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Chapter 7 - The Internet and Chapter 11- Implementing a Systems Administration Matrix - from Distributed UNIX Systems Administration

Remote System Security: A SecureNet and SLIP Solution, chapter 13 from Unix Security
Unix Unleashed
Unix Unleashed (SysAdmin Ed.)
Unix Unleashed (Internet Ed.)
UNIX Unleashed, System Administrator's Edition (4mb)
UNIX Unleashed, Internet Edition
Taming the Unix Interface
Complete Command Reference to Unix
Training Course for Unix System Administrators
Unix Unleashed
Software White Papers from Sun Microsystems - covering:
Rosetta Stone for Unix - A Sysadmin's Unixersal Translator, this is very useful in determining command line differences in Unix operating systems.
Basic Unix Guide - a fairly complete overview of Unix commands from Ohio State.
A handful of useful Unix commands - The following are a collection of commonly used Unix commands, which students have found useful when dealing with a Unix system or server.
Unix Text Processing
Unix for Beginning Users
Free Unix and AIX Books from IBM Redbooks
Unix 101 Series - This series of articles introduce new Unix concepts to novice users.
Intermediate Unix Training - These documents contain the course materials for "Intermediate Unix", by Paul Walker. Intermediate Unix is a very large and varied topic. There are many different classes that could have been taught with this title, and those classes could have lasted between hours and days. I've chosen the topics here because these are tools and commands I use every single day.
Free excerpts from books about Unix
Introduction to X and Unix Tutorial
Introduction to UNIX, Unix Jump Start, Unix Reference Card
Basic Unix - 9 chapter document with which to learn Unix
Guide to Using the Unix operating system
Unix for Beginners
Berkeley Unix Primer
Brief Unix Overview
Unix Quick Reference Guide
Guide to Unix terminology
Quick reference to correspondence between DOS and Unix commands
Essential Information for MS-DOS Users Moving to Unix Environments
Answers to frequently asked questions about Unix
Explanation of Unix file permissions
Explanation of Unix regular expressions
Compilation of tips about file types and endings, especially those found on Unix systems
Another, larger collection of answers to frequently asked questions about Unix





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