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Computer & IT Training for Members

Our Member's Site contains the web's best computer and IT training resources and tutorials. This content is individually linked and presented in a way to expedite and facilitate your IT learning experience. We have done all the web research and presentation work for you so you can concentrate solely on your computer training.

The computer and IT training pages in this section are for members only. These will be updated on an ongoing basis  with the latest training and tutorials covering all the current releases of these applications, tools, technologies and programming languages. Please note that you need to enable Javascript in your browser for some of this training content. Please contact Jeff Love at if you have any questions, etc.

New! Search our New Free Computer Training Database of 220,000 Free IT education and training web resources - 70,000 more than the non-member search (separate member login needed):



Oracle Training and Great Oracle9i Training Books:

C and C++ Programming Training:

Linux Training:
Microsoft Technology Training:
Special Free Online Book Section:

  - C# - The Basics
  - C# - The Nuts and Bolts
  - C# to IL
  - ASP.NET with C#
  - C# - Classes
  - Visual Studio.Net with C#
  - XML WebServices and SOAP

- Java-Servlets-JSP
- WML and WMLScript
- Makings Of An OCX Container
- Linux
- Surf's Up
- PeopleSoft Financials

4,000 Free IT and Computer Training Tutorials - Study and learn about Software, Hardware, Internet, Operating Systems (Windows and Linux), Handhelds/PDAs, Audio/Video, Networking, Gaming, and more. 

15 Free Computer Training Courses - Learn how to develop Web pages, program in C, Visual Basic 6.0, and Pascal. Learn Windows 2000 Server, Unix, Hardware, Networking, Assembly, and Microcontrollers.
Our Best Java Training and Tutorials:
Flash Training
Front Page Training
Photoshop Training
Dreamweaver Training
300+ IT Reference Cards, Guides and Manuals
How to Think Like a Computer Scientist (Java, C++, Python versions)
Analysis of Algorithms and Data Structures
Training & Lectures on Key Computer Science Topics
Object Oriented Design and Development
UML, Use Case and Rational Rose Training
XML Training
Best Cisco Training
Free Cisco Certifications Challenge Tests
Web Development Training (HTML, CSS, DHTML, JavaScript)
IT Certification Training: Study Guides & Practice Tests
More Free IT Certification Practice Exams
Visual Basic Training
Most Popular Training Tutorials from IBM
Best Training and Tutorials from IBM
A+, Hardware, Peripherals & Networking Training Materials and Videos
Internet and Digital Audio, Video, Music Training Videos & Tutorials
Palm, Windows CE, Drivers, & Gaming Training Videos
Three Computer Networking CourseBooks
Networking & Data Communications Learning Material and References
Introduction to Computer Programming, Using Delphi
E-Commerce CBT Training and Guides
Search the Best Technical Help, Support and Expert Sites on the Web
Our ebook "Understanding Computer Security" (.exe, 577kb)
System and Software Architecture
Laboratory in Software Engineering (with Java) from MIT
Follow the Lectures and Slides of Four Harvard University IT Classes
(Web Development, Comm. Protocols & Internet Architecture, O-O Programming in C++ and Oracle Database Administration)
Soft Skills Training
Member's Special Request form - Let us know what you need to learn or 
are looking for and we will conduct special search to find it!

Computer and IT Training Materials & Books - These Computer and IT Training Materials and Books are categorized and individually linked to internet resources and downloads. There are currently over 2,200 training resource links on these pages and we will be adding more training materials here in the future. 

C and C++
C# (C Sharp)
Computer Forensics
Database Design
Game Programming
Computer Hardware
HP-UX Unix
Knowledge Management
MFC and Visual C++
Miscellaneous IT Subjects - (Palm, Pascal, COBOL, CORBA, SAP, How to Program)
Computer Networking
Oracle Applications and Oracle Financials
Perl and CGI
Microsoft Publisher
IT and Software Project Management
Real Time and Embedded Operating Systems
Computer Security
Visual Basic
Web Development
Windows Administration and Programming

Search for Free IT Tutorials:

Blog (Web log): use the pop-down menu below to choose a specific topic from a list of articles published on the Web. Click the source link to be transferred to the original article published by the source.

Newly Researched Free Online Computer Training - This is all of our new and current web research on free online training, education and tutorials about computers, IT, programming, internet and web development. We constantly search the web and find all the latest and best free online training resources available. Then we categorize and post them immediately on these pages. Currently, over 13,100 training resource links are contained on these pages.

Free A+ Certification Exam Preparation, Training, Tutorials and Help
Free and Fee-based AS400 Training Courses and Tutorials
Free ASP (Active Server Pages) Training and Tutorials
Free Assembly Training and Tutorials
Free AutoCAD Training and Tutorials
Free C Programming Training and Tutorials
Free C++ Programming Training and Tutorials
Free C# (C Sharp) Programming Training and Tutorials
Free Cisco Training and Tutorials
Free COBOL Training and Tutorials
Free Cold Fusion Training and Tutorials
Free CORBA Training and Tutorials
Free Data Mining & Data Warehousing Training and Tutorials
Free Database Training and Tutorials - MS SQL Server, Sybase, Informix, Paradox, Access
Free Delphi Training and Tutorials
Free Macromedia Director Training & Tutorials
Free Dreamweaver Training and Tutorials
Free E-Business and E-Commerce Training and Tutorials
Free Elementary Computer Lessons and Tutorials
Free FrameMaker Tutorials
Free Macromedia Flash Training & Tutorials
Free Microsoft FrontPage Training & Tutorials
Free Adobe Photoshop Training & Tutorials
Free Games Programming Training and Tutorials
Free GRE Study Help and Tutorials
Free Computer Hardware Training and Tutorials
Free Java Programming Training and Tutorials
Free Beginning Java Training and Tutorials
Free Javascript Training and Tutorials
Free Linux Training and Tutorials
Free Mainframe Training and Tutorials
Free MCSE & Microsoft Certification Training and Tutorials
Free Microsoft MCSE / Windows 2000 Training and Tutorials
Free Computer & IT Training and Tutorials - Miscellaneous
Free MOUS Training & Tutorials for MS Office Software (Microsoft Office User Specialist)
Free Computer Networking Training and Tutorials
Free Object-Oriented Programming & Development Training and Tutorials
Free MS Office & Desktop Productivity Software Training & Tutorials
Free Operations Research Training and Tutorials
Free Oracle Training and Tutorials
Free Pascal Training and Tutorials
Free Perl Training and Tutorials
Free PHP Training and Tutorials
Free Python Training and Tutorials
Free Rebol Training and Tutorials
Free SAP Training and Tutorials

Free Security and Cryptography Training and Tutorials

Free Software Quality Assurance and Testing Training and Tutorials
Free Software System Design & Info. Systems Mgmt. Training and Tutorials
Free SQL (Structured Query Language) Training and Tutorials
Free Telecommunications Training & Tutorials
Free Computer / Programming Training & Tutorial Software & Downloads
Free UML (Universal Modeling Language) Training & Tutorials
Free University Computer Science Courses to Browse and Study
Free Unix Training & Tutorials
Free Visual Basic Training & Tutorials
Free Visual Basic for Applications - VBA Training & Tutorials
Free VRML - Virtual Reality Modeling Language Training & Tutorials
Free Web Development & Programming Training & Tutorials
Free Wireless & WAP Development Programming Training & Tutorials
Free XML (Extensible Markup Language) Training & Tutorials

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