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University Computer Science Courses - All Free to Browse & Study
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Miscellaneous... Object-Oriented... C++ Programming... C Programming... Java Programming... Perl...  Algorithms... Architecture... DataBase... Distributed... Networking... Software Engineering... Graphics... OS... Unix... University Course Links...

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Teaching Materials Archive - This is a central repository of on-line teaching materials created by staff in the School of Computing Sciences.
TTS Online Course Materials - Free web development training documents from Cornell University covering HTML and Javascript. 
Courses at ArsDigita University - ADUni is a non-profit corporation established by the alumni of ArsDigita University to continue the school's mission of providing the world's best computer science education for free. This site provides IT educational resources, including free video lectures and 
problem sets. Here are their courses:
-Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs
-How Computers Work   -Object-oriented Program Design
-Algorithms   -Systems   -Web Applications
-Theory of Computation   -Artificial Intelligence
-Unix Workshop   -Database Management Systems
Courses at Rensselaer Computer Science Department - Here are some good online IT courses with notes from Rensselaer: Lecture Notes for Object Oriented Programming, Programming XML in Java, Computer Science II, and Web Technologies (CSS, XML, Servlets, JSP, Security).
Monash University - IT courses from Monash with good online materials: Internet Devices and Services, Distributed Programming using Java, Program Development using Unix, Electronic Commerce - Technical Issues, Information Technology Project, and Client Server Computing.
Walla Walla College - IT courses from this university having good lecture notes: CPTR 352 Operating System Design, CPTR435 Software Engineering, CPTR 425 Introduction to Networking, CPTR 415 Introduction to Databases, Data Modeling, and Relational Database Design.
Thames Valley University Study Guides & Courses - These pages have Free online courses with notes and reference materials: Module Web Pages/Study Guides and Course Web Pages
Course Home Pages for UNC-CH Computer Science - Some of these courses have very good slides presentations you can study and learn from. Courses with slides cover Computer Organization, Algorithms and Analysis, Programming Language Concepts, and Multimedia Networking.
Virginia Tech Computer Science Courses - These online classes have great lecture notes and slides available for free. Here are just 2 of them: CS1206: Operating System Tools II and CS2984: Java.
Two IT Learning Sites by Professor Matloff - Java Beginner's Web Page, Unix Tutorial Center.
Computer Science Courses - Descriptions and links to all Computer Science courses from Tuft University. Many of them have freely available online lecture notes available.
USC Computer Services IT Training and Support - Free training instructional course guides are available covering PC Maintenance & Upgrade, Visual Basic, Access, Groupwise, PageMaker, Photoshop, Powerpoint, Excel and Word.
International Courseware Directory / Computer Science and I.T. - Higher Education Links for, Computer Science and Information Technology, journals, newsletters, associations, consortia & networks.

 New!   Great Lecture Notes for HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Perl, PHP, XML - Here is an excellent set of lecture notes from Tufts University covering most of the fundamentals topics of Web Development and Programming: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Perl, PHP, and XML. These also will give you some good code examples that you can try out and see how these technologies work.
 New!  Structured Document Processing Languages - The goal of this course, Structured Document Processing Languages, is to become familiar with the central models and languages for manipulating, representing, transforming and querying structured (XML) documents. The lecture slides are available and linked here. The course is largely based on original articles or technical specifications, most of which are available on-line.
CPSC 231 Introduction to Computer Science I - Click on the 'Course Outline' link to access the course notes in pdf format.
Introduction to Information Systems and Introduction to Information Technology - These are two good introductory IT courses with good online lecture and class notes you can study.
DocShare - A Documentation Sharing Consortium for staff members at higher education institutions dedicated to producing computer-related documentation and newsletters.
DC02021 - This personal page from Dr. Choi Yiu Kuen contains free learning materials for these courses he teaches: Computer Architecture and Operating Systems, Data Communications and Networking Fundamentals.
Computer Science Teaching Material Archive - This is an archive of electronic material that is useful for teaching Computer Science courses. Material that is currently in the archive can be used as part of courses at BU and elsewhere so long as the source of the material is cited. This is excellent teaching and learning content, several areas are covered.
UW Computer Training - Online Course Notes - Many UW Computer Training courses have online course notes posted on this site, including: Introduction to Unix, Unix Shell Programming, Intermediate HTML Lab, Tour of Web Technologies , An Overview of Languages for the WWW, Introduction to JavaScript for the Web, An Introduction to XML, and Intermediate Graphics for the Web.
Computer Science Teaching Materials for Class and Lab - These CS courses at the University of Regina cover many topics and contain excellent notes, assignments, etc. (some links are local only). Also look at their Department Research page.
Lecture Notes and Interactive Tutorials - This site contains good lecture notes (and other stuff) for various IT courses at Central Connecticut State University. Courses include: Introduction to Computer Science using Java, C Programming, Introduction to Systems Programming, Object-Oriented Programming Systems, Computer Graphics, and Simulation. 
CIS 4710 Information Systems Management - Many presentations and handouts in several areas of Information Technology are available on this course site. This course deals with the management of information systems and technology as it is being practiced in organizations today.
University of Minnesota Classes - Five internet related IT courses are available at this site with class notes and materials freely available. Here are the titles of four of them: Object Oriented Programming Using C++, Intermediate WWW and HTML, Javascript Programming, and Introduction to Java.
 Transaction Processing I - First of a two course sequence on transaction processing in the client-server environment, concentrates on client side processes involving entry, validation and submission of transaction information across the Internet. The primary technologies employed are: CGI, HTML, XML, Microsoft's VBScript, JavaSscript, Java applet basics and LINUX fundamentals.

Transaction Processing II - This second course concentrates on server-side processes involving submission and processing transaction information across the Internet. The primary technologies employed are: HTML, XML, XSL, Microsoft's ASP.NET (VB.NET and C#), Microsoft SQL Server 2000 emphasizing XML. It also examines Linux and PGP.
csZer0 - Learning About Computing - This site contains excellent lecture notes and other resources from several courses at the Scottsdale Community College. Emphasis is on learning C, C++, Java, Internet Programming (client-side, server-side, database), Software Engineering, GNU Tools, Open Source, and Unix.
 Introduction to Computer Science - This course provides an introduction to computer science and programming. Topics covered include structured programming techniques using C++ and Linux, elementary algorithms and data structures. Notes are here.
 CS151 Fundamentals of Computer Science I - This is an introduction to computer programming using Scheme, topics include algorithm design, coding, testing, debugging, documentation, procedural abstraction, and simple data structures. Here is a previous course

CS152 Fundamentals of Computer Science II - Study the design, analysis, and verification of algorithms. Includes a discussion of data abstractions and data structures. Here is a previous course.
The University of Washington, Department of Computer Science and Engineering - This excellent and very resourceful site is a previous Free Site of the Month selection. They have made available for free many lecture videos and lecture notes and slides from past CS&E graduate and undergraduate courses.
How to Design Programs - An Introduction to Programming and Computing, introduces the idea of program design recipes.  A design recipe guides a beginning programmer through the entire problem-solving process.
CS4417: Systems Analysis and Design - Focuses on Object Oriented Systems Design and Analysis (OOAD) methodology, using the Unified Modeling Language (UML). Click on the Lectures link.
Object-Oriented Analysis and Programming CS 582 - An examination of the ideas of Object-Oriented design and Object-Oriented software construction. The lectures present the concepts of object-oriented analysis and programming in a language independent fashion, illustrated with specific examples from a variety of programming languages. Java and C++ syntax and semantics are discussed.
 New!   Computer Science 4 Slides: Object-Oriented Design and C++ - Here are the slide prensentations for the Computer Science 4 course at Rochester Institute of Technology. This course teaches you Object technology and is concerned with using C++ within the contexts of Object-Oriented Design, Design by Contract, UML, Advanced Data Structures, Templates, Exceptions, STL, Testing, POSIX Threads, and File Organization.
 CS 2704 - Object-Oriented Software Design and Construction - Introduces the principles of object-oriented programming with emphasis on objects, classes, inheritance, and polymorphism. C++ is used to apply these principles. Excellent notes are available. Previous courses are Fall '02 and Spring '02.
Lectures for Object-Oriented Programming and Design - Learn to think in objects, to learn how to design flexible, reusable, maintainable object-oriented systems, and learn Smalltalk. After focusing on Smalltalk, the course then teaches designs, covering various design patterns and frameworks.
COMP272 Object Oriented Programming and Design - The is course uses Microsoft Development Studio and aims to teach you how to: Understand how to program using object oriented techniques; Program in C++; and Develop a medium sized windows application.
SE455-101 - Object-Oriented Software Development and here - Free notes and code examples to learn object-oriented software development methods: object-oriented analysis and modeling concepts and notation, design patterns for object-oriented software development, advanced implementation techniques in C++ and Java,
  Object-Oriented Programming - Teaches concepts and techniques of object-oriented programming. Objects, classes, methods, inheritance, polymorphism. Also memory management of objects, windowing systems. Compares object-oriented languages (C++, Java, JavaScript).
Object Oriented Programming - This object oriented programming (OOP) course introduces the OOP paradigm and the related concepts in software engineering. Here are excellent lecture notes.
CSc 335 Object-Oriented Programming and Design - Good lecture materials and slides are accessible for this course.
Object-Oriented Software Development Laboratory (CS E61 342S) - Focuses on practical aspects of designing, implementing, and debugging object-oriented software. Topics covered include reusing design patterns and software architectures and developing, documenting, and testing representative applications using object-oriented frameworks and C++. Here is the directory containing all the instructor's courses.
Tootorial - An Interactive Object-Oriented Tutorial - This is an interactive tutorial designed to help computer science students quickly and easily learn basic object-oriented programming concepts. You may view the lessons in any order you desire, but the lessons are numbered in the recommended order for completion. 1.) Object-Oriented Programming vs. Procedure-Oriented Programming; 2.) Classes and Objects; 3.) Inheritance and Polymorphism.
Gary T. Leavens's Courses Taught - His courses include: Introduction to Programming, Introduction to Data Structures, Unix and C Programming, Principles of Programming Languages, Programming Languages, and  Programming Language Semantics.
Programming Language Concepts CS 3411 - Fall '98 class by Phil Hutto/Richard LeBlanc
Problem Solving and Programming I and II - CS101: Problem solving and algorithms, design using objects. Use of structured programming, arrays, control structures, strings searching, sorting and files in C++. CS202: Problem solving and programming using classes and objects. Abstract data types, templates, pointers, linked lists, stacks and queues implemented C++. Recursion, efficiency of searching and sorting algorithms.
 CS 110 C++ Programming Laboratory - These are lecture slides for an introductory course in C++. The objective of this course is to give you a moderate overview of programming in the C++ language and object oriented programming. Also, here are the instructor lecture notes/slides for the book "C++ How to Program":
 Cmput 201 - Practical Programming Methodology - Good C++/C Lecture Notes, focuses on the manipulation and transformation of text (as contrasted to graphics). In terms of techniques, it focuses on low level language issues such as: how is data stored and represented, how is memory managed, how are pointers used, what is the call stack, how is an object stored.
C+ and O-O Lecture materials - A collection of lecture slides and handouts for a first course in C++ programming and object-oriented design.
  C++ Programming - The purpose of this course is to prepare you for C++ programming in "the real world". Here is the 2000 online class lecture notes, etc.

CSCI 160: Computing Science I - This course provides an introduction to a number of practical tools and techniques, using C++ and Unix. It covers computer architecture and network operation, and techniques to analyze problems, design solutions, and produce software based on the design solutions.

CSCI 161 Computing Science II - A basic mastery of the C++ programming language is needed as this course covers approaches to solve practical programming problems. It focuses on the concepts of abstract data types (ADTs) and the support for them offered through C++ classes. In particular, it discusses the linked list, queue, stack, and tree ADTs.
Object-Oriented Application Programming in C++ - This course has good lecture notes on how to program in C++, along with Samples and Solutions to Tutorial Exercises. Here are chapters from books used in this course: Abstract Container Types (94 pages), Modularity, A Tour of C++ (24 pages), and Exception Handling: A False Sense Of Security.
CSC 416 Section 205 (tgz, 2.3 mb) and CSC 416 Section 304 (tgz, 2.9 mb) - Foundations of Computer Science II - This course covers a range of data structures, related algorithms, and their implementation in C++. Topics covered include: the string class, linked lists, stacks, queues, recursion, binary trees, tree traversal techniques, maps, heaps, heapsort, graphs, inheritance, virtual functions, and abstract classes. We will also introduce C++ Standard Template Library (STL).
CS117 Introduction to Computer Programming (C++) - This course is about data structures and programming, based on C++.
Introduction to Programming with C++ - This is the Online Course/Slides page from this course.
Object Oriented Programming and Design with C++ - This is the Online Course Slides page from this course. Here are all the C++ course sites for this instructor.
Lessons in Object-Oriented Programming and C++  - These are course notes for two University of Ulster modules Object-oriented Programming (BSc 2 and GDC) and Object-oriented Software Construction (MSc in Computing and Information Systems). This page contains the links to all the other class material available online.
Introduction to Programming Systems Design CSCI455 (Using C++) - Learn useful data structures and algorithms, also learn about data abstraction, a major part of object-oriented programming. In addition, you will learn about algorithm analysis and you will get some good programming experience.
CSCI 701: Computer Programming 3 (C++) - This course has good online note covering: Features of C++, Objects and Classes, Objects and Messages, Encapsulation, Inheritance, Polymorphism, Containers and Templates, Exception Handling, and Properties of Classes.
NIST Course on C++ Programming for Scientists - All notes for six lectures plus programming and scientific library examples are available at this site for their course on C++ Programming for Scientists.
Introduction to Programming in C++ A506 - The purpose of this course is to introduce the student to programming in the C++ programming language. In particular, the course will focus on aspects of the language which are unique or powerful. Upon completion of this class, students should have a good idea of how to tackle reasonably sized projects with C++. The lecture notes are in the Syllabus.
C++ Course 2000/1 from Cambridge University - This is a crash course on C++ for Cambridge University 3rd year students and upward. It is based around 4 talks and the More C++ course. These concentrate on the concepts that might be new or difficult for 3rd years.
Online Tutorials and Courses - Learning material covering C++, CORBA, and more by Douglas Schmidt.
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