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Video and Animated Linux Training and Books

Linux Training Videos

Using Two Operating Systems
Configure a Linux Multimedia Kernel
Configure OSS/Free
Configuring Gnome
Configuring the ALSA Driver
Red hat Linux: Configuring Dual Boot PC & Backing up File
Red Hat Linux: Backup File with Tar & Restore a Backup
Apache with Linux:
Apache Linux Server: Acquiring and Unpacking the FastCGI Files
Apache Linux Server: Aquiring and Unpacking the PHP Files
Apache Linux Server: IP-based Virtual Hosts
Apache Linux Server: Making the Install and Automating the Server
Apache Linux Server: Preparing Your System, Acquiring and Unpacking the Files
Apache Linux Server: Setting the Server and HTTP Root Path
Dummy Apache Linux Server Configuration, Configuring and Building PHP
Real Apache Linux Server Configuration, Updating httpd.conf for PHP
Standard Configuration and Building Apache Linux Server
GIMP (like Photoshop):
Color Filters and Distorting Images
Creating & Editing Layers
Cropping Images & Specific Cropping
Drawing Patterns and Using the Fill Tool
Enhancing Images and Using Glass Effects
Image Rotation & Transform to Grayscale
Setting Preferences & Creating an Image
Starting GIMP & Open File
Use Blend Tool & Using Blend/ Fill
Using Artistic Filters & Blurring Images
Using Controls and Color Editing
Using Pen and Specialty Brushes
Viewing GIMP Brushes and Drawing Tools


Red Hat Linux Video Viewlet Tutorials:

Switching User Names in Terminal Mode in RedHat Linux
How to Install RedHat Linux
How to Delete a Desktop Icon in RedHat Linux
How to Configure Your Mouse for a Left Handed User in RedHat Linux
How to Use LinuxConf to Create a New User in RedHat Linux
How to Use GnoRPM to Install a New Program on RedHat Linux
Adding a Launch Button to the Panel in RedHat Linux
Adding and Removing Users in Linux
Adding Users in Terminal Mode in RedHat Linux
Accessing and Operating the CD Player in RedHat Linux
Changing the Desktop Background Color in RedHat Linux
Changing the Desktop Background Image in RedHat Linux
Adding a Program Shortcut Icon on the Desktop in RedHat Linux
Organizing the Desktop in RedHat Linux
Copying a File in RedHat Linux
Exploring the File Manager Toolbar in RedHat Linux
Opening a File with a Specified Program in RedHat Linux
Exploring the Panel in RedHat Linux
Adding a Monitor to the Panel in RedHat Linux
Renaming Existing Files in RedHat Linux
Setting the Screensaver in RedHat Linux
Shutting Down the Computer in Terminal Mode in RedHat Linux
Creating and Saving Text Files in RedHat Linux
Giving Your System a Visual Theme in RedHat Linux
How to Connect to a Site Using gFTP in Linux
How to Download Files Using gFTP in Linux
Using the Calendar in RedHat Linux
RedHat Drawers
Images in RedHat Linux
Editing the Menu in RedHat Linux
Changing the Video Resolution in RedHat Linux
Event Sounds - RedHat Linux
Volume Control in Redhat Linux

Linux Video Viewlet Tutorials:

How to Hide the Task Bar in Corel Linux
An Overview of Cygnus Source Navigator for Linux
Linux Time Machine
How to Connect to a Site Using gFTP in Linux
How to Download Files Using gFTP in Linux
Adding and Removing Users in Linux
How to Hide the Control Panel in Corel Linux
How to Format a Floppy in SuSE Linux

Bonus: Online Linux Books

The Linux Cookbook: Linux Tips and Techniques for everyday use.

Unix Hints and Hacks

Linux: A Network Solution for Your Office

Sams Teach Yourself Shell Programming in 24 Hours

Sams Teach Yourself TCP/IP in 24 Hours

Sams Teach Yourself Samba in 24 Hours

Sams Teach Yourself GIMP in 24 Hours

Sams Teach Yourself StarOffice 5 for Linux in 24 Hours

Special Edition Using Caldera OpenLinux

Linux Guides:

Here is More Free Linux Training
Also Here, Here and Here


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