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IT Job Search and Career Advice
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IT Job Search... General Job Search... IT Contract Jobs... Career Advice Sites... Salary Resources... Jobs for Grads... Job Fairs... Overseas Jobs... Government Jobs... IT Job Descriptions...

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IT Contract & Consulting Job Sites:

 Freelance Work Exchange
- Find a freelance. Telecommute: FREE report, FREE market tips, FREE bulletins - Bid on contracts- Independent Contractors bidding on projects and employers bidding on Contractors.
 ContractJobSite - Find a job and post a job, part of the MegaJobs network. - Find contract work and projects, online jobs, consulting, hiring and employment resources and health benefits and legal advice for independent contractors.
 Do A Project Network - One stop source for IT contractors and consultants, specializes in technical contract-based employment.
 CollabNet - Provides platforms and services based on open source tools and principles, empowering companies to create collaborative software development environments. - This site is set up in an auction setting where you bid on projects that interest you.

 HelloBrain - Marketplace of 13 IT categories for those in need of technical service and experts such as developers, analysts, programmers, etc.
Hot Dispatch - Online marketplace for buying and selling technical expertise and Digital Products
Monster Talent Market - Free agents can search and express interest in the freelance projects posted on - A global online marketplace for services deliverable both online or offline
 eWork Exchange - A Marketplace for Project Work, find projects perfectly suited to your skills.
 Software Contractors' Guild - Over 450 contract job openings for software contractor/consultants.
 Contract Employment Weekly - Jobs for Engineering, IT/IS, and Technical personnel.
 Contract Jobs - One of the biggest and best high tech contract job databases.
 Little6 Contract Jobs - Finding contract jobs without recruiters.
 NetSource, Inc. - Places contract technical professionals in S.F. Bay Area.
 Aquent - Finds talented professionals challenging contract work.
 Consulting Exchange - Match consultants and project owners, consultants pay a fee.
 Consultlink - Largest web directory of high tech contractors -matches to projects.
 Contractors Direct - Brings employers together with contractors and self-employed. - Contract professionals and companies negotiate availability/terms. - Powerful hub for freelancers, consultants and contractors. - Global source for projects and IT professionals, 100% free. - Connects contractors ("gurus") with contract projects, good resources. - Provides handshake between IT pros & businesses that outsource.
 Kelly Services - Offers IT contract opportunities, search job database.
 Monster Talent Market - Project owners bid on talent to work on their projects.
 National Small Business Network - Make your business known to others economically. - IT consultants bid against each other for contracts.
 SkillsVillage - Where IT contractors get matched with clients, who pay the fee.
 Elite Technical Services - Provides temporary IT staffing solutions to successful companies.

Career Advice Sites:

Internet Career Connection - Specializes in connecting you with job search sites, career information, Career Coaches & Mentors, job openings, headhunters, training programs, and business opportunities. - A career counseling, coaching and testing service. Their skilled staff brings its time-tested approach to the electronic marketplace. - Career-related content from The Wall Street Journal and search thousands of positions from leading companies. Also look at their Career Columnists and Job Hunting Advice sections.
CareerOne Career Resources - News, views, features and information for your career.
Career Tips from BrainBuzz - Many IT career articles, tips, and resources.
Employment Guide's Career Web - Valuable career advice articles from some of today's experts
Free Career Analysis from MAPP - Your Free Career Analysis 7 page report gives you the top 10 job areas you should consider, your interest in job content, and your preference to work with people and things.
Quintessential Careers - A free job-hunting and career resources portal that includes expert job advice, career articles, and the best job sites on the web.
 itSkill's Free IT Aptitude Test - This computer aptitude test is new and different from regular aptitude tests as it gets to the heart of the matter. The test is a simulation that lasts one hour.
 Free Computer Apptitude Test from PC Age - Take this self-assessment test to find out if you have the aptitude to become a successful computer or IT professional.
 Serious Online Computer and Educational Tests
- Many free Computer Tests to assess your skill level.'s Free Online Assessments: The tests consist of two parts, a form which you submit with answers about your skill levels and an online test which simulates the final tests you will take for certification. All major IT Certifications are covered.
SmartCertifys' Test Assessment Registration: Register on this page and you will be taken to the complete testing base.
 Career Planning Process - Encourages individuals to take five steps: Self-Assessment, Academic/Career Options, Relevant/Practical Experience, Job Search/School Preparation, and Career Change.
 Careers in Computing - Excellent guide to careers in a wide range of computer fields (hardware & software) from The Computer Museum Network.
 Computerworld Careers - Articles and features from Computerworld's Career pages (including skills and salary surveys).
 CollegeView Career Center for Career Planning - Locate career opportunities, determine what fields are growing, write your resume and cover letter, shine in a job interview, and negotiate salary. Includes career planning and self-assessment tests and an "Ask the Experts" area for help.
 Career Key - A free public service to help people make sound career decisions, measure your personality, and to find the jobs that best fit you. There are 6 personality types and "Investigative" is the personality type that fits a computer programmer.
 The Princeton Review Career Assessment Quiz & Career Profile - Take this 24-question quiz, then they'll analyze your answers to determine your most likely interests and work style. Also search their 2000 career database for a profile.
 High Tech Careers - A good place for computer related career trends and issues.
 Career Resources - Provides free, comprehensive, information to help you advance your career and your education.
 Career Interest Checklist - A quick and easy way for you to find occupations to explore.
 Career Counseling - Professional career information, support and resources from 30 minutes costs $79, 60 minutes costs $119.
 CareerPerfect - Expert advice, online tools, and resources for career planning, job search help also.
 Computerworld Careers - Computerworld's career-related articles about education, salary, training, etc.
 Career Advice from Brassring - Many articles on best practices for career management and the latest employment trends. - Offers comprehensive information, tools and services created to support you in building your dream career.
 Lycos Careers - Career guide section at Lycos has alot of good, helpful information for understanding the direction and choices you need to make in your career.
 Lycos Career Planning - This page lists several good places that help plan your IT career.

Salary & Compensation Resources: - MCP Magazine's Salary Survey page. - Working the Web, Is Your Salary Fair?
- Enter your location and job category for a salary report with high, low and median salaries. - Compensation data on over 150 benchmark positions, national data is free.
 Salary Source - Tool for assessing the current market value for any of 350 benchmark positions, uses multiple survey sources. - Check out the Real Rate Survey for contract positions and the Real Salary Survey for salaried positions.
 Salary Surveys and Reports - Excellent compensation and benefits articles from Computerworld.
 Salary Survey 2002 - See what the average earnings are for professionals in many industries and throughout the U.S.
 Salary Wizard - You can use this salary wizard from to find salary data.
 DataMasters Salary Survey - Arranged geographically according to region, and three figures: low, median and high, are given for each job title (click on Salary Survey button).
 IT Salary Advisor - Help you compare your pay against the results of their National IT Salary Survey.
 Salary Information - Links to some very good salary resources.
 Salary Surveys - Links to several IT salary surveys.
 The Riley Guide: Salary Guides and Guidance - Excellent salary resources, surveys and links.
 JobStar Salary Info Index - Connect to over 300 general and profession-specific salary surveys on the web.
 LookSmart Salary and Benefit Resources - Excellent links and resources for salary and benefit information.
 LookSmart Job Salary News and Guides - Salary news and guides from LookSmart.
 Salary Survey: Money, Yes, But More - Informative article about technical salaries with good links.

The Salary Range Calculator's IT Rate Survey Results -- courtesy of An  interactive query tool to find out what the typical rates and salaries are for your specific skills - anywhere in the U.S. With over 10,000 completed surveys, the Rate & Salary Survey lets you find out if you are making what you are worth, what you could be making with a different set of skills, or what a new position might pay.

Salary Range Calculator

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Jobs for Grads: - Helps students and alumni find internships, temporary jobs, part-time jobs and full-time jobs.
 Adguide's College Recruiter Employment Site - Jobs for college students, grads and recent grads. Entry level jobs, work and career opportunities. Part-time and full-time. - Job listings from an extensive job search engine, career advice, and resume help for UK college grads.
 Access Interactive's Student Supersite - College students and new grads get resume and interview help, and personalized job leads based on interests.
 JobNext Career Network - Provides job search, resume and job posting services for grads.
 The Job Resource - A free service for college job seekers and recent graduates who are looking for jobs and internships. - Career marketplace catering to the needs of both students and recent college graduates. - Provides college students with job opportunities and resume posting - specially designed to assist those students seeking first time employment or an internship.
 College Grad Job Hunter - Your link to life after college. - For college students and grads: job listings, internships, resume database, and career informatiom. - Search over 59,000 jobs using detailed keywords, city, state or country.
- Job search service fromSallie Mae built to help its borrowers and graduates find a job. - Designed to help college students and recent graduates find internships, part-time jobs and "real jobs".
 National Association of Colleges and Employers - The leading source of information for human resources professionals who recruit and hire college graduates.
 Going To Market - Page down to subheading 'They're looking for you' - these organizations actively recruit and hire new college graduates.
 Job Search Resources for Students - Excellent job search resources for students. - One-stop resource dedicated to helping students find and secure internships, to jump-start their careers. - A national database of internships for students and recent graduates, also post your resume. - Gives you complete control over your internship search and application process, includes a career center.
 Headhunter's College Community - Do a search using keywords "Internship or Intern".
 Internships at - Internship postings from - Has a list of links to Computer Programming internships which are currently available.
 The CyberLab - Internships are available to students who are interested in conducting research and development in areas that may include, but are not limited to: multimedia, computer technology, computer programming, and educational design.
 Ernst & Young Careers for Students - Resources for finding a career for students, including their Internship page.
 Blue Sky's Internships - Internships are available for programming, product management and administrative positions. 5 - 6 month minimum, full-time.
 Job Source Network - Many links to Universities, Colleges, Career Services web sites.

Job and Career Fairs:

 Real-Time CyberFair - CyberFair is an online, virtual job fair. CyberFair facilitates job seekers and employers to carry on a real-time, private conversation.
 CFG, Inc. Career Fairs - The map represents all the upcoming career fairs CFG is producing across the United States. To learn about these fairs, click on an area on the map, and you can browse through the fairs scheduled for that region.
 JobOptions Career Fair Show Central - Connect to many actual career fair web sites and leave your resume. - Fastest one-stop internet site for locating upcoming job fairs and employers you'll meet there.
 Brass Ring Career Events - Find career and job fairs by location and month.
 Online Job Fairs - Links to employer sponsored recruiting sites.
 Career Fair - Links to employer sponsored recruiting sites.
 Job Source Network Career Fairs - Several good links to sites with career fairs and information about them.
 LookSmart Job and Career Fairs - Excellent links and resources for career fairs.

Overseas Jobs: - The Web's #1 resource for international employment and work abroad, search the job database and post your resume.
 Jobs Overseas Index Page - A website for anyone wanting to move to another country from the U.S.. - The directory for employment opportunities around the world. Search through international jobs.
 International Career Employment Center - Comprehensive source of international career positions, everyone is welcome to view the Hot Jobs This Week.
 International Job Resources - Links to international job & career sites, associations, and publications.
 Overseas Jobs Express - The web site for serious international job-hunters.
 LookSmart Overseas Jobs - Excellent links and resources for overseas jobs. - Overseas jobs & employment: 500 sites on the Net.
 Overseas Jobs & Careers - This is a good linked list of many sites for international jobs.

Government Jobs:

 FedWorld U.S. Govt Federal Job Search Homepage - Uses files created by the Office of Personnel Management with input from hundreds of human resources people around the government.
 USA Government Jobs - The U.S. Government's official site for jobs and employment information provided by the United States Office of Personnel Management.
 Government Job Resources - Many resources and links from this job site at
 Federal Jobs Net - Career Center - Explore government careers and jobs stateside and overseas. Discover what's available, where the jobs are, and how to get one.
 Federal Jobs Digest - America's #1 private source of Federal Job information.
 Federal Job Search - Simplifies your job search by capturing your on-line search profile and matching it daily against thousands of federal job openings.
 FRS Federal Jobs Central - A toolbox specifically targeted for federal job hunters, both first-time applicants and those already working in federal service. - Online source of jobs available in state and local government. - Job opportunities in city, county, and state governments and quasi-public agencies.
 Careers In Government - Free searching on the largest online job board devoted to public-sector employment.
 Government Jobs - Public Service Employees Network.

IT Job Descriptions and Profiles:

 Professional and Technical Occupations - From the Occupational Outlook Handbook. A linked Index for all jobs is available also. Here are the computer and IT related job pages from this handbook:
 Computer Systems Analysts, Engineers, and Scientists
 Computer Programmers
 Computer Operators
 Engineering, Science, & Computer Systems Managers
 Engineering Technicians
 IT's My Job Series of IT Job Description Articles from Computer Scope:
 Web Developer
 Systems Analyst
 Network Manager
 Database Administrator
 Channel Manager
 IT Trainer

 Information Technology Labor Category Descriptions
- Contains 42 IT job descriptions, each with general experience, functional responsibility, and minimum education.
 Mastering Info Systems
- Get your foot in the door of systems administration and network engineering/analysis.
 Careers on the Web - This free video and employment guide introduces the job openings in careers like software developer, web site design and more.
 Career in Information Systems
- Here you will find information describing the various types of careers and jobs available in the challenging field of Information Systems (IS).
 Brief IT Position Descriptions - Contains a long list of IT related titles and a brief description of each.
 Computer and Data Processing Services - From the Career Guide to Industries.
 Computer Programmers - Detailed job description from
 Computer Systems Analysts - Detailed job description from
 Software Engineer - This page is a profile of a real software engineer.
 Software System Architect - Here is what a real Software System Architect does.
 Information Systems Manager - Job profile of a real Information Systems Manager.
System Administration Overview - What does a system administrator do?

Best Descriptions and Articles about What Web Masters Do:

 Web-related Occupations and Professions - Articles describing Web Author, Web Designer, System Administrator, and Webmaster.
 What is a Webmaster - This is an excellent article containing several professional web masters explaining their job description.
 Web Page Designers/Masters - Describes what a web page designer and webmaster do - from the California Employment Development Department.
 What is a Webmaster? - This is another well-done job description.
 What Does a Webmaster Do?
 What the Heck does a Webmaster do?
 Web Site Programmer Job Description
 Web Site Coordinator Job Description
 Webmaster Job Description
 Web Applications Developer Job Description
 Web Master Job Description from Identix, Inc.
 Webmasters What They Do
 The Webmaster's Job

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