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Here is our page of free Cisco Documentation and Reference Materials and here are the Best Cisco Books at

Troubleshooting CISCO Routers - It’s all too easy for a simple configuration error to lead to problems on a routed network. With a little knowledge, tracking down a fault on a Cisco router needn’t be daunting.*/
Good Site to study for your Cisco Certifications
Router Basics - This chapter introduces the underlying concepts widely used in routing protocols. Topics summarized here include routing protocol components and algorithms.
The OSI Model
Data Encapsulation
Free Router SIM (simulation tool). Some features disabled in Free version but a nice little study tool.
Cramsessions For Cisco Certification
CCNA 640-507(Cisco Certified Network Associate) Study Guides and Sample Tests
Free online practice exams for CCNA, CCDA, CCNP, and CCIE
Router Configuration Examples

Two Free Viewlets:

Configuring Static Routes on a Cisco Router - Demonstrates how to create a static route to a network using a next hop address and also how to configure a ststic default route using an interface.

Configuring IP addresses on a Cisco Router - Shows you how to configure primary and secondary IP addresses on an interface of a Cisco router.
You will be given 50 random questions out of 200 available questions. Once you have selected your answer click the "Next" button. You answer will be evaluated with any comments and your overall scoring percentage updated. At the end of the exam, your final score will be displayed along with a passing or failing grade point percentage.
Free Cisco Practice Exams

Free Cisco Study Sites
A good resource site for networking professionals working towards Cisco Certification.
Online Training Material by CertifyExpress for Cisco Certification Studies
Router Zone
Good Links - Cisco Systems in a Nutshell

TAC Academy - Free Cisco Lab, CCNP Preparation

Cisco Certification:

Cisco Certification:
Internetworking Terms and Acronyms from Cisco is the home page for Cisco-related certification information, access to certification program guides, tracks, testing information, and practice tests. This page should be the first place you go to look for any Cisco certification information. is the CCIE home page on which you can find exam and testing information for routing and switching. The equivalent page for WAN switching is . Through either of these pages you can access CCIE guides and practice tests. These pages should be the first places you look for CCIE information.
Some good free resources, articles, white papers, sample practice tests, etc. A site whose name tells what you need to know about: It is completely dedicated to helping you successfully take Cisco Certification tests. Even though you are charged a fee to subscribe to this site, it is a terrifc source of information outside the Cisco bastion and provides excellent information about laboratory simulations. It covers CCNA and CCIE directly, plus other exams related to other Cisco certifications.
Cisco Presentation Directory - More information than you wanted to know.
Demystifying Access Control Lists
Practice exams and braindumps
Cisco labs
CCNA Study Zone
Free Cisco Exam

Free Cisco Certification Study Guides:
Register free
PIX firewall notes


Section 4 Miscellaneous

Question 4.1. Can I get sample questions for Cisco Examinations? If so, where can I find them on the Internet?

Yes, you can get sample questions related to Cisco Certifications. There are various sites that are providing them. The ones that I know of are listed below. In case you know of any more sites, please send a mail to and I shall add them to this list.
This site is rated as one of the best by number of people. They update the Q&A bank every month. They also provide in depth explanation to the questions to assist the user.
This site provides questions for CCNA, CCNP and CCIE certifications. In addition to the question and answers they also provide reading material. The reviews of the sites have not been good so beware before you leap into the offer. They offer online tests and the testing system grades your performance instantly
A new site, which has come out with CCNA related Question and Answers, Guide to help you in passing the CCNA certification. They offer online tests and the testing system grades your performance instantly.
A sister concern of This is an excellent site and the reviews of this site have been excellent. They have got Questions and Answers dealing with the CCIE written exams.
Beach Front Quizzer sells variety of practice tests dealing with Cisco Certifications.

Question 4.2. Can I get practice lab exercises that will gear me up for my Certification examination?

The answer to this question is yes! Again there are many sites which will not only provide you with lab exercises but will also provide you with networking equipment which you can rent and access over the Internet. The sites, which I know of, are listed below. In case you know of a site that should be listed here, please e-mail at and I shall add it here.
This is an excellent site, which has great lab exercises dealing with CCIE.
This site provides you with labs that are designed for the CCIE Routing and Switching Lab Exam. They provide you access to routers and switches over the Internet and lab scenarios that are helpful for the CCIE Lab Exam.
Another site by help of which you can eliminate 100% practice equipment Cost of Ownership and get the benefit of CCIE scenarios based on the exam objectives. You get assistance from a CCIE who is also an active member of the mailing list. You can access the labs over the Internet
Another site offering Virtual Labs which compromise of skills-based lab exercises focused around real business scenarios. Anytime, anywhere access via the Internet or corporate Intranet.
WSU CCIE preparation Lab which is sponsored by Cisco Systems, Inc. These preparation labs are available in Sydney, Australia too apart from USA. A site that offers sample labs related with CCNA certification.
Global Knowledge, Australia provides CCIE related training.
A few scenarios, which have been submitted by members of the mailing list.

Question 4.3. Can I get any CBTs that would assist me in my Cisco Certification?
There are two resources, which I know of.
At present they offer Cisco’s ICRC and ACRC courses. All source material and product training for these courses were supplied, reviewed and approved by Cisco Systems, Inc. You can download a demo from their web site. They offer only Cisco’s ICRC course at present. They are planning to bring in CBTs related with CCIE, CCNA Wan Switching, ACRC, CLSC, CMTD, CIT and CCNP.

Question 4.4. Are there any personal sites, which can be of assistance in my certification?

Here are a few of the sites that I know of. If you know of any more sites that can be of assistance in Cisco certification please send e-mail to This is another site where you will find plethora of information related with Internetworking in general. Irwin Lazar maintains this site. This site is under the process of shifting to A site with tons of link related with Internetworking.
Section 5 Cisco Corporate Sites

Question 5.1. What is the URL of the official site from where I can get Certification objectives and guidelines? The home of Cisco Career Certification and the site from where you can find links to other Certification related pages on the Cisco web site.

Question 5.2. Where can I get the objectives of various Cisco Certifications? This site lists all the exam objectives of various Cisco Certifications apart from CCIE.

Question 5.3. Is there a FAQ on Cisco's web site regarding Certifications?

Yes, the FAQ can be found at We have not added the questions that have been answered in the FAQ at the Cisco's web site so please do have a look at the same.

Question 5.4. I have heard that Cisco offers beta exams. Where can I find information about the same?

You can get information regarding these examinations at

Question 5.5. I am confused regarding exam numbers. Is there any listing for the same?

Yes. Check out This page contains all the exam numbers apart from CCIE.

Question 5.6. From where can I find CCIE related information at Cisco's web site?

The main page for all CCIE related information at Cisco's web site is Here you will find all the information that you will need for giving the written test, lab and the re-certification details. is the site where you get the overview of the CCIE Program. This site also has a recommended reading list and other information. There is a FAQ on CCIE on this page as well. To go directly to the FAQ use this URL:

The main page for all CCIE related information at Cisco's web site is Here you will find all the information that you will need for giving the written test, lab and the re-certification details.

Question 5.7. Where can I find information related to training partners, self study material and class locator?

Information regarding all the three can be found at

Question 5.8. Is there a list of Worldwide Cisco training partners? is the web page where you can this information.

Question 5.9. Where can I find more information about Cisco Networking Academies?

Information dealing not only with Cisco Networking Academies as well as Cisco Education Network can be found at Here you will find a link to Cisco Networking Academies.


Cisco Certification Resources:

Ben's Networking Resources <> - Lot's of links to CCIE information

Boson Software <> - Sells practice exams for the Cisco CCNA exam. Also has links to free Cisco utilities

CCIE now <> - Links to resources for Cisco certification exams

CCIE Web Site <> - A depository of CCIE study questions

CCPrep <> - Provides resources including tips and sample tests for Cisco certification exams

CCIE Bootcamp <> - Training program offered by Network Learning Incorporated

Certification Zone <> -provides resources for passing Cisco certifications. Offers free sample and practice tests

Cisco Certified <> - Subscription site for help on becoming a CCNA

Certification Zone <> - Information services for Cisco certification candidates

CiscoCert.Com <> - Lots of resources for obtaining Cisco certifications. From MCP publishing

Cisco Learning Connection <> - Cisco's guide to training programs. Also includes a learning center locator to find the class closest to you

Cisco Networking Academy <> - Cisco's educational partnership program with schools and universities

Cisco's CCIE Program Information <> - Everything you ever wanted to know about the CCIE program as well as the new certification programs. Also included are study guides and sample question <> - Free training and certification resources for Cisco certification exams. They also rent access to remote routers for practicing configuration tasks

GroupStudy.Com <> - Web site and very active mailing list for Cisco Certifications

Knowledgenet <> - On-Line and Web Based training for Cisco certifications and other IT training subjects

McGraw-Hill Technical Expert Series <> - A series of seminars on Cisco technology

Network Study Guides <> - Training materials for all Cisco certifications

Planet Cisco <> - Provides a lot of info on Cisco products. Aimed at buyers, but also includes some tips for the Cisco certification exams

R1R2 Labs <> - Offers on-line access to remote Cisco routers <> - We're not quite sure what the name means, but this site contains a wealth of resources for those pursuing Cisco certifications

TCPMAG.COM <> - Provides resources for Cisco internetworking experts and those pursuing Cisco certifications <> - Free on-line Cisco certification review exams

Virtual Rack <> - A place where CCIE candidates can log onto to real routers and perform custom designed lab scenarios to help them study for the exam

Please suggest more sites for this page and report broken links to Jeff Love at