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Two Free Computer Hardware Training Tutorials:

Hardware Tutorial #1


Hardware Tutorial #2

1. About PC data

1a. About data (6 p.)
1b. Character tables (8 p.)

2. The PC system board

2a. Introduction (15 p.)
2b. Boot process, system bus (6 p.)
2c. I/O, ISA and PCI bus etc. (7 p.)
2d. Chip sets (10 p.)
2e. RAM (6 p.)

3. About CPUs

3a. An intro to CPUs (7 p.)
3b. CPU improvements (7 p.)
3c. CPUs: the 5th generation (9 p.)
3d. Cooling and overclocking (22 p.)
3e. CPUs: the 6th generation (39 p.)

4. Drives and other storage

4a. Drives (4 p.)
4b. Hard disks (9 p.)
4c. Optic storage media (11 p.)
4d. ZIP, LS120, HiFD, MO (4 p.)
4e. Tape streamers (2 p.)

5. Expansion cards and interfaces

5a. Adapters (20 p.)
5b. EIDE, Ultra DMA, AGP (11 p.)
5c. SCSI, FireWire, USB (15 p.)

6. About operating and file systems

6a. File systems (18 p.)
6c. BIOS, OS, hardware (10 p.)
6d. The Windows 98 page (18 p.)

7. Graphics and sound

7a. Display basics (17 p.)
7b. The Video Card (16 p.)
7c. About sound cards (6 p.)
7d. Digital music MP3, MOD etc. (11 p.)



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