duke Computer Science Department Courses home page links
  - Rice University Computer Science Course Web Pages
  - University of Arizona Computer Science Course Home Pages
  - Caltech Computer Science Individual Course Pages
  - Listing of Computer Science Course Home Pages
  - Indiana University, Bloomington Campus, Computer Science Department Courses
  - Kentucky University, College of Engineering, Current Computer Science Courses
  - Stanford University Computer Science Department Class Information & Courses - also look at the Stanford CS Education Library            
CS Departments Worldwide - A general resource on worldwide academic computer science departments.
Institutes, Centers, & Laboratories - A worldwide listing of computer science institutes, centers, & laboratories.
World Lecture Hall - Computer Science - These websites are from traditional, classroom university computer courses, many have very good notes and resources available online.
University Courses in Computer and Information Science - These are links to websites of traditional university computer courses, broken down into 15 categories and also by each university computer department.
Computer Science Education Links - A collection of links to materials that support the teaching of Computer Science courses and other education-related resources. This collection is a result of the efforts of many educators who contributed materials and suggestions.'s Courses in Computer Science - Lists and links to university course web pages in Algorithms and Data Structures, Comparative Languages, Computational Theory, Operating Systems, Object-Oriented Development, Programming, and Software Engineering.'s University CS Departments - Lists and links of university computer science departments in USA, Asia, Australia, Canada, Europe, and South America.
Resources for University Teaching - This page has been setup to share syllabi, course outlines, exercises, text book choices, etc., for computer courses taught at all university levels.
Computer Science Departments Across The Web - These are web and gopher servers of Computer Science (and related) departments at universities throughout the internet.
Computing: University Computer Science Departments - Covers any academic or research department in a University broadly in the field of Computing, Information Systems or similar.
Yahoo's List of Computer Science College and University Departments - These are web sites of Computer Science departments at many universities.
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