How to Effectively Search for IT Training, Tutorials, and Books

If you like the IT training, tutorial, and book resources on this site, then you may like to know some searching tips on how I find all this good material. I would like to give you detailed instructions on how to search for computer and IT books and tutorials on the web. These are the search methods and tips that have worked best for me when searching for  material for this web site.

1. Use a meta-search tool that uses several search engines and then preferably combines the  results while sorting them for relevancy. One desktop tool I use is Copernic 2000, with a free version  available. There are several excellent online meta-search engines, here are the ones I recommend:

2. Be as specific as possible using an exact, detailed and explicit name or topic as keyword  for your search. The more specific you can get with your keywords, the better your results  will be. Order the keywords in your search by importance, leaving the less relevant ones at the end. You can see this work when performing a search using the title of a book, guide or  manual. In the case of using the title of a book, give the title first, then perhaps the word  'book', 'tutorial', or 'download' after the title. Here are some pre-defined searches to get you started. Here are some example searches(97kb) for all seven meta-search engines above.

3. When reviewing search results look at more than just the top 10. Sometimes you won't find the best sites, or  what you're seeking, until you dig deeper into the results. Many times these are educational or non-profit sites. Budget your time and develop  patience when looking through your search results. On the other hand, do not spend too much  time on  results that are not beneficial. If you do not see anything within the top 100-150 results,  you should try again using different or modified keywords.

4. When browsing a website with interesting material, be sure to visit all of the relevant  pages or directories of the site. Move up directories and go to the home page to find more  information that you may want to view. Also, be patient, some pages may take a few moments to  download and open in your browser.

5. If you are looking only for specific top level domains, then use that domain name in your  search keywords, such as edu, org, biz,, ru, cn, etc.

If you are having problems searching, I will try to help, just give me the details in an email here:

Jeff Love
Web Master of