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Also check out this page giving all the detail for 2 of the best Hardware Training Tutorials
A Short Guide to Building a Computer Support page
How to Build a Computer Lab
Build A PC - A custom PC hardware configuration guide.
Build A PC and Hardware Guides - How to Build a Computer
A Guide on Computer Hardware
eHows: Computer Hardware - tons of free tutorials
Get the 28 page Computer Demolition Manual in .PDF Format - learn how to take a computer apart and put it back together
How to Build a Computer / PC - Installation and Repair - A tutorial teaching how to build a computer. From selecting the components to putting it together.
Guides and Tweaks - Hardware Tweaking Guides
What's In That Box?,3398,s%253D1005,00.asp
Core PC Tech - some good computer hardware tutorials
Hardware Tutorials online from
Articles, tests, reviews, tips and more about PC hardware. - Tons of Hardware resources and more...
Hardware Tutorial Links
A Simple Course on Microprocessors
The Tech Page - A Complete Database of Hard Drives, with their Jumpers and Specifications.
Dave's Guide to Buying a Home Computer - Common sense guide to buying and maintaining a home computer, has a good troubleshooting page.
The Ultimate Memory Guide - A definitive document related to memory and the technology behind it.. Everything you ever wanted to know about memory can be found here. (1.171KB)
Chip Directory - This site contains: Numerically and functionally ordered chip lists, chip pinouts and lists of chip manufacturers, manufacturers of controller embedding tools, electronics books, CDROM's, magazines, WWW sites and more.
Understanding RAID - If you run any mission-critical servers, its essential to have some form of fault-tolerance. RAID is one of the more useful solutions.
Diagnosing & Fixing Motherboard Faults - Modern PC motherboards are very modular in their design, and so easily accessible. Anyone with a basic understanding of how they work should be able to diagnose and repair basic motherboard-related faults on a PC.
Search the  Dictionary of PC Hardware and Data Communications Terms - Enter the term below and then press the search button. The server will search through all of the terms in the dictionary and return either the matching term or a list of terms that appear to be close to the term you are interested in.

PC Mechanic's Build Your Own PC
While decidedly Windows-oriented when it comes to choice of OS, this site is very thorough and organized in its discussion of PC building. You're taken through all the steps, from purchasing the components, through preparation of the case, motherboard configuration, installation of the CPU and accoutrements, connecting everything, configuring the BIOS, and testing the system. Just stop when it gets to the part about installing Windows, of course. This guide is written in friendly, easy-to-follow language, and uses the word "crap" often enough to make me think the writer is a regular guy.
Build your own Home Server
Build a Computer - A step-by-step guide to assembling a computer

The Techzone's Build Your Own Comp: A Step by Step Guide
This is a very nicely-done tutorial, complete with pictures and humor (like the page for "tools needed" that features a photo of a screwdriver and a Coke). In this example, the author teaches you to build a specific type of computer, but you can mix and match your own components anyway. Again, we're asked to install a Windows OS ... and again, we can ignore that part.
Hardware/OS Technology Guides, Productivity and Upgrades

SysOpt's How To Build Your Own PC
Here's another thorough look at what it takes to complete a PC building project. There's good advice and ample explanation and some useful photos, plus the authors remind us not to automatically choose Windows (but then they go ahead and explain how to install the Windows 98 operating system, go figure). The tutorial is almost two years old, but still up-to-date enough to be relevant in 2001.
Notes on the Troubleshooting and Repair of Computer and Video Monitors
List of Computer Hardware Tutorial Sites
Computer Hardware Links - very comprehensive

PC Hardware Links
Computer Architecture Tutorial - This tutorial introduces undergraduate students to computer architecture concepts of caches and pipelining . It contains examples, interactive applets and some problems with solutions to illustrate basic ideas.
Computer Architecture Tutorial - This is a great learning site if you want to find out all this things that happen inside a  computer.
Readings in Computer Architecture
Raid Levels explained

SCSI Guides:


Hardware Review Sites:


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