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Free Oracle Training and Tutorials

Your Free Oracle Educational and Tutorial Web Resources:




New! - Our new Free Computer Training Search site is now online, containing over 150,000 free educational, training and tutorial web resources, all at your fingertips. Also search for computer programming and software development sites. Check out our predefined search page for faster access. If you're an Member, go to our member search page to access this special page to search over 220,000 free training web resources.

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New!  Best New Free Computer IT Training and Tutorial Resources blog
Oracle Product Documentation Library, free registration required
Oracle Platform Documentation Library, free registration is required.
Oracle Documentation Library, Release 8.1.7. Free registration is required.
Documentation Library for Oracle 8.1.7 Server and SQL*Plus
This page contains the links to the online Oracle documentation available in HTML format on Technet. Documents include the Administrator's Guide, Concepts Guide, Migration, and Utilities guides. The entries listed with *s are unchanged from the 8.1.6 versions - see the documentation addendum for the modifications to those books. Free registration is required.

Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) Program from

OCP Certification Information from Oracle Technology Network ( - Get OCP Certification Information

Oracle Open World Presentation and Paper Search, free registration required
- Oracle DBA Lessons - PL/SQL Lessons
- SQL Plus Lessons - Oracle Tips
- Export - Import - SQL Loader
Excellent, Free streaming Oracle training tutorials, need a login ID which is free to obtain. You will need to have Real Player installed to hear the audio portion.
You can take a free trial Oracle training course by clicking on the link that says 'Register for a Free Trial' on this page.
Oracle University Video Network

You won't believe the amount of free streaming training you will find here!  That's assuming you can find it.  The Video Network link is rather small and difficult to locate but it's there trust me.  You will need to register to get access to the training but it is free.  Once you're in you will find hours and hours of free streaming training.  It is going to work a lot better for you if you have a high bandwidth connection but low bandwidth streams are available.
Nov, 16 2000 - The Video Network has gotten a little difficult to locate but it can still be found.  Go to the link above and register for free then log in.  Then using the same browser come back to this page and click this link,
Oracle University - Oracle Learning Network (OLN) - Learn Oracle Technology Online.  The OLN - Professional Subscription is a 100% online education offering designed to help you, the Oracle IT professional, stay abreast of the latest from Oracle.
Free introductory, online Oracle training courses. Try using username: 81902 and password: vKmWzg
Free Online Courses - Unlimited OCP Training: $250 for 6 months, $550 for one year. CD package is $2000.
Here is information about Oracle User Groups from
Oracle Open World presentation and paper search access screen Use this page to search for presentations and papers delivered at Oracle Open World 2000. Free registration required. Put this link into the Oracle CD.
The Oracle Certified Professional Program home page
The OCP home page, including information about certifications and exams, plus access to self-assessment tests and study guides. Make this site your first stop for OCP information.
Oracle Technology Network Training Site (costs a lot of money)

Oracle Discoverer Handbook, by Michael Armstrong-Smith, Darlene Armstrong-Smith, 3 free chapters 

IBM WebSphere and VisualAge for Java Database Integration with DB2, Oracle, and SQL Server,
by Ueli Wahli, IBM Redbook  (pdf)

Experiences with Migrating Oracle to OS/390, by Kathryn Arrell, IBM Redbook  (pdf)

Special Edition Using Oracle8 / 8i, by William Page, et al - To view this book, please register, for free, with InformIT

Free Books at - First register for free, then click on their 'Free Library' Link and look for Oracle books that are freely available to read. Search for 'Oracle' on their search form.
Oracle Tips - SQL
A Gentle Introduction to SQL
SQL Tutorial and Interpreter
Learn How To Install Oracle
OraPub's White Papers - free registration required
Oracle 101
Oracle on Linux
Oracle on Linux
Download Selected Software: Award Winning DBA Scripts
SQL Script Archive DBAToolz
Hotsos White Papers, free registration required
Oracle Library (copied from other sites) 

Good results with this search
OUG, presentations and tips
Free Articles, Presentations, and Answers
Michael Abbey's Oracle Presentations
Peter Koletzke's Oracle Stuff
TUSC Full Listing of Downloads - Presentations
Jeff Hunter Oracle Resources
JL Computer Consultancy - An expert view on the Oracle database engine.
Oracle White Papers from
Atul Mehta's Oracle World - good link site
Oracle Tips
Oracle WWW Links - Oracle Sites to Visit
Oracle IT Toolbox
Oracle-Home.Com - Oracle Database Books, Resources, Reviews, and Links
Oracle Links
Online Oracle Guide - SQL Plus and SQL Forms
SQL*Forms in Oracle
Oracle Data Definition

Oracle Forms 4.5 FAQ




Oracle FAQ Index | Preamble | General | Papers | News | Events | Books | WWW Links
Oracle Scripts from
Oracle Support and Certification Forums from
Free Oracle Articles from,293876,sid13,00.html?h=true&query=Oracle+Tutorials+Tips
Best Database Web Links: Oracle Tutorials & Tips
SoftCert has created a demo of our Web Based Boot Camp for each of the available exams.  Simply fill out the information below for access to our demo.
RAID Technology Explained in Detail  and description
Oracle SQL Tricks
Rhubarb's Oracle Tips
Ricks Oracle Scripts 

Oracle / Developer 2000 Tutorial- This screen cam based tutorial teaches you how to build applications using Oracle and Oracle Developer 2000. (2.56 mb)  of tutorial. Password for this tutorial is "silicon".

SQL PlusPlus is a PL/SQL code generator and SQL Plus enhancer. It adds more then 120 productivity commands to the command line of SQL Plus. It also generates high quality production-ready PL/SQL code for Designer/2000 like APIs and PL/SQL Web Toolkit.  of this tool (952kb). Here is the manual in pdf format. Password for SQL PlusPlus is "munshi".
Oracle and other Resources
TeamDBA, free registration required
LAOUG Speaker Presentations - The following files have been graciously provided by our speakers for use and reference by the LAOUG membership.
DBA Resources from
Oracle Alley SQL Scripts site - The Oracle Alley is a collection of scripts primarily for DBAs (index rebuilds, datafile listings, extent maps) but also for developers (query tuning, string searches, and source code spooling.
Data Warehousing for Cavemen
SQL for Web Nerds
Smenu toolset - A collection of hundreds Unix Shell Scripts, sorted by category and assembled in a related set of hierarchical menus. You may launch directly or in delayed mode, each script, without connecting to the DB, as Smenu does it for you. It acts as a repository of knowledge, developed by Oracle DBAs for themselves, and made public for the other DBAs. Careful attention as been paid to the user interface as well to the classification of the different duties performed by DBAs.
VOUG - Virginia Oracle Users Group
Teseract Consulting
Oracle DBA Pipeline - Tip of the Month Archives and Article Archives
Bijus Oracle DBA Page - A collection of scripts written and tested by Biju for Database adminstration on Unix.
Oracle Browser Tutorial
Oracle 8 Tutorial
A Simple Guide to Oracle SQLPlus
Oracle Publishing - Oracle Magazine
Oracle Magazine - Oracle Tips 2000, plus previous years
Oracle Publishing - Technical Articles Online
Oracle Magazine - Ask Tom - Oracle Q&As
Evergreen Database Technologies, Inc. Downloadable Library
Using SQL in the Oracle Database Environment
Blue Hills Technology Corporation - Oracle White Papers and Tools
Tutorial on Oracle
Tutorial for Oracle 8
Oracle Data Warehousing - CD Powerpoint Link
Database Tuning Project
Introduction to Oracle PL/SQL Programming
Oracle SQL Tutorial
SQL Reference and Tutorial
PL/SQL Reference & Tutorial  
Other SQL Stuff
Oracle / Access / PowerPoint Tutorial and Help Pages (free registration required)
Oracle/SQL Tutorial 


- Database Applications based on XML (pdf)
- Oracle8i for DBAs, Release 2 and 3 Improvements (doc)
- Oracle9i New Features Summary (pdf)


Free Oracle9i AS Training :
(Need Real Player )
Oracle9 AS New Features Overview
Oracle9 AS Technical Overview
Oracle9 AS - Portal Framework Services
Migrating from OAS to Oracle9
Oracle9 AS Cache Technical Overview
Oracle9 AS - Database Cache Update
Oracle9 AS Wireless Technical Overview

Excellent Oracle 8i documentation available on this site:

- Oracle8i Server, Release 8.1.5
- Oracle8i Server Networking and Security, Release 8.1.5
- Oracle8i Java Products, Release 8.1.5
- Oracle8i interMedia, Spatial, Time Series, and Visual Information Retrieval Options, Release 8.1.5
Oracle Documentation Library rel. 8.15
Oracle Documentation available on this site:

- Oracle8i Generic Documentation Master Index, Release 8.1.6
- Oracle8i Server and Data Warehousing, Release 8.1.6
- Oracle8i Server Application Development, Release 8.1.6
- Oracle8i Server Networking and Security, Release 8.1.6
- Oracle8i Parallel Server, Release 8.1.6
- SQL*Plus, Release 8.1.6
- Oracle8i interMedia, Spatial, Time Series, and Visual Information Retrieval Options, Release 8.1.6
- Oracle8i Java Developer's Documentation, Release 8.1.6
- Oracle WebDB, Release 2.2
- On-Line Generic Documentation Installation and Usage Notes, Release 8.1.6
Oracle8 Product Documentation Library
Oracle Workflow
Oracle Training Guides - These Cram Guides are for studying for the OCP certification exam. They are in Microsoft Word format. 

- Oracle 8i Performance and Tuning  
- Oracle 8i Network Administration  
- Oracle 8i Database Administration and Architecture  
- Oracle 8i Backup and Recovery
Dec 6, 2000, The FreeOCP Project is the first collaborative attempt to build a complete body of study materials for the Oracle OCP exams. FreeOCP is a collaborative project to compile a complete repository of free training content for the Oracle OCP examinations.
Video Installation of Oracle8i - needs Realplayer 7 The Oracle User Forum and Fan Club
Oracle Case Studies and Papers Library
First Steps in Oracle
Undocumented Oracle - What They Didn't Teach You At Oracle
Underground Oracle FAQ
30 day Free Trial of Knowledge Base for Oracle Administration and Knowledge Base for Active PL/SQL
Grab your boards and surf the RevealNet Pipelines for dynamic interaction with Oracle authors and professionals. - Sample Issue
Oracle Update, Xephon's monthly journal for Oracle professionals
Oracle Links to Explore!openform
Oracle Professional Links!openform
Free Articles from Oracle Professional
Oracle Web ring;ring=oracleweb
Another Oracle Web Ring
Oracle Links
Join our online community, the Oracle University Student Union, and you'll have access to Online Forums, Mini-Lessons, the OU Video Network and our monthly newsletter.
Oracle Assist - Online service supporting Oracle customers and professionals through forums, jobs, links and news
Oracle 8 Technical Help Forum at Tek-Tips
Oracle 5/6/7 Technical Help Forum at Tek-Tips
Oracle ERP Solutions Techinical Help Forum at Tek-Tips - Oracle ERP Solutions technical support forums and mutual help system for computer professionals.
Oracle Fan Club - Exchange ideas with other oracle users in the world.
Ask any question! is the oldest & largest free Q&A service on the Internet. Free answers to your questions - Category: Oracle. Put this link into the Oracle CD
Oracle Help from Experts at Put this link into the Oracle CD
The #1 IT Professional Collaboration Network
Real-time technical support forum, includes threaded discussions, chat, daily news, FAQ archive, file downloads, articles, job postings, and website links.

Also check out these Free Oracle Training & Tutorials.

---------------------------------------------------  (Oracle magazines) (Java/oracle complete example) (explained in
These 12 Excellent Oracle are available from
Certification Success Exam Cram: MCSE, MCSD, CNE, CNA, A+, Cisco Oracle, Sun/Java,
by Ed Tittel -- Book and CD-ROM

High Performance Oracle8 Object-Oriented Design:
Your Complete Guide to Creating Fast, Efficient Database Systems
by David A. Anstey -- Book and CD-ROM High Performance Oracle8 SQL Programming and Tuning:
The Oracle Professional's Guide to Tuning Oracle8 SQL Statements
by Pete Cassidy -- Book and CD-ROM High Performance Oracle Database Applications,
by Donald Burleson -- Book and CD-ROM

High Performance Oracle Data Warehousing,
by Donald Burleson -- Book and CD-ROM

Learn Personal Oracle8.0 and Power Objects 2.0,
by Jose Ramalho -- Paperback

Oracle8 Server Unleashed,
by Joe Greene -- Book and CD-ROM

Oracle Database Construction Kit,
by John A. Palinski -- Book and CD-ROM

Oracle Data Warehousing Unleashed,
by Bonnie K. O'Neil (Editor), et al. -- Paperback

Oracle Programming with Visual Basic,
by Nick Snowdon -- Paperback

Special Edition Using Oracle Web Application Server 3,
by Rick Greenwald, et al. -- Book and CD-ROM

Working with Oracle Cartridges,
by Steve Shiflett, Joe Duer -- Paperback

Much more online Oracle training is on our members' site.

For more information on how to become a member
of please see our Sign-up page.

Find great Computer and Internet books at

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