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Computer Online Learning Providers that have higher fees

New! - Our new Free Computer Training Search site is now online, containing over 150,000 free educational, training and tutorial web resources, all at your fingertips. Also search for computer programming and software development sites. Check out our predefined search page for faster access. If you're an Member, go to our member search page to access this special page to search over 220,000 free training web resources.

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Search for IT and Computer Distance Learning Courses and Degree Programs - Check out our search page for Computer IT Courses and Degrees Using the Web's Best Locators.
Also look at our newly researched page of Low and Higher Cost Online Computer & IT Training Providers & Centers.
We Recommend:
Thomson Education Direct - Get a first-rate professional education without attending classes or spending thousands of dollars on tuition. They have 24-hour toll-free instructional support and are nationally accredited. Two areas of study are available:
1) Center For Degree Studies - Earn an ASB degree in Applied Computer Science, or an AST degree in Electrical Engineering Technology or Electronics Technology.
2) Computer Programs available: A+ Certification Test Preparation, COBOL, Computer Graphic Artist, Desktop Publishing and Design, Web Page Designer, Java Programmer, PC Fundamentals, PC Repair, PC Specialist, Programming in BASIC, Telecommunications Technician, Visual Basic® Programmer, Visual C++ Programmer. UserActive Learning is state of the art interactive online training and certification in Web Programming. Learn HTML, JavaScript, DHTML, CGI, Perl, SQL and earn a Web Programming Certificate of Completion from the University of Illinois. Courses costs from $200 to $300 each. They have everything: An online Editor, Tutorials, Personal Help, CGI bin, Domain registration and more. - offers over 2,000 trusted brand-name training products for learning new computer skills or for achieving certifications from Microsoft, Cisco, Novell, and others. They offer high quality self-study computer and IT learning opportunities.
University of Phoenix Online - Offers Bachelor of Science in Information Technology: Database Management, Networks and Telecommunications, Programming and Operating Systems, Systems Analysis, and Web Management. Also offers Bachelor of Science in Business: E-Business and Information Systems. Master of Science in Computer Information Systems and Master of Business Administration/Technology Management are also available online. At University of Phoenix Online, you attend classes whenever and wherever you want via the Internet via their proven online format allowing you to complete 100% of your education from your computer. For more information, click here.
Lacrosse University - Founded to fulfill the educational needs of working adults who wish to expand their formal educational training within their professional field. Offers Associate degrees in Computer Info. Systems and Computer Science, B.S. degrees in Computer Engineering, Computer Information, and Computer Science, M.S. degree in Computer Science, and M.B.A. degrees in Computer Engineering and Computer Info. Systems. Accredited by The World Association of Universities and Colleges, this program is a Best Tuition Value and offers an interest free payment plan.
DIAL - The New School's Cyberspace Campus - This training site is well-organized and easy to navigate - courses from $275 to $560 each.
O'Reilly Web-based Computer Training Courses - Most of these excellent courses are $240 and you need to buy the textbook(s) they sell also. - Instructor led or self-paced computer courses, all from $350 up to $900 each.'s e-Learning Portal - Thousands of online courses, books, videos, and other learning resources to sharpen your skills or learn new ones. Their C++ online course costs $150 and lasts 6 - 8 hours. - Has a catalog of over 1,000 videos and CBT computer training titles from LearnKey and ViaGrafix. Includes all kinds of programming, internet, and technical certification titles such as MCSE, MCP, A+, Novell, Cisco and Network certifications. Each session or volume is from $40 to $85 and one course will have multiple (4-10) sessions or volumes.

Digital Think - Courses in C/C++ and Java Programming, Database Concepts, IT Management, Internet and Web Programming, Networking, Oracle, Unix. Course fees range from $195 to $325 per course. They offer some Free sampler courses in E-Commerce Fundamentals, Java 2 Fundamentals, and Linux/UNIX Network Administration.
Kaplan College - School of Information Technology - These IT courses cost $155 for their Java course and $210 for the C++ course. Learn how to use today's most popular advanced technologies: Windows 2000, Linux, Java, A+, Access, Apache, C, C++, Visual Basic, VB Scripting, Visual Interdev, CGI, Front Page, Groupwise, Intranets, SQL, Unix, Javascript, MS Exchange Server, MS SQL Server 7.0, Netware 5.0 Notes 5.0, Oracle DB Administration, XML, Project Management.
Global Knowledge - Interactive e-learning and self-paced instruction in Cisco (for a Cisco Certified Network Associate or CCNA), MCSE, A+, Nortel Networks, TCP/IP, I-Net+, and Web. Prices are from $99 to several thousand dollars. - Certification training in information technology. Offers many courses in all areas, including programming and application development in Java and C++, databases, Oracle, Cisco, PowerBuilder, Networking, Data Warehousing, Microsoft Cedrtification, Novell, XML, SAP, and Lotus Notes. Most courses are $150 each, some are higher.
Smart Force - Their range of technical IT courses cover: IBM, Informix, Internetworking, Lotus, Microsoft, Oracle, Cisco, IT Core Conepts, Internet and Intranet Skills, Java, Novell, and SAP. The retail price for their entire Java Curriculum, which includes 15 topic areas, is $1,349.96. Also offers 10 Free computer Information Technology courses for you to try out, including: Cisco Router Configuration Basics, COBOL, Getting Started with Javascript, Informix: Distributed Systems, Java Overview, Javascript, and Notes Calendaring and Scheduling. Here is their Free Courses page. They also offer free demo IT certification exams.
Institute for Advanced Technology Training - Their web-based training course packages cost from $99 for 2 HTML Programming courses, to $352 for 3 LAN/WAN Basics courses, to $450 for 4 Java Programming courses. You may take any individual course for a lower price.
IBM Learning Services - This is the main page of all of IBM's Educational services available to both individuals and organizations. IBM IT Product Training Services offers flexible training alternatives from classroom to conferences to your desktop. IBM Distributed learning technologies offers Self-Teach CD-ROMS; Instructor-led: like self-teach, but with access to an instructor and with interaction with other course participants; and Web lectures: quick and cost-effective e-learning and level-setting web-based lectures.
IBM's iSeries University - This site is intended to be your "one-stop shop" for AS/400 education offerings. This site can be used to view available course offerings, submit orders for courseware and use your credit card to purchase distributed learning courses. Also, here is IBM's zSeries and S/390 Curriculum and their Linux Curriculum
Oracle University - Instructor-Led Training and Technology-Based Training CD training courses. FastTracks for DBAs and Java Developers, and information about Oracle certification are available here as well. Courses cost from $1200 to $2900.
American Institute for Computer Sciences - The American Institute for Computer Sciences was established in 1988 to offer undergraduate and graduate degrees in computer science and information systems through distance learning. Because AICS requires no residency as part of its programs, student services and a sense of campus community are gained primarily through the AICS website. The following degrees are offered: Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Bachelor of Science in Information Systems, and Master of Science in Computer Science. Tuition is very affordable.
Capella University - Capella University offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Technology which has been accredited by the the North Central Association for Colleges and Schools. Also offers Master of Business Administration (MBA) Specialization in Information Technology. Is solely dedicated to helping working adults integrate relevant, advanced study into their busy lives and offers learning that is connected, assessible, customized, and supported.
Internet eLearning Institute - This is a program of The University of Tennessee offering several tracks of certificate programs, professional development courses and training for Information Technology professionals or those wanting to be an IT professional. Courses are led by an instructor via the Internet and can be taken anytime. Students can enroll in a full certification program or opt to take individual courses to improve skills or gain Continuing Education Units. Certificate Tracks include: Internet Professional, Web Database Developer, E-Commerce Analyst, Webmaster Developer, Network Systems Engineer, and Instructional Technology Developer. - One of the first online IT training providers to offer Microsoft Certified Windows 2000 training and the new MCSE Windows 2000 track. Courses cost from $400 to $600 while fast track programs range from $1,100 to $4,200.
Vatterott Global Online - Computer Programming & Network Management, from the convenience of your own home, totally Online Via the Internet. Their mission is to provide superior quality technical training and education anywhere in the world at a fair cost. Lectures and course materials are recorded on multi-media interactive CDs, which students can view at their own convenience.  In addition to a daily interactive audio lectures, you can interact with your instructor also using their toll free fax and phone.
Rogers State University Online - Earn an Associate of Science in Computer Science Degree.  With its affordable, competitive cost, RSU Online is where you can earn fully accredited degrees via the Internet. Sixty credit hours are required for the completion the Associate of Science degree. Online students are able to pursue credit toward a Bachelor of Science in business information technology.
Champlain College - As one of the oldest on-line distance learning programs in the country, they offer a range of on-line degrees, including Programming and Computer Information Systems.
City University - Offers more than 50 programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels. These programs cover fields ranging from business management to computer technology. They have Certificate Programs, Associate Degrees, Baccalaureate Degrees, and Graduate Degrees, including Masters of Science in Computer Systems and M.B.A. in Information Systems.
Southern New Hampshire Univeristy Distance Education - This university has many computer and technical undergraduate and graduate courses, plus a Master of Science in Computer Information Systems program 
University of California, Berkeley Extension Online - Online courses: Computer Information Systems, Engineering, Internet, Operating Systems, Programming Languages, and Telecommunications. Certificate programs in:  Computer Information Systems: Analysis and Design, Business Administration, Electronic Commerce, Project Management, and Telecommunications and Network Engineering.
University of California, Irvine Extension - Online courses: Fundamentals of Computer Science, Fundamentals of C++, Fundamentals and Intermediate of Visual Basic. Certificate Programs in: Advanced Software Technologies, Communications & Networking Engineering, Facilities Design & Management, Software Development Engineering, and Systems Engineering.
University of California, Davis Extension - Online courses: C Language Projects, Java Programming, Mumps Beginning and Intermediate Programming, Programming 1 & 2, Visual Basic, Web Page Authoring, and Web Page Scripting. Certificate Programs: Computer Office Systems Management, Database Design, Development, and Management, Information Systems Analysis, Network Administration and Management, Computer Programming, Web Site Development, Unix System Management, and Routing and Switching Technology.
University of California, UCLA Extension - Offers the largest selection of continuing education courses in the United States. Departments with online courses: Computers and Information Systems, Computer Graphics and Graphic Design, Business and Management, and Engineering. Each department has many online courses and certificates. - Online courses offered by UCLA Extension, University of San Diego Division of Continuing Education and Occidental University covering Computer Graphics and Design, Programming, Information Systems, Professional Designation in Applications Programming, Web Design, Web Technology, and all major types of Certification Training.
University of Massachusetts Lowell, Continuing Studies and Corporate Education- Their CyberEd program offers a variety of courses which can be applied towards an Online Associates or Bachelor Degree or an online Certificate in Fundamentals of Information Technology, Unix, or Intranet Development. These courses include: Introduction to Information Systems, Java Programming, Javascript, Introduction to Perl, Introduction to Application Development and Intranets, Intranet Applications for the Intranet, LAN/WAN Technologies, TCP/IP and Network Architecture,Dynamic HTML Development, C and C++ Programming, Introduction to Unix, Unix Shell Programming, Introduction to Data Structures, Relational Database Concepts.
East Carolina University, Distance Education - Offers a BSBE in Information Processing/Administrative Services and Graduate Certificate Programs in Computer Network Professional and Website Developer.
Lakeland College, Lakeland Online - Online courses include: Business Information Processing, Introduction to Computers, Introduction to Computer Programming, C++ Programming, Database Management, Visual Basic, and Business Systems Analysis
Nova Southeastern Unversity, School of Computer and Information Sciences -  Ranked by Forbes magazine as one of the nation's top 20 cyber-universities, offers programs leading to the B.S. in computer science and computer information systems; the M.S. in computer science, computer information systems, management information systems, and computing technology in education; the Ph.D. in computer science, information systems, computer information systems, information science; and the Ph.D. or Ed.D. in computing technology in education. 
University of Maryland University College, Office of Distance Education and Lifelong Learning - Earn a distance Bachelor's Degree in computer and information science, computer studies, or information systems management. You can also take any of their computer related or programming distance education courses without planning to earn a degree. Their Graduate Distance Education program offers a Masters of Science in Computer Systems Management.
Capitol College Online Learning Program - The following degrees are available in their entirety online: Bachelor of Science: Software & Internet Applications, Software Engineering, Computer Engineering, and Computer Engineering Technology. Also offers a Master of Science in Information & Telecommunications Systems, Management; and a Master of Science in Electronic Commerce Management.

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Athabasca University Internet Courses - Their Centre for Computing Information Systems and Mathematics (CCISM) has 26 online computer science courses. CCISM?s electronic distance learning system offers relevant and up-to-date computing and information systems education, at the time and place convenient for every student.
Mercy College Merlin - Earn a Bachelors degrees in Computer Science. Courses include Introduction to Computers and Application Software, Introduction to Programming using Application Software, Foundations of Computing II, Software and Hardware for the Office: Evaluation and Use, and Operating Systems.
Columbia Video Network - A distance learning gateway to Columbia University's Graduate School of Engineering. A Degree program is offered from the Computer Science Department. Courses are delivered via videotapes, videoconferencing, computer software, computer conferencing, and the World Wide Web. 
University of Washington Distance Learning Certificate Programs - Undergraduate Certificates in C Programming, C++ Programming, Java Programming, Data Communications, Project Management, Courses are delivered via videotapes, audioconferencing, the World Wide Web, e-mail, and print.
University of Washington Master in Computer Science & Engineering - The Professional Master's Program in Computer Science & Engineering is accessible in several ways, through a mix of distance learning and evening courses employing Internet technology and corporate and personal computing resources.
Carnegie Mellon's School of Computer Science - Distance education in software engineering, delivering at a distance world-class software engineering courses in these areas: graduate and undergraduate-level credit classes; noncredit, continuing-education classes; and Certificate in Software Engineering. 
New Jersey Institute of Technology Continuing Professional Education - Distance learning program offers: B.S. Computer Science; B.A. Information Systems; M.S. Information Systems; Undergraduate Certificates - Electronic Media Design, Object-Oriented Design, Practice of Technical Communications; Graduate Certificates - Programming Environment Tools, Project Management, Telecommunications Networking.
Northeastern University OnLine - Opens up the hottest career fields to you with full certificate-level training in online courses without leaving home. Earn any of these Certificates: Data Communications, Web Master, Technical Writing, Internet Technologies, or Advanced Web Design.
Rensselaer Professional and Distance Education - Offers graduate certificates to students who successfully complete an identified four-course sequence in an educational area. The certificate sequences are comprised of the same graduate courses that are offered as part of Rensselaer's Master's degrees. Certificates in Computer Graphics and Data Visualization, Computer Networks, Computer Science, Database Systems Design, Human Computer Interaction, Management & Technology, and Software Engineering. Also offers an M.B.A. in Management and Technology.
National Technological University Online - Offers multiple distance learning technology options. Courses available on-line for the current term include: Developing Secure Commerce Applications, E-Business 2000, Essential System Administration, Internet Firewalls, Introduction to Linux System Administration, Introduction to the Palm Pilot, Introduction to Web Application Technologies, Programming Java Applications, Learning VBScript and ActiveX, Programming with JavaScript, Web Publishing and Design, and XML. Non-credit courses are also available.
State University of New York at Binghamton EngiNet - A network for delivering graduate instruction to engineers and computer scientists at the workplace and/or at home throughout New York State and out-of-state. The offerings are regular graduate credit bearing courses delivered via video and the internet. Receive your Master of Science degree in computer science, computer engineering, electrical engineering,  or systems science.
Grantham University - An accredited, specialized distance education school founded in 1951 teaching electronics, computers, and computer science via online independent study. Offers 4 new Associate Degree programs. These include: AS Internet Engineering leading to Microsoft Certified Professional Plus Internet, AS Web Designer, AS Management Information Systems, and AS Computer Programming. Also offers B.S. in Computer Science and B.S. in Engineering Technology (Computers).
University of Arizona Extended University Computer Education - Over 300 online computer-based training (CBT) courses available via the Web or CD-ROMs that they'll deliver right to your door. 
Colorado State University Network for Learning - CSUN is the distance education arm of CSU and a unique combination of partnerships between agencies, institutions, and distance learning services. Offers Master of Science degree in Computer Science and an M.S. in Management of Technology and Innovation.
Ball State University Distance Education Programs - Courses leading to the MS in Computer Science are offered via a combination of Internet and televised instruction.  While the Internet courses are available nationwide, the televised courses are limited to sites throughout Indiana.
Stevens Institute of Technology Distance Learning -  If you're a professional with a bachelor's degree, you now can earn online a credit-bearing graduate certificate in one of three outstanding programs delivered by the same superior faculty who teach in conventional settings: Telecomunications Management, Technology Applications in Science Education, and Wireless Communications.
Baker College Online -  Offers a Master's Degree in Computer Information Systems Concentration and an Associate of Applied Science in Web Design. Baker On-Line is not a self-paced program -rather, courses begin and end on specific dates and classwork is assigned deadlines.
Thomas Edison College- Will accept transfer credits for their online program and they also accept life experience portfolio credit. Thomas Edison College is accredited by Middle States Assoc.of Colleges and Schools. Tuition per credit hour: New Jersey resident $72, non-resident $107.
Distance Learning at the Rochester Institute of Technology- Offers a Master of Science in Information Technology and a Master of Science in Software Development and Management. RIT is the third largest independent online degree provider in the US, their distance learning degrees offer the same quality as on campus programs and offer the added flexibility of allowing the student to learn at a time that is convenient for them.
Loyola University On-Line Computer Science Certificate Programs- A focused and in-depth certificate program in computer science for any one interested in acquiring the state of the art knowledge and skills in Java programming, object-oriented software development, networks and telecommunications, web development, and database management. Students can begin the program with a minimal understanding of computers and finish this program with skills to master the rapid development of computer technologies.
University of Dallas Graduate School of Management - Offers Internet-based Masters of Business Administration (MBA) and Masters of Management (MM) degrees in Telecommunications, Information Technology, Electronic Commerce and Sport Management. A certificate may also be earned in Telecommunications, Information Technology, and Electronic Commerce.
Acadia University Division of Continuing and Distance Education - Offers several computer science courses, including Systems Programming, Computer Programming 1 & 2 using Java, Digital Systems, Data Structures and File Processing, and Object Oriented Systems.
Mott Community College Distance Learning Website - Offer more than 70 Distance Learning college credit courses in the 1999/2000 academic year. Associate Degree in Applied Science: Computer Occupations Technology.
Kansas State University - A Master Of Software Engineering is offered through distance education by the Department of Computing and Information Sciences at Kansas State University.
Rio Salado College Distance Learning - Offers many online technical computer courses.
Master of Science in Software Engineering from the Distance Learning Program at Texas Tech University - The MSSE degree is intended to give the graduate a firm foundation in the definition, development, and maintenance of complex software systems using traditional engineering process methods. A baccalaureate degree in engineering, or its equivalent, is required for entrance and students are permitted to transfer courses into the program upon approval.
Cook's Institute of Electronics Engineering - Offers both Bachelor and Master of Science Degrees in Electronics Engineering and Master of Science in Computer Science. Accredited by the National Association of Private, Nontraditional Schools and Colleges.
Regis University's Master of Science in Computer Information Systems - Offers an online Master of Science in C.I.S. that is an accelerated, 12 course, 36 credit hour program at $325 per credit. This appears to be a reasonable price for an accredited graduate C.S. degree since most programs appear to be charging $500 per credit and up.
Internet Masters in Computer Science from Univeristy of Illinois - The Department of Computer Science has embarked on an ambitious program to deliver graduate courses and their professional master's degree, the Masters in Compuer Science (MCS), using Internet digital audio and video technology.
New York University - Offers online Masters or an Advanced Certificate in Information Technology. Certificates also available in Electronic Commerce, Internet Technology, JAVA, and Management for New Managers.
University of Idaho - Through their Video Outreach offers a Masters in Engineering or in Computer Science.
Applied Information Management Masters Degree from the University of Oregon - Designed for mid-career professionals and in response to rapid developments in information technologies, this new degree is based on the belief that information managers must have more than an understanding of new technologies: they must combine knowledge in management, business, and visual communications with an awareness of high technology.
M.B.A. in Technology Management from the Open University, UK - This program of courses was created to help individuals and their organizations face up to the challenges of preparing for the next century through the successful management of technological change. It is designed to develop people who can lead technological and organizational change in a rapidly moving business environment, and who understand how to manage new and changing technologies to achieve excellence.
M.B.A. in eCommerce or Information Management from Brunel University - This program offered by the Brunel Graduate Business School has two specialist options: either eCommerce or Information Management .
Technology Management Online M.B.A. from Drexel University - This program provides a technology management focus to the MBA that is essential to understanding and managing today's high-tech enterprises giving you the most up-to-date thinking on managing information technology and e-commerce to maximum effect in your business.
The Information Technology Institute - This MCSE program is designed to prepare individuals to become certified computer network systems engineers within the Microsoft's required competencies. Also have Web Design and E-Commerce courses. Learning options include: classes, seminars, and distance learning. Costs $995.00 for each MCSE class.
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