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Sample chapters from Running Linux, 3rd edition
The Linux Cookbook -Tips and Techniques for Everyday Use by Michael Stutz. This free book presents "recipes" for preparing or accomplishing a particular, specific thing. The author has selected what he considers to be the easiest and most effective methods for accomplishing particular tasks, and have arranged these recipes in general sections according to subject matter.
Linux Unleashed
Red Hat Linux Unleashed
Free Linux Books
Running a Perfect Internet Site with Linux (free book)
Slackware Linux Unleashed (2.3 mb)

Red Hat Linux Unleashed 

Slackware Linux Unleashed
Linux Glossary for Windows Users - This 17-page glossary explains the meaning and significance of over 175 terms, acronyms, and abbreviations common to Linux (some terms are more general to Unix).
Learning Debian GNU/Linux - This free book focuses on the needs of the new Linux user and on desktop Linux applications. You'll also learn a little about networks and servers.
Linux Device Drivers, 2nd Edition - This free book is an interesting source of information both for people who want to experiment with their computer and for technical programmers who face the need to deal with the inner levels of a Linux box.
Using SAMBA - Samba is a suite of Unix applications that speak the SMB (Server Message Block) protocol, allowing Unix servers to communicate with the same networking protocol as Microsoft Windows products. (free book)
Linux User's Guide - This book covers all of the user-end aspects of Linux, from sitting down at the first login session to using complex tools such as gcc, emacs, and so on. It assumes no previous Unix experience, so not only will it serve as an introduction to Linux, but to Unix in general as well. This manual won't cover system administrator tasks (i.e. anything that needs to be done as root) - it's for the J. Random User who has a working Linux system sitting in front of them. By Larry Greenfield.
Linux Installation and Getting Started - This book is for personal computer users who want to install and use Linux. The book assumes that you have basic knowledge about personal computers and operating systems like MS-DOS, but no previous knowledge of Linux or UNIX. Ver. 3.2, by Matt Welsh and others.
Linux System Administrator's Guide - This is the third book in the main Linux Documentation Project (LDP) series, and assumes knowledge of everything in the Installation and Users' Guides. It covers all of the aspects of keeping the system running, handling user accounts, backups, configuration of the system, installing and upgrading software, and more. Whereas some of this information is in the Installation Guide this book is much more complete. Ver. 0.6.2, by Lars Wirzenius and Joanna Oja.
Linux System Administration Made Easy - The Linux Administration Made Easy (LAME) guide attempts to describe day-to-day administration and maintenance issues commonly faced by Linux system administrators. By Steve Frampton.
Linux Administrator's Security Guide - This is an excellent guide to computer security for Linux. Remember: security is not a solution; it is a way of life (or a procedure if you want to tell your manager). Ver. 1.0, by Kurt Seifried.
The Network Administrator's Guide (Linux) - This guide supplements the System Administrators' Guide and cover all of the diverse issues of networking under Linux, from UUCP to serial connections to TCP/IP. It contains an intro to TCP/IP and UUCP, SLIP, and DNS configuration, configuration of mail systems such as sendmail and Smail, setting up NNTP and news, and NFS.
Programming with Linux (137kb) - Excellent material here. One of the "must" downloads.
All Red Hat Linux Manuals - Red Hat Linux is an open source, multitasking operating system, featuring outstanding reliability and flexibility.

Here are all of the Red Hat Linux 7.3 Manuals:

x86 Installation Guide
PDF (3852 KB)   |   RPM (2908 KB)   |   HTML Tarball (2888 KB)

Getting Started Guide
PDF (4188 KB)   |   RPM (5524 KB)   |   HTML Tarball (5496 KB)

Customization Guide
PDF (4580 KB)   |   RPM (2092 KB)   |   HTML Tarball (2064 KB)

Reference Guide
PDF (1424 KB)   |   RPM (336 KB)   |   HTML Tarball (324 KB)

x86 Release Notes
PDF (60 KB)   

Red Hat Linux 7.2:
Red Hat Linux 6.0 Manual Index/Tech/Files/
Debian Linux Tutorial Index/Tech/Files/
The Linux Primer Index/Tech/Files/
Secure Linux - Secure Linux for Newbies Index/Tech/Files/
Linux Programmer's Guide
Complete Idiot's Guide to Linux Book Index/Tech/Files/
Secure Linux for Newbies
Linux From Scratch (free book)
Linux: A Network Solution for Your Office
Linux Device Drivers (537 kb)
SuSE 8.0: Reference Handbook (2mb)
Free Online Linux Books (free registration required)

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