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An Introduction to Data Warehousing - This white paper introduces data warehousing concepts.
Data Warehousing Technology
An introduction to Data warehousing & OLAP (slides)
An Introduction to Data Warehousing (slides)
Introduction to Data Warehousing (slides)
Slides for the book "Data Mining: Concepts and Techniques"
Introduction: What is a Data Warehouse?
Data Mining An Introduction, Student Notes
The Data Warehousing Information Center
White Papers on Data Warehousing (Links)
Free Data Warehouse Training from Oracle (registration required):
Knowledge Discovery Mine
The Data Mine
Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery (an international journal)
KDD-99: The Fourth International Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining
Data mining at the University of Helsinki
Data Mining White Papers Links
Tutorial - An Introduction to Data Mining and Advanced DSS Technology
German OLAP and Data Warehouse Forum - Articles (many are in English)
Data Warehouse Online Resources: Sites Worth Knowing (Links)
The MS Data Warehousing Strategy
Introduction to Data Mining
A Definition of Data Warehousing - A good 2 page primer on the important aspects of Data Warehousing
OLAP Resources
An Introduction to OLAP: Multidimensional Terminology and Technology
Data Warehousing Institute

Data Management Strategies and Technologies

Links from the above site:


Corbin, Lisa. Data Warehouses Hit the Web:

Data Warehousing Institute. Ten Mistakes to Avoid:

Environmental Protection Agency. Envirofacts Warehouse/EnviroMapper:


Data Warehousing Institute:
Ten Mistakes to Avoid:
Best Practices:
Case Studies: (DM Review):

CIO Magazine Data Warehousing Research Center:

ATG's Technology Guides on Data Warehousing:

Data Warehousing Knowledge Center:
Data Warehouse Links

Data Warehouse White Papers:

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