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300+ IT Reference Cards, Guides and Manuals


IT Reference Cards and Short Guides

Active Server Pages Objects Quick Reference Card

Ada Reference Card  (31k)   Ada Syntax Card  (30k)

Apache Reference Card  (mirror, mirror, mirror-6 pages)  (233k)

ASCII Character Set Reference Card  (17k)

Awk Reference Card

Bash Reference Card  (380k)

Browser Chart Reference

C Quick Reference Card (ANSI)  ( mirror, mirror) (104k)  (mirror-A4)

C Programming Reference Card   C Quick Reference   C Functions for I/O

C Shell Reference

C++ Standard Library Quick Reference

C/C++ Quick Start Reference

C++ Standard Template Library (STL) Quick Reference 1.26 

C++ Standard Template Library (STL) Quick Reference 1.27  (.ps, 8 pages, 212k)

C# Syntax Reference Card

Color Codes Reference

CSS Quick Reference Charts   (172k)

CSS Level 1 Quick Reference Card

CSS Level 2 Quick Reference Card

CVS Quick Reference Card  (mirror, )  (177k)

Delphi Technical Reference Card

DBX Quick Info

Domain Registries Reference

EJB (Enterprise Java Beans) 2.0 Matrix  (96k)

Exception Handling in EJB 2.0  (29k)

Emacs Reference Card  (82k)   Emacs Reference Card

Emacs Reference    Emacs Quick Reference

Key Bindings for GNU Emacs
(.ps, 133k)

FTP Reference Card

GDB Quick Reference Card  (mirror)  (81k)

GDB Quick Reference (.ps 24k)   GDB Quick Info  

GNU Calc Reference Card (mirror)  (88k)

GNUPLOT Quick Reference  (.pdf, 83k)

HTML Quick Reference   HTML Quick Reference Guide

HTML and XHTML Quick Reference Charts    (95k)

HTML Cheat Sheet  (125k)

HTML Reference Guide  (.ps, 25k)

Web Designer's Cards:

HTML Chart  HTML Card   

HTML DOM Reference Card

JavaScript Reference

CSS Properties  Special Characters

Regular Expressions

HTML Special Characters Reference

Internet Search Tool Quick Reference Guide

Java Quick Reference Card   Java Programming Guide

Java Syntax Quick Reference 

JavaScript Core Reference

JavaScript Client-Side Reference

JavaScript Reference Card  More JavaScript Reference Card (right click and save)

JavaScript Document Object Model Reference Card

JavaScript Regular Expressions Reference Card

JSP Quick Reference Card  (mirror)   (28k)

JSP Syntax    (71.5k)

Korn Shell Programming  (.ps, 101k)

Linux Administration Quick Reference

Linux Security Quick Reference Guide  (mirror, mirror) (A4, )  (69k)

The One Page Linux Manual    (96k)

The Embedded Linux "Cool Devices" Quick Reference Guide

Make Reference to compiling large programs

MATLAB Quick Reference   MATLAB Toolboxes Quick Reference

Microsoft Foundation Class (MFC) Quick Reference

Mod_Perl Quick Reference Card  (mirror, A4 mirror)  (153k)

MySQL Reference Card

Oracle Server 9i Quick Reference Guide  (910k)   ZIP (480k)

Oracle Server 9i Architecture Diagram  (410k)  ZIP (240k)

Perl 5 Reference Guide

Perl 5.004 Quick Reference Guide (mirror)  (ps , mirror, 396k)

Perl 5.000 Quick Reference Guide  (.ps, 101k)

Perl Regular Expressions Reference Card

Perl Win32 Quick Reference

Perl/Tk Reference Guide  (.ps, 181k)

PHP Manual Quick Reference

Pretty Good Privacy PGP Reference Card

Scheme Reference Card

Sed Reference

Smalltalk Reference Card

Socket Programming Quick Reference

Solaris 8 Administrator's Quick Reference

Stylesheets Reference Guide

TAR & Compress Reference

Tcl/Tk Reference Guide

Telephone API (TAPI) Quick Reference

TeX Reference Card  (mirror, mirror)  (171k)

UML Reference Card  (, mirror)  (31k)

UML Quick Reference Card   (mirror)  (45k)

Unix Commands Reference Card  (mirror)  (12k)

Unix Commands Quick Reference

Unix Reference Card    (114k)

Unix Reference Card  (mirror)  (.ps, 105k)

Unix Quick Reference   Unix Reference Guide

Unix Shells Reference

Unix System Administration Reference Card

Vi References and Cards   Vi Editor Quick Reference   Vi Quick Reference

Vi Reference Card  (mirror)  (.ps, 112k)

Vi Editor - A Quick Reference   Vi Editor - A Complete Reference

VIM Quick Reference Card  (mirror)  (100k)

Visual Basic Quick Reference Card

Windows 2000 Resource Kit Quick Reference

Windows Files, Folders and Tools Reference

Windows Registry Guide from AXCEL216

XEmacs Reference Card  (mirror)  (80k)

XHTML 1.0 Frameset Reference Card

XHTML 1.0 Strict Reference Card

XHTML 1.0 Transitional Reference Card

XML Schema - Data Structures Quick Reference Card  (mirror)  (20k)

XML Schema - Data Types Quick Reference Card  (mirror)  (39k)

XML Syntax Quick Reference  (mirror) (88k)

XML TopicMaps 1.0 Reference Card

XPath Reference Card

XSLT and XPath Quick Reference  (mirror) (93k)

XSLT Reference Card

XSL Reference Card

IT Guides and Manuals:

Apache Manual

Bash Shell Reference Guide (27 pgs.)  

Bash Reference Manual

Bourne Shell

C Language Reference Manual

The C Library Reference Guide

C++ Standard Template Library (STL) Programmer's Guide

C++ Programming Language International Standard

C# Language Specification Manual

The GNU C Library

C Shell  (.ps, 91 k)

Debian User Reference Manual

DocBook: The Definitive Guide

fileutils Manual

FreeBSD Handbook

gawk, GNU awk Manual

GIMP User's Manual

GNU C-Compiler (gcc) Manual

GNU C Pre Processor (cpp) Manual

GNU Emacs Manual   GNU Emacs Manual

GNU Make Manual

GNU Software Utilities Manual

Ghostscript Manual

gzip, GNU zip/unzip utility Manual

Introduction to HTML  Intermediate HTML Part 1 & Part 2

HTML Tutorial and References

Intel Pentium Processors - Manuals

Essentials of Java: A Hands-On Guide, Part 1

Essentials of Java: A Hands-On Guide, Part 2

Java Authentication and Authorization Service (JAAS) Reference Guide

Java AWT Reference

Java Certification Path API Programmer's Guide

Java 2 Enterprise Edition Developer's Guide

Java Language Code Conventions

Java Secure Socket Extension (JSSE) Reference Guide

JavaScript Authoring Guide

JavaScript Code Library Reference

JavaScript Core Guide   Core JavaScript Guide 1.5

JavaScript Client-Side Guide

JavaScript Server-Side Guide

Korn Shell

Learning Debian/GNU Linux

libg++ Manual

Linux Network Administrator's Guide, 2nd Edition

Linux Device Drivers

Linux Documentation Project

MySQL Reference Manual (mirror)

Mod_python Manual

Motif Programming Manual (mirror: pdf, html)

Motif Reference Manual

Motif Manuals Updated for Motif 2.1 (registration required)

Network Programmer's Guide and Reference

OpenGL Reference Manual

OpenGL Programming Guide

OpenGL Specification & Manual Pages

PGP 5.0 for Windows User's Manual

PHP Manual   PHP Manual

PostgreSQL Documentation Manuals and Guides

Python Reference Manual

Python/C API Reference Manual

Ruby User's Guide

Ruby Reference Manual

IT Baseline Protection (Security) Manual

Sendmail for Windows User Manual

Software Reference Manual for PowerPC Microprocessor

Tcl/TK Manual Pages

Unix Guide for AIX, FreeBSD, HP-UX, Linux, Solaris, Tru64

Unix Shell Utilities

Windows Guides:

XML Beginner's Guide


Shortcut Key Reference Guides:


Application Configurations

Here are some configurations for popular applications which can cause consternation for many computer users who use screen readers. Select the application below and configure your applications to work at peak efficiency with screen reading technology. These software configurations are offered as a courtesy by the instructors of ATI.



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