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Free Mainframe books - many, many free mainframe specific books are available here, register for free.
 z/OS Internet Library
OS/390 Internet Library  
IBM Resource Link - you can register to access many mainframe resources for free. Resource Link is a customized web-based solution, providing everything you need to plan for, install, and maintain your IBM  zSeries 900 and IBM S/390 servers and associated software.
White Papers for IBM Enterprise Servers  
Enterprise Server Publications Library - White papers and consultant reports OS/390 Information Wizardry - These wizards simplify your planning and configuration needs by exploiting recommended values and by building customized checklists for you to use. For configuration tasks, our wizards also generate outputs like jobs, policies, or parmlib members that you can upload to OS/390 and use.  
Enterprise Server Publications Library - Reference Guides
Enterprise servers online publications and newsletters  
z/Bulletin - the eServer publication for enterprise customers  
Welcome to Front Edge, the IBM Enterprise Solutions Journal
z/OS Home Page  
OS/390 Software Products Publications
VSE/ESA Library items, whitepapers, documentation, program directories, presentations and technical items  
z/OS and OS/390 Hot Topics Newsletters - Learn about key z/OS and OS/390 technical topics and other items of interest.  
LookAt - z/OS and OS/390 message help  
IBM Enterprise Servers Information Map - provides quick and easy access to the latest IBM eServer and S/390 servers product and technical information.
CICS Support page

VM and VM-related product publications  
IBM Server Support - register for free and access more free technical support resources, select S/390.  
Database Search for IBMs closed Authorized Problem Analysis Reports - search on words such as 390, S390, MVS, mainframe. Click on the Natural Language, Exact Words, or Word Stems buttons.
IBM S/390 Support Portal  
OS/390 V2R10.0 elements and features  
z/VM and VM/ESA Service - this page provides you with a list of VM-related service information and other online services resources.  
APAR and ++HOLD Documentation for OS/390  
IBM Software Product support - click on the links for MVS/CICS, MVS/ESA, and OS390. S/390 Technical Support Forum POK Software Support Docs for OS/390 

Free RedBooks (free registration required(:

Enterprise JavaBeans  for z/OS and OS/390 CICS Transaction Server V2.1
Published: Jul 31, 2001   340 pages

e-Business Intelligence: Leveraging DB2 for Linux  on S/390
Published: Jul 25, 2001   232 pages

DB2 for z/OS and OS/390 Version 7  Performance Topics
Published: Jul 03, 2001   262 pages

IBM eserver zSeries Connectivity Handbook
Published: Jul 25, 2001   172 pages
Free mainframe articles extracted from Xephon's Reports
Xephon mainframe technical journals, offers free sample copies and links to explore in each area.

More IBM Mainframe Resources:

z/OS   - IBM's z/OS home page. Lists recent related announcements, and provides a start point for z/OS information. z/OS replaced OS/390 (which replaced MVS) when IBM eserver zSeries replaced System/390 enterprise servers (mainframes).

IBM z/OS and OS/390 EXPO - The next IBM z/OS and OS/390 annual technical conference. Focusing first and foremost on performance issues, recently expanded to include Linux for zSeries. 5 days.

IBM z/OS and OS/390 EXPO Conference Topics Online - Access for conference attendees to presentation materials from past conferences.

MVS Update - Home page for Xephon's monthly technical journal covering z/OS, OS/390 and MVS. Older issues, including published code, are available for free download.

MVS/ESA IBM Manuals - On-line access to manuals covering all components of MVS/ESA. Requires no special reader, though it does simulate IBM BookManager. - Help Boards and Interview Q&A provide moderated technical questions and answers in forums divided along subject lines.

OS/390 Internet Library - On-line access to manuals covering all components of OS/390. Needs no special reader, though it does simulate IBM BookManager.

Thierry Falissard's MVS Page - Favourite links of a man with a passion for MVS, including many to original material on his own OS/390-MVS Cyber Mall site.

TSO/ISPF Update - Home page for Xephon's quarterly technical journal covering TSO and ISPF. TSO is a teleprocessing monitor. ISPF is an integrated set of on-line tools and services that modernize the TSO environment for both mainframe programmers and users.

z/OS IBM Manuals - On-line access to manuals covering all components of z/OS. Requires no special reader, though it does simulate IBM BookManager.

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