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Free MOUS Training and Tutorials for MS Office Productivity Software
(Microsoft Office User Specialist)


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You can study online for the MOUS certification using the courses and
training materials at the following web sites. Unfortunately, there are not
a lot of formal online courses for this certification. This was all I could
find. There are many more informal tutorials for each of the MS Office
applications. You can check out the best of them on our page here: Also make sure to check our
MS Office Training Tutorials at
A third-party MOUS Web site offering information about MOUS exams, access to experts, and online study
groups, among other things. This site is worth checking out if you're planning on getting any of the MOUS certifications.
Cramsession Study Guides for MOUS Certification Exams:
MOUS Word 2000

MOUS Word 2000 Expert

MOUS Excel 2000

MOUS Excel 2000 Expert

MOUS Outlook 2000

MOUS Powerpoint 2000

MOUS Project 2000

MOUS Project 2000 Expert

MOUS Access 2000
MOUS Word 2000 CramNotes

Free MOUSE Certification Study Guides:
Register free here or use login id: "freelearn" and password: "970675"
Word 2000
 - Excel 2000
 - Access 2000
 - PowerPoint 2000

For self-study free training and tutorials on the MS Office applications,
check out our web page here:

Also there are more links to free MS Office training here:

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