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Free Supplemental Lessons for C Programming for Dummies
Introduction to C Programming
Learn C by example in just 5 hours
Free C programming for programmers course
C Tutorial (Coronado), downloads here: 106K and 90kb (source code)

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Online C and C++ Courses - The material consists of two related courses, each with an integrated set of notes, examples and exercises. The two courses will cover ANSI C and C++.
C Programming Tutorial
Introduction to C Programming, weekly tutorials
Free C Skills Test
C Programming Reference - attempts to provide an online source of C related material.
An excellent C course at Cardiff University in the UK

Phil's C Course
An Introduction to C Programming - self study guide
A Dictionary of ANSI Standard C Function Definitions
Programming in C Course
Simple Pointers chapter from Practical C Programming, 3rd Edition
Unix Programming in C
Tutorial C by Gordon Dodrill
Notes on Programming in C
Recommended C Style and Coding Standards
Learn C by example in just 5 hours.C tutorial on-line
An Introduction to C Programming
Introduction to C Programming
C/C++ Links
Good site, many papers and learning content.

The Expert Recommends: Essential Resources for C Programming Professionals:
C Programming for Spatial Information Scientists' - a series of 'lectures' and practical exercises for complete novices.

Free C/C++ Tutorials:
Tutorials in C/C++

::: Building a Cross-Platform C Library :::
You use them all the time, but have you ever considered what goes into making a really solid library? This tutorial guides you through the process, using code examples from a real conversion project. Good library design and cross-platform performance (on Linux and Windows) are stressed.

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