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These are descriptions, slides and notes for the monthly OSU SECWOG meetings and for other talks that members of the group have given. Forensic Computer Investigations: Slides:
Honeynet Project Forensic Challenge course materials, SANS FIRE 2001
Training Ninja at Black Hat '00 [Course notes for Unix forensics class]
Computer Forensics resources and web sites
Computer Forensics Computer Crime - Articles
Computer Forensics Inc | Resources - Articles
Information and Resources from New Technologies, Inc.
Forensic Examination Procedures, Hard Disk Examination, Floppy Disk Examination, and Limited Examinations
37 Computer Forensic Articles at Network Security Library
Firewall Forensics
Best Practices for Seizing Electronic Evidence
Articles by WetStone Technologies - Intrusion Detection, Cyber Forensics, Data Integrity
Articles on Forensic Digital Imagery by the Institute for Forensic Imaging
Internet Forensics: Common Tools, by Dr. Bill Hancock, CISSP
Know Your Enemy: A Forensic Analysis - The Study of an Attack
Basic Steps in Forensic Analysis of Unix Systems
Forensic Computer Investigations Slide Presentations,,12084_600461,00.html
Computer Crime Investigator's Toolkit: Part I
Part 2
Part 3:,,12084_600481,00.html
Part 4:,,12084_600491,00.html

Forensic Tools:
Data-Sniffer <>
Desktop Surveillance <>
DriveSpy <>
Encase <>
Forensic Utility Suite <>
Forensic Toolkit <>
FSuite <>
Ghost <>
ILook <>
Image Master <>
Maresware <>
Norton Utilities <>
Partition Magic <>
Password Toolkit <>
PDA Seizure <>
Pictuate <>
Safeback <>
Snapback <>
Thumbs Plus <>
Trellian-FTP <>





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