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Delphi Tutorial
Delphi Tutorial - This tutorial written for beginners but contains some intermediate tricks.

Computing with Delphi
Delphi Tutorial - This tutorial is part of a book "Borland Delphi Amazing Component"
Delphi Training
Frank's Delphi Lessons
Delphi Tutorial
Delphi Tutorial
Get Delphi Help - ask your questions and get answers
Delphi and Pascal Programming Tutorials - This site offers write-ups of how to do specific things in Delphi or Pascal.
Delphiland - Delphi Tutorials
At Delphiland you'll find free Delphi Tutorials together with fully commented projects and source
code; Mini-Tutorials including fully commented source; Source Code Snippets; tips; library; useful functions and procedures; book reviews and a Q & A forum.
Teach Yourself Delphi 4 In 21 Days, free online book:
Delphi Books and Learning Documents!openform
Delphi Developer Links!openform
Free Articles from Delphi Developer

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