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The AutoCAD On-line Tutor is a free resource. It is designed for students but will be of use to anyone who needs to know how to use AutoCAD Release 14, 2000 and associated software such as 3D Studio VIZ and Adobe Photoshop. A new version of the On-line Tutor covering AutoCAD 2000 is planned for the future. New topics in preparation include, solid modelling and rendering.
Free training sample volumes are available for you to download and install for AutoCAD 2000 and AutoCAD Release 14,,140512-123112-276198,00.html
Introduction to AutoCAD LT 2000: Learning Tutorial,,155441-123112,00.html
AutoCAD LT 2000 On-Line Tutorial,,124002-123112,00.html
Online Courses and Tutorials from
AutoCAD 2000 printing and plotting tutorial
Advanced Plotting with Autocad 2000
3 Part Autocad 2000 Tutorial
3 AutoCAD Tutorials
1999's Best of Tips and Tricks for Autocad 2000
Autocad 2000 Update Tutorial
Computer Aided Design Training on Autocad 2000
3D Café's Free AutoCAD Tutorials  - several good tutorials.
Introduction to Computer Aided Design with AutoCAD - These tutorial sessions introduces the fundamentals of AutoCAD Release 14 in the 2D drafting, 3D Design, and Rendering and Visualization environment.
The-CAD-Guy - A Site for Free CAD Lessons, Forum & Help. Pages include AutoCAD Basics, Command Descriptions and AutoCAD's Co-ordinate System. Plus self-quizzes.
AutoCAD Tutorial Home Page at North Carolina State University - This tutorial contains helpful information for getting started with AutoCAD software. They are designed to be part of an introductory course in technical graphics.
FBE Online Learning AutoCAD - 2D Tutorials - Learning AutoCAD, a set of tutorials created by staff of the Faculty of the Built Environment, the University of New South Wales.
AutoCAD Resources - a very good linked list of AutoCAD learning and tutorial sites.
Free AutoCAD eBooks are available for download. These eBooks cover the creation of electronic DWF files and how to post them on our websites. Included with each eBook are explanations and exercises along with several CAD files to practice on.
Free 7-day Lessong in AutoCad 14 and 2000

Here are more Autocad training and learning resources:

Tailoring AutoCAD <> - a 20-chapter tome covering menus, AutoLISP, hatch patterns and more. Ralph Grabowski.

The 1 Day AutoCAD Page <> - provides tutorials and training notes in the fundamentals of AutoCAD Release 14, including 2D drafting, 3D design and rendering and visualization

CADD Primer <> - this Website for CAD beginners takes its name from a book of the same name by Vijay Duggal. You can download a free text-only version of the book or download a full PDF version for a modest fee.

AutoCAD tutorials <> - an AutoCAD teacher offers some tutorials and an online test

AutoCAD 2000 Series Tips & Tricks <> - streaming videos

Graphics Communication Program <> - very detailed, well illustrated tutorials introduces the basic functionality of AutoCAD, by Dr. Alice Y. Scales, North Carolina State University

CADTutor <> - offers a broad range of free tutorials for AutoCAD R14 and AutoCAD 2000, plus Autodesk VIZ and Adobe Photoshop, by David Watson

2D AutoCAD Tutorials <> - getting started, editing, modifying, and plotting for Release 2000. Also has tutorials for R14, R13, R12. By University of New South Wales, Australia

AutoCAD User Group International (AUGI) <> - sponsors instructor-led online training in AutoCAD. You must sign up for a for an account on the site before you can sign up for training.

Online CAD & Documentation Services <> - missed AutoCAD University 2002? You can find 10 of the most popular tutorials here.

Eric Stephens CAD Training & Services <> - Tips & Tricks Online.

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