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Director Tutorials - There are four tutorials available which cover the basic aspects of Macromedia Director. The tutorials have been designed as workbooks so the best way to use them is to work through them from beginning to end with both your browser and Director open, or print them out a bit at a time and follow the instructions.  
Director 6 Tutorial
Learning Director, a set of tutorials created by Dean Utian, a staff member of the Faculty of the Built Environment, the Unversity of New South Wales - Lots of Director Tutorials.
Director 8.5 Samples and Tutorials - Whether you're coming from Macromedia Flash, 3D or just a newbie looking to create animations, our samples and tutorials will give you step-by-step instructions to making the most of your Macromedia Director 8.5 Shockwave Studio experience.
Macromedia Director - Tutorial Index Overview
Macromedia Director - TechNote Index
Director in a Nutshell sample chapters include about 300 pages of free training material.
Lingo in a Nutshell sample chapters include over 200 pages of free training material.  
694 Director Tips n' Scripts
Lingo Streaming Tutorials  
Director and Lingo Tutorials
Tutorial in Using Macromedia Director's Lingo Authoring Environment for Exprimental Arts  
Directory Tips, Tricks, and Techniques  
Download and use Director free for 30 days.


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