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Now you can search 75 of the best career sites with one click, absolutely free using a great website called  Select your job category, preferred locations and keywords and you'll instantly see all matching jobs on all the best career sites.
Search over 4 million current job listings conveniently and comprehensively.   With just 1 click,  lets you search the largest database of current jobs listings. - Find government jobs in public sector agencies, education and commercial
The second largest IT career site and currently have over 11,000 jobs less than 30 days old at some of the most prestigious companies in the world. It's FREE, easy and fast.
The Riley Guide: Computer and Technology Jobs.
Job Source Network - Popular Job Sites - dedicated to providing you, the Information Technology professional, with valuable information and online job tools to help you grow your career. is a sophisticated, yet easy to use IT employment center on the Internet
+Jobs America is a country-wide job search database with a firm commitment to helping American companies find the qualified employees they seek to fill their available positions.
Article Archives from, many good career articles and good advice is given here. - An online community for IT recruiters and employers

Scholarships for students in many countries in the world
Perfect Agent and BrainBench at Manpower - With PerfectAgent, you'll have the best tools available for finding your perfect career.
Specializes in A+ and N+ and these will show you the career field regarding available jobs and salaries,_computers/
IT Jobs Sites
IT job search sites
Global Resource for Career Connections
Computer and technology job listings - Links
Used all the links here except in the General Job Resources section.

Information Technology Career World
Information Technology Association of America

name_of_website = Career Rewards
website_address =
website_description = Recruiting, referral and job search site offering
employee signing bonuses and job placement referral bonuses.

name_of_website = The Super Site
website_address =
website_description = International employment recruiter posting jobs and resumes in 54 languages in more than 130 countries with directory links to more than 5000 sites.


IT Contracting:
Contract Employment Weekly - Jobs for Engineering, IT/IS, & Technical Personnel is dedicated to marketing the talents of experienced freelancers, consultants and independent professionals to a nationwide audience of top employers.

If you are interested in working part time (you set your own hours) providing computer technical support, by phone, or onsite please sign-up at  There is no fee to join and you have nothing to lose.

Free Technical Tests to assess your knowledge and level of expertise
Java Developer Interview Questions
UNIX System Administration Hiring Process
Programming In C++ - A quiz to test your knowledge of the C++ programming language
Technical Interview Questions and Answers (Java & OOP)
-------------------------------------------------------- is a unique new virtual community for software developers. At, members share ideas with each other and form teams to collaborate on software projects. Asynchrony markets the finished software and gives the lion's share of revenues to the team members who created the software.


Career Advice:
Knowledge Paths, learn about the various career opportunities in Information Technology
Career Advisor
The Riley Guide: Employment Opportunities and Job Resources on the Internet
The Riley Guide: Career Options - many links
News, views, features and information. Everything you need to know to get your career on the right track. Professional advice for all aspects of the employment market, whatever you do and wherever you go.
The Career Dr. (Dr. Randall Hansen) answers your career questions
Kaplan Career Center includes helpful articles on making career choices: Get a Clue about What to Do, Find Your Career Match, Cruise the Hot Jobs, Plug into Personalized Counseling, Investigate Choice Careers, Make Use of Informational Interviews.
University Career Resource Centers
How to find a programming job online
Job Tips
Employment and Career Resource Sites
Assessment Tools
Interview Network- Job interview guide featuring 2,800+ interview questions, answer strategies, interview tips, and mock interviews.
Get Interviews - a global leader in providing resume development and career marketing
Let our advocates guide you through the career maze to the job of your dreams
Career resources and links
Tech Resources - We have compliled tons of career information for I.T. professionals! Each section is separated into I.T. specific links and General links.
Power Tools for Relocation
Career Planning resources from LookSmart
The Catapult on JobWeb- Probably the most comprehensive job-related site on the net. Help guides and resources for just about everything you need.

Here is an interesting site that explains most of the jobs you are seeking answers for:

Technology CyberTrends:

Organisational Skill Sets For the Information Professional:
Has career assessment and college career centers.
Has career counseling links, etc.
Career Help
IT Career Help
America's Job Bank Keyword Search page
CareerExpedite - Expedite Your Career Change. They have 2 services you may be interested in: 1) Executive Recruiter Mailing -- They will email a copy of your resume, with your own cover letter, to more than 5,000 executive recruiters nationwide. This service includes three months of automatic email forwarding. Price is $199. 2) Career Consulting -- They will consult with you on your career change tactics and strategy, fee is $175 per hour.


Link Sites: ">
Job and Career Sites
Computer job sites
The Job Search & Career Management Portal
Here's a linked list of the 100 most popular job search sites, last updated 5-11-2000
Career Sites on the Web
Jobs and Careers in Computers and IT
Look here for computer employment resources.


Career and Job Fairs
Career Fair Central - links
Career Fairs Nationwide - search does not work
Career Fairs links
Career and Job Fair Links


Recent Grads:

Internship Sites:
Washington D.C. Intern Foundation; internships and housing info.
International opportunities
U.S. State Department
Council on International Educational Exchange
Resorts, National Parks, Ranches, etc.
Live, Learn, and Intern in D.C.
Summer camp jobs
Law-firms, Sports teams, Mktg, Communication, Arts & Humanities, etc.
Health/fitness/wellness/sports mgmt/athletics/recreation/resort
search mode; International and U.S.A.
leading magazines that have internship programs


Salary Resources:
Salary Guides - links
Internet Computing Salary Zone - salary information for computing positions
Engineering Salary Information
DataMasters Salary Survey - specific salary information for computer and technology professionals
A great site that also lists numerous links.
(Disregard the title about Mid-Career)

Another good site -

And another -

etc. -
Your Market Value

This is a great page listing many, many links to sites with information about IT workers' salary. It also has three links for information on California high-tech salaries.

Here is another page with links to salary sites:
Average Entry Level Salaries For Graduates with Engineering & Computer Degrees - Entry-level, as defined here, represents two years of experience or less. The Network Administrator is listed as $29,000-$35,000 - with your 2 years experience, minus the degree, but plus NYC's area, I still say $50,000 is a good figure for you.
Computers and Information Technology salary articles and tables from the Wall Street Journal
1999 National IT Salary Survey
This Salary Information page from Science and Engineering Library provides several good links to find out more about technical salaries.
Salary links and info
Starting salaries for the Class of '99
Salary negotiating
Salary and relocation links


IT Job Profiles:

I suggest you talk to 2 or 3 career guidance counselors, start with a local community college, go to a state university, then check out some private schools.

I suggest also for you to go to a computer users group and ask about the local schools and local hiring trends. You can find computer user groups in your local area at these 2 sites:
Maybe you can find a mentor at one of the user groups.


http:// brings telecom professionals together at on job site both employers and employees. caters to all employment job aspects of the telecommunications industry including internet. is an online job search specializing in the telecommunications industry and highly technical employment opportunities in contract to full-time positions.

TelcoSolutions Inc. - National search firm specializing in job placement in the telecommunications industry; includes job listings and site for posting resumes.


silver4 asked this question on 4/10/2000:
Is therea place where I can look for jobs or sign up for job listing?

intelinfo gave this response on 4/17/2000:
Some of the top sites to look for any type of job:

Job-Hunt.Org, -
Listing of thousands of on-line job hunting resources by category. -
Comprehensive career and employment resource center. Features include job listings, resumes, artices and other valuable information. -
Complete confidentiality, accurate agent searches, anonymous searchable profiles, fast sign-up, and thousands of jobs

JobOptions -
Job listings, career tools and HR resources. Features a searchable employer database and a resume database with real privacy.

CareerCast -
Fill out a brief form to submit your resume, then search their database for available jobs. Search by employer websites or usenet jobs.

Brilliant People -
Not simply a database of jobs and people.

Nationwide job listings and resume posting. -
Provides unique postings and information on the "coolest" jobs in the world. We have the "real-deal" on offbeat fun jobs.

Global Job Service -
The one-stop site for the employment needs of job hunters, employers and recruiters.

For Technical Jobs:

Dice.Com - High Tech Jobs Online - - job search web site for computer professionals, with thousands of high tech permanent, contract, and consulting jobs nationwide. Good Resource. -
A career site designed for the technical professionals IT and engineering professionals. -
Find and post computer jobs and resumes for free. Employers, agents and job seekers are welcome.

Mainframe Developers Network -
Site primarily for Mainframe Professionals. Features includes job posting, message boards, free email, recruiters directory and many more...

NT Jobs and Resumes -
This is a free site for job seekers, employers as well as agents.


Canada jobs and career sites
Workopolis is Canada's premier job search website.
This is a pretty good site for finding job openings in Canada, many Canadian related job sites are listed.
Jobs Canada Jobs Seeker site - this looks like an excellent site for Canadian job seekers. You need to register first.
You can also try some of the job search sites listed at this directory page.
Job Searching in Canada
Job Banks for searching for jobs in Canada
IT Headhunters in Canada
Training Super Site Job Search, may have Canadian jobs also.



Learn how to negotiate for a great package without offending or alienating your future boss

Interview links:
Successful Interviewing Tips

Steps to the ideal interview.

Interviewing & Resume Information

Get the scoop on the most frequently asked questions and the best questions for you to ask.

Ace the Interview

How to be cool, calm, collected, and prepared.

Also includes a unique Virtual Interview>!

Do you want to work for XYZ company? We tell you how to find out more about a potential employer by researching the company online>.
This site features a step-by-step, interactive tutorial providing instructions on using over 50 free online resources for researching companies, many of which you are already familiar with from the Compass. Currently, it focuses on U.S. resources, but will hopefully be adding international sites in the near future.

Are you looking for your next big gig? Then may be all you need with its job board and resume bank for computer contractors and professionals. On it you can search for jobs by date, keyword, or job description; respond to jobs online; submit your resume; participate in a moderated user forum, etc.

Janet Rujl's computer consultant's resource page includes a "Real Rate Survey," salary survey, message board, tips & gotchas, and more. Compare how week youre doing by searching the 2,000+ hourly earning rates of your peers, displaying all of the 1998 listings, or looking for rates by technical specialty, location, or job description.

California Job Search Guide
Includes salary negotiation techniques, sample resumes, career guides, salary surveys (with links to over 150 salary surveys), and negotiation strategies.

Check out Career Babe: The Online Career Adviser>. At this site youll find tips on how to maximize your job search with the best on-line activities, resume writing tutorials, interview and salary negotiating tips, career transition information, and even advice on how to handle career emergencies.

Want help getting what you deserve? SalaryMasters is offering an online salary negotiating service that will work out the details of your compensation package, from vacations to stock options. It charges a small fee, which it may include in your compensation package; qualified applications who participate in a research study may get the fee waived. Their Web site include lots of other information for helping you in your job search.

Whats your dream Job?,4,20536,00.html? The Database Domain tells you who the tech world's most desirable employers are.

CareerPath>: Here you'll find a keyword-searchable index of the Sunday employment classified advertisements from 5 major newspapers. Most of the advanced services are available only to registered users; however, registration is free. This site is an outstanding resource.

D.I.C.E. National Network is an excellent resource for contract and permanent positions all over the U.S. 45,000 job listings from over 1,000 companies, employer profiles, and resume posting service; Jobtools feature allows job listings to be emailed directly to you according to your skill profile.

While the resume is a somewhat generic advertisement for yourself, which you may send unaltered to scores of different companies, the cover letter allows you to tailor your application to each specific job. Click here to view two good sample cover letters to get you started.

Click here to access an interview checklist, top 10 reasons for rejections, how to prepare for your interview, what information you need about the employer before your interview, gives you a preparation exercise, suggests what to wear, questions to ask interviewers, tells you what recruiters are looking for, and gives you concrete interviewing DOs and DON'Ts.

Are you worried about your next job interview? Click here to find out how to be more prepared for those awkward questions and situations and to get the job you want.

Have you sent out more resumes than you care to remember, only to have your phone remain silent? Maybe it's not because you don't have the skills employers want, but because your resume doesn't do you justice. Click here to learn tips that will help you tune up your resume so you need an assistant just to handle all the job offers.



Sample cover letters -- CareerLab
Tips -- #1 Resume Writing Services
Writing guide -- JobWeb

Electronic Recruiting News
Recruiters by specialty -- Job Connection
Recruiters Online Network

By profession -- JobStar
Salary Calculator --

The Interview
Company research --
Interview resources -- WorkSearch

Employee Benefits
401(k) --
Pensions --
Stock options -- National Center for Employee Ownership

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