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Also check out our Free Java Training page. Topical Index - Many good tutorials and articles on how to program in Java are available here.
Pure Java Education Center - You'll find "how-to" articles, tips, techniques, and free source code that we've developed using "Pure Java".
Java Mock Exam with answers - over 300 questions
Free Java  Skills Test
Sun Certified Java Programmer Mock Test - This site provides 30 sample questions for Sun Certified Java Programer exam.
Java Programming Tutorials from Webmonkey - the Web's Developer Resource
Java for Students
jRoundup - Java Tutorials, training, white papers, how-to's, and more.
Stay in touch and ahead of the game by learning all you can about the world of Java.
Six Articles About Java
Some tips on Java Performance Tuning
Java Tutorial Links
Pacific Spirit Java Tutorial about RMI/DCOM/CORBA for Java

** What's New In EJB 2.0?
Discover what's new in version 2.0 of the EBJ specification. This
article walks you through the EJB Query Language (EJBQL), container-
managed persistence, and message-driven beans. Check out "What's New
in EJB 2.0" at

SWING Tutorial:

AWT Tutorial:

AWT Fundamentals:
Brewing Java: A Tutorial
Java Tutorial Links
Getting Started with Java

JavaBeans Quiz Take this quiz to test your knowledge of the JavaBeansTM architecture and components, based on the JavaBean 101 tutorials, parts I, II, and III. (February 23)
J2ME Tech Tips See how to make connections with the CLDC, and learn the basics of the MIDP Record Management System (RMS). (February 21)
Language Essentials Short Course A solid introduction to JavaTM programming from jGuru. This course is specifically for developers with experience in structured programming languages (such as C, C++, or Pascal) who want to know the fundamentals of the Java programming language. (February 20)
Java Certification Links
Java Tutorial
Java Grande Conference Proceedings - content available in their digital library
Java Developer's Reference - Free Book
Java Certification help Q&A
Java Tutorial Links
Java Tutorial Links

Your ultimate Java software directory

Many Java and Java related Tutorials and Learning Materials (link resource site)

IBM Developerworks Java Tutorials:

::: Java 2 gets a new focus subsystem :::
The Java 2 platform gets a completely new AWT focus subsystem with the latest release of Java Standard Edition, 1.4, and we've got the scoop on what makes it go. Java language engineer Bertrand Portier offers a first look at the new classes and methods (including the essential KeyboardFocusManager) that comprise the AWT focus subsystem and
provides tips for adapting your programming efforts as you migrate to the new API.

::: Threading lightly: Sometimes it's best not to share :::
Sharing is an overrated virtue in the world of concurrent programming, since sharing data between threads can lead to all sorts of difficulty. But there is an easy way to avoid this problem: the ThreadLocal class. ThreadLocal gets relatively little attention, but it can be very handy for simplifying the development of thread-safe concurrent programs.  In this third installment of Threading lightly, Java software consultant Brian Goetz examines ThreadLocal and offers tips for exploiting its power.

::: Using Java to Extract Data into XML :::
This panel-based tutorials by developer and author Nick Chase for Java developers who work with XML explains how to use JDBC (or a JDBC-ODBC bridge) to acquire data from a RDBMS and put it into XML format for further processing. With a basic explanation of the Java JDBC database drivers and detailed instructions for collecting the XML data in a usable form.
::: Using Java to Insert XML into a Database :::
The obvious companion to the first tutorial, this panel-based tutorial tells developers how to use Java JDBC (and JDBC-ODBC bridge) to wrap XML data and insert it into a RDBMS for application processing. With detailed instructions of the data conversion techniques and a backgrounder on JDBC basics.

::: Introduction to JavaServer Pages :::
JavaServer Pages is a fundamental server-side Web technology and an integral part of a well-stocked toolkit. This tutorial introduces the fundamentals of JSP technology and describes the elements that define it: concepts, syntax, and semantics. Step -by-step instructions and detailed examples give you the skills you need to start writing your own JSP solutions.

::: Threading Lightly: Reducing Contention :::
Java threading expert Brian Goetz continues his Threading Lightly series with a look at three techniques for reducing contention -- and improving scalability -- in your Java programs. If concurrency issues have you stumped, be sure to stop by Brian's Multithreaded Java programming discussion forum for expert assistance.

::: Java Sockets 101 :::
Sockets provide a mechanism for communication between two computers, and the Java language offers a way to use sockets effectively without having to know the details of the underlying operating system. This practical tutorial by Java developers Roy Miller and Adam Williams walks you through several hands-on examples -- ranging from single client/sever communication to a pooled collection of clients accessing the server -- to teach you how to use sockets to handle scenarios that typically crop up in the real world.

::: Java Language Essentials :::
Whether you're new to programming in Java or just want a refresher, this free tutorial is for you. With syntax examples, learn how to define instance methods, how to work with the built-in data types, and how to speak fluently (well, almost fluently!) in the language of Java.

::: What's New in JDBC 3.0? :::
The Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) API is the primary mechanism for the Java language to access relational databases. In this article, Josh Heidebrecht, from the IBM VisualAge for Java team, reviews the new features of the Java Database Connectivity 3.0 specification.

::: Long-Term Persistence :::
With Java 1.4, you can avoid serialization and save object graphs encoded as XML documents.  Java consultant John Zukowski details and demonstrates the long-term persistence feature of the J2SE, version 1.4.

::: Tunneling through the Corporate Network :::
Java evangelist Malcolm Davis explores a safe and reliable technique for accessing corporate networks -- the use of Java objects over HTTP.

::: Server-Side Java Programming :::
The Java platform experienced a renaissance on the server. Understanding how the server-side Java technologies work, independently and with each other, is one key to the success of your Java applications. Java programming authority Govind Seshadri has dealt with some of the toughest challenges in server-side Java programming, and he brings his wealth of knowledge to this new moderated discussion forum.

::: J2EE Integration :::
No code is an island. At least that's how forum moderator Harry Evans sees it.  In the enterprise, applications must work with other systems, and this forum is designed to help identify strategies for handling B2B and legacy integrations in Java
programs, and solve the problems that crop up when integration is the goal.

::: Take Control of the DOM, Part 2 :::
The DOM APIs are large and complicated, and it's hard to understand how to coordinate the HTML page and the weblet. In this second installment of a three-part series on working with the DOM, authors Gary Cole and William Phillips take you further down the road to DOM mastery, with an extended discussion of DirectDOM and weblets.

::: Take Control of the DOM, Part 3 :::
This guide to weblet security, the last installment in our series on weblet-based development, shows you what a weblet can and can't do by default, and how to get around the constraints of the sandbox when the situation calls for it.

::: Take Command of your Client/Server Apps :::
The Java programming environment offers several methods for you to implement client/server conversational applications. This article describes an approach that lets you exchange message (command) objects between the client and the server. The server interprets these messages and builds reply objects to send back to the client.

::: Java Threads: Tips, Tricks, and Techniques :::
If multithreading has you stumped or you're in need of guidance, join this new discussion forum, moderated by professional Java developer and multithreaded programming expert Brian Goetz.

::: Java Collections Framework :::
Noted author and consultant John Zukowski expertly guides you through an extended tour of the JCF. This free step-by-step tutorial helps you
understand the concept of collections, and examines the interfaces and classes you need to use them properly.

::: Understanding the Java ClassLoader :::
One of the most powerful aspects of the JVM is also one of the most overlooked: the ClassLoader. This dW-exclusive tutorial reveals what exactly the ClassLoader does, and why it's important.  To test your new knowledge, you'll build a ClassLoader that compiles your source code for you automatically.

::: Build Your Own Java Library :::
The Java language has excellent support for turning code into reusable libraries, and this tutorial teaches you how to take advantage of that support and build a library of your own. Learn the fundamentals of encapsulation and extensibility and how they affect the design of your library. Find out how to use the automatic documentation generator and ensure you've dealt effectively with debugging issues. Plus, you get the source for a simple Java library to digest at your leisure.

::: Server-Side and Program Debugging :::
In this free, dW-exclusive tutorial, learn how to apply the tools now available to help you debug your programs. If you're a Java developer, this tutorial is a must-read. Become just as good a debugger as you are a programmer!

::: Developing Servlets to Connect to DB2 :::
This comprehensive tutorial shows you how to use VisualAge for Java, WebSphere Studio, and DB2 Stored Procedure Builder to build a simple, query-only servlet that connects to DB2 from different platforms. Geared to developers without a lot of Java experience (but useful for others too).

::: Creating Applets with VisualAge for Java :::
New to VisualAge for Java, or trying to evaluate how this product can help your Java development? This free dW tutorial teaches you the basics of using VisualAge for Java, including using the IDE to develop and test a simple applet.

::: Building a Customized Tree View :::
Learning how to implement hierarchy browsing using the Java Swing tree view component can be tricky. Our free tutorial will demonstrate -- with code samples -- how to creatively use the tree view component, including building custom renderers and models. The tutorial also illustrates some innovative UI features.

::: Techniques for Adding Trace Statements to Your Java Application:::
Tight schedules and demands for software enhancements can hinder even the most conscientious developer from building a proper debugging strategy. This article offers a helping hand with this important part of the development cycle by providing two techniques -- complete with code -- for tracing bugs in your apps before and after deployment.

::: Build Your Own Java-Based Supercomputer :::
Engineering student Aashish Patil entered this Java programming model in the IEEE India Council contest -- and won second place! In this
article he describes his prize-winning model, which greatly simplifies parallel programming on clusters, bringing supercomputing out of the
laboratory and into the hands of everyday Java programmers.

::: Using Java in High-Stakes Systems :::
This overview, the first in a series of articles, examines how Java technology can be used to secure a system in which the consequences of
mistaken identity can be particularly destructive.

::: JavaCon 2001 Updates :::
We've rounded out our coverage of this conference with two new presentations from industry luminaries Peter Haggar (Java performance)
and Jim Waldo (the future of Jini networking). In addition to the audio and slide shows available for both speakers, Peter's
presentation includes a number of usable code samples integrated into the audio.

::: EJB Fundamentals :::
This tutorial provides an introduction to Enterprise JavaBeans technology with particular attention to the role of EJB components in distributed-computing scenarios, the architecture, the extension APIs, and the fundamentals of working with EJB 1.1 technologies.

::: "Bean" There, Done That:  Using Client-Side Beans :::
Being "full of beans" works to the benefit of the DragonSlayers in this next chapter of the Go-ForIt Chronicles.  Read how they used JavaBeans components in their three-tiered application to reduce remote method calls and improve performance.


Hans's Top Ten JSP Tips:

By Hans Bergsten, this article focuses on the frequently asked questions that he's heard from people who have just started to play around with JSP. A free Chapter 5, "Generating Dynamic Content," from his book, "JavaServer Pages", is available online:
Developing Applications Using Servlets
Presenting Output to Browser Using JSP
Java Data Structures Tutorial
Lots of Java Learning and Programming Links,and here are links for Servlets, Java Server Pages and Enterprise Java Beans
2 free chapters from A Programmer's Guide to Java Certification
Java Resources
JDBC Lecture
Java Tutorials
JCertify(tm) is an interactive training product to learn the Java language and prepare for the Certified Java(tm) Programmer Examination. It includes a sample question database and integrated expert Java language training content from Bruce Eckel, Roedy Green, Professor Richard Baldwin.
Servlet Tutorial
Understanding Java -With exercises and soltions,in this series of tutorials on the Java Programming Language, we look at what Java is and show you how to write your own Java programs. These tutorials also appear in Australia's latest Internet magazine
Java related Courses and Tutorials
Introduction to Java Material
Java Papers from IBM
Enterprise Java Tutorial - Part I: Architecture and Analysis
Java How-Tos and Tutorials
Enterprise JavaBeans Tutorials
Sun Certified Java Programmer Exam Tutorial and some links
The Java Certification Study Group contains a good discussion forum
Good exam simulator, good source for Java Information
Many Java Links, including all the Free Online books at IT Knowledge Free Archive

Java China, free content and links

Links on Enterprise JavaBeans:
Starting Points
Articles & Literature
Products & Reviews!openform
Java Enterprise Developer Links!openform
Free Articles from Java Enterprise Developer
Java Servlets Tutorial
JSP Tutorial Links
Java Tutorial Links
Visual J++ Tutorial Links
JSP related tutorial links
Java section of Unix Review
In this article, I'll discuss how servlet-based Web systems actually work, concentrating on how the different pieces interact, and how some little-discussed aspects of servlet technology can impact your system-level design.
Java Resources
Resources for Teaching Java
Java Zone at IBM DeveloperWorks
The Java Tutorial - Object-Oriented Programming for the Internet a practical, on-line guide to writing programs in the Java language
Java Technical Training
This page links you to technical information covering all aspects of the Java platform, giving you alot of documentation and training assistance.
Java/Javascript Tutorials and Articles
Sun Educational Services
Sun Certification -- Training Certification Home Page
Java Certification Study Group - Java Certification Exam Online study group, maintained by Ian Wojtowicz.
Free Java Certification Training & Web Technology...
Focuses on giving you resources to help you prepare for the Sun Certified Java Exam
Bill's Java Certification Resources The Sun Certified Programmer
Java Certification Questions and Answers

Do "Java Certification" in
Java Programmer Certification Exam And Training
Java Tutorial for the Sun Certified Java Programmers Exam for Java2
Java Tutorial aimed at the Sun Certified Java Programmers Exam, based strictly around the Java2 published objectives

Java test practice questions:
Sun Certified Java Programmer Practice Exam
The O'Reilly Conference on Java
Download the presentations from the conference

You can find some tasty practice exams for this certification at: .
Creating & Debugging Java Server-Side Objects
Java Programming for Spatial Science. On these pages, you will find a series of 'lectures' and practical exercises on Java programming. They are primarily designed for those wishing to program using spatial information and assumes no previous programming experience.
Servlets and JavaServer Pages (JSP) 1.0: A Tutorial
Java Optimization - How to optimize your Java programs so that they're faster, smaller, and more maintainable.
Free Java Tutorials
Code Conventions for the Java Programming Language
Links for Java Guides and directories
The online Java archives and has information about virtually everything related to Java. The Java Resources hyperlink has pointers to an incredible number of newsgroups, mailing lists, and Web sites covering all things Java, including certification.
Java Tutorials

If you can't find your answer from the links above, then I suggest you ask your question to the Java experts at at:
The Java Question Board is at:
Java Tutorials
Getting started with Java is the name of this Java tutorial. It assumes some knowledge of programming with a language like Pascal (or any of its descendents), C or C++.
Java and Internet Glossary
Java Links
Designed to be a step by step introduction to Java for a competent C++ programmer.
Java resources and tutorials



From Narahari:
--- Very good good one --- Good One
Java 2.0 Certification Questions search on

More Java Links:
CRASH COURSE IN JAVA! -Based on EECE291: Multimedia Progamming, Vanderbilt U
Java Tutorial -4 Week Web Course from Bishops College
Java 101 -Introduction to Java
Java Short Courses -On-Site Instructor, Some On-Line (e.g. Swing)
Java Boutique - Many tutorials, Intro to Advanced.

Learning to Write Java - free tutorials, articles, faqs, servlets, resources
Introducing Java -Your First Applet
THE JAVA TUTOR -A few introductory Applets & Source
Java Coffee Break -Several beginning to advanced.
Java Tutorial -Technion EE Software Laboratory
Thinking in Java 2nd edition
Free electronic book, Download. Java Seminars on CD.
Intro To Java -IBM Education
IBM -Websphere, e.g. translating Weblogic To Websphere
VisualAge Java Tutorial
Java Programming...From the Grounds Up -Article series on learning Java
The Java Developer's Resource -Lecture Notes, Examples, ETC.
Don'T fear The OOP -Title says it all -Java Ranch -For the Java Rustler

About Java Chat:
Java Chat Fundamentals:

chat features:

Download chatBlaster software

Chat programs writing tutorial:

Sun FAQ on chat

From Narahari:
Free Java training, tutorials and more - Link site

Java certification site

Good One

java question bank

Java FAQ (good collection)

For Threads/ Networking FAQ: (search thread/networking in this

Java all FAQs (good one):

Java collections short course:

Java collections tutorial:

Mastering Java collections: (good One)

Collection FAQ:

Collection Links:

Fundamental FAQ on Java: (on asp) (webdesign)

Java servlets etc
Complete Java Resource URL

Excellent URL

good URL for Java

Good site for all Java

Servlet Programming for Teams
How Java Programmers and HTML Designers Can Collaborate Using XML

Full Java Links

Swing Book

Java Hotlinks to all the sites / java subjects
Java Knowledgebase
JSP Documentation, etc.
Excellent Java Help Document Site - Java Documentation in WinHelp Format

Good JavaSite
Java Test

Latest java features

Certification: (New) (New tips)

Java Applets for various Browsers:

Many Java Links

Java RMI

Finding Text Books:

Java Exam details:

EJB Test Tool: (free download)

Java Certification Sites:

Excellent downloads from Sun:

Java Tutorials:

ASp, jsp, servlet comparisions:

Free Java FAQ

Java Servlets Sample chapters

--------------------------------------------------------------------- (Not for Java and for
other Exams)

Sun's Site:


------------------------------------------------------------------------------ (JSP Links) (JSP downloads) (jsp Examples with code) (JSP faq & other contents) (JSP tech doc - server comparisions - JSP in nutshell)
(Oracle SQL Learning) (JSP -JDBC tutorial)
(JSP) (Oracle JDBC FAQ)
(JDBC Code Templates)
(JDBC Book)
(Servlets) (General all)
(All good stuff)
(GOODone consisting all links)

Jini Connection Technology Tutorial -
Introduction to Jini:
- What is Jini?
- Why and how is it useful?
- Where do you get Jini?
Five Key Concepts to Understanding Jini - Once you see how Jini is designed and intended to work, the next step is to know the building blocks of Jini processing.
Jini Tutorials, Examples, and Resources - Look here to find implementation details, including code for simple applications and pointers to on-line tutorials.
Jini From Sun Microsystems
This tutorial is organised as follows: Introduction, Concepts, Components, Service Architecture, Example.
Jini Technology Developer Center - The purpose of this site is to provide technical information, downloads, and a feedback mechanism for submitting improvements or bugs for developers using JiniTM technology from Sun Microsystems.
Jini Network Technology - White Papers and Other Documents
The Community Resource for Jini Technology - Links of Resources
Jini Planet - This page is my repository for links, tips, and information on Sun's JiniTM distributed computing platform. I've been doing Jini development since mid-1998 at Xerox PARC, and am the author of Core Jini, published by Prentice Hall. This page is an attempt at summarizing some lessons I've learned, as well as a place to collect bug fixes and errata for the book.
Jiniology - Good Articles about Jini
Jan Newmarch's Guide to JINI Technologies - Free Online Course
Bill Day's presentation - An overview with reasons why the Jini technology is valuable, targeted at a technically literate audience, such as managers of programmers and programmers who want to learn what it is before they decide to put real effort into learning the details.



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