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Concept of Operations Document Standard
Object Model Builder -
Object modeling with OMT
Concept of Inheritance
Concept of Life Cycle Models
Concept of the Work Breakdown Structure
Concept of Proxy Based Estimating
Concept of Chunking
Glossary of software engineering terminology

How to Run Successful Projects III: The Silver Bullet (help file format): to Run Successful Projects The Silver Bullet.chm

CxOne Basic is Construx's lightweight, tailorable, modular, and scalable software engineering framework that improves software practices while providing reusable materials for immediate use on projects. CxOne is based on industry best practices. They have freely available Templates,checklists,patterns, and other tools that assist with effective and efficient software development pain (registration is required)

Construx provides a free software estimation tool called Construx Estimate:
From the Editor Articles in IEEE Software:
Best Practices Articles in IEEE Software:
Excerpts from the Software Project Survival Guide:
Chapter 4: Survival Skills:
Chapter 8: Requirements Development:
Chapter 19: Survival Crib Notes:
Guide to the Software Engineering Body of Knowledge:
The purpose of this Guide is to provide a consensually-validated characterization of the bounds of the software engineering discipline and to provide a topical access to the Body of Knowledge supporting that discipline (219 pages).

Web Project Management: Delivering Successful Commercial Websites:
Project Management Documents:
Help yourself to free templates, techniques and forms.
Web Site Usability Documents:

A web based study and memorization tool, similar to hyper linked index cards, designed to focus study on the PMBOK 2000 nine knowledge areas,  39 processes and their Inputs, Tools and Techniques, and Outputs and the 253 definitions and usage of each. Over 500 slides fully hyper linked. Fequest Password from - include your Name, Company, Title or Position, City, State. Password emailed within 24 hours.

Study Guide for Project Management (zip .rtf format, 52kb):

Project Life Cycle Overview:
This is an overview of the project life cycle.
Common Acronyms and Glossary from the PMI:

Are You Ready For PMP Certification? - Terms Practice Test:

PM Boulevard :
Free Project Management Knowledge Center and  PMP Prep Tutorial. 

Project Management:

Study notes and practice questions for 8 of the 9 knowledge areas. This one is particularly good because it offers advice on what to study in each knowledge area.

40 sample questions (which have been retired from the PMI exam):

Certify! Evaluation Copy:

An evaluation copy of Certify PMP Exam preparation software with 120 free questions.

PM Desktop Tool:

Free 27 page PMBOK and software tips, to help you learn and apply project management best practices.

Web Seminar - How to Become a Certified Project Manager:

At this free web seminar, learn how to start on the path to Project Management certification. Download the presentation slides for this seminar. (free registration required)

Recommended Approach to Software Development:
This document presents guidelines for an organized, disciplined approach to software development (1mb, 232 pages).

Manager's Handbook for Software Development:
This document presents methods and aids for the management of software development projects (632kb, 79 pages).
Software Measurement Guidebook:
This Software Measurement Guidebook presents information on the purpose and importance of measurement and discusses the specific procedures and activities of a measurement program (880kb, 148 pages).
Software Process Improvement Guide:
Provides experience-based guidance for implementing a software process improvement program. It describes the program's concepts and basic organizational components and provides details on how to define, operate, and implement a working software process improvement program (481kb, 83 pages).
SEI Articles & Other Publications:
This is a list of articles and other publications that have been written by members of the SEI or CMU.
Software Engineering Management Practices:
Software Engineering Technical Practices:
SEI Technical Reports (by Title):
The Capability Maturity Model for Software (CMM or SW-CMM):
This is a model for judging the maturity of the software processes of an organization and for identifying the key practices that are required to increase the maturity of these processes.
Software Program Managers Network Guidebooks:
Program Managers Guide to Software Acquisition:
A comprehensive guide to the nine Principal Best Practices, which when effectively implemented, will help bring order, predictability, and higher levels of productivity and quality to government and commercial software acquisition projects. 
Project Analyzer:
A handy questionnaire that program managers should complete that will provide them with a quick look at their software project's health.
Little Book of Configuration Management:
A guide to help managers establish Configuration Management as a means by which to maintain and control integrity, content, change, and/or status of shared information throughout a projects life cycle.
Little Book of Testing, Vol. I, Overview & Best Practices:
This first volume of the testing series offers strategies for effective testing of large-scale software programs, and advice on how to manage testing and evaluation programs.
The Little Book of Testing, Vol. II, Implementation Techniques:
Implementing the basic testing concepts and rules in this second volume of the testing series will significantly improve your testing process, and result in better products.
16 Critical Software Practices:
Here is a nice graphic designed by Fred Hansen (SEI), that shows the 16 CSP being implemented in a typical software development life cycle:
Designing and Managing Successful Projects:
An overview of some simple principles To attain success designing & implementing new projects
Microsoft Project Assistance:
Useful guidance and examples of how to use this software to achieve what you want and need.
A free on-line course on software project management by SoftwareProjects.Org:
Ten Step Project Management Process:
Here you will find much of what you need to be a successful Project Manager, including a step by step approach, starting with the basics and getting as sophisticated as you need for your particular project. The TenStep Project Management Process is a methodology for managing work as a project.
Free Template Library:
This page contains downloadable templates that reflect the basic deliverables described in the TenStep Project Management Process.
Free project management newsletter, PMTalk:
Each monthly issue covers a project management topic such as: strategic planning, scope control, resource allocation, handling performance problems and status reporting.
Archives Page for
The on-line magazine dedicated to practical project management. The Free Project Management Resource for Professional Project Managers.
Method123 Project Templates:
A Project Management Methodology which provides you with all of the documents, processes, tools, templates and methods required in order to succeed as a Project Manager.
Project Management:
Overviews of Project Management ,Useful Skills -- Team Building and Group Leadership,General Resources, Related Library Links,On-Line Discussion Groups
BPR Online Learning Center:
Free Reengineering and Change Management Tutorials

Project Management Glossaries:

Test Providers that offer Free PMP Certification Exam Practice Questions:

Test Providers Practice Questions Registration
Boson Software Inc. 12 No 12 Yes
PM Information Services 10 No




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