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Free Computer Books
for programming, web development, networking, operating systems, admin, etc.
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Lions' Commentary on Unix and the Source Code - John Lions wrote his commentary on an early version of Unix as an Operating Systems text in 1977, but was never permitted to have it published commercially. He died several weeks after the book was published on 12/5/98. This book is cherished by Unix hackers and widely circulated as a photocopied bootleg document since the late 1970's, is finally available in an unrestricted edition. This legendary underground classic, reproduced without modification, is really two works in one: 1) the complete source code to an early version (Edition 6) of Unix, and 2) a brilliant commentary on that code by John Lions. The paperback is also available from for $29.95.
Unix System Administration - This free book teaches installation and maintenance of the Unix computer system. The system administrator will need to maintain the software and hardware for the system. This includes hardware configuration, software installation, reconfiguration of the kernel, networking, and anything else that's required to make the system work and keep it running in a satisfactory manner. Also available from this site is this Introduction to Unix course book.

Solaris 10 System Administration Collection of Guides and Manuals
     Here is Solaris 10 System Administration Guide: Basic Administration and
     Solaris 10 System Administration Guide: Advanced Administration

New!  An Operating Systems Vade Mecum - This ebook, by Rapheal Finkel, is an out of print text which is available as a PDF file (1.16 mb in size). A vade mecum (pronounced "VAHdee MAYkem";) is a laboratory manual that guides the student step by step through complex procedures. This book attempts to unify diverse points of view about computer operating systems and guide the reader through their complexities.
Object-Oriented System Development - by Dennis de Champeaux, Douglas Lea, and Penelope Faure. This book is intended to help the reader better understand the role of analysis and design in the object-oriented software development process. Some exercises ask you to operationalize the concepts in this book, others are quick ``thought questions'' that may lead you into territory that we have not explored. 
Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming Using C++ - In this course book, object-orientation is introduced as a new programming concept and and one which makes developing of projects easier. This is not a course for learning the C++ programming language. If you are interested in learning the language itself, try C++ Annotations.
Object-Oriented Software Composition - This book takes the view that object-oriented technology is essentially about composing flexible software applications from software components. The authors intend to show how certain ideas and principles are closely related to software composition, whether one considers programming language design, formal specification, tools and environments, or application development.
The Impact of Object-Orientation on Application Development - This document highlights four areas of O-O that impact application development: encapsulation, anthropomorphic design, reuse with extensibility, and incremental and iterative development (8.8 mb, 25 pages). This document is archived. Also, the following book extract is available: Surviving Object Oriented Projects (309 kb, 78 pages).
Thinking in Java, 2nd Edition, and Thinking in C++, 2nd Edition - These free books by Bruce Eckel are very popular and are excellent tools to use to learn Java and C++. They are targeted for intermediate and advanced programmers. Here are the download sites for both books. Here are other books by Bruce Eckel.
 35 Free C and C++ Programming Books and Ebooks Here are 28 free C++ programming books and ebooks, and 7 free books that teach you how to program using C.
 New!  Free C and C++ Programming Books from Wikibooks - These books are written by this site's community, and they accept experts in these subjects as authors to write and edit them.
C Programming Wikibook - This book covers the essential features of the C language.
C++ Programming Wikibook - This book covers the essential features of the C++ language and its standard library (STL). It also provides a survey of important concepts, software design, and design patterns, but as a stepping stone for the reader or as an introduction to more advanced C++ concepts.
 A Beginners C++ Book - Here are a free C++ Book that I hope will help you learn this important computer programming language.
31 chapters in 5 parts:
- Part 1 Introduction to Computers
- Part 2 Simple Programs
- Part 3 Functions and Data Aggregates
- Part 4 A Touch of Class
- Part 5 Object Oriented Programming  
 The Standard Template Library Programmer's Guide for C++ - The Standard Template Library, or STL, is a C++ (cplusplus)library of container classes, algorithms, and iterators; it provides many of the basic algorithms and data structures of computer science. The STL is a generic library, meaning that its components are heavily parameterized: almost every component in the STL is a template. You should make sure that you understand how templates work in C++ before you use the STL. The Standard Template Library Programmer's Guide will show you how to use these classes, algorithms and iterators when coding in the C++ programming language. You can download the full manual, and also available are Frequently Asked Questions to help and guide you.
Taligent's Guide to Designing Programs - Online version of the book, Taligent's Guide to Designing Programs: Well-Mannered Object-Oriented Design in C++.
Industrial Strength C++ - Online version of Mats Henricson and Erik Nyquist's book of coding guidelines that evolved from the original Ellemtel C++ Rules and Recommendations.
C++ Programming - This 12 chapter book introduces C++ as an object-oriented programming language. No previous knowledge of C or any other programming language is assumed. Each new topic is presented so that it can be quickly grasped. Each chapter (in .doc format) ends with a list of exercises with answers in the appendix. Sample code is also provided. (zip format, 388kb)
Optimizing C++ - the WWW version - This free book, Optimizing C++, provides working programmers and those who intend to be working programmers with a practical, real-world approach to program optimization. This book draws on the author's 30 years of experience as a programmer in diverse fields of application. This book with CD is available here.
Data Structures and Algorithms with Object-Oriented Patterns in C++ - This free book promotes object-oriented design using Java and to illustrate the use of the emerging object-oriented design patterns.
 Books and Learning Materials for C, C++, Visual C+ - This directory contains several good books and documents covering C and C++. Here are 3 of them: C++ Programming (pdf) and C++ Professional Programmer's Handbook (pdf). This is an archived site, if a book URL does not work, try a different date.
C++: A Dialog - This free book by Steve Heller is for programmers who know a language other than C++, and want to upgrade their skills. It's also for those with little or no previous programming experience. One difference between this book and other introductory C++ programming books is that this one uses the C++ standard library. Also, one thing that makes this book unique is having a person who didn't already C++ read and review it.
Compilers and Compiler Generators - An Introduction with C++ - This book discusses imperative programming languages, translators for programming languages, and compiler generators.
Writing Bug-Free C Code - This book describes an alternate class methodology that provides complete data hiding and fault-tolerant run-time type checking of objects in C programs. With it, you will produce code that contains fewer bugs.
C Elements of Style - C Elements of Style was published by M&T books in 1992. This book covers the C programming language and is somewhat out of date. However, it still contains a lot of good advice. 
Numerical Recipes Books On-Line
  - Numerical Recipes in C - The Art of Scientific Computing:
  - Numerical Recipes in Fortran 90 - The Art of Parallel Scientific Computing
Note that Windows users will need the free FileOpen plugin for Acrobat Reader
 Thinking In C# - This zip download is a preliminary release of this new C# book. It is expressly written to emphasize the use of a command-line compiler, which is available for free from The .NET Framework SDK or from Mono for Linux programmers. (.doc format)
Java Book Series - Sun Microsystems brings you the Java Series, published by Addison-Wesley Longman. This is their authorized series of books on the Java 2 Platform and APIs, directly from those creating the technology. The books are cutting edge, they're accurate, and they're critically acclaimed. Free books include: The Java Tutorial, The Java Tutorial Continued, The JFC Swing Tutorial, The Java Language Specification, The Java Virtual Machine Specification, The Java 3D Specification, and Java Look and Feel Design Guidelines. This is an archived site.
 16 Free Java Books - Here are 16 free books from which you can learn how to program using Java, JavaBeans, Enterprise JavaBeans (EJBs), Java Servlets, AWT, and Java Design Patterns.
 6 Free Java Online Books - Here are 6 free Java and Java technology online books for your reading pleasure. I hope these can help you learn to develop better software applications using this important programming language. 
Bleeding at the Keyboard: A Guide to Modern Programming with Java - A free 16 chapter book on learning how to program in Java. It is broken into 3 parts: 1) Learning About Objects, 2) Learning About Types, and 3) Designing Programs.
Securing Java: Getting Down to Business with Mobile Code - This is the online version of the print book, featuring a searchable index, java links, and the full text of the book.
Designing Enterprise Applications with the J2EE Platform, Second Edition - The second edition of Sun's best-selling book, Designing Enterprise Applications with the J2EE Platform, is now available online.
Designing Web Services with the J2EE 1.4 Platform: 
JAX-RPC, SOAP, and XML Technologies
This is the free online version of the latest book on building Service Oriented Architectures using J2EE 1.4 technologies from the J2EE BluePrints Team. Learn Guidelines, Patterns, and code for end-to-end Java applications.
A Java GUI Programmer's Primer - This book contains an introduction to the systematic development of Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) using the Java environment. The reader should have some familiarity with Object Oriented Development (OOD) and its practical expression in Java.
Mastering Enterprise JavaBeans, 3rd Edition - Get your free copy of this best selling book, now completely revised and updated. Renowned authorities on Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB), Ed Roman and his team deliver an indispensable developer's perspective on what is fast becoming the dominant technology for building server-side applications.
EJB Design Patterns - This book goes beyond high-level design pattern descriptions into critical EJB-specific implementation issues, illustrated with source code implementations. The book contains a catalog of twenty advanced EJB patterns and provides strategies for mapping application requirements to patterns-driven design.
Developer's Guide to Understanding Enterprise JavaBeans - This Free Guide is a comprehensive primer created for developers who want a technical introduction to Enterprise JavaBeans. It is not a tutorial on EJB, but rather a detailed overview of the EJB architecture and API which describes the various components and how they fit together. (pdf format)
Factoring JavaBeans in The Enterprise - This book is about assembling JavaBeans, concentrating on how to find, connect, customize, and deploy JavaBeans in an enterprise environment.
Java Look and Feel Design Guidelines, 2nd Edition - This free book provides essential information for anyone involved in creating cross-platform GUI (graphical user interface) applications and applets in Java. In particular, this book offers design guidelines for software that uses the Swing classes together with the Java look and feel.
Advanced Programming for the Java 2 Platform - To help you navigate the Java APIs and fast-track your project development time, this free book includes the design, development, test, and deployment phases for an enterprise-worthy auction application. This book is for more experienced Java developers. The example application is written with the Java 2 platform APIs and explained in terms of functional hows and whys. Also, here are two more free Java books: Java 1.2 Unleashed and JFC Unleashed
To go along with these free books here are Sun's Java 2 SDK, Standard Ed. Documentation and all Java technology downloads.
Securing Java: Getting Down to Business with Mobile Code - The authors, Gary McGraw, Edward W. Felten, hope that this book is both informative and useful. Making intelligent decisions regarding the use of Java (especially in business and other mission-critical systems) requires some knowledge of the current risks. Their goal is to disclose those risks-and countermeasures to curtail them-as clearly and objectively as possible. Armed with the knowledge that we present in this book, Java users, site managers, and business decision-makers can make better Java use policies. The paperback is available here.
Concurrent Programming: The Java Programming Language - This Free book is an introduction to using the Java programming language in concurrent or multithreaded applications. The context is the process synchronization material and related concurrent programming in operating systems courses as opposed to software engineering. Topics covered are race conditions when threads share data, critical sections, mutual exclusion, semaphores, monitors, message passing, the rendezvous, remote procedure calls, distributed or network programming, and parallel processing. By Stephen J. Hartley, the paperback version is available here.
Java Design Patterns: A Tutorial - This Free book is a tutorial that explains the process of reusing object oriented code between projects and programmers. The material covers creational, structural, and behavioral patterns. Each chapter explains the basics of a certain pattern and then builds the code for a program demonstrating the use of that pattern. You can download the entire book as a zipped PDF file or view the PDF version. The hardcover book and CD-ROM are available here.
Thinking in Patterns with Java - Bruce Eckel has turned the 'Design Patterns' chapter of his Thinking in Java book into a new Free online book which is available at this site.
330 Java Tips - This free e-book of Java tips was collected from real daily Java experience. This book covers most areas of Java programming and was written for programmers with up to three years of experience. Beginners will find answers that are not in usual Java FAQs.
Sun Certified Java Programmer Pre-Exam Essentials - This tutorial is for those studying to take the "Sun Certified Programmer For Java 2 Platform 1.4" exam. For those taking the 1.2 exam, the objectives no longer required for 1.4 have been retained towards the end of this document. The sections have "1.2 Exam Only" at the start of their titles.
Java Bookshelf - Core Servlets and JavaServer Pages - two free chapters.
Core Servlets and JavaServer Pages (JSP) - The complete text of the first edition of Core Servlets and JavaServer Pages (JSP) is now online in PDF format. This is aimed at programmers who know basic Java programming but have little servlet and JSP experience. Also, here are intermediate-level training course materials from the 2nd edition of Core Servlets & JSP.
JDK Tutorials book - This free JDK tutorial book is a collection of notes and sample codes written by the author while he was learning JDK himself. It can be used as a tutorial guide for beginners or a reference book for experienced developers.
Processing XML with Java - This 1000 page free book is a complete tutorial on how to write Java programs that read and write XML documents. It shows you how to handle XML in its full generality and how to design your programs so that they handle real XML in all its messiness: valid and invalid, mixed and unmixed, typed and untyped, and both all and none of these at the same time. It also covers XML-RPC, SOAP, and RSS in some detail. (mirror here)
Up to Speed with Swing CyberDigest - Two chapters of this book are available free: Chapter 3 and Chapter 10.
Data Structures and Algorithms with Object-Oriented Design Patterns in Java - The goal of this free book, by Bruno R. Preiss, is to promote object-oriented design using Java and to illustrate the use of the emerging object-oriented design patterns. Here is the same free book for C++ and the one for C#. The hardcover version is available here.
Java an Object First Approach - This free book is concerned with the production of software artifacts using Java, a process known as software development. Software artifacts include programs which enable a user to perform some specified task and components which are intended to be used in their construction. The paperback version is available here.
Principles of Object-Oriented Programming in Java 1.1 - The Practical Guide to Effective, Efficient Program Design by James W. Cooper.
 J2ME & Gaming Development Book - This book is about programming with J2ME on wireless devices with focus on developing games. It is assumed you have some knowledge and programming experience with J2ME and J2SE. The book goes over topics that use RMS such as high score and game settings, as well as details of the new game classes that are now included in the MIDP 2.0. The book also serves as quick reference for Java programmers who are interested in game mobile game development. Here is the download for the book and its related source code.
Object-Oriented System Development - This free book limits itself to the ``middle'' phases of O-O system development. Situation-dependent implementation matters are discussed, such as programming in particular languages and porting to different systems. The hardcover version is available here.
A Javascript Authoring Guide - This guide covers all the areas of Javascript including a great reference section.
MySQL Reference Manual - The MySQL Reference Manual covers all the areas of that you need to know to install and administer the MySQL database.
4 Free SQL Books:
5 Free PHP Books and 21 Free Perl Books - Here are 5 free books covering PHP scripting in web pages, and 21 free books for learning how to program and script using Perl.
HTML By Example - A 30-chapter book - each chapter starts by explaining a particular concept, giving examples in "snippets" of HTML markup as you go along. Once you've understood each concept, you are then ready to work with a full-blown example.
 Web Based Programming Books - On this site you will find over 40 online technical books about web programming (Java) and scripting (Perl-CGI, PHP, Javascript, VBScript) languages, HTML, Oracle, and MySQL. These books are somewhat dated, but still provide useful information with over 1100 pages of learning material.
 Index of /trinh/doc_pdf - This site contains ebooks, in pdf format, convering PHP, MySQL, and C++ Builder. It is archived
Beginning Perl Book and 101 Perl Articles - These 2 pages are archived here and here. A few of the book chapters are not available.
 Free Oracle 10g Database Book and Documentation Library for Rel. 2 - Here is a site hosting the complete Oracle 10g Release 2 Database Book and Documentation Library (10.2). There are a total of 96 Free Oracle 10g books available here. If you need 10.1, here is the Oracle 10g Rel. 1 Documentation Library, with a mirror here and here.
New!  Oracle Documentation and Books
  • Oracle Database Documentation Library 10.1.0
  • Oracle Database Documentation Library 9.2.0
  • Oracle Database Documentation Library 9.0.1
  • Oracle Database Documentation Library 8.1.7
  • Oracle Application Server 10g Release 1 (9.0.4) Documentation Library
  • Oracle Application Server 10g Release 2 (10.1.2) Documentation Library
  • Oracle HTML DB 2.0 Documentation
  • Oracle PL/SQL Developer and Programming Books
  • Reference Library
New!  OCP DBA Exam Book, Self Study Course, and Practice Exam
 Free Oracle Book Chapters from - Here are downloads for Free Book Chapters from From here you can access all sample book chapters from one convenient place. Also available are Free Oracle 10g Book Chapters.
Oracle Database 10g Release 2 Documentation - Here are all of Oracle's Free online books and manuals for Oracle10g Database. Here is the Oracle Database 10g Release 1 (10.1) Documentation. Here are the free books and manuals for Oracle9i (Rel 1 & 2) Database.
Oracle9i Rel. 2 Database Online Documentation - This site contains many online guides and references for Oracle9i Release 9.2. Here is the complete list of the books and here is the SQL and PL/SQL syntax and examples.

Here are more Oracle learning materials:
Oracle/SQL Tutorial

Oracle Application Server 10g Documentation - Overview, Glossary, Installation, Administration, and Developer Guides
Oracle Application Server 10g Documentation Library
Oracle Diagnostic and Tuning Tools - This is a free chapter from the book, Oracle Performance Tuning, 2nd Edition. 
Oracle Applications Release 11.5.10+ Documentation - Lots and lots of manuals covering all of the Oracle Applications, including Financials, Business Intelligence, HRMS/Payroll, Internet Business, Manufacturing and Service Applications.
Introduction to Data Communications - The purpose of this book is to fill this void and introduce the concepts of data communication and networking. Many technical networking topics are discussed. Here is another another Data Communications book online with even more networking topics.
World Wide Web - Beyond the Basics - The material in the book caters to a dual audience: novice users of the WWW, who want a fundamental knowledge about existing and evolving Web technology, and professional users, who want in-depth information on specific topics.
Internetwork Design Guide - These free publications will assist all internetworking professionals. The Internetworking Case Studies provides case studies and examples of the network design strategies described in this book. You may also want to review these free guides: Internetworking Technology Handbook, Internetworking Terms and Acronyms, Cisco Integrated Networking Solutions, and Internetwork Troubleshooting Guide.
Learning by Doing: Cisco Certified Network Administrator (CCNA) Lab Manual Version 4 Volume #2 - This site offers two Free CCNA Text books, in pdf format. Volume 2 is 2.2Mb in size and 374 pages in length. Volume #1 is 5.5Mb in size and 341 pages in length. You will need to register for free first. Then click on the links here and then click on the blue 'Add to Cart' button. Then go to 'My Account' and look at 'My Recent Orders' to access the download links. If this does not work, try some of the other archived links for volume #1 and volume #2.
New!  Cisco Books and Networking Resources Web Site - This site is dedicated to providing information and resources related to research in the field of Networking, Data Communication, and Cisco technologies. Freely available books on Cisco topics include CCIE, CCNP, CCNA, Cisco IP Telephony, CCSP, Network Security, PIX Firewall, IP Subnetting, and Wireless Area Networking.
New!  Free Networking and Cisco Books - This page on has many free books and documents covering Networking and Cisco technologies. You can use these to study for your Cisco certification exams. Also, here is the Cisco tag on this site giving you more Cisco ebooks and learning materials.
Ebooks and Study Guides for Cisco CCNA - This is an archived site containing several ebooks and practice exams for the Cisco CCNA certification exam
Ebooks and Study Guides for Cisco CCNA and CCNP - Here are 2 ebooks for CCNA exam preparation and 8 ebooks for helping you get prepared for the CCNP certification exam.
The Latest Sample Chapters from Cisco Press - Includes Operating Systems and Cisco Security Applications, Shooting Trouble with IP, Getting Started with the Cisco PIX Firewall, Using OSPF Across Multiple Areas, WDM Network Design -1, Secure LAN Switching, Variable-Length Subnet Masks, and Site Architecture.
Internet Application Workbook - This is the textbook for the MIT course "Software Enginering for Internet Applications". Authors assume that reader know show to write a computer program and debug it. They do not assume knowledge of any particular programming languages, standards, or protocols. The most concise statement of the course goal is that "The student finishes knowing how to build by him or herself."
Macintosh Networking - This is a guided introduction and learning path to developing network-capable applications for Mac OS X. Here are their Networking Guides.
2 Free Computer Networking books online - Special Edition Using NetWare 4.1, 2nd Edition and Upgrading and Repairing Networks: The Authoritative Guide to Expanding and Maintaining Your Network’s Capabilities
Free Networking Book Chapters from O'Reilly - Chapters here include these:
- 802.11 Wireless Network Deployment
- Cisco Debugging Access Lists
- DNS and BIND Security
- Ethernet: Multi-Segment Configuration Guidelines
- IP Routing: Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (EIGRP)
- The Structure of the IPv6 Protocol
- Email and LDAP
- Network Troubleshooting Path Characteristics
- Build and Install sendmail
  Security Manuals and Handbooks - The following computer and Information Technology Security handbooks and documents are available at
 - A Guide to Developing a Site Specific Security Handbook
 - Information Technology Security Chapter
 - Information Security Handbook
 - Information Resource Guide - Computer, Internet and Network Systems Security
 The Secret Guide to Computers - Free Book - According to the author, this free computer book, The Secret Guide to Computers, is the world’s only complete computer tutorial. as it covers everything important about computers and it explains how to buy, operate, apply, fix, and program computers. Unlike a “Dummies” book or a “standard textbook”, this book throws you into the action fast, makes you competent, then makes you wise. It explains how to buy a computer, then use its operating systems and programs, then reprogram it to change its soul and launch your career. This udpated 28th edition contains 639 pages and is organized into 8 sections. 
Traffic Management for High-Speed Networks - This book is from the Fourth Lecture International Science Lecture Series.
Designing and Building Parallel Programs - This free book approaches parallel programming as an engineering activity, in which programs are developed in a methodical fashion. It is intended as both an introduction to parallel programming and a practitioner's guide for programmers, engineers, and scientists developing programs for parallel and distributed computer systems.
PVM: Parallel Virtual Machine - A Users' Guide and Tutorial for Networked Parallel Computing. To successfully use this book, one should be experienced with common programming techniques and understand some basic parallel processing concepts. In particular, this guide assumes that the user knows how to write, execute, and debug Fortran or C programs and is familiar with Unix.
The Hardware Book - The Internet's largest free collection of connector pinouts and cable descriptions. Information about Connectors (Pinouts for connectors, buses etc.), Cables (how to build serial cables and many other cables), Adapters (how to build adapters), and Circuits (misc. circuits, active filters etc).
Upgrading and Repairing PCs - This is an excellent book, containing more than 1500 pages, on Computer Hardware. The book contains more than 1500 pages. This book will be a good study material for somebody going for Comptia A+ certification.
PC Troubleshooting and Laptop Repair - The primary purpose of this book is to empower owners and potential buyers of hand-me-down PCs so they can determine whether it makes financial sense for them to invest money in technology that may already be obsolete. In addition, they have included a troubleshooting guide for those who want to do their own repairs and upgrades.
The Memory Management Reference - This is a resource for programmers and computer scientists interested in memory management and garbage collection. For an introduction, see the Beginner's Guide.
Lenovo PC and Laptop User Guides and Manuals - Access these user guides and manuals for Lenovo's desktop PCs, notebooks and handhelds, monitors, and accessories.
IBM Service and Maintenance Manuals - First select the category under 'Search by Product', then select the support category you need, then select the 'Publications lookup' or the 'Search learning materials' link.
Find more great Computer and Internet books at

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