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Thanks for a great learning resource--- the ability to browse various courses for info and good ideas.

Keep up the good work! 



Many thanks for the newsletter some very good sites



Thank you very much for your valuable service. I find your monthly news

letter very useful, because of which I can learn lot of things from various

sites free of cost.

Hats of to you and your team for your service.




i have just registered.

i am s/w professional

the info passed by u is excellent

it has saved me a lot of time finding various sites for various


i am thankfully to u

please continue the good work

Just wanted to let you know that your site is very and useful

...and that I will refer it to many friends...as well as purchse

some of my training materials through your link with amazon to help support ya.


Dear Jeff

Sorry I haven't replied sooner. I just wanted to say thank you once again

for helping me with my request in finding Office Training. I hope you have

had a nice weekend.

As soon as I get an email from yourself I know that the information you

provide will be excellent. I think you are doing a really good job.

So if I do not hear from you soon may I take this opportunity to wish you a

nice Christmas. This will be a first I'm sure!

From J.K.


I was looking for some free online test sites for Java.Through a search

engine landed at your wonderful and resourceful site. Shortly I will

send some additional list of sites which may be included.



Just this first chapter from your email gave me a warm

feeling as I know what it is like to study for

certification in the IT industry before you can earn

any real money to afford it. Its sites like yours that

give some of us a chance to do this.

Our mission is the training of those less fortunate who are seeking to

become computer literate, both technically and from a user's perspective.

Many many thanks and Keep up the good work


dudes, you guys,

this site is amazing!


I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful training website. I'm working toward certification in web programming. I found your site by searching Yahoo for IT training courses. Your site is the best I've found so far. The way you list all the courses instead of making users follow a myriad of links makes it very easy to use your web pages. I also like how your preliminary descriptions of courses seem honest and forward, not making any scam-type, know-it-all-in-one-day promises. Also, I like that you had the foresight to have a page offering downloadable courses as opposed to only online courses as some of us with slower internet connections might die of old age waiting for some of these courses to load.

Thanks again, and keep up the good work! =)


This is the best site I have ever seen on IT training, and I have been on the web for about 10 years.

I'm 50 and looking for financial aid to get myself trained for my next career--in Web development--but I can get a boost up on the programming side from some of the courses offered here. I guess that's the same thing as finding financial aid.

Links to grants and scholarships in IT would be a great addition!


You have a fantastic site. I can learn a little bit about things that I had no idea about. It is great. Keep up the good work.

thank you very much.

i got more information for what i am searching.please continue this help for me.


Thanks It is a wonderful and very rich resource site.


Dear Sir/Madam,

Hello! This letter is to express my appreciation of the excellent work u

guys r doing.Good!!

I found the newsletter v helpful.

I am working in an American based software company,but I am relatively new

to this field having done Engineering in Industrial Engineering &

Management. Presently i am working in VB 6.

I would be indepted if you could lead me to sites where i could get info abt

basic computer concepts.

Thaking you,


hi ,

newbie here -

very nice site - will definitely utilize it

can you possibly help me out , I`m looking for sites with info on personal PC maintenance, repairs and upgrades -



I really got useful information from the links of the web resources you had



I have just started using your newsletter, am excited about it because I

needed a way to learn from home at a reasonable cost. Most schools are so

high in cost it above my current means, but this allows me a beginner to go

as far as I can and keep going and still keep my job in place until i become

skilled enough to move on. thank you cpj

Its just a great site. I am really greatfull to you for this site.



I just want to thank you for creating this web site. I personally would want to tell my friends to use this great training tool.


Dear Mr. Jeff Love,

I am extremely thankful to you for creating this great website and

training materials. It makes people like me who want to learn but do

not have the money to spend on expensive courses. I wish you all the

success and may God bless you.


 Dear Sir,

 I just wanted to let you know what a fantastic service you are providing  via your website. I have saved a great deal of time and effort searching for material on most aspects of computer and information technology. Keep up the good work.


Nice Job... I will be a regular visitor of this site here after.. Best of luck.. ;)


This site is the best. I found it and I am glad that I did. It is so completely helpful. Thank you for creating someplace to be such as this one.


Great Web site. Keep up the good work!


I have really come to fall in love with this newsletter because it has become an eye opener to me in terms of the internet i.e. where to get what on the internet.


Thanks for your help. I am just starting out on making a carreer change

into the IT field. I have enrolled at New Horizons for the W2K, Net+, and

just earned my A+ certification. I suddenly realized that New Horizons as a

resource would not be enough to support my need for information. Your site

at first glance appears to be a gold mine of information and I look forward

to future visits.


John Lane

Sir ,

Thanking you very much I can not veleave that I

Study on the net but to you it is posible . Thanking

your very much



By the way, great job with the site. I recommend it to my students often.

Regards, Dan


I'm a subscriber to your Computer Education & Training Newsletter.

I find this newsletter extremely useful and informative. The sites and URLs

mentioned in it are a rich source of information. I'm indeed very much

benefited by this newletter.

CHEERS to the team !

With warmest regards,


Hi, my name is A. I have been reading some of these free web training

in this field, and I have to say it's the best thing that could have

happened to me. I have been so motivated and keen to get into this industry

(as I am in sales and marketing at the moment) and in particular

programming/software development. I find all the material very interesting

and inspiring...


I passed by your site today and I found it really helpful... and I thank you for that.

Thanks a lot

- O.S.


You've got a GREAT, FABULOUS & FANTASTIC site! So much info, it'll take me an year, I guess, to go thru the entire stuff.

For somebody looking at improving their IT skills, this is a must-visit site. I'm sure I'll keep coming back again and again again again again again again again again again.......

Keep up the good work.



thank you for providing this amazing source of info, it's incredibly helpful!

I just wanted to thank you for this site. It has helped me improve my skills a lot.


Excellent Excellent job guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Your site is extremely wonderful. Its simply GR8


Just wanted to say God bless you to Jeff Love and hope him continued success.

I have benefited greatly with all the wonderful information he has been kind enough to share.

Keep up the good work!


Great site !!

A lot of useful information !


You site is cool thanks for all the help


Thanks...I appreciate the good resources for tutorials! Will do all I can to let others know

about your site, as well. You offer something of vital importance!



I am very astonished to go via the contents of your site,which has all the in-depth preview of sophisticated program,and up-dates on various categories of programming ,networking and Operating Systems. I bet there isn't a site like yours.

Thanks to all you folks out there .....who must have had utilized a lot of their prestigious efforts in making a Web site like this.Any ways i can find my computer home work done by goin through numerous Syllabus contents in your site and i'll refer your site to a lot more guys.


Congratulations!!!, this is the very best place I ever seen related with IT.

Please continue working.



Your "Computer Education & Training Newsletter" is indeed very

informative. I've gained a lot from it. Thanks a billion for the same

and keep up the spirit.

CHEERS to the entire team.

Warmest regards,


I think you guys are wonderful!! I have very little money and I am

struggling to gain as much knowledge as possible in Oracle 8i and PL/SQL so

that I can obtain my DBA certification. As you know, the class prices are

astronomical. I would appreciate any free training info that you come

across in this area. Keep up the good work. Your mission is definitely a

valid one and addresses a much ignored segment of society (those who have

the brains, but not the cash!) Thanks again.

Thanks, Jeff. This helps me more than you know! These sites should keep me

pretty busy for a while. I will refer everyone I know to your newsletter

and services! you're the best!



Well what can I say! You've done a magnificent job, this the best site I have ever seen on the Internet. I cant thank you enough for collecting all this information in one place. I am a student of Visual Basic doing my MCSD, and the extra information that I need on other subjects and mine is fantastic.

Please keep this site going, I look forward to getting through the mass of information at one site.

Thank you very much indeed,

kindest regards and God Bless


hi ,

i visited your site ...this is faboulous...i have liked it very much..

your information resources are vast and useful.....

thank you


Dear Sir,

I just been revealed your website. It was amazing and I am very very glad by getting access on that site. I would like just want give you many many thanks for providing such a good web sites without any cost for student like me. I really appreciate your effort and hope you will keep it on and do something else for building it much better. I also would like to know if you have other opportunities like this site for the learners and I want to know how to download each of your site's tutorials in a pc or disk so taht I can also take your great help when I won't be in internet. I will let my friend's know about this site and appreciate your reply regarding to my questions.



your site is one of the bests


From what I saw of your site it seems great...a great resource.


My name is H.K. and have been an avid user of Intelligentedu.com for

more than 8 months now. It has helped a great deal with finding

information, learning materials and aids that I have never experienced

before. Its almost overwhelming to just look at the detail of the website

and what's available... I do appreciate your help and thank you once again for the website

www.intelligentedu.com. It is gold-mine of INFORMATION.




This is an excellent site and my favorite one too.

Hats off to you for your service to the computing community.

Thank you once again for the great service you are rendering.



Really helpful. Thank you so much

Dear Sir,

Your site is very Great.Thanks ....



i was glad that i could find all the resorces i required.

thanks for such a informative site


An excellent site i have used it (and recommended it) countless times. keep up the good work.


This is definitely the best site i have seen for comprehensive free link coverage on the internet for Information Technology. Keep up the good work guys.


dear Jeff Love,

i commend your website for

undertakingthe task of bringing the IT knowledge to

the grassroot. your website has done more good than

you expect because in most part of the world, like my

part, the knowledge is elusive and in some cases very

expensive.i personally do not know how to thank you

for the priceless information you have sent to me,

though my first newsletter is the april edition, i say

a big thank you and please keep on the good work.

thanks yours



Hi, I,m a 54 year old man who started becoming familiar with computers a

couple of years ago, when I attended a local tech. school. I had to stop

attending school because my old truck broke down, but I learned enough about

computers to begin studying on line. I am partially disabled and without

transpotation and living alone way out in the country makes it pretty rough

to get anything accomplished. I am a house painter by trade and since my

diability concerns a bad leg, climbing ladders is getting harder to do. That

is why I feel compelled to send this e-mail congratulating you on the

foresight and helpfullness of your newsleter. I have surfed every search

engine I could find and the sources you list in your letter are superb. I

never was able to find the things you show. I think it is a great thing you

are doing and if there is ever any way I can help you please don't hesitate

to let me know. Because of the listings in your newsletters I am learning

html and hope to learn perl and javascript so I can begin making webpages,

for a company, in a town close to where I live. You have given me a new

lease on life and I certainly do appreciate it.

take care, R.S.

Your site and newsletter are brilliant, keep it up


Thank you for your site. For me it is one of the best on the internet. Just began an online flash 5 course LVSONLINE.COM and mentioned your site as one of my favorites. Once again, Thank you. P.P.

You have a fantastic site!



Hi there,

Thank you indeed for all your useful educational mail.


just wanted to say ive searched alot for various info im sure you have the most informative site ive ever come across GREAT SITE THANKS FOR PUTTING IT




Dear Sir/Madam

I am receving the Subscription copy for past four months. It has helped me a

lot. It is great. Thanks.


Excellent Site for everyone's knowledge


Intelinfo offers a huge collection of links to free training courses and material. Whether you're going for technical certification or teaching yourself programming, web design, or networking, this site provides plenty of destinations. It offers multiple links to courses, books, tutorials, and other links and resources. This is the place to go if you have a thirst for knowledge but little cash.

Hi webmaster I am writing you to say your site and newsletter are realy great darn good stuff.


Hi jeff

What a wonderful site for all the people of the world I have done electronic servicing course for 2 yrs, and I have got the job as a PC technician which was a different thing but for help from this web site I am the king of P.C. now so you are welcome in Oxford, (England) any time.


Thanks for a great site, Jeff

Just found and bookmarked it - I'll be back again and again

Nice to see sites that are in the true spirit of the net



I have been using the internet since last year and most of the time i found myself searching for free information.

I think the reason i am using the internet is to get properly trained because i cant afford live training here. Your site is the best i have found so far.

Your efforts to provide costless computer literacy is certainly useful. Since you are certainly more experienced in this field you can publish white papers to provide some guidance and help in choosing our IT career. I know you answer an FAQ each month but this is not enough to satisfy the whole world.

One thing more. Also include links to other books that can help you while studying like book that offers tips on preparing research papers in a separate section because these selections are also neccessary for a student.

What a great idea and site. Many thanks.


Greetings to All

Just a few lines to let you know that your site is a GREAT ONE!!

The information provided deserves praise to all involved...Thank you

very much for sharing this with us

Sincerely Yours,


Just a short email to thank you for your site....




David Nelson :)


Just wanted to say Thank You for proving once again that one need not remain

in the dark if you're willing to work a little...what an exhaustive,

well-structured resource you have put at our disposal...I spent $10,000 on a

study-at-home course for web development; had I known of your site at that

time, I would have thought twice about that investment. Anyway, thank you

again and I personally believe that anyone with an ounce of incentive should

quickly make this site their homepage.



Respected Sir,

Firstly, i would like to congratulate u on completing 1 year of your mission.

Secondly, let me tell u that u are fulfilling your mission very well and doing a

great job.

I subscribed for your newsletter in december last year and since then, I

wait for beginning of every month to receive your newsletter. It is really helpful

to find free but invaluable stuff on the net. I mean, loads of tutorials from which

i learn are available to me only becuase of u. Your site - Intelligentedu.com is also

a great site. I'm its regular visitor.

Keep up your job. U are doing a great job. I will try to help u whenever

possible from my side.

Congratulations again for whatever u have done for me and thousands of guys

like me and best of luck to carry on the same in future.

Punit Sethi.


Thanks for your site its very helpful I read ciw courses and now going to

give exam, I love this site.




Excellent newsletter. I recieve over 10 education newsletters and yours is by far the best. Keep it coming please.

Larry Rice

I like your site. The contents and

learning materials are easy to understand especially for beginners like me.

More Power and Thanks!

Eric B

hi jeff,,

i am very thanksful to your for your this kind

act...you have done really a gr8 job ...kep it up and

a million thanks once again...


Thank you. This was just in time. I was looking for some websites, free, to

help me study passing some certification tests. This couldn't have come at a

better time. Instead of watching television with today's awful, depressing

headlines, I can now get on with life.


Hi Mr. Love

I just wanted to let you know I love the site. It took me a while to find it. I'll definetly spread the word about your site.


Hi Just to drop a few lines, you have got a very good

web site especially for poeple that can not afford to

pay a lot of money to get trained in IT & computing

I wish you evrey success.

All the best

Good Luck


the web site is great, it has lots of cool training programs

thank a million

God bless


Thank you for a wonderful and invaluable resource.



Still, I love your site and it's the best of it's type I've ever seen. I

recommend it a lot. Thanks for providing it.

Fred T.

i love your web site.

it has the best information at training and learning that i have ever come across.


keep up the good work

just fabulous

with kind regards


I don't remember to say this often- but keep up the great work.

I eagerly await every issue of your newsletter.

I has been immensely beneficial to me, co-workers, frinds and family members.

Thanks again

J. Britton

Hi there,

Your site is great! I have never found so many oracle links on one page. Most of them are really good!

Thank you and only the best!

Great Oracle fan,

Georgi Mechev

Hello friend,

Thanks for such a great web page.

With best regards and best wishes,

Thakur Harjeet Singh

What a day this has turned out to be, thank you friend for allowing me to learn from your kind hands the skills and understanding ive long desired to achieve. Thank you !

the best site for ooad.thankx a lot u made by job much easier

great going

Hi Guys!

Just wanted to say, Keep up the good work you are doing! This newsletter is Brilliant, Points are presented in short form and with quite alot of detail! I don't like long winded stuff, it makes too much reading. I really appreciate and look forward to the Computer Education & Training Newsletter every month! Thanks Again!


Your news letter and sites are great. Exactly what the world needs.

Thank you.

To Whom It May Concern:

I was so surprised to find in your link the exact course I have been looking for FREE. I was getting ready to pay $1,000 for this course. I can't thank you enough. I will probably still take some courses at a school, but thanks to you, I won't have to take this one. Thank you again!


Hi I have reviewed this site briefly and I am excited. Excellent work. Honestly.

I have finally found my "Site" in Shining Armour!

You are my Heros!

I hope this doesn't come across as too enthusiastic or, let's face it, downright mushy.



I find your site very useful to me in finding Oracle related pages.

Thanks a lot.

Wow! Thank you.

Jeff - Thank you so much for your brilliant site! As a father of 6 running a small part time business, I'm looking to retrain in IT to pay the bills.

Hope I've successfully subscribed to your newsletter but if not, I'd be glad if you'd add me to your list.

Again, thanks for both your site itself and your efforts on behalf of the global community. Cheers Ian Todd

God bless u for serving humanity

and spreading literacy.


I have been preusing your website for a couple of days. I must say it is one of the best computer education super-index there is. I have one suggestion I would like to me. I think many people will appreciate it if you could indicate which course provider hands out a hardcopy of certificates for courses taken. This is an important consideration when hunting for courses - it least for me.

Thanks. Keep up the good work.


I must say that I am very impressed with the valuable information on this site. This is probably one of the most useful sites I have come across.



Your Site is very good. I appreciate the job you have done. Finding the appropriate information about cisco is very hard on the net. I'm very happy to be on your web site.

Thanks !

All Work, No Fuss. A Really great site that has quality in quantity; with decent, straightforward, purposeful iface having no fuss.

Thanx for providing such a resourceful PowerArchive.

Best Regards,

Hi Jeff

Keep going with the newsletter. You're doing great!

Best regards



I LOVE YOUR SITE! It is a tremendous compendium of information!

Sending smiles,



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