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Free iSeries - AS400 Training Tutorials and Resources


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iSeries Services Network -  Free AS400 Resources, Tutorials and Articles
AS/400 Online Library - Free AS400 Books
Enter "AS/400" as search item, then click on Find to get many free books about the AS/400
AS400 White Papers from IBM - Read what IBM's AS/400 experts have to say about key topics -- and check out Beyond Technology, a comprehensive set of AS/400 technical articles.

AS/400 and Java - perfect together
Introduction to the AS/400
AS400 Tutorial - 11 topics, one page for each
Introductory Reference to the IBM AS/400

This is a great resource and link site for all this pertaining to AS/400:
Using IBM's Open Source Java Toolbox for the AS/400
Discussing art of programming clients using Java Beans for the AS/400 in the (mostly) open source NetBeans project. By Jack J. Woehr, in Dr. Dobbs
(August 2000).
Getting XML & DB2 UDB for AS/400 Talking
A Way to Map XML Data into a DB2 Table.
The idea that "XML makes data portable" leads to the idea that "XML could provide data to databases". This idea is powerful because it allows businesses to take advantage of information sources previously nonexistent.
PartnerWorld for Developers, AS/400 (March 2000)
AS/400-specific SQL tutorial (free registration required)
DB2 UDB for AS/400 SQL Performance & Query Optimization
Free Online Course, IBM
iSeries Network -
AS/400 Starter Kit — Wayne Madden's Starter Kit for the AS/400 is free, a superb resource for beginners. (free registration required)
Club Tech is the place for tips, techniques, and a whole lot more! Hosted by Chuck Lundgren. (free registration required)
IBM Site Navigator for Many IBM Technologies, including iSeries (AS/400)


Manual/Redbook Links
Connect for iSeries with WebSphere Commerce Suite: BtoB Enabling a WebSphere Commerce Suite Web Site HTML
High Availability on the AS/400 System: A System Manager's Guide HTML PDF

AS/400 Operations Console Setup V4R4 PDF
Building iSeries Applications for WebSphere Advanced Edition 3.5 PDF
Client Access Express for Windows - Setup PDF
i2 TradeMatrix Implementation on iSeries PDF
IBM Host Integration In a Secure Network: A Practical Approach PDF
iSeries and AS/400e System Builder HTML PDF
Linux for iSeries System Guide PDF

DB2 UDB Database Navigator and Reverse Engineer on the V5R1 iSeries Server PDF
Exchange Migration & iNotes Implementation on iSeries PDF
News and Updates in 2001 for Direct Attach iSeries Integrated Storage PDF

Building iSeries 400 Apps for WebSphere Advanced Edition PDF
iSeries Wired Security: Protecting Data over the Network, OS/400 V5R1 DCM and Cryptographic Enhancements PDF
User-to-Business Patterns for e-business: Developing AS/400e e-business Applications PDF

iDoctor for iSeries HTML

iSeries Handbook Updates: Changes from June 2000 to March 2001 PDF

iSeries e-business Handbook: A Technology and Product Reference PDF

IBM WebSphere Development Tools for AS/400: An Introduction PDF

Backup Recovery and Media Services for OS/400: More Practical Information PDF

IBM Web-to-Host Integration Update PDF
New Enterprise Integration Functions for Lotus Domino for AS/400 PDF

Help AS400 - A resource of help for people working on the IBM AS/400. provides information about configuring and working with VisualAge for Java and WebSphere Application Server, IBM HTTP Server for AS/400, programming techniques including Net.Data and RPG-CGI for the AS/400, and related Internet technologies.

— a member Web site/organization for e-business on the AS/400

Kent Anderson's AS/400 Links
— handy list of AS/400 links and resources

— non-commercial AS/400 resource, includes e-mail mailing lists, news, etc.
— dedicated to the great QUSRTOOLS

Fee Based AS400 Training:
AS/400 Classroom Training - Certified IBM Business Partner and provider of AS/400 Operations and Programming Training.

Datatrain - DATATRAIN WEB and LAN computer based training for IBM Enterprise and Mid-Range Systems in OS/390, MVS Mainframe, AS/400, VSE, Tandem and Helpdesk.

ATS Online - one of the leaders in AS/400, Client/Server, and Internet Training. They have over 50 AS400 training products.


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