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Basic Database Guide
Database Concepts

MCSE/MCDBA SQL Server 7 Administration Study Guide
Here's another copy in 3 files of .rar compressed format: 1  2  3  (use PowerArchiver to uncompress)
Special Edition Using Microsoft SQL Server 6.5 Second Edition
Learn SQL Server 2000 Administration in 15 Minutes a Week Study Series Archive*/
Free Database Books
SQL Server Articles and Tutorials - Your Source for Microsoft SQL Server Performance Tuning and Optimization,9429,2133250,00.html
Backend Database Articles and Tutorials
Introducing Access (v2) - Course Notes
Database tutorial and learning links
PostgreSQL vs. MySQL, Building better databases
PostgreSQL Tutorial
MySQL Tutorials
PostgreSQL Tutorials
Data Normalization Tips: First 3 normalization forms, other normalization tips
Database tutorials and documents, Access and web databases

Using Java to Connect Databases to the Web
JDBC Guide - Getting Started
SQLJ and JDBC Technical Information. SQLJ is Oracle's implementation of the SQLJ standard, which specifies the integration of SQL statements in Java programs. JDBC is a standard set of Java classes providing vendor-independent access to relational data. Free registration is required.
DataDirect - Connect JDBC User's Guide and Reference. This book is your guide to MERANT DataDirect Connect JDBC. The DataDirect Connect JDBC product consists of a number of Type 4 JDBC drivers that are compliant with the JDBC specification.
About Databases
Database-Related Links - Use the links on this page to search for information on relational database management systems and related technologies.
Lots of Database related websites from
Database Tutorials from Webmonkey
Peter Norton's Guide to Access 97 Programming

Sams Teach Yourself Access 97 in 21 Days

Free Books about Databases:

ANSI SQL (1993)
(text file, incomplete)
(text file, incomplete)
All SQL in 3 weeks


Oracle Unleashed Using Oracle 8 Oracle 7 for Windows 95
Oracle 8 in 3 weeks Informix Unleashed Using MS SQL 6.5, 2nd ed
Database Development with Visual C++ IntraBuilder Visual FoxPro 6
What is DBI? MySQL - official doc MySQL-
PostgreSQL Teach yourself SQL in 21 days empty

Downloads from;EN-US;SQL
FAQs & Highlights for MS SQL Server
Good site for information about MS SQL Server

Quick Start Guide to SQL Server 7 - Part 4
Quick Start Guide to SQL Server 7 - Part 3
Quick Start Guide to SQL Server 7 - Part 2
Quick Start Guide to SQL Server 7
An Overview of SQL Server 2000


MS SQL Server Standards
- Compiled HTML Help format, 66 KB
MS SQL Server Standards
- Web/HTML format, 133 KB
Administration Manual
- sample section, 260 KB  
PASS 2000 Presentation 'From Click to Drilldown'
- zipped Powerpoint file, 51 KB  
Notes in support of 'From Click to Drilldown'
- zipped Word file, 71 KB

MS SQL Server Resources
Microsoft SQL Server WorldWide User's Group
The Informix Online Documentation site provides web access to product documentation, installation guides, release notes, documentation notes, and machine-specific notes.

Best Database Web Links
Sybase SQL Anywhere Performance Tips & Techniques

Sybase Online Resources
TechNet Talks to Kalen Delaney about SQL Server
SQL Server topics discussed in this interview: Locking, Indexing, Profiler Tool, Transaction Log, and Data Transformation Services.
SQL Server Update sample copy - Xephon's monthly technical journal on Microsoft's SQL Server
SQL Server Links to Explore!openform
SQL Server Professional Links!openform
Free Articles from SQL Server Professional
Help with Databases - Access and Oracle
Access 97 ASP Tutorial - From ASP Developer net - A short basic tutorial on Access 97 and ASP.
Introduction to Relational Database Design
An Access Report Snapshot Tutorial
By Rick Dobson, Ph.D Author of "Programming Microsoft Access 2000" . from Microsoft Press. Online Slide tutorial with sample database and snapshot report download
Database Design Principles (Including Normalization)
Using macros to automate actions in Access
MS Access Links;list
MS Access Web Ring

::: Components -- Know your Data Enemy :::
In the first part of a three-tip series on the challenges of working with legacy data, Scott W. Ambler presents a comprehensive guide to recognizing typical data problems. Knowing what types of data-related problems you're likely to encounter and understanding their potential impacts on your applications can put you well on the way to defeating them.

::: Common Data Design Problems :::
Most enterprise development efforts involve working with existing -- and flawed -- data designs. In the second tip in his series on the challenges of working with legacy data, Scott W. Ambler examines the data design problems you're likely to encounter and what they imply for your projects.

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