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Free Computer Books
for programming, web development, networking, operating systems, admin, etc.
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Free Microsoft Office Training and Tutorials blog Gain access to hundreds of Free Training and Tutorials covering Microsoft Office, Flash, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, FrontPage, and Web Design and Development. This is one of's sister sites.

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Intelligentedu Online Library of Training Courses - This is another one of our new Free training and tutorial sites, providing over 450 free online IT tutorials. Tutorials range from entry level training on using word processors through to advanced techniques in programming, web development, database design, and network routing. In-depth courses are also available at low cost.

 New!  Free Computer, Development, Technical Ebooks at - This is very good web site for obtaining technical, development, and I.T. ebooks, content, and documentation. Free registration is required, and are able to upload and share. Here are their most popular pages.
 New!  Over 70 freely available I.T. and Programming Ebooks - This site hosts 98 freely available I.T. and programming ebooks covering programming (C, C++, C#, Java, Perl, Python,  Assembly, Game) and operating systems (Windows, Linux, Unix).
 New!  Free Books from - This site provides 933 working links to free computer books online and ebook downloads for these topics: Programming, Visual basic, C programming, Visual C++, XML, VRML, Socket programming, Shell programming, HTML, C++, C#, AWK, Assembly, Computer Hardware, Microprocessor, Device Drivers, Embedded Systems, Network, Unix, Java programming, JavaScript, E-Commerce, Linux, Exchange Server, Web Technologies, .Net Framework, ActiveX, ADO, Microsoft Certifications, Tcl, SQL, Shockwave, Servlets, PHP, Perl, JSP, Front Page, FreeBSD, DHTML, Cold Fusion, CGI, Software Engineering, and Web Design.
 New!  Freely Available Technical Computer Books - Here is a web site hosting freely available technical computer books in the following areas: MySQL, Samba, Regular Expressions, PHP, Javascript, Java, Enterprise Java Beans, Perl, Networking, Unix, Web Programming, Web Design and Development, Oracle, PL/SQL, Linux, XML, Firewalls, Security.
 New!  Free On-line Linux Books and Tutorials - Linuxtopia hosts an excellent collection of current, up-to-date Linux Books, Tutorials, and Manuals. These cover many topics, including Gtk+/Gnome, MySQL, Linux Security, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, CentOS Enterprise Linux, Red Hat Fedora Core, Ubuntu, Debian GNU/Linux, Command-Line Tools, C Programming, Perl Scripting, Bash Scripting, Linux Kernel Module Programming, Xen Linux Virtualization, Linux Tools & Utilities, GCC, Linux Debugging, and Linux Developer Tools Guides.
 New!  Free Books for Databases, Networking, and Operating Systems - Here are several free books and tutorials covering Databases, Networking, and Operating Systems. This linked list contains 4 free database books, 6 free networking books, and 27 free operating systems books and tutorials. I hope you enjoy these.
 New!  Archived site with Freely Available Books - Here is the only page on page for, which hosted 400 ebooks. This website is no longer online. It appears that about 20-30% of the books are available on this archived page. They cover many areas, including: programming and web application development using Java, C++, C# (CSharp), PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby, XML, UML, and Oracle. Also covered are MySQL,  PostgreSQL, Networking, VPN, Tomcat, Firewalls, Shell Scripting, Linux, Unix, Solaris, and Windows.
 Ebooks at - These ebooks cover many areas, including Linux, Networking, PHP, MySQL, Web Design, AJAX, Oracle, Perl, Java, Wireless, Flash, Dreamweaver, and Photoshop.
 The Arab American University Portal Downloads - Computer Ebooks - Here are 144 freely available computer ebooks covering the following topics: Programming, ASP.Net (ASPdotNet), C++, C# (CSharp), Visual Basic .Net (VBdotNet), MCSD, Java, Perl, XML, UML, Rational Rose, Flash, Photoshop, Web Development, Web Design, Windows, Linux, Database (SQL Server and Oracle), and .Net Framework (dotNet). These are in pdf and chm formats.
 MCP Library Collection - This is a free online books library, containing older books such as Unix Unleashed, Oracle Unleashed, Perl 5 Unleashed, Red Hat Linux Unleashed, Java Unleashed, Web Programming Unleashed, CGI Programming Unleashed, ActiveX Programming Unleashed, 2nd Ed., Teach Yourself C++ in 21 Days, 2nd Ed., Teach Yourself SQL in Days 21, 2nd Ed., Presenting JavaBeans, JavaScript Manual of Style, Special Edition Using JavaScript, Special Edition Using Perl 5 for Web Programming, Web Scripting Secret Weapons, Java Developer's Reference, The Complete Idiot's Guide to Creating an HTML Web Page, and many more.
 New!  5 Teach Yourself Books - This site offers the following 5 teach yourself books.
  - C in 21 Days
  - Perl 5 in 21 Days
  - Samba in 24 Hours
  - Visual C++ In 12 Easy Lessons
  - Database Programming With VC++ 6.0 in 21 days
 71 Free Computer Programming Books - Here are 71 free computer programming books covering the following subjects and languages: general programming, Ada, Algorithms, Assembly language, C, CGI, CSS, Cobol, Delphi, Fortran, HTML, Javascript, Linux, Open Source, Prolog, Unix, Visual Basic .Net, XHTML, and XML.
 Free Computer, OS, Programming, and IT Books - This site has a whole lot of free free computer books and downloadable ebooks, covering Windows, Unix, Java, .Net (dotNet), ASP, Visual Basic .Net, Visual Basic, Assembly, C, C++, C# (CSharp), Cobol, DataBases, SQL, Delphi, Fortran, Hardware, Graphics, Internet, Microsoft technologies, PHP, Perl, Unix, VBScript, Windows 2003m and XML.
 Free Ebooks in Several Technical Areas - Food For Thought - This site offers over 150 free technical ebooks hosted by the School of Engineering and Information Technology at the University of Sussex. Most of these are in pdf format. The categories covered are: Computer Programming, VHDL, Operating Systems, Cryptography, Security, Networking, Computer Clusters, Bluetooth, Mathematics, Engineering, Unix, and Usenix.

 Free Linux Books, Guides, and Manuals - This is a good collection of free Linux Books, Guides, Manuals, and HOWTO documents. Hopefully something here will help you learn more about what you need with using and managing Linux, or get you over that learning curve faster and into being a more efficient Linux user or administrator. Here are more free development and IT books hosted by These cover topics such as HTML, Python, Java, Perl, XML, Unix, PNG, E-Commerce, and Zope

 Free Electronic Books for C++, Java, Patterns, Python - These are the free 'Thinking In' books, written by Bruce Eckel, which will teach you how to code great programs using C++, Java, Patterns, and Python. The books include the source code and are fully indexed. Each download contains an entire book and source code in a single zipped file.
 28 Free Computer and Programming Books - hosts 28 free computer and programming books covering C++, Java, Python, and Fortran Programming, Linux, CVS, Gnome, KDE, RPM, Squid, Electric Circuits, and Physics.
 8 Free Ebooks: PHP, C#, VB.Net, XML Perl, Web Services - offers the following free ebook titles that they have selected titles and are pleased to offer to you completely free of charge. They cover PHP programming, C# (CSharp) programming, VB.Net (VBdotNet) programming, XML programming, Web Services, writing Perl modules for CPAN, and Lisp.
 Free Books for RHCE, Oracle, Networking, Unix, Perl, Web Development - Here are freely available computer books covering Red Hat Linux RHCE certification, Oracle database, Networking, Unix, Perl programming, and Web development and programming.
 Google search results for John Anselmo's Online Library - Here is a site with many freely available computer and I.T. books, covering programming, operating systems, networking, scripting, web development...and more. This link is to a google search result page where you can access this online library, it should be the first result on the page.
 More Application Development and IT Books - Here is a blog post at the that provides links to some freely available computer book sites.
 Free Books on Linux, Java, Python, Perl, Networking, HTML, Web Dev - Here is a repository of several excellent free books covering HTML, Linux, Unix, Perl Programming, Python Programming, Regular Expressions, Zope, Java Programming, Networking, Web Development, and PHP Scripting. (Site is slow, but working.)
 Google Search Shows Freely Available Computer Books - Here is an example on how to discover freely available computer, IT, scripting, and programming books using The free book sites in this blog post were found using a simple google search by entering "inurl:ch01/ch01.htm" in the search text box, without the double quotes. 

 53 Free eBooks on Linux, C Sharp, .Net, C++, Java, XML, Oracle, and Windows Server 2003 - Here is an excellent free book site containing 53 current technical ebooks covering the following topics: Linux, C Sharp, .Net, C++, Java, JSP, XML, Oracle, TCP-IP, Unix, and Windows Server 2003. These are in chm and pdf document formats. This site is archived.

 27 Free Technical Computer Books - Here are 27 free technical computer books covering the following: CSS, PHP, Java, Visual C++, C Sharp, Game Programming, Open GL Windows XP, Suse Linux, Design, Content, and UML. To access the download link for these computer books, click on the Free button at the bottom of the page, wait about 30 seconds, then the link to download will appear at bottom of page, which you should click on. (You will need to wait 1 hour between large downloads.). To uncompress .rar files you can use 7-Zip, available here: This site is only available from Russia, so you need a Russian proxy address. However, many of its ebooks are available on This repository of computer and Information Technology books contains many excellent titles and subjects covering the following topics: C#, C++, Java, Perl, PHP, Python, Algorithms, Extreme Programming, Sendmail, Exim, Postfix IDS, Snort, Apache, BIND, SSH, Samba, GCC, Oracle, Novell Netware, SQL, MySQL, Linux, Linux Security, Red Hat Linux, Debian Linux, Unix, FreeBSD, Solaris, LDAP, SNMP, Networking, and Network Security
 16 Free Programming and Web Development Ebooks - Here are 16 free ebooks covering C++, C# (C Sharp), ASP.Net, Flash MX, Game Programming, JSP, PHP, MySQL, Apache, TCP/IP, Perl, and UML. Most of these are in chm help format, some are pdf. - This site repository contains many books covering various technical topics, including C++ and C# programming, Linux, Perl, Web Programming, CISSP, and Oracle SQL. - This ebook site repository has several excellent computer books covering Software Development, C, C++, Java, Linux, Unix, Microsoft .Net Programming, Windows, MCSD, SQL Server, UML and more. These download files are in .rar archived format, you can uncompress them with 7-Zip. This site is archived.
  Books hosted by - Digilife offers 11 free Books covering C#, C++, Java, MySQL, UML, Perl, and CVS. - This site contains over 20 very useful books and ebooks that will help you to learn and understand Linux. There are some here for those just starting to learn Linux, some for intermediate, and some for the advanced system administrators. This site is archived.
  The Java Series - Free Online Books: - This is Sun's authorized series of books on the Java 2 Platform and APIs, directly from those creating the technology. To access the free books, click on the monitor icons. This is an archived site.
  8 Free Programming Books - Here are 8 free programming and development books covering the following: C++, Java, Linux programming, C# (C Sharp), and Network Security.
Index of /~amkhan/Linuxbooks - If you are learning Linux, or want to freshen up your Linux skills, this site is what you need. It contains books dealing with many areas of Linux, including administration, security, networking, shell programming, Red Hat, and much more.
Index of /docs-n-ebooks - Here is another repository of freely available computer, I.T., and programming books. The development books are mainly about how to program in C++.  This site is archived.
Free Books from Other Publishers - Free computer books on Linux Programming, Python, Bash, CVS, GCC, Vi, and Zope - This site has links to many free computer books, including computer science, engineering, programming, and software development books, lecture notes, documentation and references.
AnatolixWiki: Books - Here are several good books to download in .zip format, covering Java, C, C++, UML, Project Management, Data Warehousing, Oracle, JavaScript, and Web Development. - Here is an excellent site that gives you links to many free online books and other learning resources that cover a wide range of programming environments, open source technologies, security, web development, and Linux.
Tutorials and Manuals from - This site hosts some relatively older books, but some of these technologies have not gone out of date yet. It was down for a while but is now back online. - Many ebooks about programming are free to download at this site, covering C#, C++,C, Linux, VB, .Net, ASP, and Java.
Free eBooks from Bruce Perens' Open Source Series - Look for the 'Download' links for the free books and chapters. Complete books are free to download a few months after publication, so come back later if only a chapter is available now. The following books are available here in pdf format:
Self-Service Linux

Samba-3 by Example

Cross-Platform GUI Programming with wxWidgets

Linux Quick Fix Notebook

Apache Jakarta Commons

Java Application Development on Linux

PHP 5 Power Programming

Open Source Security Tools: A Practical Guide to Security Applications

Understanding the Linux Virtual Memory Manager

Samba-3 by Example: Practical Exercises to Successful Deployment

C++ GUI Programming with Qt 3 

Rapid Application Development with Mozilla

Implementing CIFS

Managing Linux Systems with Webmin

Intrusion Detection with SNORT

The Linux Development Platform, page 2, page 3Download free ebooks, guides, and pdf documents, some are not online, however, here are some of them that are available:
Linux Commands
Linux Security Quick Reference Guide

Bill's Simplified Website Design Guide

330 Java Tips
Web Programming Desktop Reference

Firewalls and Internet Security
Digital Content and Web Technologies

Zen of Graphics Programming - 2nd Ed.

Client-Side JavaScript Guide

XML Strengths & Weaknesses with DOM, ASP & XSL

Perl Coders: Site Automation CGI Specialists
Presentation: How Hackers Attack Networks
Registry Guide for Windows
Scripting Guide for Windows Administrators

Windows Server 2003 Commands
Index of -   
Securing Optimizing Linux.pdf
UNIX Programmer Handbook v7vol1.pdf 
UNIX Programmer Handbook v7vol2a.pdf 
UNIX Programmer Handbook v7vol2b.pdf 
Inside C Sharp eBook 
Microsoft ADO.NET eBook
Microsoft Visual C Sharp .NET eBook 
Programming Microsoft NET eBook 
Upgrading Visual Basic 6 To.Dot NET 
MCSE Self-paced Training Kit
XML Programming Core Reference
Windows Security for Windows XP and 2000
Getting Started with SQL Server Books Online - This site has online books for SQL Server 2000 covering: SQL Server architecture, Installing, upgrading, and running SQL Server 2000, Performing administrative tasks, Developing applications. Performance, and Troubleshooting.
TechBooksForFree - Categorized listings of completely free books available online. Topical areas include Linux, Java, Microsoft, C, C++, Perl, Python, Science and Engineering, Networking, Security, and Database. - Links to the latest IT and programming books online and downloads. These books cover Java, .Net, C#, VB.Net, Oracle, XML, Perl, HTML, PHP, JavaScript, TCP/IP, Linux, Unix, Apache, anb MySQL. Also has links to certification study guides and practice exams.
Creating Applications with Mozilla - A free 12 chapter book on the open source Mozilla browser, which is also a framework for building cross-platform applications using standards such as CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), XML languaes such as XUL (XML-based User-interface Language), XBL (eXtensible Binding Language), and RDF (Resource Description Framework), and other technologies. Online Computer Books - Over 500 online books by category: programming languages, database, Internet, applications, operating systems, and networking.
sct Online Books - This site contains books for Linux, Unix and Networking. 
Subash Nayak's eBook links - Topical areas on this site are: Programming Languages, Unix and Linux, Web and Internet, Graphics and Animation, Computer Science, Database, and Interview Questions.
Standard Documentation and Reference Manuals:  - Python Documentation  - Perl Documentation  - MySQL Reference Manual  - Standard Visual C++ Library Reference (Microsoft)  - C++ Reference Manual
 New!  Over 3,000 Free Book Chapters from O'Reilly - In this blog post I show you a google search for lots of free O'Reilly book chapters, probably most of the free book chapters offered by O'Reilly on their web site. You can modify this search by adding keyword(s) to it, as I have demonstrated.
Archived O'Reilly Beta Chapters - This is an archive of many of the O'Reilly Beta Chapter pages from the past. These are free book chapters from their new books. You can find here five chapters each from Google Map Hacks and BlackBerry Hacks. Other book chapters cover Oracle, ASP.Net, Kerberos, Tivo, Perl, Wireless, Windows XP, ADO.Net, and XForms.
O'Reilly Book Excerpts - This page contains these free selections from various O'Reilly books, along with others: .Net Framework Essentials, C# In A Nutshell, Securing Your Apache Server, EJB Message Driven Beans, Java and XML SOAP, Java Programming with Oracle JDBC and SQLJ, XML Basics for Java Developers, Secure Cooking with Linux, Cooking with MySQL, Cooking with Cisco, Cooking with DNS and BIND, Secure Cooking with C and C++, Name Resolution and Browsing in Samba, Secure Programming Techniques, Cooking with JavaScript and DHTML, Learning WML, Structure of a Palm Application.
Dhruvaraj's Free Computer Books - This is a link site, here are the areas covered:  C/C++, Java, Languages, Unix/Linux, Networking, XML & XSL, Internet & Intranet, Web, Design, Publishing, Web Programming, Databases, Microsoft Windows, Computer Science, and Software Engineering
Online Books - This site contains 97 free online IT and programming books, some are older, but many can still be relevant for learning the specifics. Topics include Java Programming, Web Programming and Development, HTML, JavaScript, Perl, Unix, Database Programming, ActiveX, MS Visual Interdev, Visual Basic.
AllFreeTech E-Books - This site contains 62 programming books, 20 operating system books, and 10 application books, including the following: XML Complete, Red Hat Linux Unleashed, UNIX Unleashed, Internet Edition, and Teach Yourself Photoshop in 14 Days. (free registration required)
 The Free Rainbow Series of Computer Security Books - These are more than 20 books published by U.S. government agencies, such as the National Security Agency and the Defense Department, covering many aspects of computer security and trusted computer systems. You can also find these books on other security sites. - Certification braindumps and the following books are available for download: Learn Visual Basic 6 in 10 Weeks, Oracle Unleashed, Using Java Script, Java Script Manual of Style, Teach Yourself VB Script in 21 Days, Web Programming with Visual Basic. It appears the navigation on this site only works with IE.
Download Free eBooks -  The following ebooks are offered on this site for free download:
Web Tutor - A great tutorial for web page designing and programming. If you are a beginner
in this, then you got to try this one. (1.36 mb) (mirror)
WDG HTML Reference - A HTML reference help book. A concise description of HTML tags. (246 kb)
Hardware Book - A hardware help book. (570 kb)
Cyber Circuits - Consists a collection of electronic circuits with it's circuit diagram & description. (609 kb)
O'Reilly New and Upcoming Book List - Many of these new books from O'Reilly have a free chapter available online, here are some: Perl for Oracle DBAs, Dynamic HTML: The Definitive Reference, 2nd Ed., Essential System Administration, 3rd Ed., HTML & XHTML: The Definitive Guide, 5th Ed., Information Architecture for the World Wide Web, 2nd Ed., JavaServer Pages, 2nd Ed.  Also check out O'Reilly Book Excerpts.
Free Book Excerpts from
   - Use-Case Modeling, 2 free chapters
       Also look at this Rational Use Case search at developerWorks
   - Developing Applications with Java and UML, 2 free chapters
   - Servlets chapter from Developing Enterprise Java Applications with J2EE and UML
       Also look at this Rational Java and UML search at developerWorks
   - An Introduction to the Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition,
     from Building J2EE Applications with the Rational Unified Process
 New!  540 Free Chapters from Addison Wesley - Here is a blog post I wrote that demonstrates a google search that returns most of the free chapters offered by Addison Wesley on their web site. You can modify this search by adding keyword(s) to it, as I have shown.
 New!  103 Free Book Chapters from - Here is a google search that returns 103 free book chapters from, mostly covering Microsoft .Net technologies, but also some Java, PHP, and Web Services.

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