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Proudly Serving My Corporate Masters: What I Learned in Ten Years as a Microsoft Programmer - . The book views Microsoft from a unique angle: that of an insider who feels that Microsoft has done many good things, but is also unsure about some of its methods. The book offers a new viewpoint on Microsoft, challenging existing assumptions about why the company has succeeded, what it does well and what it does badly, and what it needs to do in the future.
MCSE Training Kit: Microsoft Windows 2000 Active Directory Services
MCSE Training Kit: Microsoft Windows 2000 Server
MCSE Training Kit: Microsoft Windows 2000 Network Infrastructure Administration
Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional Resource Kit eBook
Windows 2000 Secrets

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Windows Guides:

Three White Paper Sites at Compaq:
White Papers grouped by category
Compaq Resource Paq for Windows 2000 and Window NT- Information Library  - Many technical white papers grouped by category.
Compaq White Papers for Windows 2000
Undocumented Windows NT - This book documents what goes on under the covers in Windows NT.
Integrating Unix and NT Technology - This book gives you in-depth understanding of the issues involved in networking Unix and Windows NT, sharing resources, and optimizing performance.

Windows NT Security - This book presents hands-on, task-oriented information you need to maximize NT security.
MCSE Internetworking with Microsoft TCP/IP on Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 - This book offers a complete, expert guide to planning, implementing, managing, and troubleshooting even the largest Windows NT-based TCP/IP
Key to Optimizing and Tuning Windows NT 4.0
Microsoft Windows NT Secrets: Option Pack Edition
Microsoft Windows NT Server Administrator's Bible: Option Pack Edition
Windows NT 4 Administrator's Handbook: Option Pack Edition
Oracle8 Database Administration on Windows NT - If you're running Oracle8 on a Windows NT Server, this book offers all the hard-to-find information you need.
The Definitive Guide to Windows 2000 and Exchange 2000 Migration - Free eBook from NetIQ, to be published by chapter
Free copy of Monitoring and Managing Exchange 2000 white paper: (Size: 207KB)

Auditing, this chapter examines the auditing process, chapter 7 from Windows NT security

Applications and Environments - chapter 5 from Visual C++ MFC Programming by Example

Real-Time Events - chapter 10 from Windows Assembly Language and Systems Programming, 2nd edition

How to Write an NT Service - chapter 13 from Windows NT Programming in Practice

Plug and Play- The Big Picture - chapter 9 from Writing Windows VxDs and Device Drivers, 2nd edition

Win32 Perl Programming: The Administrator's Handbook. Chapter 3 - Tools
This chapter covers an assortment of scripts simplify and lessen the workload of an administrator.

Windows NT Win32 Perl Programming: The Standard Extensions - Chapter 7: Data Access
This chapter provides an overview on using the Win32::ODBC extension using Perl.

Windows NT Shell Scripting - Chapter 5: A Scripting Toolkit
An introduction to the native Windows NT scripting language, including shell command syntax.

Applying COM+ - Chapter 9: Compensating Resource Managers
COM+ holds the promise of greater efficiency and more diverse capabilities for developers who are creating applications - either enterprise or commercial software - to run on a Windows 2000 system.

Windows NT/2000 Native API Reference - Introduction
The Windows NT native application programming interface is the set of system services provided by the Windows NT executive to both user mode and kernel mode programs.

Windows Script Host. Chapter 7 - Built-In WSHand VBScript Objects
This chapter details some objects that are supplied as part of either VBScript or Windows Script Host, and that are, therefore, available to system script authors.

Beginning XML - Chapter 2: Well-Formed XML
XML syntax and writing well formed XML

A Preview of Active Server Pages+ - Chapter 1: Introducing ASP+
An introduction to ASP.NET

XSLT Programmer's Reference 2nd Edition
This chapter is about the purpose of XSLT and the task it was designed to perform.

ADO.NET Programmer's Reference - Chapter 16 - COM Interoperability
This chapter explains how to use Interop to incorporate the features from our existing unmanaged components and other classic ADO objects.

Professional ASP XML - Chapter 10: Data Driven XSL
A case study which develops a real word application using ASP and XML

Professional XML - Chapter 15: Data Binding
This chapter explains what data binding is and how it can be used to simplify programming applications that need to interact with XML data

HTML 4.01 Programmer's Reference - Chapter 1: Introduction
Using the <OBJECT> tag to embed functionality into your web pages.

Beginning ASP.NET using VB.NET
This chapter will provide you with a step-by-step introduction to ASP.NET using VB.NET.




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