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Oracle Training and Tutorials
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Your Oracle Training:

Oracle Cram Sheets:

Exam Notes:

Oracle Training Guides (doc format):
 -  Oracle 8i performance and tuning
 -  Oracle 8i network administration
 -  Oracle 8i database administration and architecture
 -  Oracle 8i backup and recovery

Oracle 8 Upgrade (Oracle exam 0Z0-010):
Study Guide 2

Oracle 8 Database Administration (Oracle exam 1Z0-015):
Study Guide 2

Oracle 8 SQL-PL/SQL (Oracle exam 1Z0-001):
Study Guide 2

Oracle 8 Network Administration (Oracle exam 1Z0-013):
Study Guide 2

Oracle 8 Performance Tuning (Oracle exam 1Z0-014):
Study Guide 2

Oracle 8i Upgrade (Oracle exam 1Z0-020):
Study Guide 2

Oracle 8i SQL-PL/SQL (Oracle exam 1Z0-001)
 -  Study Guide 2

Free Oracle Study Guides from (register for free first):  -  1Z0-001, 1Z0-013, 1Z0-014 1Z0-015

Oracle Certified Professional Exam Guides:
 -  Oracle Certified Professional Application Developer Exam Guide
Oracle Certified Professional Administrator Exam Guide

Macmillan's Oracle Frankenbook: Basics, Database Development, Database Administration, Oracle Tools and Utilities, Oracle and the Web, Oracle Data Warehousing

Oracle Training Tutorials, Guides and Lessons (first sign up here for free):

  Four Free Lessons on Oracle9i Oracle Designer Tutorial (#1)
  Oracle Portal Tutorial Oracle Designer Tutorial (#2)
  Oracle9i Security Overview Designer/2000 Tutorial
  Oracle WebDB Tutorial Guide Oracle9iAS Discoverer Plus Tutorial
  Oracle9i Data Mining Concepts Building Reports with Oracle Reports
  Data Mining Administrator's Guide Oracle Reports Operators Guide
  Oracle Graphics Developer's Guide Oracle9i Reports Tutorial
  Oracle Graphics User's Guide Free Training on Oracle9i and XML
  Oracle9i Application Server Portal Tutorial
  Oracle9i Application Server Portal: 7 Free Lessons
  Oracle9i Lite Developer's Guide for Web-to-Go
  Oracle Forms Generator User's Guide/Tutorial
  Oracle9iAS Containers for J2EE How-To docs
  All Documentation and Books for Oracle9i Database , Release 2 (mirror)

135 page Oracle Course (pdf, 377kb)

So You Want to be an Oracle DBA? - This free book gives Useful Information, Scripts and Suggestions for the New and Experienced Oracle DBA. A handy desktop reference guide for the new and experienced Oracle DBA.

So You Want to be an Oracle DBA? Second Edition - More Useful Information, Scripts and Suggestions for the New and Experienced Oracle DBA. A compact easy to read technical guide that includes over 35 mini lessons. A must read for every Oracle DBA.

From the Oracle XML Handbook: Chapter 5: The Oracle Internet File System (iFS) (pdf)

Oracle8i Enterprise Manager and Other Tools (pdf, 2.21mb) - Chapter 3 from the OCP: Oracle8i DBO Study Guide

Oracle Skills Training - Each of these free 11 Oracle Skills Training videos is animated with screenshots and step-by-step directions to perform specific functions.

Oracle Documentation - Here are your free Oracle Documentation Manuals and Reference Guides. Please feel free to browse and study them as much as you wish. (Acrobat here)


Oracle 9i Tutorials and Information:

  Oracle9i SQL Study Guide (1Z0-007)
  Oracle9i: DBA Fundamentals I Study Guide (1Z0-031)
  Oracle9i: DBA Fundamentals II Study Guide (1Z0-032)
  Introduction to XML support in the Oracle 9i Database (viewlet here)
  New Features in Oracle 9 -  Slides:
            Part 1: XML in Oracle 9i (.pdf, 380 kB)
            Part 2: Oracle9i C++ binding (.pdf, 179 kB)
  Short Guide to install Oracle 9i (Unix)
  How to install Oracle9i (9.0.1) on Redhat Linux ( or similar)
  Oracle 9i Certification Info and Sample Exam
  Oracle 9i Database Home Page

Oracle9i 1Z1-031 Computer Based Training Lessons:
      (quizzes not available)

  1. Oracle9i 1Z1-031: 1 Oracle Architecture and Tools

  2. Oracle9i 1Z1-031: 2 Managing Instances and Creating Databases

  3. Oracle9i 1Z1-031: 3 Managing the Database Structure

  4. Oracle9i 1Z1-031: 4 Managing Tablespaces and Datafiles

  5. Oracle9i 1Z1-031: 5 Managing Storage Structures and Undo Data

  6. Oracle9i 1Z1-031: 6 Managing Tables

  7. Oracle9i 1Z1-031: 7 Managing Indexes and Data Integrity

  8. Oracle9i 1Z1-031: 8 Managing Users and Profiles

  9. Oracle9i 1Z1-031: 9 Managing Privileges and Roles

  10. Oracle9i 1Z1-031:10 Exam Preparation

Oracle PL/SQL and Developer/2000 Computer Based Training Lessons:
      (quizzes not available)

  1. Oracle: Introduction to PL/SQL

  2. Oracle: Overview of Developer/2000

  3. Forms 4.5 and Reports 2.5

  4. Graphics 2.5 and Procedure Builder 1.5

  5. Developer/2000 Applications

  6. Developer/2000 Integration

Oracle Tips and Answers by Ari Kaplan - These tips and answers to common and not so common questions will help you become a better database administrator and user of Oracle. 

Oracle Presentations by Ari Kaplan - These Powerpoint presentations on Oracle will teach you many important and useful tips and techniques.

Oracle Tips and Scripts by Ken Atkins - These tips and scripts are for intermediate and advanced Oracle Database and Designer users. 

Oracle Database White Papers - Here is a list of Oracle related White Papers written and presented by Ken Atkins and other experienced Oracle Developers. Please feel free to download and read them.

Oracle Certified Professional Program Sample Questions - You may choose sample questions from among 5 tracks, each track has many questions to use and learn from (.exe downloads).

PL/SQL Coding Techniques - Learn Oracle PL/SQL Coding Techniques in this free online course. PL/SQL is a powerful and flexible procedural language aimed at the database application development community. (Real Player needed)

  Part 1
  Part 2
   Part 3
   Part 4

Free Oracle Seminars - These e-seminars deliver live and recorded collaborative presentations over the Internet. Below is a list of archived e-seminars available for replay. (Real Player needed)

Oracle Training Day Presentations - Check out these training presentations in pdf format from the New York Oracle Users Group. There are many you can choose to learn from and all very well presented. 

Oracle8i for DBAs - rel. 2 & 3 Improvements (doc file)

Oracle9i New Features (pdf file)

Oracle Security Resources on the Web



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Oracle White Papers and Articles

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