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15 Computer Training Courses


C Programming - a course on C language programming showing you how to write programs in the C language. Train yourself using this course and program your own computer.


Visual Basic 6.0 - this course teaches you how to program in Visual Basic 6.0 using Events, Text boxes, Lists, Combos, Forms, Graphics, Timers, file system controls, modules/functions, and more.


Data Structures and Number Systems - a course on data structures and number systems - introduces you to numbers, arrays, queues, stacks and other data structures.


Pascal Programming - a self- paced course on Pascal Programming includes all the information you need to learn how to program in Pascal quickly and effectively.


WWW/HTML/Multimedia - in this course you will learn how to code HTML, forms, tables, hypertext theory, JavaScript, VB Script, and more.


Internet Management - This course covers the types and methods of management, routers, web servers, collection and analysis of data, generation of reports and budgets, advances in new technology, installation and configuration of Internet servers, security and other issues.


Operating Systems - this course covers what makes up an operating system and how an operating system works.


Windows 2000 Server - This course guide covers the installation of Windows 2000 Server, Active Directory, supporting users and groups, file and network security, printing, disaster recovery and the use of other administrative tools.


Unix - by the end of this course, you should be able to use several Unix and Linux commands, write shell scripts and command files, use the csh shell to write shell scripts, and use awk to write programs.


Hardware Fundamentals - a free course on computer hardware. This free educational courseware introduces you to computer hardware such as scanners, printers, keyboards, monitors, plotters, ocr, rs232 and other hardware devices.


Hardware Systems - a learning module on Hardware Systems includes all the information you need to learn about Computer Hardware and Architecture quickly and effectively. It is a continuation of the course above, Hardware Fundamentals.


Data Communications - teaches you the technologies used to communicate and exchange information, such as telephones and the Internet; the primary purpose is to serve as an introduction to the field of Data communications.


Networking Computers - this course teaches you the basics of what is a computer network, the concepts, the network topology, how to connect computers, and how to troubleshoot a computer network.

  Network Concepts:

  Network Topology:

  Connecting Computers:


  Online Interactive Tests:


8051 Microcontrollers - introduces you to the Intel 8051 micro-controller and writing assembly language programs.


80x86 Assembler - introduces you to assembly language programming. It covers assembler and protected mode programming using the Intel processor computer chips.




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