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Watch What I Do: Programming by Demonstration - This free book covers such topics as macro recorders, learning by example, and inferencing, with implementation examples. It includes code examples, screen shots, block diagrams, and grammars, though the text isn't written in a dry academic style - it actually makes for interesting reading.

Palm Programming: The Developer's Guide - If you know C and you want to write applications for Palm devices, then this free book is for you. It shows you how to create a Palm application and a conduit.

The CorbaScript User's Guide
Teach Yourself CORBA In 14 Days - 290 KB (#740) - This book explores the development of distributed applications using the Common Object Request Broker Architecture (CORBA). In two weeks, it introduces you to the fundamental concepts of CORBA, walks you through the development of a simple CORBA application, and then starts you developing a more complex application. You'll learn about CORBA's Interface Definition Language (IDL) and how to use it to describe interfaces between application components. You'll also be introduced to the Object Management Group, the organization responsible for developing the Object Management Architecture, a specification in which CORBA plays one part. Additionally, you'll learn about the CORBA architecture and related components of the Object Management Architecture--such as CORBA services and CORBA facilities--and see how these building blocks are used to develop distributed enterprise applications. You'll gain familiarity with writing CORBA applications in both C++ and Java, the two preeminent languages for CORBA development.

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Essential Pascal - A free online book teeaching the Pascal programming language. This book has been written by Marco Cantù and covers the language form the perspective of
Borland's Delphi development environment.
Pascal Programming for Newbies

Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs
- The material in this book has been the basis of MIT's entry-level computer science subject since 1980, by Abelson, Sussman, and Sussman. Full text is available for free in HTML, the material is aimed at people using the book for self-study.
Programming Pearls,  Second Edition - This book is a collection of essays about a glamorous aspect of software: programming pearls whose origins lie beyond solid engineering, in the realm of insight and creativity. This book provides a guide for both students and experienced programmers about how to design and create programs, and how to think about programming (lots of free material available from this book).
Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence - This free book focuses on artificial intelligence (AI) and human-computer interface (HCI) technology.
Design and Validation of Computer Protocols - The book introduces a sound discipline for the design of complete and consistent concurrent systems. The techniques explored in this book have been applied to the design of distributed systems, operating systems, telephone switching systems, and network protocols. (pdf format)
Information, Randomness & Incompleteness (2nd Ed.), by Chaitin, Gregory J - Papers on Algorithmic Information Theory.
Algorithmic Information Theory - The aim of this free book is to present the strongest possible version of Godel's incompleteness theorem.
Object Technology: The New Approach to Application Development - This book is literally Object Technology for the uninitiated software developer. It breaks down this complex subject into simple, easy-to-comprehend topics.
Smalltalk, Objects, and Design - This book begins with what objects and classes are, and eventually progresses to subtle matters such as the distinction between types and classes. It also covers the most important design patterns and how to write them in Smalltalk. The thrust is not merely programming in Smalltalk with objects, but thinking and designing effectively with objects.
E-Commerce- A Knowledge Base - The purpose of this book is to provide a preliminary analytical foundation of E-Commerce, which then may be used for further, more advanced study.
A Study in E-Commerce Human Centered Technologies Design - This important work provides the reader with a comprehensive understanding of the fundamentals of human-computer interface design methodologies.
dBASE IV 2.0 Programmer's Reference - This pocket reference covers all the commands and functions in the dBASE IV 2.0 programming language. Each entry includes an explanation of the syntax with an example illustrating its usage.
Understanding dBASE  5 for Windows Volume 1 - This book provides all the information you need, organized so that you can learn dBASE for Windows as quickly as possible. The book does not assume prior data base experience but does assume that the reader is interested in understanding dBASE for Windows in depth.
Understanding dBASE  5 for Windows Volume 2 - This book is the second of a two volume set.
77 Sure–Fire Ways to Kill a Software Project - Destructive tactics that cause budget overruns, late deliveries, and massive personnel turnover.

Technical Reports from the Computer Sciences Research Center at Bell Labs & Lucent Technologies:
What is "Object-Oriented Programming"?, by Bjarne Stroustrup. (1991 revised version), Bell Labs, October 1991.
Efficient Algorithms for Constructing Testing Sets, Covering Paths and Minimum Flows, by Alfred V. Aho and David Lee, Bell Labs, July 1991.
Sixteen Ways to Stack a Cat
, by Bjarne Stroustrup, Bell Labs, October 1991
Why Pascal is Not My Favorite Programming Language, by B. W. Kernighan, Bell Labs, July 1981

Many papers are also available.
Compquest Volumes 1 & 2: In Search of Computer Literacy - These books are essential reading for a computer novice. They are presented in an easy incremental manner.
Fonts: A Guide for Designers and Editors - A practical reference for creating good-looking text in a variety of business applications, using popular Windows software tools.
MVS Systems Programming - Provides an overview of the specialist skills and knowledge that IBM mainframe systems programmers require, as well as serving as a practical guide to their fundamental tasks, a valuable reference source for practicing systems programmers.
Teach Yourself COBOL in 21 Days, Second Edition (549 KB) - free book

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