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Here are More Free Linux Training resources, and also Here
Linux Survival, Free Online Linux Tutorial
Linux Tutorials from
Linux Documentation Project Document Database - If you wish to view the documents in the database, you can log on using username guest, password guest
Linux Documentation, fairly extensive set of  resources
Index of YoLinux tutorials. Linux Information Portal includes informative tutorials and links to many Linux sites
Many Free Online Linux Tutorials from IBM
Tucows News - Linux News - Past Articles and Tutorials
Sample chapters from Running Linux, 3rd edition
Many Free Linux Tutorials from IBM Developerworks
Linux Newbie Admnistrator's Guide
Beginner's Linux Guide,10606,6001486,00.html
Linux Quick Start Guide
Linux Tutorials from
Building the Perfect Box: How to Design Your Linux Workstation - by Eric S. Raymond
Process Scheduling chapter from Understanding the Linux Kernel
Red Hat and Debian Package Managers chapter from Linux in a Nutshell, 3rd Edition
Get Linux Help - Ask your questions and get answers
Mesa's personal web site dedicated for Linux newbies/zealot/admin
Securing Linux, Part 2 - Advanced Linux security

Securing Linux, Part 1- Elementary Linux Security
K12 Linux in Schools Project
Search Linux Manual pages
Linux User Articles and Tutorials
Linux Tutorials (links)
Linux Tips and Tricks Unix/Linux Tutorial - This document is meant to be a crash-course in using the UNIX operating system, with Linux being an example.
Recovering a Linux System
Installing ReiserFS on a second hard drive
Chapter 3: Linux Policy Routing Structures - Excerpted from Policy Routing Using Linux by Matthew Marsh.
This page contains a small Introduction to Linux training manual which is suitable for either getting started with Linux on your own, or for use by training companies in Linux related courses.
Rick's Linux Resources, pretty good resources and learning links for Linux
Linux-Mobile-Guide - A Guide for Laptops and Mobile Devices, former known as Linux-Laptop-HOWTO is available now.

Documentation and Guides for learning KDE, Linux's Graphical User Interface:
300 pages of study guides all cram into 10 - 30 pages of what you need to know to pass the Red Hat Certified Engineer exam.
Cramsessions for SAIR Linux Certifications
Linux Skills Tests - This generates random questions concerning Linux. There are presently 641 questions to choose from. Each question is rated as E Easy M Moderate or T Tough.
Linux Man Pages -  HTML version of the the MAN pages with search and a searchable index of the /usr/doc directories.
The Best of - These articles highlight readers' favorites from the past few years. We'll be adding to this list every month, so look for more articles soon.
The Corel Learning Center is pleased to offer you this interactive Web-Based Training to help you learn Corel LINUX OS.
RedHat Linux Tutorials & Courses - short animated screenshot tutorials for RedHat Linux.
Linux Complete Command Reference
Linux Unleashed, Third Edition (free book)
Links to several Linux articles and tutorials
How to Set Up a Linux Mail Hub - Linux allows you to set up a Unix-based mail hub on an old Intel box for minimum outlay and maximum flexibility.
Linux Software Encyclopedia
Linux KnowledgeBase
Linux Tutorials
Linux Lessons
Linux Knowledgebase search
The Linux Standard Base Written Specification
Free Linux Documenation Guides. The latest ones are listed first.
Advanced Shell Usage and Shell Scripts
Shell Programming Tutorial
Linux Terminal Bash Tutorial
Advanced Bash Scripting Guide
Linux Articles from IBM Developerworks
Linux Tutorials from
All Linux Tutorials and Articles from
Linux Guide @FirstLinux,,47,00.html
Linux Tutorial
Tutorial on coding real time applications using RTLinux. "Here's how to get started developing the code for your next high-altitude atmospheric research project, or anything else where a hard real-time task needs to communicate with other software."
Linux clustering with MOSIX - introduces you to clustering and explains what it is, how you go about cluster-enabling your Linux system, and how you can benefit from setting up a cluster.,t=grl,p=LinuxFAQ
Transitioning from Windows to Linux - 50 page technical FAQ
Best Linux 2000 Operating System - User Manual, some good instructions and how to chapters.
The Ultimate Guide On Linux for Beginners - Quite a bit of good background information here about Linux -- what it is, where it came from, how to get it, what to do with it once you acquire it."
Linux Lookup Guides
Char Drivers, free chapter from Linux Device Drivers, 2nd Edition
Linux Learning Links

"Practical XML with Linux, Part 1," Uche Ogbuji (, September 1999):
"Practical XML with Linux, Part 2: A Survey of Tools," Uche Ogbuji (, August 2000):
Practical XML with Linux, Part 3: XML database tools for Linux :,t=gr,p=RAID
Software RAID in the new Linux 2.4 kernel - Installation and a general introduction
Getting Started with Linux - This is a free online course offered by Linux Online. This course will get you the beginner with Linux to the point where you can do everything that you do with MS Windows, in Linux and much more.

FreeOS has a series of articles for newbies including:

Linux Tutorials and Howtos
Starters for Linux - Part 1
Starters for Linux - Part 2
Starters for Linux - Part 3, Basic System Administration and Networking - "Well wrap up this series by looking at a number of commands that deal with Basic System Administration and Networking."

Linux Tutorials by Trevor Warren
Learn the basics of Linux quickly, try this entertaining online Linux tutorial. You don't need any browser plug-ins and you don't need to install it on your computer. Best of all, it's free!

Introduction to UNIX -

Josh's Linux Guide -

Running Linux Applications on AIX (free registration required)
Published: Jul 02, 2001   222 pages
The Essential Open Book Project
Linux Assembly Tutorials

Linux Infobase
Sun's Linux home page
Linux Tutorial Links
Linux Tutorial and Learning Links

In an effort to help people understand the types of questions that will be available on our exams, we have created some sample questions for the following exams:
101 -
102 -
These pages should give you an understanding of the types of questions that you will encounter on the LPI exams.
Linux/Unix Tutorials
 Chapter Seven: Before Things Break - Building a Baseline - excerpted from Networking Linux -- A Practical Guide to TCP/IPNetworking Linux
LIDS and Mandatory Access Control (MAC) on Linux
Linux Standard Base - The goal of the Linux Standard Base is to develop and promote a set of standards that will increase compatibility among Linux distributions and enable software applications to run on any compliant Linux system.
GIMP Tutorials (like Photoshop, for Linux)
Linux Zone at IBM DeveloperWorks
IBM developerWorks: Tutorial: Compiling the Linux kernel 
This free, dW-exclusive tutorial shows how to rebuild your Linux kernel step by step to get the right configuration for your machine. dW columnist Daniel Robbins introduces the kernel, and then walks you through locating and downloading sources, configuring the kernel, compiling and installing the kernel, and boot configuration.
Introduction to XFree86 4.x - Steps you through the process of getting XFree86 4.x up and running on your system. Covers X usage fundamentals, including running X applications remotely, securing X, and configuring X applications using the X resource database. He'll also show you how to launch your preferred window manager, desktop environment, and applications at Xfree86 startup.
Configuring TCP/IP under Linux - Reviews IP addresses, subnets, and routing and discusses the various network configuration files required by Linux, how to initialize a network interface, and how to edit the system's routing table. The tutorial closes with a brief look at how to analyze your network and ensure that data gets to where it's supposed to go, without error.
More Linux and Open Source Tutorials from IBM

IBM Developerworks Linux Turtorials:

::: RunTime: Synchronizing processes and threads :::
How well do Windows and Linux handle concurrent processes? This month, Ed Bradford, dW columnist and performance measurement expert, looks at interprocess synchronization primitives as a way to control two processes' access to the same resource.

::: Introduction to  XFree86 4.x :::
In this tutorial, Unix programmer Chris Houser steps you through the process of getting XFree86 4.x, the standard free X server for Linux, up and running on your system.  Chris also covers X usage fundamentals, including running X applications remotely, securing X, and configuring X applications using the X resource database.

::: Configuring TCP/IP under Linux :::
In this tutorial, you'll get a comprehensive introduction to TCP/IP, including IP addresses, subnets, and routing. Tom Syroid, author and *NIX system administration expert, shows you which network config files Linux needs; and how to initialize a network interface, edit the system's routing table, and monitor your network.

::: Writing DLLs for Linux Apps  :::
Plugins and DLLs are often great ways to add functionality without writing a whole new application. In Linux, plugins
and DLLs are implemented as dynamic libraries. This article shows you how to use dynamic libraries to change an
application after the app is running.

::: Common Threads: Advanced Filesystem Implementor's Guide, Part 4 :::
dW columnist Daniel Robbins continues his look at Linux 2.4's new filesystem possibilities, including ReiserFS, XFS, GFS, and others. In this fourth installment, he reviews the significance and benefits of devfs, the device management filesystem.

::: What Good is a Linux Client? :::
Follow along with IBM's Mark Chapman on his quest to cobble together a Linux system capable of replacing his Windows systems.  From his perspective as a Linux newbie, he looks at the availability of commercial, shareware, and freeware Linux options.

::: Common threads: Advanced filesystem implementor's guide, Part 5 :::
dW columnist Daniel Robbins continues his look at Linux 2.4's new filesystem possibilities, including the Device Filesystem (devfs), ReiserFS, XFS, GFS, and others. In this fifth installment, he shows you how to get your system devfs-ready (and in the next article, he'll cover the actual conversion to devfs).

::: RunTime: Pipes in Linux, Windows 2000, and Windows XP :::
In this month's column, IBM performance expert Ed Bradford begins a series of investigations into operating system programming interfaces, starting with pipes. He tests pipes on Linux, Windows 2000, and Windows XP. See which operating system's pipe code executes the fastest.  

::: Linux Unicode Programming :::
Review the basics of designing and incorporating international language support into your next Linux app.

::: Backing Up your Linux Machines :::
No matter how careful you are, some things are beyond your control. For instance -- unexpected events like a failed hard drive or a large power surge can easily destroy data.  This free, dW-exclusive tutorial by dW columnist Daniel Robbins shows you how to protect yourself and your data from component failure by doing regular system backups.

::: Technical FAQ for Linux Users :::
This far-reaching FAQ covers many common technical questions on Linux, and is especially focused on helping Windows users make the transition to Linux.

::: RunTime:  Block Memory Copy :::
This month Ed Bradford looks at the simple operation of block memory copy, and begins to uncover whether Linux or Windows 2000 is better at the job.

::: RunTime: Block Memory Copy, Part 2 :::
Building on last month's column, Dr. Edward Bradford experiments with varying the block size of memory transfers and offers suggestions for speeding up the transfer on both Linux and Windows.

::: RunTime: Programming on Linux and Windows 2000 :::
This new column puts Linux and Windows to the test! In this and future columns, you'll see high-performance coding practices demonstrated and measured on both operating systems.

::: Inside Samba 2.2 :::
Daniel Robbins explains how the new Samba 2.2 creates an incredibly powerful enterprise-ready UNIX/Windows integration solution.

::: Linux Meets the Mainframe :::
You can have your regular Linux applications access an enormous amount of legacy data. This article presents an overview of, and tips on developing for, the Linux for S/390 system.

::: Common Threads: Dynamic Iptables Firewalls :::
Need to make rapid, complex changes to your firewall rules? Use Daniel Robbins' dynamic firewall scripts to increase your network security
and responsiveness, and to inspire your own creative designs.

::: Building KDE Themes for Linux :::
This free, dW-exclusive tutorial introduces you to K Desktop Environment (KDE) themes: how to create, save, load, and share the fundamental look and feel of the KDE environment. Take this tutorial and then customize KDE to fit your personal working style.

::: Common Threads: Learning Linux LVM, Part 2 :::
Read the logical conclusion of Daniel's two-part series on converting your filesystem to an LVM logical volume.

::: Using Bash Shell Scripts for Function Testing :::
Use Bash for function testing your Linux apps -- it's fast, easy, and already installed!

::: Common Threads: Awk by Example, Part 2 :::
Daniel Robbins' series continues to explore awk and equips you to write your own powerful awk scripts.

::: Common Threads: Awk by Example, Part 3 :::
The final installment of Daniel's awk series walks you through writing a complete checkbook-balancing program from scratch, showing you how
to use awk's powerful string functions.

::: Linux Hardware Stability Guide, Part 1 :::
Pick up tips and skills from Daniel Robbins to ensure your Linux system is as stable as it can possibly be.

::: Linux Hardware Stability Guide, Part 2 :::
Linux developer and dW columnist Daniel Robbins shows you how to diagnose and fix IRQ and PCI latency timer issues -- techniques you can use to ensure your systems don't experience lock-ups, inconsistent behavior, or data loss.

::: Slackware Linux 101 :::
See what really happens when you boot your Linux box -- and then configure your system to do exactly what you want.

::: Beowulf Clusters :::
Learn how to use multiple CPUs in parallel under Linux. This article introduces Beowulf clusters, which reduce the time to process software by using multiple CPUs executing program fragments in parallel under Linux or under NT.  The author describes various implementations, the relative performance of the clusters, and the technology needed to make them effective.

Linux White Papers and Tutorials:
Linux Gazette - Monthly Web publication with an informal style. Linux Gazette is dedicated both to making Linux just a little more fun and to sharing ideas and discoveries.
Linux Journal - This companion site to the venerable monthly print magazine has selected material from the current issue plus a number of online-only feature articles. Other features include a speakers bureau.
The Linux Show!! - Weekly Webcast (Tuesdays at 6 p.m. Pacific) with discussion of recent Linux news and sometimes controversial topics, often including special guests from the Linux community. Part of the GeekCast Network.
Linux Online - A nonprofit operation that includes contributions from thousands in the Linux community. Aims to provide a clearinghouse for information about, and to further the promotion of, Linux.
32BitsOnline - 32BitsOnline has timely editorials, technical articles, hardware and software reviews, news, polls, and other features geared toward IT professionals in the Linux and BeOS worlds.
Linux Magazine - The "chronicle of the revolution" has been going to subscribers and newsstands since the spring of 1999. Complete issues go online a few months after they come out in print. Site also includes some online-only content.

More Linux Links: Debian Linux Distribution Linux 2000 Online The Linux Documentation Project Linux Kernel Traffic Linux Focus Linux Games Linux Gazette Linux Institute Linux Online Linux Newbie Linux Performance Tuning Information Linux Resources Linux Security Linux Today Linuxtopia Linux Weekly News Linux World Free Software Foundation Apache Web Server The GNOME Project SourceForge Atlanta Linux Showcase


Programming Links:

Linux Configuration Links:


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