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Visual Basic Basics - Many of the things that you can do with Visual Basic really aren’t very basic at all. The Visual Basic language is quite powerful — if you can imagine a programming task, it can probably be accomplished using Visual Basic. The first five chapters of the Visual Basic Programmer’s Guide cover the basics, providing the foundation that you will need for anything you want to do in Visual Basic.

What's New in Visual Basic 6.0 - Find out about Visual Basic 6.0 features:
Visual Basic Programmer's Guide (All Editions) -  The Visual Basic Programmer’s Guide, a comprehensive manual on programming with Visual Basic. To accommodate the wealth of features and capabilities in Visual Basic, the Programmer’s Guide is divided into two parts. The first part covers the basic concepts, providing a foundation for programmers new to Visual Basic. Part 2 covers more advanced programming concepts and techniques. Additional information helpful in using the product is presented in the appendices.
Teach Yourself Database Programming with Visual Basic 5 in 21 Days
Web Programming with Visual Basic
Teach Yourself Visual Basic 5 in 24 Hours
Using Visual Basic 6
Using Visual Basic 6
Visual Basic 6 Database How-To
Special Edition Using Visual Basic for Applications 5
The Component Tools Guide is a suite of guides designed to help you create and use components that interoperate through the open, extensible standard on which ActiveX™ is based: the Component Object Model (COM).
The Visual Basic Data Access Guide. This documentation discusses data access and connects to information on related tools and technologies. This guide is divided into three parts. The first part covers tools and technology options. The second part presents tutorials that walk you through "scenarios" which employ the tools and technologies in real-world situations. The third part presents information on two older Visual Basic data access technologies, DAO and RDO.
The .NET Show: Visual Basic .NET - Where Visual Basic .NET fits into the overall .NET Platform Strategy. How Visual Basic has evolved in order to participate seamlessly with other .NET applications, as well as the process for upgrading a Visual Basic 6.0 application into the Visual Basic .NET environment. The second half of the show takes us step-by-step through the process of actually upgrading an application, as well as show us some of the advanced features of .NET, and how they can be utilized in a Visual Basic application.
Microsoft Visual Basic Code Samples - Download samples for Visual Basic 6.0 and Visual Basic .NET
Visual Basic Tip of the Week Archives
Create COM add-ins in Visual Basic - With Microsoft Visual Basic version 6.0, you can use the same Add-In Designer to build a COM add-in that you would use to build a Visual Basic 6.0 add-in. This designer wraps the IDTExtensibility2 interface so that you do not have to implement it yourself. It also registers your add-in for you.
Visual Basic in the MSDN Library - How Tos, Tools, Articles, Sample Code, and more
Office 97/Visual Basic Programmer's Guide (free online book)
Visual Basic Tutorials
Visual Basic Programming Notes





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