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This document lists, describes and contains hyper-links for many different Free computer and I.T. training, educational, and tutorial web resources. Check out the Free Computer Books and free certification practice tests on this page also.go

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Post free 'single topic' online training courses here. (did first 4 already)
Free Macromedia Flash self-study online training course. Learn how to use this important web development tool, from beginning to advanced methods. Many techniques are described and taught, both in words and via graphics, so you can remember easily and practice on your own. Also available are all the best free Flash web resources for you to visit and learn from.

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Synchronous vs. Asynchronous Learning

eCollege Course and Degree Search (link is not on site)

Look at search form for search.html (link is not on site)
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Look at search form for search.html (link is already in cat6.html)
Look at search form for search.html (link is already in cat6.html)


Help Sites where you can ask and receive help and answers to your technical questions: is being discontinued. These are similar sites:
Get free online technical support - they help you solve or troubleshoot your computer or internet related problem in 10 minutes or less via chat for free. Here is their Knowledge Base which is quite helpful:
A pan-european provider of expert answers to give live answers at the click of a mouse...You can ask any QUESTION you like in strict confidence at any time if you live in the UK.
Millie's Computer Help - An opportunity to share what I love & practice my trade while continuing to learn. Computers can pose some difficult problems. Do you need a solution? I'll do my best to help. The following are the most helpful sites I've found for information.
Free Technical Support Webring (14 sites) - The Free Technical Support Webring is a group of individuals who have agreed to volunteer their time and expertise to aid anyone with computer related questions. Either individually, or as a group, we will attempt to solve your problems. Free Tech Help for the masses...
PC Tech Support (2 sites) - This web ring was established to address a wide range of PC hardware and software technical support areas including troubleshooting, repairing, maintaining, and upgrading.
PC Technical Support (60 sites) - PC help for beginners and proffesionals covering hardware, software and "how to" information. Lots of Links to other sites and plenty of tutorials.
These need to be changed to
Design (10 sites) - Designers of websites, and their links and tools
Free Computer Technical Support (3 sites) - Free computer tech support for windows. can awnser any problem. Great for starters.
PCFIRE Computer Help Webring (27 sites) - PC Help, If your computer has a problem or you have a question this will help. Come on in and take a look.
RTFM - The Tech Support Webring (9 sites) - When in the course of supporting the world of newbies and powerusers it becomes necessary for techs to speak up and be counted, we find ourselves here, asking the enduser for one small favor. Read the (use your imagination) manual.
Technical Support HelpRing (37 sites) - Technical Support HelpRing is an internet community of companies and individuals who offer technical support, consulting, help desk services or software solutions to individual and business computer users. Resources and answers to your most daunting computer questions. All Topics Covered: Upgrades, Errors, Drivers, Tips, Hardware, HTML, Java, Database Design and implementation, Software, Audio, Video, Windows News, or just about anything else that has got you stumpted! Get Help Now!
The PC Guys Tech Help WebRing (7 sites) - For sites that are out there to help others and teach others about computers, as well as sites that offer tech support.
Live Repair - Yet another great hardware support site, and another recommendation from a subscriber.  "This site solved 2 annoying problems in 2 days for me", he says.  You can sign up for a 30 day free trial.
Ask the Bank - Answerbank is a great free site where people ask and answer questions on all sorts of topics.  So whether you want to know how to reinstall Windows or the distance from the earth to the moon, someone will post the answer to your query. has pointers to thousands of drivers for all sorts of Windows devices, plus general pages of technology news and other useful sections.  Well worth checking out.
Still looking for that elusive Windows driver?  Here's yet another site that may have what you're looking for.
50 XP Tips - Have you upgraded to Windows XP yet?  If so, and you want some tips to help things along, check out this great collection of 50 free WinXP tips and tricks.
Computer Training Franchise

O'Reilly Java in a Nutshell Online Quick Reference for JDK V1.1
QuickTime Developer's Site
OOPS Group Publications - This is the publications page for the OOPS Research Group. Topics mostly range across memory management and memory hierarchies, and important interactions between them.
Linux Links:
MandrakeUser - Mandrake Knowledge Base
This site is a great reference for a beginner when it comes to using unix without an xwindows environment. The instructions to using vi were alot better than the man page on an AIX server!
An excellent new search engine


Adobe Product and Technical Resources:

Acrobat Resources for Developers:

Adobe Acrobat Developer Knowledgebase:

Acrobat 5.0 SDK Documentation:

Draft PDF Reference, Version 1.5 (12 mb, 1107 pages):

PDF Reference, Third Edition, Version 1.4 (9 mb, 978 pages):

Acrobat Core API Reference

Acrobat Core API Overview (204 pages):

Acrobat Development Overview (36 pages)

Acrobat Distiller API Reference (32 pages)

Acrobat Developer FAQ (32 pages):

Guide to Acrobat SDK Samples (48 pages):
More PDF Technotes:

Acrobat JavaScript Object Specification (298 pges):

FrameMaker Resouces:
Adobe FrameMaker 7.0 Solutions Guide (123 pages):

Adobe FrameMaker 7.0 FAQ:

Adobe FrameMaker 7.0 Database Publishing (29 pages):
LiveMotion Resources:
LiveMotion 2.0 Scripting Guide (342 pages):

LiveMotion AutoScript Automation Guide (288 pages):
Photoshop Resources: Scripting Documentation
Photoshop 7.0 Scripting Guide:
(PDF: 887 KB / 91 pages)

Photoshop 7.0 JavaScript Reference
(PDF: 248 KB / 67 pages)

Photoshop 7.0 JavaScript File Object
(PDF: 106 KB / 20 pages)
PostScript Developer Resources:
PostScript Language Reference Manual (774 pages):

PostScript Language Reference, third edition (912 paages):

PostScript Reference Supplement (558 pages):

PostScript Printer Description File Format Specification (240 pages):

Display PostScipt System - Client Library Reference Library (90 pages):

Using EPS FIles in PostScript Language Forms (27 pages):

Display PostScript SystemDisplay PostScript Toolkit for X (88 pages):
The Internet for Busy People:

Adobe Products Tips and Techniques (different from links on cat1-2.html):

Adaptive Object-Oriented Software:

GTK+ / Gnome Application Development:

Common Lisp: A Gentle Introduction to Symbolic Computation:

The Debian Linux User's Guide:

Cracking DES: Secrets of Encryption Research, Wiretap Politics and Chip Design (try again later, redirect error):*/

Token Ring Troubleshooting Guide:

Ethernet and Token Ring Optimization:

Computer Structures: Readings and Examples:

Designing Computers and Digital Systems:


20 Free Practice Questions with answers for many IT certifications.
A certification primer for XML and related technologies -
Why and how to obtain XML and related technologies certification - Pradeep Chopra offers some tips on passing IBM's XML certification exam.
IT Certification - Top Sites to help you prepare and study
Samples - 10 questions each
Sample Tests

(CCNA semesters 1-4 on Cisco member page)
CCNA: Cisco Network Associate  (username: cisco, password: perlman for powerpoint slides)
(on Cisco member page)

Cisco Systems: Cisco Networking Academy:
Online Curriculum for CCNA and CCNP (username cisco, password perlman):
password obtained here:

Cisco Networking Academy Resources: An Internet Hotlist on Networking Academy:
Cisco Academy Semester 2 - notes and study review
Fundamentals of Web Design (CWDSA) Resources
Cisco Pedia is a hypertext reference for all Cisco IOS CLI commands.   [size 1,018 KB]
Router eSIM Student Version  is a router simulator that helps students learn router configurations and troubleshoot networking problems. It allows a student to configure five separate routers using basic "housekeeping," interface, and routing protocol commands.
(CCNP semesters 5, 6, 7, 8 on cisco member page)

Powerpoint: Semester 1 Chapter 10:
Powerpoint: Semester 3 Chapter 3:
Powerpoint: Semester 3 Chapter 5:
Powerpoint: Semester 3 Chapter 6:
Powerpoint: Semester 3 Chapter 7:
Shasta College - Cisco Networking Academy - Notes and reviews (sem 3&4 lecture notes in cisco member page)
Shasta College - Cisco Networking Academy (CCNA 3&4 and CCNP 2&4 in cisco member page)




worth mentioning:

Good Searches:  (may be just links)

OReilly books:
google search: -orelly
Unix System Administration - A Survival Course:
Linux System Administrator's Survival Guide:

Links and Slides for Network+:
Network+ Interactive Quiz (20 quesitons)::

Need Russian proxy server:
Russian Proxy Servers:


Books from Macmillan Computer Publishing:
These computer books used to be on
Java Unleashed:

posted on free book blog on 7/25/05 - still need to mine for links
Would like to extract the links from this site

Kernel Module Programming Guide:
Administration Made Easy:
Advanced Cluster Environment Booklet:
XFS for Administration:
Comprehensive System Accounting forLinux:
Resource Administration Guide:
Configuration and Operations Guide:
Application Tuning Guide:
REACT Real-Time for Programmer's Guide:

SCWCD Exam Study Kit - Chapter 09:
SCWCD Exam Study Kit - Chapter 14:
Up to Speed with Swing CyberDigest:
Chapter 11: Developing Applications with Titles:
Chapter 12: Validating User Input:
Chapter 3: Developing Your First Tags:
Chapter 16: Using Java Beans with Tags:
Chapter 5: A Simple MDIP Application:
Chapter 12: Networking with MIDP:

Not Found:

Link Site:

Oreilly Books:

Various Tutorials:
Unix and Linux Notes:,%20OReilly%20-%20XML%20Pocket%20Reference%202nd%20Edition,%202001.pdf  (mine more here)
The Book of Visual Studio .Net - A Guide for Developers:

Security Manuals and Handbooks:

=========================== Need to mine for edcomp from here until equal sign line below: ===========================

Lots of Books (need to mine)
A collection of different books (pdf, html). Huge, but unstructured.

Look at these:

Unix Bourne Shell Programming:

UNIX at Fermilab Manual:

Usenet Help and Support Archive:

Linux Knowledge Base and Tutorial:

R2s Shell Tutorials:

Linux for Software Developers:

Unix Course:

Linux Docs:

More Study Guides for other cert exams:

Look at links near bottom of page:

Check out links on this page (link in June newsletter):

Download the Files:*/


A Java GUI Programmer's Primer:

Advanced Programming for the Java 2 Platform:
To help you navigate the Java APIs and fast-track your project development time, this book includes the design, development, test, and deployment phases for an enterprise-worthy auction application.,%20Java%20and%20XML.pdf

Converting HTML to WML:
WAP Overview:

Introduction To Web Services:

SOAP: Invoking Web Services:

WSDL: Describing Web Services:
Microsoft Technologies - To view the Knowledgebase articles associated with a technology, click a link below.
(already did xenu)

Java Servlet Programming
JavaServer Pages Programming
Enterprise JavaBeans Programming
Linux Tutorials
Free ebooks to download
Lots of books


Register for Free:
Lots of training documents and books

Unofficial Delphi Developers FAQ (v12a)

Object-Oriented Programming Languages:
Bruce Eckel's Books'Reilly/index.htm's%20Guide%202nd%20Ed.pdf

KDE Community World Summit ("aKademy 2004") in Ludwigsburg (Germany) took place from August 20th to 29th, 2004.  With more than 230 KDE core developers, usability and accessibility experts, translators, editors and artists participating, the event is expected to have a huge and lasting impact on the next major releases of the leading Linux and Unix desktop environment. The schedule consisted of six parts: KDE e.V. meeting, Developer Conference, Unix Accessibility Forum, Usability Forum, Coding Marathon and User Conference.
Video and audio streams
from the Developer Conference (August 21st to 22nd) are available here:
Detailed write-ups contributed by event attendees have been published on the KDE Wiki website here:

Free SGI, Irix, OpenGL books:

Linux Client Migration Cookbook June 21, 2004
Contact: Chris Almond, Austin TX Need 4 residents. More details are available at

Awarenesswatch Newsletter:
Click on "Download site" links

DigitalBookIndex - search for computer or programaming:
Component Software Glossary
The Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing Glossary
Unix Socket Programming FAQ
Current Issue of IBM Systems Journal
Recent Issues of IBM Systems Journal
IBM Hardware Techinical Resources

HP Documentation (need to deep link):

Free Books from O'Reilly:

Linux Complete Command RedHat Linux Unleashed
Special Edition Using Linux Sty LInux 24 Hours

O'Reilly Books:

Teach Yourself Linux in 24 Hours (pdf) B.Ball - S.Smoogen (SAMS)
"This book is designed to help you learn quickly. You’ll find it an indispensable guide to installing Linux and getting right to work. This book helps you overcome technical obstacles, explains complex subjects in simple language, and shows you some neat tricks to make your computing experience easier". [3Mb]

Linux Administrators Security Guide "LASG" (pdf) Kurt Seifried
This guide is not a general security document. This guide is specifically about securing the Linux operating system against general and specific threats. [390Kb]

Linux Administration Made Easy (pdf) Steve Frampton
This documentation will attempt to summarize the installation and configuration, aswell as the day-to-day administrative and maintenance procedures that should be followed to keep a Linux-based server or desktop system up and running. [420Kb]

Get Acquainted with Linux Security and Optimization System (pdf) Gerhard Mourani
A guide for information system, configuration, optimization and network security professionals. [1.2Mb]

Guidelines on Firewalls and Firewall Policy (pdf) John Wack, Ken Cutler, Jamie Pole (NIST)
This document provides introductory information about firewalls and firewall policy primarily to assist those responsible for network security. [1.3Mb]

MAXIMUM RPM (pdf) Edward C. Bailey
This is a book about the Red Hat Package Manager or, as it is known to its friends,RPM. [1.5Mb]

Securing and Optimizing Red Hat Linux (pdf) Gerhard Mourani
A guide for information system, configuration, optimization and network security professionals. ver. 1.2 [2.6Mb]

Using Samba(pdf) Samba Team
A guide about installing, configuring and running a Samba server.
70-215.pdf 79k:

70-215_3.pdf 100k:

70-215_4.pdf 39k:

70-215_5.pdf 117k:

70-215_6.pdf 133k:

70-215web2.pdf 128k:
216-1.pdf  91k:

216-2.pdf  90k:

216-3.pdf  95k:

216-4.pdf  10k:

216-5.pdf  53k:

70-216.pdf  177k:

70-216_6.pdf  72k:

70-216_7.pdf   43k:

70-216_8.pdf  194k:

70-216_9.pdf  163k:

70-216_echt.pdf  609k:

BD_070-216A.pdf  136k:

FRAGEN 216.pdf  82k:
70-217_3.pdf  102k:

70-217_4.pdf  196k:

70-217_5.pdf  65k:

70-217_6.pdf  159k:

AD_Fragen_1.pdf 20 79k:

FRAGEN 217-2.pdf  112k:

FRAGEN 217.pdf 108k:
70-218.pdf  871k:

70-218_2.pdf  208k:

70218_olaf_mit.pdf  463k:

70218_olaf_ohne.pdf  461k:
70-219.pdf  75k:

70-219_2.pdf  111k:

70-219_3.pdf  148k:

70-219_4.pdf  13k:

70-219_5.pdf  290k:
220_2.pdf  50k:

70-220_D.pdf 157k:
70-221.pdf  163k:

70-221_2.pdf  561k:
70-222.pdf  553k:

70-222_1.pdf  65k:

70-222_2.pdf  61k:

MCSE 70-222_ohne ant  64k:
70-227_1.pdf  41k:

70-227_2.pdf  82k:

70-227_3.pdf  129k:
270_1.pdf  196k:

70-270.pdf  274k:
Free Demo Certification Exams
Lots of .Net Articles and Tutorials:

70-210 Installing, Config and Admin MS Windows Professional 2000 (complete)                .doc    
70-215Installing, configuring and administering MS Server 2000                                        .doc
70-216 Implementing and administering MS windows 2000 Network Infrastructure           .doc

70-217 Implement and administer a MS windows 2000 directory services infrastructure     .doc
70-218 Managing Windows 2000 Network Environment                                             .doc 
70-219 Designing a MS Windows 2000 Directory Services Infrastructure                             .doc 
70-220 Designing security for a MS Windows 2000 network                                               .doc   
70-221 Designing a MS Windows 2000 Network Infrastructure                                          .doc 

70-222 Migrating from Microsoft® Windows NT® 4.0 to Microsoft® Windows® 2000     .doc
70-224  Installing, Configuring, and Administering Microsoft Exchange 2000 Server         .doc
70-225 Administering Microsoft Exchange Server 2000 Design                                          .doc
70-227 Administering MS Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) Server 2000                .doc
70-270 Microsoft Windows XP Professional Enhanced                                                   .doc
70-100 Analyzing Requirements and Defining Solution                                                        .doc
70-175 Designing and Implementing Distributed Applications with MS VB 6.0                  .doc
70-176 Designing and Implementing Desktop Applications with MS VB 6.0 (complete)    .doc

Lots of SQL Server Articles:

Lots of MS Access Tutorials and Samples:
(in may eofc newsletter)

Lots of SQL Server Articles:

Archives of Microsoft technology Articles:

C# Help:

Developing Windows and Web Solutions with ADO.NET with SQL Server:
Introduction to the use of ADO.NET with SQL Server, including a review of a Windows form sample and a Web form sample.

Programming SQL Server 2000 with Visual Basic .NET:
Overview presentation on how to get started with Visual Basic .NET as a SQL Server developer or database administrator.

Selected SQL Server Magazine Articles:

Working Samples and Code Samples:

Excerpts from Programming Microsoft Access Version 2002:

VBA AND VB.NET Code Samples:

Access and Excel Interoperability:

Office 2000 Does the Web:

Deploying Office 2000 Solutions:
(above 3 in may eofc newsletter)

Linux Survival Course:

Steve's RHCE Study Guide:

Linux Tutorials:
Linux Programming Tutorials:

The Linux Tutorial:

Linux Step By Step:
Linux Assembly Language:
Linux C Programming:
PHP Scripting - A Content Management System:

Linux Compute Clusters:

vi Editor: Tutorial:$31
Scheduling Jobs with Crontab:$102
The Power of FIND:$100
All About GREP:$44
Move from NT to Linux with no case issues:$34
Linux Basics and Tips:$22
Using Tar:$4

Deploying Squid:

Regular Expressions:

An excellent page on the subject by Stephen Ramsay: Using Regular Expressions

Also pretty good is Steve Mansour's A Tao of Regular Expressions.

Probably the best tutorial I could find, with lots of pratical examples is Sylvain St-Germain's Regular Expressions 101.

ASPN Cookbooks

The ASPN Cookbooks are collections of solutions and practical examples. The recipes highlight programming best practices and can be used directly in day-to-day tasks, as a source of ideas, or as a way to learn more about the languages.

The recipes are freely available for review and use.

Cincinnati Linux Users Group Presentations:

Lecture Notes on Assembly and OS stuff:

Prelude to Programming Perl & CGI

Perl Short Course

Perl Short Course as 18-page PostScript file ... as .ps.gz file

Perl and CGI Form Demonstration


16 601 590
3 599 287
425 893
4 874 326
243 692
7 630 603
30 452 787
4 913 700
3 273 840
5 615 475
19 945 332
8 053 336
13 050 542

Beginning Unix (Doc):
Intermediate Unix (Doc, 180 pages):
Cours sur la Compilation  (Pdf):
Perl 5 By Example:
Cryptography Guide (Pdf, 80 pages):

HTML tag Reference (from Netscape)
Unix Introduction by Rob Func, OSU
Unix Introduction by TUS, OSU
GCC lecture
C++ Guide

Introduction to Linux:

O'Reilly , Running Linux 4th Edition:

Using the Unix Operating System:
Learning the shell
Writing shell scripts
Lots of Linux Tutorials

SOAP Tutorial:

XML Articles and Tutorials:

XML Tutorial
XSL and XPath Tutorial

SAX Tutorial

SOAP Tutorial

XMLDOM Tutorial

Schema Tutorial

Namespace Tutorial

SQL XML Tutorial

XHTML Tutorial

Java and XML Tutorial

B2B & BizTalk Tutorial

WAP Tutorial

SVG Tutorial

SAP and XML Tutorial

.NET Tutorials and Articles
ASP.NET XML Architecture
XQuery and ASP.NET Tutorial
XmlSerializer .NET Tutorial

SQLXML .NET Tutorial

XSD Schemas .NET Tutorial

SoapFormatter .NET Tutorial

ALL articles
Tools and Products
What is XML?
XML Code Library
XSLT Stylesheets
XSLT Reference
XPath Reference
XML Parser details
Quizzes and Tests

Visual Basic Tutorial:

SQL Server Articles and Tutorials: .Net and J2EE Articles:
Webmaster Tutorials
All Aricles
C++, Python, and Unix Tutorials

New to Java Center:

Step 1:
Java Platform Overview:
A general introduction to the Java platform.

Step 2:
Getting Started:
How to set up the Java platform on your computer.

Step 3:
Step-by-Step Programming:
Learn the basics of the Java programming language, or learn by specific technologies.

Step 4:
Review What You've Learned:
Test your Java programming knowledge with these online interactive quizzes and puzzles.

References and Resources:


Java Standard Edition Platform Documentation:
Documentation for the Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition and its predecessor JDK versions.

Java Software FAQ Index:
Over a dozen FAQs to answer your questions about Java related topics.

Glossary of Java Technology-Related Terms:
Download or read online with the new PDF format.

The Java Workbook:
Practice what you've learned and learn something new by visiting the Java Workbook. The Java workbook covers exercises spanning from data structures and flow control to applets and error handling.

Books & Excerpts:

Beginning Java Objects:
Read two chapters, "Modeling the Static/Data Aspect of the System," and "Transforming Your Model into Java Code" to learn basic UML concepts and how to transform a model into code.

The Java Tutorial:
A practical guide for programmers with hundreds of complete, working examples. The Tutorial is organized into trails--groups of lessons on a particular subject.

Essentials of the Java Programming Language: A Hands-On Guide:
This book walks through how to use the Java 2 Platform software to create and run three common types of programs written for the Java platform-applications, applets, and servlets.

Beginning Java 2: JDK 1.3 Version:
Presenting two chapters specifically for new Java programmers. Learn the basics of how to use threads and how to program your applications to interface with databases.

Professional JSP:
Two chapters from this popular new book, one covering JSP Architecture, and the other giving a case study using J2EE, EJBs, and Tag Libraries.

The Complete Java 2 Certification Study Guide:
Wondered what it takes to be certified? Check out this chapter excerpt on Objects and Classes--then test yourself with its accompanying quiz.

Core Java 2 Volume II:
This excerpt, Chapter 2, "Collections" shows you how to take advantage of the standard collections prebuilt for you.

Java Thread Programming:
Read chapters on how to safely interact with Project Swing components in a multithread manner, and learn the concepts of thread pooling, including handling servicing requests reaching an HTTP server.

M6Bone: IPv6 Multicast Backbone:

IPv6 Networks Management:

310 Slide Tutorial on IPv6:

.Net Common Tasks Quickstart:

Research Publications:

Past Conferences:

XML -- Architecture, Tools, Techniques Course with slides, examples, etc.:

C# and .Net Programming Course with slides, examples, etc.:

Java 2 Programming Course with slides, examples, etc.:

Enterprise Java Beans materials:

JBoss Online Manual:

JBoss Quick Start:

Introduction to JBoss:

Paths and ClassPaths:

J2EE Best Practices:

Microsoft Visuall C++ Tutorial:
Learn VC++ from the basics to Advance. Download Sample Code and Explore it.

Middleware Presentations:

Perl Tutorial:

Photoshop Tutorials:

Photoshop Texture Tutorials:

Photoshop Basic and Text Tutorials:

Graphics, Photoshop, Flash, CSS, Photography, Design, Coding Tutorials:




Oracle/SQL Tutorial:

PL/SQL Tutorial and Reference:

Oracle and SQL:

SQL reference & Tutorial:
PL/SQL reference & Tutorial:
Other SQL Stuff:
Oracle and Access Database Demo:

Getting Started with Linux - Beginner's Course

Intermediate Level Course:

Beginning C Programming for Engineers:

Oracle Database Online Documentation 10g Release 1:

Lots and lots of Books:
2 Day DBA:
Administrator's Guide:
Master Glossary:
Application Developer's Guide ? Fundamentals:
SQL Reference:
PL/SQL User's Guide and Reference:


Web Programming Tutorials from

Web Development Library:

Authoring & Site Design:


Programming & Scripting:

Script Libary:
Web Tricks:

Reference Materials:

CSS reference table:
Color code converter:
HTML tags and attributes:
Script Library:

Web Services:



Windows and .NET:


Object-Oriented Design:

Free download: Quick Start Guide to Visual Basic .NET:
The PDF contains detailed instructions on building your very first "Hello, World" application as well as instructions for some common tasks, such as querying a database or reading in an XML file. There are also links to online resources to help you further your VB mastery, along with links to download additional sample code.

Smart HTML State/City picker:
An HTML/JavaScript page showing how to create a form where the data presented by one dropdown box is determined by the choice made in another dropdown box.

XML and Microsoft Office:
XML allows you to import and work with data that originates from applications outside of Microsoft Office, as well as export data from Office to a myriad of other data formats that your business partners may require.

Beginning Web Development in Access 2002 :
This article discusses Web development in Microsoft Access 2002 using data access pages--how data access pages work, and when to use them--as well as ways to take advantage of new features within Access 2002

Applets: Still Essential to Java:
HTML and JavaScript aren't always the right fit. That is especially true for end-user applications that require a sophisticated GUI for which even technologies such as DHTML aren't sufficient or efficient enough.

White Papers:

Best Practices Working with HTML Code in Microsoft FrontPage 2002 (39 pages):

Making the Leap from FrontPage to Dreamweaver (18 pages):

The Essence of Effective Rich Internet Applications (27 pages):

Developing Rich Web Interfaces with Flash (8 pages):

Tracking Advanced Flash Applications (7 pages):

Developing Rich Internet Applications with Macromedia MX 2004 (21 pages):

Macromedia Flex: The Presentation Tier Solution for Enterprise Rich Internet Applications (19 pages):

Macromedia Web Accessibility Seminar Webcast :

Transforming Unstructured Content into "Meaningful" XML:

Why Convert Documents into XML?:

Real Best Practices from Real XML Projects:

XML Web Services Security: Learning from Application Security Disasters:

XML Databases (8 pages):

The Misguided Silver Bullet: What XML Will and Will NOT Do to Help Information Integration:

Practical Transformation Using XSLT and XPath  (122 pages):

XML and EDI: Peaceful Co-Existence (16 pages) :

Securing Web Services with Single Sign-On :

Beyond Browsing: Shared Comments, SOAPs, Trails, and On-line Communities :

Web Application Development with JSP and XML:

   Part 1: Fast Track JSP:

   Part 2: JSP with XML in mind:

   Part 3: Developing JSP Custom Tags:

White Papers from Global Knowledge  (free registration required):

   Migrating from ASP to ASP.NET: Introduction to ADO.NET:

   Windows 2003/2000/XP Security Architecture Overview:

   Top 10 Ways to Improve Your Website:


Introduction to Computer Networks

Physical Layer Basics

Data Link Layer Basics

Network Layer Basics

Transport Layer Basics

Application Layer Basics

Introduction to Network Security

Fundamentals of Symmetric Key Cryptography

IDEA and AES in a Nutshell

Asymmetric / Public Key Cryptography

Introduction to Internetworking

Multimedia Internetworking Fundamentals

Data Compression Issues

Intelligent Agents in Internetworking

Internet Protocol Version: 6 (IPv6)

Internetwork Programming

Video over the Internetwork

Distributed Digital Library Networks

Internet Commerce

Introduction to Internetworking

Multimedia Internetworking Fundamentals

Internet Protocol Version: 6 (IPv6)

Internetwork Programming

Data Compression Issues

Voice over the Internetwork

Video over the Internetwork

Intelligent Agents in Internetworking

Internet Commerce

Distributed Digital Library Networks

IPv6 Programming

Types of Operating Systems
Input-Output Structure
Design Approaches
Process Overview
Process States
Processes in UNIX
CPU Scheduling

Computer System Architecture:

Introduction to the course and Java
Basic data types in Java
Introduction to classes
Class methods
Notes from Chapter 2
Introduction to iteration
More on iteration
Inheritance in Java
Arrays and vectors
Interfaces: Java's version of multiple inheritance
Input/output class
Event handling/Graphical user interfaces
Computer Organization and Programming:
Appendix A Adobe Acrobat
Appendix B Adobe Acrobat
chapter1 Adobe Acrobat
chapter2 Adobe Acrobat
chapter3 Adobe Acrobat
chapter4 Adobe Acrobat
chapter5 Adobe Acrobat
chapter6 Adobe Acrobat
chapter7 Adobe Acrobat
chapter8 Adobe Acrobat
chapter9 Adobe Acrobat
chapter10 Adobe Acrobat

Foundations of Computer Programming II:

Introduction to C for Programmers

Algorithms in Genesis
Using the vi text editor on Linux
Manipulating files on Linux
Translating algorithms into C: an overview
Overview of C
Declaration and types
Assignment statements
Conditional selection
Scope rules
Data structures
Assorted algorithms
Overview of Accessing Linux on
Workshop on Unix:

Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming Using C++ (tutorial)
C++ Language tutorial
Principles of Good Programming
Pointer Basics


Programming Methodology and Abstractions:
Transitioning from C to C++ C++ strings C++ streams Transitioning from Java to C++ Landmarks & Landmines Using Codewarrior Using Visual C++ Good Style Decomposition Graphics Libraries Graphics Example Handout #1 Solutions #1 Debugging C++ Strings Handout #2 Solutions #2 Handout #3 Solutions #3 Arrays and Pointers Debugging Techniques Handout #4 Solutions #4 Pointer Practice Recursive Backtracking Practice Midterm Practice Midterm Solutions Handout #5 Solutions #5 Handout #6 Solutions #6 Handout #7 Solutions #7 Handout #8 Solutions #8 Handout #9 Solutions #9 Practice Final Practice Final Solutions Networkers 2002 Presentations:

Suggested site:

Macfast Digital Library:

This web site of Mar Athansios College for Advanced Studies contains collections of tutorials and resources in these areas:

  Operating Systems:

  Database Resources:

  Programming Languages:

  Computer Graphics:


  System Administration:

  Linux Manual:


Stanford CS Ed Library (main link already on cat3-4.html):

Multimedia Applications Module:

Object Oriented Development Module:

Object-Oriented Programming Module:

Systems Analysis and Design for Multimedia Module:

Software Development Module:

Software Quality Module:

Storage and Retrieval Module:

Software Applications Module: HTML and Javascript

Web Design Skills:

Application Development for the Web Module:

Introduction to UML:

C++ Reference Card:

Distributed Firewalls:

Implementing a Distributed Firewall:

Chapters 3 and 4 of "Firewalls and Internet Security:
Security Review of Protocols: Lower Layers:
Security Review: The Upper Layers:
Here are the Proceedings of the Linux Kernel Symposium, Ottawa 2003. With several interesting articles

White Papers:

Introduction to Web Services:

Web Services: A Practical Introduction to SOAP Web Services:

Disaster Recovery for Microsoft Exchange Server 2000 (PDF):

HTML, Javascript and CSS Tutorials:

cute html tutor basics with examples - html
html 4.0 help  ms-win hlp format html 4.0 wdg
web bunny html  html, images, javascript, samples.
web bunny chm above tutorial in html help format.
wdg's css reference style sheets ms-win hlp format
kw html tutor html tutorial html format
kw js tutor java script tutorial html format
kw css tutor style sheets tutorial html format

Web Tutor 4.1 Try this comprehensive HTML tutor. FREEWARE WIN95/98. One of the best. (1.75MB)
THE ONLY WEB PUBLISHING TUTORIAL YOU'LL EVER NEED! Ver.3.0 fis a great way to learn HTML. This multimedia tutorial covers full design and layout, text formatting, files, and every aspect of learning to create and maintain very interactive dynamic Web pages. Easy to use, plenty of samples! Shareware (1.32MB)
HTML TUTOR Pro WIN95+ FREEWARE Learning Guide for Beginners. (740KB)
HTML Tutorial WIN3x Basic Tutorial That was Created with the Beginning Learner in Mind. (38KB)
V1.0 Intro to HTML WIN95/98/NT FREEWARE Training Manual which Guides you thru elements required to create web pages using HTML. (989KB)
Windows XP Configuration Guide

MS Windows Active Directory Documentation [all are in pdf format]

Active Directory Bibliography:

Active Directory Glossary:

Active Directory Overview:

Active Directory Schema and Specifiers:

Active Directory Sites and Services:

Bulk Import and Export to Active Directory:

Configuring Enterprise Security Policies:

Customizing Microsoft Windows Services For UNIX Installation:

Deploying Assets:

Desktop Management Outline:

Distributed File System (Dfs):

Encrypting File System (EFS):

Installing a Windows 2000 Server as a Domain Controller:

Installing a Windows 2000 Professional Workstation:

Installing Cluster Service:

Internet Protocol Security (IPSec):

Introduction to Services for UNIX:

Kerberos 5 (krb 5 1.0) Interoperability:

Managing Active Directory:

Microsoft Management Console (MMC):

Microsoft System Management Server 2.0 (SMS):

NetWare Client Setup:

Password Synchronization in Windows 2000 With UNIX:

Power Management Settings:

Remote Operating System Installation and IntelliMirror:

Remote Operating System Installs:

Services For Macintosh:

Services For NetWare Version 5.0:

Setting Up Additional Domain Controllers:

Software Installation and Maintenance:

Using Active Directory Schema and Display Specifiers:

User Name Mapping and Services For UNIX NFS Support:

Using Secondary Logon in Windows 2000:

Windows 2000 Migration:

Software Installation and Maintenance:
Techical Articles and Tutorials in many topics
Computer Repair Slides:,%20DMAS.htm

TCP/IP Tutorial at Cisco:

Understanding DHCP:

Understanding NAT:

Understanding TCP/IP Tutorial Part 1:
Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Addendum: IP Addressing in detail:

Structured Cabling:

Data Communications:

TCP/IP Networking:

Local Area Networks:

Wide Area Networks:


Operating Systems:

Networking Essentials Study Guide:

Ethernet Troubleshooting Guide:

Cisco Troubleshooting Steps:

Cisco Troubleshooting Reference:

Microsoft's Five-Step Troubleshooting Procedure:

Cramsession: Implementing and Administering Microsoft Win2K Network Infrastructure:

Cramsession for Windows 2000 Server:

Windows 2000 Professional doc:

A Guide to the Windows Registry:

NTFS and Permissions Table:
Network Design Articles and Chapters (deep link)
Windows XP Professional Study Guide Cramsession
Windows 2000 Professional Study Guide Cramsession
Cisco CCNA Study Guide Cramsession
Understanding IP Subnetting Cisco CCNA Study Guide Cramsession
CCNA Study Guide Cisco Press
The OSI Model
Understanding IP Addressing
Study Guide for ...
Study Notes for ...
Novell Documention  269K  293K  416K  115K  59K  76K  125K  125K  99K  156K  175K

Interface Design and Evaluation:

Network Programming with Java:

Networking Fundamentals - This chapter introduces several key networking concepts, including the OSI model, and is intended to provide an overview of the technology:
The OSI Model:
Common Network Protocols:
Basic Routing Concepts:
Networking Summary:


CCNA Study Materials:

CCNA Study Notes:

Router Configuration Tutorial by Cisco:

CCNA Router Commands for the 640-607 Exam:

Networking Guide for Small Business and Home Office Environment:

Cisco Router Configuration Commands Modeled:

More documents are here:,%20Groups,%20Profiles%20and%20Policies.ppt,%20Trees,%20and%20Domains.ppt,%20Sites,%20and%20DNS%20Implementation.ppt
Lots of developer articles and tutorials

Compilers & Numerical Libraries - On this page we'll cover what one can expect to be installed, and how to use the compilers. Unfortunately, due to the variety of platforms, the invocation of the compilers and linking of the libraries will vary depending on the platform. These pages will focus on Linux.
White Papers and recorded web seminars, free registration required.
Sun Unix Commands
Training Content
Sample Training Modules
This tutorial shows how to get started using the Intel compilers and how to use the major optimization options of the Intel compilers. For Itanium IA64 processor.
Itanium cluster documentation
Intel C++ Compiler 7.1 Documentation - The documentation included with the Intel® C++ Compiler is available in HTML and PDF formats.
Intel C++ Compiler for Linux* User's Guide
Intel Fortran Compiler Documentation
On-line Parallel Processing Tutorials, targeted towards IBM anb Linux
OSC Materials - Welcome to the Portland Group/OSC CD full of information for Beowulf Clusters, and much more. OSC is gathering training materials, documentation, benchmark, and configuration information to assist you in planning, building, and implementing a Beowulf Cluster.
Windows 2000 Professional Overview
Active Directory
TCP/IP Training
More training materials


UNIX Help for Users:
Introduction to Unix, part I:
Introduction to Unix, part II:
Advanced Unix Guide:

Unix Script Writing Guide:

Java for Scientific Computing:
Free IT Certification Study Guides
Free IT Certification Study Guides
Free practice tests
Articles and Tutorials
Java and Oracle study help and support, practice tests
Principles of Software Project Management
Networking Course and Notes
E-Learning Center
AutoCad and Cad Tutorial Archives
High Performance Computing and Parallel Processing Training and Education Documents
AARNet supports, sponsors and participates in a number of conferences, and here you can obtain copies of some of the presentation material AARNet gave at those conferences.

For a limited time, we are giving away a free download copy of the popular Exam Cram Cram Sheets covering the four MCSE core exams plus eleven elective exams, Windows XP Professional and more

Download your free Exam Cram Cram Sheets today at:
Windows NT Tips
Windows 2000 Tips
Windows XP Tips
Computer Guides, including A+ and Network+ study guides
Java Quick Reference
Java Certification Web Ring
Computer - Internet Education Web Ring
Good Links
Computer Science Virtual University Web Site - Lots of free courses and content
Tutorial: Programming Linux Sockets, Part 1 - They're elegant, they're cross-platform, they're a necessary part of virtually all network communications, and they're not as hard to program as you might think — especially if you take this new tutorial on programming IP sockets on Linux. With this tutorial, you'll gain a working knowledge of the Berkeley Sockets Interface and to program custom network applications in C and in Python.
LPI certification 102 (release 2) exam prep, Part 1: Compiling sources and managing packages - You can learn about shared libraries and get a handle on package management in this newest tutorial in the LPI certification prep series.
IBM Linux Redbooks CD Collection - a complimentary IBM Linux Redbook CD collection. The set contains more than 50 Redbooks and Redpieces covering Linux, related to server consolidation, applications, clusters, zSeries, xSeries, iSeries, systems management, solutions, storage, grid, and software running on Linux.
IBM Linux White Paper Library - Learn how IBM's Linux-based solutions can work for your business. Download valuable white papers, learn about IBM's Linux powered solutions for major sporting events and view customer testimonials. (free registration required)
Basic Lesson 1: Identities and Permissions
GNOME 2.4 Desktop User Guide - The guide includes updates to panels, Nautilus, the font, theme, and keyboard preference tools, new Screen Resolution, File Management, and Screensaver preference tools, bug fixes, and many other minor updates. You can also download the GNOME 2.4 Desktop User Guide in HTML and PDF formats from
GNOME 2.4 Desktop System Administration Guide - This updated system administration guide includes new chapters on Help and GDM, a section on Using Configuration Editor, a section on Improving Performance of Help, and many other minor updates. You can also download the GNOME 2.4 Desktop System Administration Guide in HTML and PDF formats from
Intro slides from Brooklyn GNOME Summit (GnomeDesktop) has announced the availability of the slides from the 2003 Brooklyn GNOME Summit.
DevChannel Archived Tutorials and Articles for the enterprise developer
DevChannel Help and Tutorials for the enterprise developer
WebSite101: Small Business Internet Tutorial for e-commerce Entrepreneurs Expanding to the Web
Computer Science Lectures
CompTIA Tech Notes





Using Linux as a Small Business Internet Gateway
Security and Operations Guides for Microsoft Windows and Server Products: Support and Troubleshooting
Security and Operations Guides for Microsoft Windows and Server Products: Downloads
Security and Operations Guides for Microsoft Windows and Server Products: Technical Resources
Technical Manuals
(also put these links in guide member page)

Thinkquest Computers and the Internet
Learning Linux - several good free courses
Good links to Unix learning and teaching documents and tutorials. (Archive of this instructor's previous classes:, but most are no longer online. He will email you the class material:
Article Central
Security Ariticles
Free Web Site Content
Linux Programming Texts/Tutorials
Rishabh Ðara | Hacking Tutorials - ... that this guide explains can be done even from Windows. ... irc warfare and how to master your irc client. ... Tutorial (version 1.0) - learn how to set up your own ...
How To: Large Scale Samba Installations
C++ Standard Core Language Issue Table of Contents, Revision 26 - This document contains a summary listing of all the C++ Core Language Issues in numerical order. It is part of a group of related documents that together describe the issues that have been raised regarding the C++ Standard.

Unix Resources:
Chapter 3: Disk Usage, from  Teach Yourself Unix System Administration in 24 Hours - One of the most common problems that system administrators face in the Unix world is disk space. Whether it's running out of space, or just making sure that no one user is hogging all your resources, exploring how the hard disks are allocated and utilized on your system is a critical skill.
CSIS 1020 - Introduction to Programming with Visual Basic

C Optimization Tutorial:
This document has evolved over time and contains a number of the best ways to hand-optimize your C-code. This is not intended for beginners, but for more experienced programmers.
Compaq Servers and Linux
Documentation for the Linux operating system.
Beginners Basic Helpfile is a tutorial for people who would like to learn QBasic programming. It introduces Qbasic through eight lessons, three programming exercises, and basic technical articles. The lessons aim to help users to create their first programs. Programming code is highlighted for users to test and try out, as the text explains exactly what needs to be done and why. Technical tips are provided for extra insight. Registration provides 12 additional lessons, supplemental articles, an email newsletter, tips and a support pack with Qbasic programs to load and test.
Microprocessor Simulator is for students who are learning low-level programming for the first time. After learning the basics with the simulator, it is much easier to understand what a real-life CPU and assembler do. In the unregistered version of the simulator, arithmetic, logic, input/output, and jump instructions are available. In the registered version, users can code procedures and interrupts and use CALL, RET, INT and IRET commands. Moreover, recursive procedures and functions are possible.
These lecture notes are based on the book Management Information Systems: Organization and Technology, 6th edition, by Kenneth C. Laudon and Jane Price Laudon. They have been produced by Prentice-Hall, a division of Pearson Education.
These lecture chapters are based on the book Management Information Systems: Organization and Technology, 6th edition. They are very readable and enjoyable. Here are the slides to go with these notes.
Security Documents - This page contains collections of articles or stand alone documents about various computer security issues. The documents are loosely organized by subject area.
Recommendations for the Protection against Distributed Denial-of-Service Attacks in the Internet
Download Area - How to Write Secure Programs

ASCII character chart - (PDF)
C language operator precedence - (PDF)
C language escape characters - (PDF)

GTK+ 2.0 Programming References
Javascript Manuals
Javascript 1.5 Guide - (HTML)
Javascript 1.5 Reference - (HTML)
Cert Tech Tips
Linux PC Cluster Projects
Practical LDAP on Linux
Linux Support for Real-Time Applications - slides
Linux Filesystem Hierarchy - This document outlines the set of requirements and guidelines for file and directory placement under the Linux operating system according to those of the FSSTND v2.2 final (May 23, 2001) and also its actual implementation on an arbitrary system. It is meant to be accessible to all members of the Linux community, be distribution independent and is intended discuss the impact of the FSSTND and how it has managed to increase the efficiency of support interoperability of applications, system administration tools, development tools, and scripts as well as greater uniformity of documentation for these systems.
Secure Unix Programming training documents white_papers_and_tech_docs/24592.pdf
AMD x86-64 Architecture Programmer's Manual, Volume 1
Ask AMD Technical Support
Wiretapped is an archive of software and information covering the areas of host, network and information security, network operations, cryptography and privacy, among others. We believe we are now the largest archive of this type of software & information, hosting in excess of 20 Gb of information mirrored from around the world.
Secure Programming documents
RTOS and STG links
Perl Documentation
CGI Resources
A Tour of HTML Forms and CGI Scripts:

CGI/Perl Tips, Tricks and Techniques:

Reading CGI data:

A Perl Workshop:
Computers at Risk: Safe Computing in the Information Age
C++ tutorials for beginners and cheapskates - A selection of C++ tutorials for beginners, and for those too tight fisted to buy a book.

Reference Cards:
116 pages of C++ Lecture Notes, various formats
The goal of these workshops was to introduce C++ and object oriented programming to a group of teachers already fluent in some programming language (most likely Pascal). However, these resources can be of use to anyone with a basic knowledge of programming and the motivation to learn C++ and the object paradigm. The only prerequisite is a knowledge of some programming language, like C , Pascal or even BASIC.
Documents in several categories - Click on Support and Technical Documents and Support links
Web Services articles from
IBM Linux Technology Center Publications
The Gnowledge Initiative - Building an Open Source Algorithmic Infrastructure (just starting)

New from
Principles of Software Project Management - many good links
IBM's Ease of Use Website
Information Science and Technology Colloquium Series - Webcasts Spring 2003
Information Science and Technology Colloquium Series - Webcasts Fall 2002
ITSC Projects, Products & Deliverables
ITSC System Development Methodology Guidebook - 103 pages
Firewall Usage and Intrusion Detection Guidebook
Secure Internet Communications
Security Risk Assessment Guidebook
Security Vulnerability Assessment Tools for Internet Applications
Security Vulnerability Assessment Tools Testbed Demonstration Results
Project Documentation Standards
RFC Editor - This is the office web sites for RFCs. The Requests for Comments (RFC) document series is a set of technical and organizational notes about the Internet (originally the ARPANET), beginning in 1969. Memos in the RFC series discuss many aspects of computer networking, including protocols, procedures, programs, and concepts,
Lots of good learning and training slides on many topics
Sizzling HTML Jalfrezi - HTML Tutorial and Tips
Articles, Papers and Tools

Use Cases (need to check if already have these links):

When Are Use Cases Done?:

Functional Requirements and Use Cases:

Use Cases:
Assembly Programming Journal
Introdcution to Internet Protocols

Internet guides and tutorials
So What Do Computer Scientists Do?

How Electronic Encryption Works and How it will Change your Business:
How electronic encryption works and how it will change your business. A survey of the corporate uses of cryptography. For executives who don't have time to master books like Schneier's "Applied Cryptography" but need to know about the topic. 107K, all text, in pretty plain English.
And there's now a companion article for that encryption book: Internet security risks and solutions. It covers email, and also FTP, ICQ, virtual private networks, and websites.
PC Insight Demo - Covers how computers work, how to configure and upgrade your PC, how to use DOS and Windows, and much more. Not everything works on the demo, but there is still plenty that does! The computer parts are all labeled, and you can read about what they do.
Good Articles and some free software
Presentations on ECommerce topics
Home page:
COSC 108 - Graduate Operating Systems - This course will focus on a number of areas of operating systems research, sampling from the literature in each.
Graduate Seminar on Artificial Intelligence
C for the C++ or Java programmer

The Common Language Runtime (CLR) and Java Runtime Environment (JRE)


Compilers, Interpreters, and Virtual Machines:
Compilers, course notes and handouts
Computer Science - From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
Learn To Use Gnome - Even though it's extremely user-friendly, GNOME is a large and complex system, and as such, requires some learning to utilize to the fullest. To make that easier, we've provided some pointers to useful documentation.
The first Linux Audio Developers Meeting from took place from March 14 to 16 2003 - On this page you'll find all the presentation slides and ogg-encoded recordings of the talks and the q & a sessions afterwards.

Java bytecode, decompilers, obfuscators, etc:

Regular Expressions in java & javascript:

Parsers & lexers:

Java OO design & coding standards:

Java Design Patterns:

Source processing, beautifiers, etc:
Look for content - (already did ASP, Dreamweaver)
Look for content  - Many links to language / programming tutorials, certification guides, etc.
Some books have all the lectures, etc.
Data Structures and Other Objects Using C++
Notes, etc. are available.
Introduction to Computing and Algorithms, lecture notes in pdf format.
Algorithms, Data Structures, and Problem Solving with C++ by Mark Allen Weiss - Transparency materials for the book in both pdf and Postscript formats.
Network Management, Principles and Practice (book), Slides for lectures, execellent and detailed, ppt format.
Software Engineering, Fifth Edition Ian Sommerville , Slides for lectures, execellent and detailed, in both ppt and pdf format.
webTeacher Tutorial - a self-paced online course that takes you through the following topics: Web Basics, Communicating, Multimedia, Home Page Construction, Peripherals and Utilities, and the Web in Classroom.
White Papers about components
, also look at their technical articles on this page,
related to component-based development for various platforms:
The main goal of this site is to provide clear, accurate and easy to understand information regarding Windows95/98/2000
JSI, Inc's Reghacks - Windows NT / Windows 2000 Tips, Tricks and Registry Hacks.
AXCEL216's MAX Speeed Windows Tricks, Secrets, Bugs Fixes
Apache Tutorials
PC911 How-To Guide - contains many helpful how-to guides that will help you fix problems, learn more about Windows, software, networking, hardware, understand your PC better, get more out of your PC.

FAQTs - Knowledge Base - faqts : Computers:
FAQTs - Knowledge Base - faqts : Computers : Programming : Languages:

Assembly Language for Intel-Based Computers, 4th Edition:
3 Free chapters available online.

Assembly Tutorial:
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:

VB Articles and Tutorials:

.NET Programming Center
The place to find out what .NET is and how the CLR works under the hood
Includes these:
Introduction to .Net:
Introduction to C#:
Introduction to the .NET Base Classes:
The Serial Programming Guide for POSIX Operating Systems - Teaches you how to successfully, efficiently, and portably program the serial ports on your UNIX® workstation or PC. Each chapter provides programming examples that use the POSIX (Portable Standard for UNIX) terminal control functions and should work with very few modifications under HP-UX, Solaris, Linux, and most other UNIX operating systems.
Filesystem Hierarchy Standard - This standard consists of a set of requirements and guidelines for file and directory placement under UNIX-like operating systems. The guidelines are intended to support interoperability of applications, system administration tools, development tools, and scripts as well as greater uniformity of documentation for these systems.
Linux for Newbies: A Series for Beginners by Gene Wilburn, An inside guide to Linux
Unix Tutorial - This tutorial comprises fourteen sections, each of which addresses a fundamental aspect of UNIX computing. It concentrates on illustrating the central concepts by providing short explanations, along with examples, and exercises. This tutorial covers the "Introduction to UNIX" and "Intermediate UNIX" workshops offered by the Idaho State University Computer Center.
White Papers and Articles from Information Engineering Services Pty Ltd - The following white papers and articles can be read online. Or you can download them as Microsoft Word documents for offline reading and printing. For faster downloading these articles are zip files, having been compressed with PKZIP V2.0. Enterprise related computing and IT areas are covered.
Online Papers and Documentation on many topics (not found, 3/15/03)
Links to web programming tutorials
HTML Reference Guide - A vast variety of web design tutorials and articles coupled with a vibrant and well informed community.
The "Principled Programming" Project - also, Essay Archives:
Online Tcl andf Tk Tutorials (! - more and, another one)
Managing WebSphere Development Projects - A free online course designed for experienced Project Managers, Senior Architects or Team Leads who are relatively new to WebSphere projects. The course gives pointers on best practices, pitfalls to avoid, and a primer on J2EE technology and the WebSphere family of products.
TOP page for WebSphere-World
WebSphere Studio: Connecting the Enterprise - This distance learning course is about developing and deploying large-scale software systems that connect to a variety of Enterprise Information Systems (EISs) and other distributed components. It is a self-directed and self-paced course, and divided into modules so you can select and customize your course to your educational requirements.
210 Linux Tips and Tricks
David A. Wheeler's personal home page. You'll find various essays and projects here, many of which involve open source software / free software (OSS/FS). Some good learning materials here.
Some good learning resources here
Win32 Exception handling for assembler programmers by Jeremy Gordon
GNOME Architecture and Design - These sections are devoted to overviews of the GNOME architecture, with examples and notes from the authors themselves. For the most part, these sections are technical in topic, and are aimed at the developer. However, they are presented in a non-technical manner, and people just interested in seeing what the GNOME development environment has to offer should feel at home.
GNOME Documentation
GNOME 2.0 API Reference
Free Tools - several unique security utilities written by Foundstone developers and used in the field by Foundstone consultants. They are providing this software free of charge to the public.
Security related articles
.NET Framework Case Study
The .NET Framework class library is a library of classes, interfaces, and value types that are included in the Microsoft .NET Framework SDK. This library provides access to system functionality and is designed to be the foundation on which .NET Framework applications, components, and controls are built.
Peeking Under the Lid of Open Source .NET CLI Implementations

Reference Manuals:
Intel Architecture Software Developer's Manual, Volume 2 - Instruction Set Reference Manual
System V ABI - i386 Architecture Processor Supplement
System V ABI - MIPS Processor supplement
The SPARC Architecture Manual Version 8
Free HTML Basics Course

Debian Workshops on IRC. Gürkan Sengün alias tarzeau informed us that he is organizing online workshops on IRC. The
workshops take place on #debian-friendly on
Learn about IRC:
A Case-Study in Best Practice for Operating System Management - This paper highlights Debian's strong policy and consistency, security and reliability, and illustrates how Debian is an excellent choice for high-availability, low maintenance applications.
Training/Learning Opportunities on the World Wide Web (links) Articles & Tutorials - This section of is frequently updated with the latest security articles covering topics from Authentication & Access Control to Firewalls & VPNs.

Online HTML Manuals:
HTML 3.2 Primer
HTML 4.0 Specification
Extensible Markup Language (XML)
Cascading Style Sheets
Virtual Software: Technical Information
DB2 Technical Library

SSQL learning materials:
MySQL Manual:

Introduction to SQL:

Techniques for Developing Faster PL/SQL Applications:
This presentation describes several reasons for poor execution speed, and corrective actions to take.

Application Development using Oracle8i PL/SQL:
This presentation describes features that make development with Oracle8i PL/SQL easier and better.

Web Enabling PL/SQL Based Database Applications:
This presentation describes various options and features that enable you to Web enable PL/SQL applications

Java learning materials:
Java Platform (WhitePaper):

Java Language Enviroment (WhitePaper):

Java Language Specification:

Thinking in Java:

Designing Enterprise Applications with Java 2EE:

JavaScript learning materials:
JavaScript reference, v.1:

Client Side JavaScript Reference v.1.3:

Client Side JavaScript Guide v.1.3:

Server Side JavaScript Guide v.4:
DB2 Application Development Guide
Postgres and db learning materials:
Documentation PostgresSQL (HTML):

PostgresSQL Users Guide:
HTML:> /

PostgresSQL Programmers Guide:

PostgresSQL Admin Guide:

PostgresSQL Tutorial (HTML):>

PostgresSQL JDBC Driver (PDF):
Cold Fusion Workshop 1
Cold Fusion Workshop 2
John's Unix Resource
HP Porting and Archive Center
HP-UX Sites
Information Assurance Links and Computer Security Resources
Unix Bourne Shell Shell Programming
Sockets Tutorial
RodCom's Links to Visual Basic Sample Code, also available: VB Tools and Downloads
Thomas Besamer Consulting - Includes these articles about embedded Linux development:
Linux Based Cross Development. On performing cross development using Linux,
Approaches to Software Development
. Outlines basic approaches to developing an embedded system.
Managing Embedded Software Development
. Presents some solid concepts on approaching the management of an embedded software development effort.
Slide Presentations about open source web development technologies
Luxor: The "Linux Kernel" for Desktop Apps: Uniting XUL, SVG, HTML, Velocity, Web Start, XSL/T, Python and more

Beyond HTML and Swing: Building Rich, Cross-Platform, Zero-Administration Desktop Apps On Open Standards Today

Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG): Creating High-End 2D Graphics Using XML

Python and Jelly: Scripting Power for Java and XML: Do More With Less (Lines of Code)
Linux Tips, with other sites Help and How To
Fortran (90) tutorial on the net that might be of some use
Fortran 90 tutorial
Articles, Reports, and Papers by the CERT/CC Staff

Security Guidelines from Microsoft:
Serve It Up with J2EE 1.4 - Use JCA 1.5 and EJB 2.1 to Extend your App Server - J2EE 1.4 makes application servers more versatile than ever before and truly extensible. This article demonstrates how to implement a server using the J2EE 1.4 features: Java Connector Architecture (JCA) 1.5 and EJB 2.1. It shows how the two features can be combined to provide multithreaded servers that can be written and deployed in an open and portable way. These capabilities are demonstrated in the context of an SMTP server.
Patterns Applied to Manage Security - This chapter excerpt introduces security patterns and their benefits throughout the design of a J2EE Web Banking Application. It defines the scope and requirements of this application, identifies relevant security patterns, and applies them to the design of both the application and its operating environment. Uses cases are developed and code is presented for all the major Java classes.
Open Source Digest
Linux Virtual Memory Documentation
The Virtual Memory documentation against Linux version 2.4.20 is now available, containing information on pretty much all of the VM in Linux.  
Understand the VM, describes how the VM works:
Code Commentary:
Some of Gary's Articles and Presentations
Teddy's Center for the Blind - Manuals, Tutorials and Useful files
MIS Lecture Slides
MIS Glossary Technology - all activities by title 
Cisco Practice Tests from the Cisco Networking Academy:
Protocols Practice Quiz:
IPX Practice Test:
Routing and Subnetting Practice Quiz:
ACLs Practice Quiz:
IGRP Practice Quiz:
LAN Technologies Practice Quiz:
VLANs Practice Quiz:
LAN Switching Practice Quiz:

LAN Concepts Practice Quiz:
Lan Media Practice Test:

Practice quiz Layer 1 electronics and signaling:

Intro LAN Practice quiz:
Practice OSI Test:

LAN Design Quiz:
LAN Design Quiz:

Structured Cabling Quiz:
Online Lecture Materials For Computer Forensics
FreeBSD Documentation:
A wide variety of documentation is available for FreeBSD, which is a free version of Unix. This documentation is provided and maintained by the FreeBSD Documentation Project <>.
Computer and Programming Training Newsletters
KDE Tutorial - This is a tutorial that explains most of everything someone has to know to start developing a KDE application. Teaches how to develop a KDE application. With the only requirement of a little C++ knowledge, and using the latest KDE snapshots, the reader will learn how to build his/her first KDE application from a simple "Hello world" button to a Web browser with a DCOP interface that communicates with a bookmark application running in a separate process.
ExtremeTech - Deep technology for enthusiasts and professionals, provides deep technical content about new products and technologies. It reaches committed, active technology users,  managers, and enthusiasts through detailed reviews, analysis, tutorials, extensive resource links, and interactive, discussion-based community
Several good papers on web and internet related topics
Information for developing high-volume Web sites - This page pulls together resources to help you plan, design, and build an e-business solution for high-volume Web sites (HVWS). These Web sites typically have an infrastructure comprised of several tiers, with each tier handling a particular set of functions, such as serving content, providing integration business logic, or processing database transactions.
Learn how you can reduce DNS errors while reducing the amount of time your organization spends on everyday administrative and management tasks. Download Verisign's free guide "The Domain Name System (DNS): A Brief Overview and Management Guide"
Slides to the book, Principles of Computer Architecture
Java Quizzes
Locally written computing lecture notes:
Craig's PCI Pages
Novell NetWare 4.11 Tutorial
MIT Open Courseware in Computer Science (check every month or 2)
Links to review
Essentials of Web Development
Java Tutorials & Short Courses
Learning To Publish, many tutorials and link resources for several apps and technologies
Web Site Building Tutorials
The mission of the ArsDigita Systems Journal is to distribute knowledge acquired during the construction and operation of Web-based information systems.
Engineering Internet Services
Microsoft FrontPage2000 - How to Create a Personal Web Site Using FrontPage2000
A tutorial on character code issues - This document tries to clarify the concepts of character repertoire, character code, and character encoding especially in the Internet context. It specifically avoids the term character set, which is confusingly used to denote repertoire or code or encoding.
Digital Imaging Tutorial
Presentations from the San Antonio Software Process Improvement Network (SASPIN) is a communication forum established for the free and open exchange of software process improvement experiences and practical ideas.
Free Instant Web Design Tutorials - (Send This E-Book To Your List And Make Money, Too)
XML for the Absolute Beginner (some good links)
ASP Tutorials
All the Free Java courses at
From the web site for Software Engineering 6th Edition:
Well designed presentations that cover all of the chapters in the book:
Extensive 26-page Software Engineering Glossary:
Two Extreme Programming (XP) Learning Sites:
Don Well's site on XP. Good diagrams and tutorials.
This is the XP Portal maintained by Ron Jeffries. It contains lots of good papers and downloads .
Four Java Tutorials from
Exceptions to the programming rules:
Part 1 - Learn how exception handling has evolved from C to Java:
Part 2 - Learn how exception handling has evolved from C to Java:
A Walking Tour of JavaBeans:
What JavaBeans is, how it works, and why you want to use them.
Turn Java classes into JavaBeans:
Reuse your existing Java classes as JavaBeans components.
New Unix Articles and Tutorials from
New Java/C/C++ Articles and Tutorials from
Web Design Library at
Web Design Library - - Photoshop
Web Design Library - - Flash
Graphics 101
Streaming Media 101
A Guide to Building Secure Web Applications version 1.1:  (983 kb)
While this document doesn't provide a silver bullet to cure all the ills, we hope it goes a long way in taking the first step towards helping people understand the inherent problems in web applications and build more secure web applications and Web Services in the future.
Data Structures and Algorithms - This course is designed to teach you how to program efficiently. It assumes that
Software Architecture:
Software Architecture Resources - Papers on Software Architecture, Architecting and Architects
Extreme Programming:

The main site of the pair programming community. This site contains articles, research papers, and other links for pair programming enthusiasts.

This is the portal for the JUnit community. Here you can get the most recent downloads of JUnit. There are papers, tutorials, and other resources.

Kent Beck's Three Rivers Institute.

Ward Cunningham's famous wiki  web. This site has all the original discussion on XP, dating back to the beginning.

Ken Auer's XP development shop in Research Triangle Park. NC.

An XP Development company in Southern California.

A site about Extreme Programming in Java.
Learning Black Box Testing Using Simulations
Illustrating White Box Testing with Java And Web-based Algorithm Animation
DCOM Architecture
DCOM Technical Overview
DCOM- A Business Overview
The Latest and Best Training from IBM Developerworks:
Java security, Part 2: Authentication and authorization - In this tutorial, Part 2 of 2, Brad Rubin introduces the basic concepts of authentication and authorization and provides an architectural overview of JAAS. Through the use of a sample application, he'll guide your understanding of JAAS from theory to practice.
Java security, Part 1: Crypto basics - In this tutorial, the first of two parts on Java security, Brad Rubin guides you through the basics of cryptography and how it is implemented in the Java programming language, using plenty of code examples to illustrate the concepts.
Use SOAP-based Intermediaries - Learn what sorts of services intermediaries can provide in a Web services environment, and take an in-depth look at how information about intermediaries is stored in SOAP headers.
Some good learning items here - Video Tutorials for Oracle, Excel, Dreamweaver, VB.Net, XP. Video Courses to download in .wmv format for Oracle, Excel, Dreamweaver, VB.Net, XP.
OT3 Online Classroom
OT1 Online Classroom
OT2 Online Classroom
Example of Supplemental Materials Created by the NTC - Windows 2000
Current Webcasts
Secrets of Web Design the pros don't want you to know. Learn how to build your own money making website from the ground up.
Web Server Technology Tutorials - Anxious over Apache? Pondering over PHP? Muddled over MySQL? Then try these free introductory tutorials. To access the tutorials from the home page, click on "Setting Up a Windows PHP server"
2002 Boston Gnome Summit - A list of links from the Boston GNOME Summit, check it out for presentations, notes, reflections, and pictures.
All of's books, download the examples and look at a little of their book content.
Some good stuff here
Teaching in the Switched On Classroom: An Introduction to Electronic Education and HyperCourseware (free online book)
Pretty good link and resource site.
Top Ten Traps in C# for C++ Programmers
Using RAID in Linux - The Mysteries of RAID
Oracle 8 Product Documentation Library - Online documentation for Oracle8 Server, Oracle8 Context Cartridge, Oracle8 Networking, Oracle Enterprise Manager, and Oracle Web Products.
Oracle 8i release 8.1.5 Documentation
Oracle for Intel Linux - Oracle8i, Release 8.1.5 Administrator's Reference and Installation Guide
DB2 Universal Database Support - This page contains links to the DB2 Universal Database and DB2 Connect Version 7 product manuals in English.
IBM Data Management: IBM Manuals for Data Management Products
Free Certification Practice Test Demos, call them at (615) 726-8779 and ask how many questions are in the demos.
Waba in wireless:
Embedded Java: Programming Resource Center
Programming Resource Categories from the Resource Guide:
.NET Tutorials <>
Apache Software Foundation <>
Architectural Forms <>
Binary Data <>
Bioinformatics <>
COM <>
Compression <>
DOM <>
DOM Software <>
DTD Software <>
DTD Tutorials <>
Hardware <>
Information Search and Retrieval <>
Instant Messaging <>
Java <>
Java Applications <>
Java Beans <>
Java Packages <>
Java Parsers <>
Java Servlets <>
JavaScript <>
Messaging Servers <>
Object-Oriented Databases <>
Open Source <>
P2P (Peer-to-Peer) <>
P2P Tutorials <>
Perl Implementations <>
Product SDKs <>
Python Implementations <>
Query Technologies <>
RDF Parsers <>
RDF Schema Software <>
RDF Software <>
Relational Databases <>
RSS Software <>
SAX <>
SAX vs. DOM <>
Schema <>
Schema Software <>
Scripting Languages </pub/rg/Scripting_Languages>
Security <>
SOAP Software <>
SVG Software <>
Tcl <>
Test Suites <>
Unicode <>
Visual Basic <>
Web Services Tutorials <>
IT Project Management for Project Managers - Online community for IT project managers offers resources and expertise in Project Management, Package Selection, CRM, PMO, e-commerce, Business Intelligence and more. (Free registration required)
Coast Mountains School District Wide Area Network - A description by Steve Tonnesen of how his school district set up its WAN using Linux, covering a broad range of topics.
Tutorials and other material for dialogue engineering (links)
Sixteen Words To Object Oriented Programming - This explains object oriented programming in terms experienced programmers can understand. Takes the mystery out of OOP.
Computer Buses: A Tutorial
C++ Tutorials - this material will be updated on a regular basis as more information becomes available. - Over 15 million university and education pages indexed and ranked in order of popularity.
IEC: Online Education - The IEC Web ProForum tutorials feature the latest technical and business issues of vital concern to engineers, salespersons, managers, and executives.
Sybase Product Manuals:
Dictionary of Programming Languages, a compendium of computer coding methods assembled to provide information and aid your appreciation for computer science history. The dictionary currently has over 120 entries.
Shell Scripts and AWK tutorial

OS guides and references,2610,,00.html
Technologies - topics containing information to help you understand and apply concepts around developer subjects.
HP Documentation - many pages, online guides, and topics covered here, including Linux
How to Run Oracle on Linux
E-Business Network is the Internet's first broadcast network designed specifically with content focused on business.
Shows: The E-Business Network features all original content to provide a view of what's hot in the e-business arena.
Archives: Watch episodes from archived series shows and events
Technical Papers from 3Com
Free Solaris Support - This site provides access to documentation, discussion forums, FAQs, patches, and links to valuable resources for Free Solaris.
HTML Basics - In this OpenUW course, we cover the basic structure of an HTML document, what HTML tags look like, the fundamental document structure, and basic tags found in nearly all HTML documents.
Microcontroller and Programming Tutorials
Java Server Pages - A beginner's guide to using JavaServer Pages technology.
Servlet Seminar (Acknowledge Technologies)
The JSP Files (Developer Shed)
The Session Object (JSP Insider)
Beginners' Central, a Users Guide to the Internet - an online tutorial offering step by step instruction to the new internet surfer. Broken down into chapters, Beginners Central is perfect for the first time internet user.
Free Microsoft Seminars
Jan's Illustrated Computer Literacy 101
Web Page Teacher - 50 easy-to-follow HTML lessons, Try it free for 30 days
Free Marketing Seminar in mp3 format (8MB) - "Net Marketing 2002" audio-seminar-on-CD
download version. You're just one step away from discovering the powerful, proven insider methods and secret techniques that can turn your internet business into a cash-generating dynamo.  I'll teach you, and show you, everything! - Free to Watch Animated Tutorials - Watch computer tasks performed before your very eyes, while captioned balloons explain the action.  See how to make a basic web page, setup special email functions, or finally get inside that mysterious zip file
A set of slides (in Microsoft PowerPoint and HTML format) that cover the material in the book, An Engineering Approach to Computer Networking.
Multi-University/Research Lab (MURL) Seminar Series - Streaming video presentations of research seminars originating from a small, distinguished group of institutions.
E.N.E.N.'s NetSeminar - Update your engineering knowledge, an interactive community of electronics engineers and professionals sharing information, attending on-line tutorials and advancing their careers.
Free Netg online user and IT training for people in Michigan who are affiliated in any way with education or work for a business with 25 or fewer employees.
Free Sound Programming Tutorials and References:
Audio Effects Algorithms - Tutorial on algorithms for producing reverb, chorus, etc.
Audio Effects FAQ - Frequently asked questions and their answers on producing
audio effects.
Time and Pitch Scaling of Audio Signals - Overview of techniques used for time/pitch scaling.
The WAVE File Format - Need to have more information about Microsoft's WAV file format? If your program needs to process music/audio files on the PC platform, then this tutorial provides information that may be useful to you.
ResearchIndex (CiteSeer) - Scientific Literature Digital Library incorporating autonomous citation indexing, awareness and tracking, citation context, related document retrieval, similar document identification, citation graph analysis, and query-sensitive document summaries. Advantages in terms of availability, coverage, timeliness, and efficiency.
Online Documentation in several areas, including Windows, Netbios, Linux, Excel
The NIST draft publication of the System Administration Guidance for Windows 2000 Professional is now available for public comment. The document is intended to assist the users and system administrators of Windows 2000 Professional systems in configuring their hosts by providing configuration templates and security checklists.
Programming Tutorials, have a few already
Frontpage tutorial links, check out
The Internet Archive - Building an Internet Library - Use the "Wayback" machine to access content on web sites from previous months and years. Access sites that are no longer active or online. Here are some good ones:
Search Directory 2000 for Windows 2000 tutorial content
Check this one later*/
MS Access tutorials, articles, and code.
Hacking Exposed Windows 2000 Network Security Secrets and Solutions:
Information Warfare - 2 Free Chapters - explains the methodologies behind hacks and cyber attacks and provides defensive strategies and counter measures.
Crystal Reports support - some very good white papers and tutorials for performing most functions. If you go to  you can find technical documents, enhancements, and more.
The Internet Protocol Journal - this journal serves "as an informational and educational resource for engineering professionals involved in the design, development, and operation of public and private internets and intranets."
Oracle Documentation Library, v.8.1.5
Books24x7 - you will be able to browse, search, use a personal bookshelf, and experience first hand our simple navigation and exceptional content. Every page of every title will be available, but some of the content will be hidden by x's.
More from How-To Library from Web Building:

Keyboard shortcuts:
Java Tips Archive
Lots of Computer Security related links
Filled out form, still have not gotten anything back.
Good link site - look for stuff here, looks good
Java Technology : Articles and columns
Nicely described Java Courses from IBM and Sun
Free online seminars, both upcoming and archived, covering ...
HTML Help Tutorials
Windows XP Tweaks - This is a great site dedicated to providing info on how to make minor adjustments to Microsoft's latest Windows.
Network World Fusion White Papers Central
Web Design Tutorials - Step by Step tutorials for those who want to learn how to make a webpage and do not know HTML
Python and Perl Tutorials from ActiveState Programmer Network, a premier service for programmers providing priority access to the latest technologies needed to build applications with open source tools.
Homepage of the Special Interest Group: Enterprise JavaBeans
Data Structures and Algorithms - links to many computer algorithm topics.
Technical Reports in Computer Science
Free Beachfront Quizzers - Free Exam Preparation Software:
A+ Special Edition
Free Windows 2000 Accelerated Special Addition Quizzer
Free Visual Basic 6 Distributed Apps Special Edition Quizzer
MetaFrame 1.8 Special Edition
NetWorking Essentials
W2K Professional
Windows NT 4.0 Server
CCNA Special Edition
 800+ question Networking Essentials and  100+ question Windows 2000 Professional Special Edition
Developer Documentation
Mac OS 8 and 9 Developer Documentation
MSDN Library
Wikipedia - a collaborative project to produce a complete encyclopedia from scratch. started in January 2001 and already it has over 11,000 articles, many IT and computer science related.

InfoWorld Free Archived Webcasts
Caching Tutorial for Web Authors and Webmasters
Linux Devcenter Topics: Devices, Game Development,LDAP, PDA, Administration, Browsers, Certification, Community, Database, Desktop, Device Drivers, Firewalls, Getting Started, Kernel, Multimedia, Networking, Programming, Security, Tools, Utilities, X Window System
O'Reilly Network Articles - Listed below are the most recent articles that have appeared on the O'Reilly Network; follow the "more" link to see full listings for each DevCenter.
O'Reilly Network Subjects: Apache, BSD, Java, Javascript and CSS, Linux, Mac, Mozilla, .NET, P2P, Perl, Policy, PHP, Python, Web Services, Wireless, XML
Misc. Web Development Tutorials
Outlook and Exchange Administrator Solutions

Outlook and Exchange Developer Solutions
AIX 4.3 Online Documentation
Computer and Windows Courses and Manuals in Spanish
LEAP is an RDBMS (Relational Database Management System). It is used as an educational tool around the world to help students, and assist researchers and teachers as they study and teach databases.
The Electronics Workshop - An introduction to electronics Also, tutorials giving important physics and chemistry concepts related to the field of electronics.  Also includes an encyclopedia of electronics.
The site focuses on system performance, with areas including Broadband Internet connections, Windows, Overclocking, all targeted towards a technically aware audience.
Some good stuff here
Top 100 downloads
Technical Reports from the University of California, Santa Barbara - These technical reports are available both via WWW and anonymous FTP. Entries are listed in order of their publish date, with the most recent article first. Both an abstract in HTML and the complete document in postscript are available
Windows 2000 Training Slides
Certifications for IT Managers
Certification/IT information for Beginners
Computer Programming Languages - Pointers to some on-line reference information about computer languages. Subsections are maintained by different individuals.
Software Technology - Resources for parallel and high performance computing
- search for which site link to popular sites
Good search results
My Own Business - A Free Internet Course On How To Start A Business, an online, eleven-session course providing the basic do's and don'ts for hopeful entrepreneurs starting their businesses
Lots of practice test for these IT Certifications: Cisco, Oracle, Lotus, Compaq, Unix/Linux, Microsoft, Novell, Citrix, CompTIA, IBM, CIW
Windows 95/98 Tips & Tricks
Communications Networks Course with great notes and slides.
Open GL tutorials
FreeBSD Tutorials
Check this site out
Free SAS tutorials
Microsoft SQL Server FAQ
Booch Object Model FAQ
Good Tutorials - Photoshop, Flash, Dreamweaver and more
link site
HTML Tutorial
Perl Help and Resources

C++ Tutorials
C Tutorials
Web Design Authoring Tutorials
Javascript Tutorials
Web Graphics Tutorials
HTML Tutorials
CSS Tutorials,_Help,_and_Tutorials/
XML Tutorials
Python Tutorials
Perl Tutorials
Perl and CGI Tutorials
Tcl Website with resources and links

Pretty good braindump site
Free Tutorials

::: Uses for Use Cases :::
Allen Holub explains how you can use use cases to analyze the runtime
behavior of your program in his continuing series on OO design

::: Tips for Effective Project Planning :::
Scott Ambler describes three fundamental approaches for
requirements-based project planning.

He explains how best to plan each iteration of your software
development project.

And to top it all off, he gives 10 tips for better use cases.

Software Tutorials from Webmasterbase - a vast variety of web design tutorials and articles coupled with a vibrant and well informed community. (Viewlets)
Extraordinary Extranets
Best Websites list
Code Archive for all Oracle Press Books
Excerpt from Java in a Nutshell, Chapter 2: How Java Differs from C
Use their free K-12 online classes for teaching students how to use computers and the Internet or for your own skills enhancement. You can use it in a classroom environment or as an at-home tutorial.
Paint Shop Pro Tutorials
Macromedia Flash Tutorials
Thau's JavaScript Tutorial - Lessons 1 thru 5


Sites Worth Mentioning:

This search has some good stuff:
(Already did and from this search)

Accelerate Your Browsing for Free
There are dozens of products that claim to speed up your surfing but most have little effect. NaviScope is different - it actually works! Not only does it speed up your surfing, it also offers optional ad, pop-up, cookie and JavaScript blocking, an extensive set of diagnostic tools and more bells and whistles than you can imagine. My only beef is that the tool bar is very obtrusive so once you set up NaviScope, you should select the option to turn the tool bar off. If you need it, you can always bring it up again though the quick launch icon. (614KB)

PageRank Uncovered:
This 55 page report will inform you on how Google's PageRank works. This will help you configure and optimize your web site for search engines.

Arisesoft Color Set
Color Set is a quick and easy way to play around with color schemes, without having to go through the tedious task of mocking each color set up in Photoshop, Fireworks or your favourite graphic editor.  A preview pane in the program lets you see a mock-up of your page background, table border, text colors and more. You can pick different colors for each element, switch colors between elements, and more until you end up with something functional and stylish.

Smart Alternative to Google Toolbar
Dave’s Quick Search Bar is a free utility that gives you the same easy access to Google searches as Google's own searchbar
but wait, there’s more. It also provides access to the excellent Teoma, FAST and other search engines. Because it resides in your task bar, it's accessible from any application.
Comes with a host of other features such as dictionary/thesaurus access and even a calculator. If that's not enough for you, it's
totally customizable. One cool product. (380KB)
$108 Imaging Software for FREE
PaintShop is an image-editing program that has been around just
as long as I can remember. I seem to recall using it on a CP/M
machine and that, folks, was a long time ago. Each new version
has made the product more powerful and easier to use and the
upcoming version 8 continues the pattern. The new version will
cost $108 but there is an excellent free public beta here: (39MB)
Photoshop Replacement for Nix - Oriens Enhancer is a graphics processing program similar in function to Photoshop and Paintshop. The big difference is that it's free, the others cost big bucks. But don't think free means limited. On the contrary this product can read more than 40 file formats, has filters, textures and color effects to burn and can even handle layers. If that's not enough for you, let me say that on my PC it was both fast and stable. (4.05MB)
Tricks for Special Characters - I don't know about you but my I just can't seem to memorize important ALT+nnnn keyboard combinations that are needed to form special characters such as the copyright sign (©,ALT 0169). I've now bookmarked this handy guide to make life is a little easier.
It's not hard to set up your own dedicated IMAP mail server using an old PC. Once setup, you can access all of your mail from anywhere. Just follow the instructions here:
The Best Totally Free Web hosting with No Ads:
The Best Free Website Statistics:
Boilerplate Text Utility - This is a real productivity tool. I just love it and I suspect you will too. CastlePaste is a free utility that allows you to  easily paste any one of multiple text snippets into any program you are currently running. You can define as many snippets as you like. A number of clipboard extenders do the same thing but the real strength of this product is that snippet insertion is made really easy with a pull down menu that is available from the title bar of any application you are currently using. (1.24mb)
Free Disk Cleaner - G-Lock Temp Cleaner is a handy little utility that identifies all those .$$$, .tmp, and other temporary file types cluttering up your hard disk. Once identified, the Cleaner allows you to delete those you don't want.  It freed up 140MB on my notebook. It even works over a network which makes it handy for sysadmins.  (895KB)
Top Ranked Downloads from
Free Disk Cleaner - G-Lock Temp Cleaner is a handy little utility that identifies all those .$$$, .tmp, and other temporary file types cluttering up your hard disk. Once identified, the Cleaner allows you to delete those you don't want.  It freed up 140MB on my notebook. It even works over a network which makes it handy for
sysadmins.  (895KB)
Star Downloader 1.32 is not only free of charge, it's free of ads, spyware and other undesirable extras packed into most free download accelerators. On top of that, it is blindingly fast and has a raft of features including automatic mirror site detection, automatic resumption of failed downloads, download scheduling, anti-virus integration and more. If you are not yet using a download accelerator, go get this product and start counting the time you save. The faster your internet connection, the more you will gain. Users with slow modem connections will, unfortunately, benefit least. (1.3MB)
Backup Outlook Express Files Easily - This free utility allows you to do a full or selective backup of OE's critical files including mail folders, newsgroups, address book and identity settings. Simple, effective ... neat.  (2.1MB)
Advanced Directory Printer ( is a great way to do it in Windows.
What Recruiters Are Saying About Resumes - Several hundred recruiters in various industries were interviewed to get their opinions about the resumes they are receiving. Their responses have been collected and a Top 20 Resume Pet Peeve list has been compiled. Knowing what annoys them can help you from making these mistakes and help get your resume read and seriously considered.
Qualys' Free Browser Checkup, a series of audits designed to test and fix your browser's security vulnerabilities.
5000 Collegiate Words with Brief Definitions - Speak and write with an Ivy League graduate's vocabulary
FTP Sites:
Popular FTP Sites
FTP Search Engines
FTP Sites
VB Download Sites
XML Code Library - intended to unify all those tiny libraries on the web.
3DTRACEROUTE.  Better than the primitive TraceRoute function for determining whether your Internet transmission is getting though, try 3D TraceRoute at .  Visually appealing, it provides the whois function along the way to determine the hosts at each hop and you can select the 3D format or more traditional listings.  It's a small download and a free utility, and that's a nice feature, too. The current version:
Optimize Your Broadband Connection - This site offers some excellent free tests and tools to help you get the most out of your DSL, Cable or Satellite Internet connection.
Qualys' Free Browser Checkup, a series of audits designed to test and fix your browser's security vulnerabilities.
Rambooster - Another realtime memory manager that frees up RAM that may be filled with unnecessary data. - A small batch file written to delete all your temp, temporary internet files, history, and cookies
CleanUp! - A free program that deletes all your temp, temporary internet files, and cookies
The best resource for all foreign-born individuals entering or living in the United States.
Office XP Toolkits - Microsoft has released 2 free toolkits for Office XP professionals. The Web Services Toolkit and the SmartTag Enterprise Resource Toolkit help companies make better use of the major new features in Office XP.
The Best list of free eBook compilers that I have found
The freeware "Read in Microsoft Reader (RMR)" add-in for Microsoft Word enables you to convert any Word document into a Microsoft Reader format eBook in just a few simple steps.
Key Features include:
- The ability to include custom cover graphics.
- The ability to convert your formatting with the click of a mouse. When the "Convert to Microsoft Reader Formatting" box is checked, Word will remove any formatting that conflicts with Microsoft Reader defaults.
Microsoft provides a freeware viewer program on their site, which anyone who reads your eBook will have to download.
Program Name: Microsoft eBook Creator
A great program called Group Mail by Aureate. This program will process the information from your form, process your subscription requests, store your subscribers information in a database and enable you to send personalized email messages. Best of all, it's free. Note: Make sure you download all of the extra, free plug-ins. - Has manufacturer product guides with diagrams for a bevy of goods -- from coffeemakers to videoconferencing equipment -- as well as warranty and support information. You won't find PCs here, but there are manuals for digital cameras, printers, and fax machines. 
Research, Reports and Presentation Links
Research Tips
Writing a Research Paper - Student Writer's Resources
Web Business Library
Study Skills Self-help Information
Resources for Student Development
Writing Help
Java Tutorial Links
ASP Tutorial Links
ColdFusion Tutorial Links
Perl Tutorial Links
PHP Tutorial Links
SSI Tutorial Links
CSS Tutorial Links
DHTML Tutorial Links
XML Tutorial Links
Graphic Applications Tutorial Links for CorelDraw, ImageReady, Fireworks, PaintShopPro, Freehand, Photoshop, Illustrator
HTML Editor Tutorial Links for Dreamweaver, FrontPage, GoLive, Others
Graphic Design Tutorial Links

Tutorials on critical technologies: Spring 2000
Extended research reports: Spring 2000 - Student-generated reports on selected lecture topics

OpenGL Turtorials
Tutorials in one big .doc file:
PC Hardware Components Tutorial - This tutorial will provide you with information for understanding a PC and its components.
Scott's Tutorial Hotlist - links

Java for Cobol Programmers - free course from IBM. Topics include: Object-Oriented Programming, Graphical App, Address Class App, GUI, and Networking App.
Confessions of an old COBOL Programmer
Java: OO Concepts & Java for COBOL Programmers


Suggested Web Sites:

Paul Pomerleau & Associates
Distance Education, Virtual Education, Online Tutoring, Learning Objects, Flash Presentations
name_of_website =
website_address =
website_description = ETFOCUS offers 13 weeks of FREE Visual Basic or Java Training with a 9 Month GUARANTEED Consulting Assignment upon completion of VB or Java Training!
name_of_website = easy_tutorials
website_address =
website_description = Fácil y Gratis. Aprenda los mejores programas en 36 minutos
name_of_website =
website_address =
website_description = Manuales Gratis en Español.
Free Programming Manuals in Spanish
name_of_website =
website_address =
website_description = Training site for the latest real estate technology...including online training.

name_of_website = Azure Technologies
website_address =
website_description = Information Technology Training & Certification

name_of_website = The web page of thomas
website_address =
website_description = The site give idea about present day computing.

You may want to post this site on your training resources page:
It's an international computer literacy training, testing and certification program maintained by an international panel of esperts. The NY-based Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) has endorsed ICDL and will participate in the U.S. distribution and administration of the program.
To learn Programming, some certification brain dumps are available at this site.
name_of_website = Ainsworth & Partners
website_address =
website_description = Typing tutor programs ideal for seniors. Ainsworth Computer Seminar free tutorial and intro to computing.
name_of_website = Página de Carlos Marcano Universidad Nueva Esparta
website_address =
website_description = electrónica, robótica y Redes

name_of_website = service-kgisl-coimbatore-india
website_address =  (not found on 4/2/2001)
website_description = indian cultural and computer education


Free 51 question CompTIA i-Net+ certification exam preparation
Free Certification Exam Demos. A+ Exam Demo (40 Questions), Network+ Exam Demo (40 Questions), i-Net+
Exam Demo (50 Questions).
We have demos available for every product. These demos have most of the features of the full version but with fewer questions.

Free Demo tests from for Windows 2000, MCSE, MCDBA, N+
Great database of questions and answers for all major IT certification exams.
TechSkills offers free demos of its TestPrep software for IT certification exams, currently for Microsoft Windows 2000, Cisco®, and CompTIA's exams.
IT Evaluate - Customized technical testing and skills assessment
WebTest is PC Center Training Institute's own FREE online practice exam web site. Take practice exams for your Microsoft Certified System Engineer and A+ Certification exams.
145 Free Questions for various certification exams
Free A+ Exam Practice
Free C++ Tests
Free online tests for MCSE, MCSE 2000, MCSD & MCDBA, Proxy Server 2.0 (70-088 exam), and SQL Server 7.0 (70-028 exam)
Our PREP! for A+ and PREP! for Network+ have helped thousands of people pass their certification tests. Download the software, and try out the sample 42 questions. If you like it, simply pay the $35.00 fee to get the rest (over 400 total) of the questions.
These self-evaluation tests have been designed to help you assess how well you know the materials covered in 
the official Intel Certification Program tests.
Links to all types of free practice exams
Assess Your Skills - Register for a free assessment of your IT skills
C++ Programming Quiz - 50 Questions in Total
Click on the 'IT Practice Exams' link.
IBM Certification Exam Tool
On-line pre-assessment tests are offered by IBM to help you determine your ability to pass the official certification exam. Tests are available for areas such as IBM VisualAge for Java, IBM WebSphere, IBM DB2 UDB V6.1 and Sun Java.
Pop Quizes - many technology areas
Thank you for requesting our FREE QuickCert Demo Test Engine. Please take a moment and complete the below registration form. This demo contains 40 questions for each exam, Microsoft and Novell.
MCSE Practice Tests and many other Practice exams for: Microsoft, CompTIA, Novell, & CDIA.This demo contains 40 questions for each exam. Free registration required.
MeasureUp's free 10-question demo tests. Unlike other test prep vendors, our demos are available online so you don't have to download and install anything to try out our materials. You can also download MeasureUp's test preparation materials for offline use.
Pre-NT Administration Course Quiz
Here are 25 questions based on the topics covered in TECH's Networking Foundation course. As a guide, if you can answer over 75% correctly then you may not need to take Networking Foundation before attending an NT 4.0 Admin course. Well done, you've scored over 75%! With the knowledge you already have, you should be able to take the NT Admin course, without taking the Networking Foundation course. Please bear in mind that if you answered any of the questions incorrectly, you should understand these topics before attending. You have scored less than 75% If you wish to take the NT 4.0 Admin course, please attend the Networking Foundation course first.
Pre-Foundation Quiz
Here are 25 questions based on the topics covered in TECH's PC Fundamentals course. As a guide, if you can answer over 75% correctly then you may not need to take PC Fundamentals before attending a Networking Foundation course
Click on the 'Downloads' link. Free registration required
Has free demo tests and materials available for download after free registration.
Free sample exams for Cisco, MS, and COMPTIA certification exams, 10 questions each.
Free Testing sites
MS Networking Essentials practice test
There are lots of practice tests available on the internet. Some of the ones that I have used have been the demo test from
Free Prometric and Thomas Learning Demo Tests. The free demo tests on this site are short versions of our complete test preparation products, containing a 15 question test bank. Areas covered are: CompTIA A+ Windows/DOS, CompTIA Network+, Novell NetWare 4.11, Novell NetWare 5, Windows NT, Windows 2000, MS SQL Server, MS Visual Basic, MS Networking Essentials, MS IIS 4.0, MS Exchange Server 5, MS Windows Architecture, MS TCP/IP for Windows NT.
login: intelinfo
password: intelinfo
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Software Development Key Processes Methodology

Web based Learning and Information Exchange by Free Courses, Inc.
Click on the Technology Link. They will get in contact? Need to call them. Thank You for registering with FreeCourses, a member of our support staff will respond to you as quickly as possible. If you would like to contact us directly, you may call our main number (212) 978-6200 from 9am to 6pm EST and ask for customer support.
VisualAge Developer Domain Library
Free tutorials and articles
Web, HTML, XML Tutorial and Resource Links
Paint Shop Pro Tutorials Unlimited


Don't forget to check out our Free Computer Books page.

Secure XML: The New Syntax for Signatures and Encryption - 34 free pages from this book, Part 2: XML Basics

C++: A Beginner's Guide - 20 free pages from this book, Module 10: Inheritance, Virtual Functions, and Polymorphism







Analytical Writing for Science and Technology:
This is a free online course in scientific and technical writing - in a workbook format.

MCP Books:
Linux, Unix, Networking ebooks (not online as of 3/14/04)
O'Reilly's CD Bookshelf
Online books O'Reilly
Oracle, MS, Cisco, and Adobe books and training
ITCertifer Serials Bible 70-210 Password is:itcertifer0808
Others Materials password
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... (0-672-30872-X) Microsoft Exchange Server Survival Guide ... (0-672-30872-X) Visual
C++ Unleashed This is the perfect book for advanced Visual C++ programmers. ... - 78k - Cached - Similar pages

Computer Reference : Personal Bookshelf : Ebook List
... Oracle Unleashed By SAMS Development Group Publisher: SAMS ISBN: 0-672-30872-X
Published: 9602 Categories: Enterprise Computing/DBMS, Programming,. ... - 101k - Cached - Similar pages
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Re: [cyberground] PCMail-Shopping (CD)
... 0-672-30402-3 Unix Unleashed 0-672-30816-9 Microsoft BackOffice 2 Unleashed,
Second Edition 0-672-30837-1 Visual Basic 4 Unleashed 0-672-30872-X Oracle ... msg00134.html - 24k - Supplemental Result - Cached - Similar pages

Re: [cyberground] PCMail-Shopping (CD)
... 0-672-30402-3 Unix Unleashed > 0-672-30816-9 Microsoft BackOffice 2 Unleashed, Second
Edition > 0-672-30837-1 Visual Basic 4 Unleashed > 0-672-30872-X Oracle ... msg00136.html - 5k - Supplemental Result - Cached - Similar pages
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Software-Testing and Internationalization - This book will transform how you view testing methodologies and procedures. It introduces the reader to essential concepts and approaches used by practitioners in the software testing arena, while also taking into account the realities of low budgets and real schedule deadlines. This books also outlines the steps involved in planning, implementing and evaluating tests of modern, object-oriented software and provides an assessment of currently available methods so that you can choose the right testing procedures for your development project. (Free registration required.) (You may download your copy at
Some Books'Reilly_Reference_Library/
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OReilly Books
OReilly Books
OReilly Perl CD Bookshelf
OReilly Perl CD Bookshelf
OReilly Perl CD Bookshelf
Tcl/Tk Cookbook - The purpose of this cookbook is to provide a suite of simple examples with annotated comments so a novice user could quickly climb the learning curve by means of pattern matching. It is largely aimed at readers who are new to developing toolkit based applications and at those who only need to know how to develop simple interfaces and have relatively short time to achieve that.
The Little Book of Semaphores - This is a textbook that introduces the principles of synchronization for concurrent programming. The approach of this book is to identify patterns that are useful for a variety of synchronization problems and then show how they can be assembled into solutions. After each problem, the book offers a hint before showing a solution, giving students a better chance of discovering solutions on their own.
Lots of Books in this directory
3 Delphi Books,%203rd%20Edition%20-%20(pdf)/
The C++ Programming Language, 3rd Edition
What to Learn in Programming Languages
Oreilly Books and others
Java Reference Library
Networking CD Bookshelf
Perl CD Bookshelf
Unix CD Bookshelf
Borland C++ Builder book
OReilly Books
Many OReilly Books
OReilly Unix and Perl CD Bookshelves, says only works locally, but is available
OReilly books and some others
Perl CD Bookshelf and Javascript books, some Oracle also
Teach Yourself Perl 5 in 21 Days
The Hackers Playground: Books
Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Resource Kit CD
SQL Server 2000 Operations Guide
O'reilly Reference Library
Complete Linux Command Reference
Java An Object First Approach
Reference Section at - many online books
3 Visual C++ 6 books
Using Visual Basic 6
Many good books
2 Visual C++ Books (near bottom)
Books (in English)
O'Reilly In a Nutshell Books and some other O'Reilly books Current Books Available - Lots of good books
Books, some missing - Unix and Networking O'Reilly books and a couple others
Some Books
Books - O'Reilly
Books - O'Reilly
The Networking CD Bookshelf
Books (most in chinese)
Oracle Books (in english)
CGI Programming Unleashed
The HTML 4.0 Sourcebook
Several Books and text documents on programming
Some Books
Some Books (to download, click on the "Bajar archivo" link)
Some Books
Lots of links to tutorials and books to mine
Several Books
Some Books
Many Books online
Several Books
Books and Unix Books (slow connection?)
Useful Manuals
Some books to download
Online Books - ActiveX and Active VB,  Databases, Distributed Object Computing, Graphics, Internet, Intranet, Java, Networking, Perl, C/C++ Programming, Unix, Windows.
A few books
Some books to download, same books are here(?):
Lots of books:

Book downloads for these subjects: C, Linux, Perl, PHP, SQL, Unix
Some books - Oracle, Linux, Unix, Perl, CGI, and C/C++ Tutorials
Teach Yourself - The Ultimate Online Resources
Programming Books and Tutorials
Mad Books
Perl Books
Speed - Several Online Programming Books
Several Online Programming Books
4 Perl Books to download in zip format
Many books to download in compressed format
Linux and other books and docs
IBM Linux Library
Many Free Books
Microsoft Access 97 Quick Reference
Special Edition Using Microsoft SQL Server 6.5 Second Edition
JFC Unleashed
Linux Documentation and Guides, a nice mirror of these
Library - several good books
The Linux Kernel Module Programming Guide -  A guide to programming Linux kernel modules.
Windows+BSD+Linux Installation Guide - Explains how three different operating systems can be installed and configured on the same hard disk of a computer. The reader may choose from: Microsoft Windows 95/98(Second Edition)/Millennium edition(ME)/NT/2K/XP + FreeBSD 4.7-RELEASE/OpenBSD 3.2-RELEASE + Linux. Only Intel architecture multi-booting is discussed.
The Pocket Linux Guide is for anyone interested in learning the techniques of building a GNU/Linux system from source code. The guide is structured as a project that builds a small diskette-based GNU/Linux system called Pocket Linux. Each chapter explores a small piece of the overall system explaining how it works, why it is needed and how to build it. After completing the Pocket Linux project, readers should possess an enhanced knowledge of what makes GNU/Linux systems work as well as the confidence to explore larger, more complex source-code-only projects.

Burapha's Digital Library for Computer Science:
Learning materials and books covering Database, Programming Languages, Network & Communication, Operating System, Object Oriented, Artificial Intelligence, Web & Internet, Visual Basic (about 60% are in English)
The Class - Chapter 5 from the book, Java An Object Oriented Language - The class is central to Java programming.
The following are slides I have used to illustrate some of the concepts of the programming language Java. The slides are in Acrobat format and are approximately 1.2Mb in size.
Programs from the book
Online Unix Books
DSL Sourcebook

put on site:
Computers, programming, networking and so on:
IBM Product Publications

IBM BookManager BookServer Library for OS390 - An electronic library of books on the World Wide Web. Using BookServer, you can easily manage and display electronic books grouped into catalog collections, bookshelves and bookcases.
This document describes basic design considerations for IP networks by identifying the necessary decisions to be made and by providing information that will assist in the making of these decisions.
CICS Family
Free EBooks:

Free EBooks:

6 Free EBooks:

Complete HTML Teacher:

Big Dummy's Guide To The Internet:

Website & Ezine Promotion for Idiots:

Buying Your Own Computer:*/

From Paper to Web:
An excellent online book for learning about Adobe Acrobat and how to publish on the Web. This book is written for anyone who has valuable information that they need to preserve and share over the Web and on digital media.

Spinning the Web:
This book is aimed at people who want to publish information on the Web. First published in 1994, it deals with all the processes necessary to create and manage a Web site. These include setting up and administering a server, preparing material for publication, converting existing material into a form suitable for publication, publicizing your presence and making material available on the Web.

Zen and the Art of the Internet:

Unix Time-Sharing System: Unix Programmer's Manual (seventh edition, 1979):

NOIE Publications Subject Listing:

Download or browse the considerable range of NOIE online publications. 

World Wide Web Tutor:

The Internet Companion: A Beginner's Guide to Global Networking:

Entering the World Wide Web: A Guide to Cyberspace:

How to create Adobe PDF eBooks (PDF: 715k):
Useful tips for making eBooks (PDF: 124k):

WebSphere Solution Guide: WebSphere Application Server - Express Version 5.0
Revised: April 30, 2003 ISBN: 0738429481 140 pages Explore the book online at

Installing Linux on the IBM eServer xSeries 450

Published: April, 30, 2003 More details are available at

Linux on IBM eServer zSeries and S/390: Performance Measurement and Tuning
Revised: April, 29, 2003 More details are available at

DB2 UDB Evaluation Guide for Linux and Windows

Published: April 14, 2003 ISBN: 0738429260 416 pages Explore the book online at

AIX and Linux Interoperabilty
Published: April 15, 2003 ISBN: 0738426822 316 pages Explore the book online at
MySQL Cookbook - Chapter 3, "Record Selection Techniques," is available free online
G.F.D.D. - Gnutemberg! Free Documentation Database - GFDD is a free documentation database. The aim of this project is to collect and classify free documentation.
From Client/Server to Network Computing, A Migration to Java
This redbook explains the complete migration process to network computing from the design phase to production, including the choice of the tools used in the migration. This book will help you to understand the different steps required in a migration process, what questions have to be asked and some of the answers we found in our environment. It also describes the different tools and technologies that we used to accomplish this work. In addition, it presents some alternatives to our choice that may need to be investigated.
Cygwin API Reference
Cygwin User's Guide
ABCs of System Programming Volume 1 - This redbook is Volume 1 of a five-volume set that is designed to introduce the structure of an OS/390 and S/390 operating environment. The set will help you install, tailor, and configure an OS/390 operating system, and is intended for system programmers who are new to an OS/390 environment. Here are all the volumes:

Understanding Remote Control Sessions Across Firewalls:
Up and Running with DB2 for Linux - an informative guide that describes how to effectively integrate DB2 Universal Database (UDB) with SuSE and Red Hat Linux operating systems. This book provides both introductory and detailed information on installing, configuring, managing, and monitoring DB2 UDB in a Linux environment.
Type Theory and Functional Programming - The book can be thought of as giving both a first and a second course in type theory. We begin with introductory material on logic and functional programming, and follow this by presenting the system of type theory itself, together with many examples. As well as this we go further, looking at the system from a mathematical perspective, thus elucidating a number of its important properties.
Categories, Types and Structures. An introduction to Category Theory for the working computer scientist. M.I.T. Press, 1991
Functional Programming and Parallel Graph Rewriting,
written by Rinus Plasmeijer and Marko van Eekelen.,10801,77375,00.html?nas=APP-77375
Book Except: A Debugging Primer
The Online Books Page - QA Mathematics and Computer Science (in site already, find books on this page)
IBM WebSphere V4.0 Advanced Edition Handbook
- This book explores in detail IBM's flagship application server offering, the IBM WebSphere Application Server V4.0, Advanced Edition
Ultimate Guide to Free Edcuation - Links (some are dated) to free online college classes, training courses and tutorials in a wide range of courses, from computer to business.
This page contains sample chapters from various C# and .NET related books.

Sample Chapters from Wrox Press

ASP.NET Intranet Programming

Chapter 2 - The IBUYSPY Portal Architecture

ASP.NET Security

Chapter 7 - Windows Authentication

Professional .NET Network Programming

Chapter 7 - Multicast Sockets

ASP.NET 1.0 with VB.NET

Chapter 1 - System.Web

ASP.NET 1.0 with C#

Chapter 9 - System.Web.Services

Beginning VB.NET
Second Edition

Chapter 7 - Building Windows Applictions

Professional C# -
Second Edition

Chapter 9 - Data Access with .NET

Professional C# -
Second Edition

Chapter 19 - Graphics with GDI +

ASP.NET Distributed
Data Applications

Chapter 3 - Accessing XML Documents

ASP.NET Distributed
Data Applications

Chapter 5 - Working With Down Level Clients
FREE eBook - How to Create AutoRun CDRoms
On-line text for C++ (not found)
C++ Tutorial Textbook (not found)
Free book links*/
C++ Online Textbooks and Docs - Many great links to free C++ tutorials, guides, and books on the web.
Free eBooks - Free Tutorial eBooks
Lots of free computer books, older ones:
Download 'The Five-Minute Freelance': How to Launch a Work-at-Home Career in Five Minutes a Day
Human-Computer Interaction, Second Edition - you can freely search this book online via a keyword search form.
Free Book - Small Business Manual, issues in owning and managing a small business.
Publications Available on the Web - This page contains abstracts of selected publications by Alexander L. Wolf of the Department of Computer Science at the University of Colorado at Boulder.
DynaWeb: The Root Connection, all kinds of books for SGI: administrator, developer, and end user
DocBook: The Definitive Guide - DocBook provides a system for writing structured documents using SGML or XML. It is particularly well-suited to books and papers about computer hardware and software, though it is by no means limited to them. DocBook is an SGML document type definition (DTD). DocBook has been adopted by a large and growing community of authors
Trapped in the Net: The Unanticipated Consequences of Computerization
An Introduction to Programming in Emacs Lisp - This is an introduction to Programming in Emacs Lisp, for people who are not programmers.
Active Server Pages Guide. This section provides detailed information about creating ASP pages and developing Web applications. It also describes the special event methods and interfaces available for creating components for access by ASP or ISAPI extensions. In this section you will find information on how to store your custom IIS configuration data and how you can use built-in objects to manipulate that data. Finally, the guide provides a library of script and program samples demonstrating a variety of ways to interact with IIS.
PostScript Language Reference, 3rd Edition [The Red Book]
Portable Document Format Reference Manual PDF Version 1.3 by Adobe Systems Inc
The Internet Companion
The Internet Publishing Handbook - For World-Wide Web, Gopher, and WAIS
Introduction To HTML and URLs
ISDN Tutorial
Managing Microcomputers in Large Organizations
Chapter 10: Perl from MySQL & mSQL (book)
Modeling and Simulation: Linking Entertainment and Defense. Opportunities for Collaboration Between the Defense and Entertainment Research Communities.
Paperless Publishing
OPL Library - The New Riders Open Publication License Library is an online collection of titles released by New Riders under the Open Publication License (OPL). The online editions are identical to the print editions and are fully searchable.
Vi IMproved - Vim: Real Linux users don't use GUIs. No matter how popular, slick and sophisticated the interfaces become for Linux and UNIX, you'll always need to be able to navigate in a text editor.
To coincide with the release of ASP.NET Web Matrix, the free ASP.NET development tool from Microsoft, Wrox have commissioned two of our best authors to write a 70 page mini book to explain what it is and how you can start using it effectively.
Integrated Communications Management of Broadband Networks
Software Engineering Methodologies - Two well-known categories of software engineering methodologies are the sequential and the cyclical, informally known as the waterfall and spiral methodologies. A third methodology is introduced here, called the WaterSluice methodology, which combines the best aspects of the previous two methodologies. It takes the iterative nature of the cyclical methodologies and the steady progression of the sequential methodologies and then adds priority and conflicting requirement management.
Artificial Intelligence II - This course book starts by looking at knowledge representation and then look how we reason with knowledge (i.e. effectively search the knowledge base) and then look at these topics in action.
Databases and Artificial Intelligence 3 - This course book covers the artificial intelligence section of the databases and AI CS3 course. There are four sections: Ai Programming in Prolog, Core AI Techniques, Expert Systems, and Natural Language and Vision.
Data Structures and Algorithms II - Here are four reasons why you should study algorithms: 1) To avoid re-inventing the wheel; 2) To help when developing your own algorithms; 3) To help understand tools that use particular algorithms, so you can select the appropriate tool to use; and 4) Because they're neat. Many surprisingly simple and elegant algorithms have been invented.
CGI Developer's Guide:
Apache Server Survival Guide:
Introduction to Machine Learning - The book concentrates on the important ideas in machine learning---it is neither a handbook of practice nor a compendium of theoretical proofs. My goal is to give the reader sufficient preparation to make the extensive literature on machine learning accessible. The present draft is just over 200 pages.
Oracle Documentation:
Free e-Books:
The Absolute Beginner's Guide to Starting a Web Site
Totally Free Web Resources
Practical DotCom Business
Increase Auction Profits
Scientific Advertising
7 Secrets To Unlimited Traffic
101 Businesses You Can Start Online For Little or NO Money
On Line Stealth Marketing
How to Write a Business Plan
Online Business Primer - Basics
Greatest Internet Secrets
Magnetic Internet Power Marketing
Dragon NaturallySpeaking Guide - All 21 chapters, 288 pages, of this book is yours to read online for free. Learn to automate work with shortcuts and macros, tune your system for best accuracy, use digital recorders, transition from typing to dictating, and much more, including how to send e-mail and surf the Web by voice and use Word voice commands.

Template chapter from the book, Advanced Java Server Pages
Title: Free Software Project - Description: Andrew Leonard's book-in-progress is also aiming to serve as an resource on the history and evolution of open source and free software.
Open Sources: Voices from the Open Source Revolution
Enterprise Java Performance by Steven L. Halter and Steven J. Munroe
Java Platform Performance: Strategies and Tactics By Steve Wilson and Jeff Kesselman
Java Performance Tuning, by Jack Shirazi September 2000
Running Linux Applications on AIX,
by Luis Ferreira, et al., IBM Redbook [Free registration required] -- Paperback
The Netage Library - This site has online books, white papers and articles from the world's leading experts on teams and networking.
Underground - Underground is the compelling true story of the rise of the computer underground and the crimes of an elite group of hackers who took on the forces of the establishment.
The Internet Publishing Handbook For World-Wide Web, Gopher, and WAIS
HTML Tag Reference - This book lists all the HTML tags and attributes supported in Netscape Navigator 4.0 and earlier.
Dynamic HTML In Netscape Communicator - This book describes how to use Dynamic HTML to incorporate style sheets, positioned content, and downloadable fonts in your web pages.
Computer Aids for VLSI Design - Second Edition - by Steven M. Rubin. This book is particularly concerned with the design of highly complex electronic circuits, referred to as VLSI (very-large-scale integrated) circuits.
Online Books that are Free Online for You to Read - links
IT Training and Tutorial Link Site
IBM SAN Survival Guide - Published: May 02, 2001   506 pages

Free Books from

Welcome to the MSDN Library - Click on 'Books' and 'Partial Links' in left column. For those using using Microsoft tools, products, and technologies, this free library contains a bounty of technical programming information, including sample code, documentation, technical articles, and reference guides.
Compaq Tru64 Unix Best Practices Documents
Compaq Fortran Documentation Online
New Books listed at
Parametric Cost Estimating Handbook
Free Book - Underground: tales of hacking, madness and obsession on the electronic frontier - (approx 500 pp.) has been publicly and freely released.
Free Tcl/Tk Book - 4 parts, examples and an FAQ page
Object-Oriented Software in C++ - 1 free chapter, extra material and source code
Successful Lisp: How to Understand and Use Common Lisp (free book)
Engines of Creation - The Coming Era of Nanotechnology - free online book
2 Sample Chapters, 1 each from 2 JSP books
Andamooka hosts open content books for reading, annotation, and discussion. (Not much there as of 2/27/2001)
User-to-Business Patterns Using WebSphere Enterprise Edition: Patterns for e-business Series (Free Book)
WebSphere Scalability: WLM and Clustering Using WebSphere Application Server Advanced Edition (Free Book)
This free book is a result of Glenn Reid's years trying to teach people to write PostScript programs, during which he discovered that people tended to try to make PostScript "look like" other programming languages they already knew. There is even a chapter in this book entitled "PostScript Is Not Like C", because it is really a very different language, and one must learn to "think" in PostScript in order to be a good programmer. We're proud to offer the full text of the Thinking in PostScript book on-line as an Adobe Acrobat (pdf) file.
The Scientist and Engineer's Guide to Digital Signal Processing - All chapters available for free
Data Structures and Other Objects Using C++, 2nd Edition - 1 sample chapter, code samples, and lecture slides are freely available for this book.
In The Beginning Was the Command Line
Free Books from
Infotech -- The History, Implications, and Contexts of Computing, Printing, and Other Information Technologies:
Science, Technology, Cyberspace, and Digital Culture: An Overview:
Cyberspace: An Overview:

Course demos in MS Windows NT
Take a FREE course and experience online training by taking either a Microsoft or Lotus Sample Class. Complete their form and you will be e-mailed a user name and password. You will then have access to this course for approximately 4 weeks.
(not online 4/14/2003)
1) Offers several free downloadable Tutorials for you to study and review. You will find tutorials for several different operating systems, helping you understand and complete the online Self Assessment Exam. 2) The Self Assessment Exam is ideal for students. It features two levels of questions which include areas of Hardware, DOS, and Windows. Best of all, it is delivered via a standard browser over the Internet. 3) These certification practice exams will help you understand the type of questions that will be asked on your official exam for Microsoft, Novell, and Cisco.
Pathways Distance Learning Resource Page
FREE EJB Session from JavaOne, June 5, 2000 - Nova Labs CTO, Chris Crenshaw, selected to deliver EJB-J2EE Session at JavaOne: Designing and Developing Real-world, Reusable Business Components Using the Enterprise JavaBeansTM Architecture. To receive a Free copy of this Session plus the accompanying Source Code click on the link and follow the directions to register and send an email.
65 IT Educational Sites linked
IBM Self Service - We offer the following types of free support for our hardware and software customers. Support downloads: Drivers Tools / utilities, Updates; Documentation: Product information, Redbooks, Whitepapers; Resolved problems: FAQs Hints / tips Problem reports (APARs).
Computing Science Journals - Internet Electronic Library Project at Simon Frazer University maintains a list of more than 450 journals, indexed by subject and journal name.
Resources of Scholarly Societies - List of computer science groups and societies worldwide, maintained by the University of Waterloo, Canada.
The eLibrary at the Institute for eCommerce at Carnegie Mellon University is intended as a general on-line reference to support eCommerce research and the MSEC program. Please browse, explore and use it as you would a traditional library.
Multimedia and Design Tutorial Links
Novell Netware Tutorial Links


College of Computer Science at (right now only in cat6.html, put in cat1.html)
Courses in Database Management, Desktop Publishing, Graphics, Integrated Packages, Internet, Management Information Systems, Multimedia, Networking, Operating Systems, Assemblers, BASIC & Visual BASIC, C & C++, HTML, Java, Pascal & Delphi, Perl & CGI, COBOL
Introduction to C++ - Everything you need to know to launch a new phase of your programming career.
Introduction to Visual C++ - A complete course in practical VC++ programming.
Oracle - This is a complete, in-depth course for prospective database administrators.
Elements of High-Speed Networks - A thorough introduction to modern network technology.
Introduction to HTML - A complete course in practical HTML programming. Also one of the most popular courses at
Understanding TCP/IP - Covers all basic aspects of TCP/IP and explores its advanced capabilities and uses in the workplace.
Elements of Web Publishing - Simple and to-the-point lessons for designing and publishing your own Web page. This course is for beginners who might want to pursue the subject further
Introduction to SQL - A complete course at the introductory IT professional level.
Introduction to Visual Basic - A complete course in practical VB programming.
Introduction to VBScript - The definitive beginner's course for learning VBScript. Here is everything you need to know to get started, with a special emphasis upon coding for Active Server Pages and Web applications.
Introduction to Perl & CGI Programming - A complete introductory course. Also one of the most popular courses at
Introduction to JavaScript - A complete course in practical JavaScript programming.
Introduction to Java - A complete course in practical Java 1.1 programming.
Master Linux, a complete course of study. This is a thorough course in Linux programming, using Red Hat Linux. Students can expect to spend between 1 and 2 hours on each lesson, including the time for doing the hands-on examples and exercises.
RDN Virtual Training Suite - Teach yourself Internet skills. A set of free "teach yourself" tutorials delivered over the Web for students, lecturers and researchers who want to learn what the Internet can offer in their subject. All the materials you need are here, with quizzes and exercises to lighten the learning experience.
Programming Tutorial links
Free Management Library's On-Line Nonprofit Organization Development Program (the Nonprofit Micro-MBA)
Programming and Database Tutorials
Software Engineering Resources
Programmer Resources
Free MS Windows tutorials
Misc. IT Training Links
Misc. Links
MS Windows System Tips
Misc. Links
Open Source at IBM DeveloperWorks
Components at IBM DeveloperWorks
Computers and Internet Training and Tutorial Links
Technology Lessons - links for Learning about Technology and Teaching with Technology

The UK Mirror Service provides a collection of over 150 mirrors of FTP and Web sites of interest to academia.

CDi Communications, Inc.
Your Computer Training Superstore - The demos depict selected sections from their training titles,1001,20006,00.html
Tech News & Training
Programming tutorials
Good Links
University of California, Davis - Has course and notes links
Great Links
Links for Techies
SAGE Mentor Program
Training, Certification, Education Links,1947,4a5,00.html
Many kinds of tutorial links
Excel and other tutorials
Pitsco's Ask an Expert: Internet/Computers - Links to websites and e-mail addresses for computer help

Search stuff like online books, stories,essays, poems, articles, etc.

Documents and Tutorials

Chapter 1 Networks -- A Technical Discussion
Chapter 2 Windows for Workgroups Architecture
Free Training Seminars from Microsoft
Use Free Training from Microsoft
Free Tutorials about Microsoft Outloook
MSDN Online Training Seminars - Event Seminars, free training

Microsoft Windows 2000 Training - Free Downloadable Courseware:
Preinstalling and Deploying Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional
1-Day Instructor-led Course, #1567
Installing and Configuring Microsoft Windows 2000 File, Print, and Web Servers
1-Day Instructor-led Course, #1594

Course 1626: Deploying Microsoft Office 2000 Using Microsoft Systems Management Server 2.0

Course 1627: Analyzing Year 2000 Compliance Using Microsoft Systems Management Server 2.0
Technet is a very valuable tool to have when you study for your exams. Unfortunately, a one-year subscription to Technet also costs hundreds of dollars. Microsoft has a free on-line version of Technet available to the general public. It doesn't seem to include everything that the "real" Technet does, but it's pretty close.
The following catalog lists training courses from Microsoft and partnering training vendors. Many courses are available in both instructor-led and self-paced formats. Use the catalog to find a course or curriculum that meets your needs. Search by Product/Technology and Developer Curriculum
MSDN Peer Support
The MSDN Online Member Community lets developers connect with peers in the professional community.
Find and contact other MSDN Online members in the Members Helping Members database, where you can search for help on a specific project or share your expertise with others. Use the popular MSDN Online Peer Journal Microsoft's collection of code, tips, and articles written by your developer peers. MSDN Online provides access to selected developer-focused public newsgroups through our browser-based newsreader.
Understanding and Using COM Threading Models - Explains some basic principles of the various threading models available in COM so that you can better understand how to take advantage of each model's attributes. To wit, this article will help you understand: How to create apartments of different types, How the apartments operate, How to create objects in specific apartments, The advantages and disadvantages of each model

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Novell Appnotes - Novell's Technical Journal for Network Design, Implementation, Administration, and Integration
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OpenGL Tutorials
Tips, Tutorials, FAQs, and Books on VRML Authoring start links
Object-Oriented Language: Java / General
Cetus Links - Object Orientation
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Accreditation Guide
How to Evaluate Schools the web's number one resource for information on distance learning, provided by John Bear, Ph.D.

Web Building
Spotlight on Advanced Technologies
Academic Press Dictionary of Science and Technology - Mathematics & Computers
Ace Your Job Interview High Tech Dictionary - Search for definitions to more than 7,000 high-tech terms!
CNET Computer Network Glossary


Links relating to Web design, Web graphics, and Web authoring tools.


How To Code: Pascal by Stan Sieler (revised 2000-05-03)
This paper is concerned with how to write quality Pascal code. The emphasis is on the coding aspects of writing Pascal code. It covers the four P's of programming: philosophy, performance, problems, and portability and is organized into these chapters: Style, Coding Choices, Performance Problems, and Portability.

FreeBSD Handbook - The FreeBSD Documentation Project, February 1999. This handbook covers the installation and day to day use of FreeBSD Release 2.2.8. This manual is a work in progress and is the work of many individuals.
Frequently Asked Questions for FreeBSD 2.X - The FreeBSD Documentation Project, $Date: 1999/01/27 21:50:19 $ All entries are assumed to be relevant to FreeBSD 2.0.5 and later,
unless otherwise noted.
This is just a snapshot off the 4.4BSD Lite Documents which are part of the FreeBSD operating system.

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Radio Stations:

Methodologies - The following links attach to web pages that provide information on methodologies and related structured design topics.

Apple Computer Tech Info Library


Online software QA/testing courses:

A Software Verification and Validation course is offered online by the University of Maryland University College. They also offer Software Engineering Principles and Techniques. Their website is at:

Interactive Video Solutions offers a video titled Software Testing and Configuration Management: Software Testing Techniques. They're at:

NCR Customer Education Services offers a computer based/CD course called Software Testing Techniques. Their website is at:

Our training classes - now available online as well as instructor-led,
will show you proven, practical, and innovative software testing techniques.
We'll show you how to find bugs fast, find the worst ones first, and tell how well you're doing.
You'll also be able to write an effective test plan. (There's a timesaving test plan template included.)
You'll be in constant touch with the instructor via e-mail, so you can get personal help on your own project whenever you want it. Courses include: Software Testing in the Real World, Regression Testing, and Client/Server Testing.

Saluki Message boards - MCSE and Novell certifications

List of Commercial and Free On-Line Education Software, Course and Test Delivery / Management Systems for Distance Learning

Internet Links for Tutorials and other Resources in Various Academic Subjects

Academic Computing Services - Free Computer Training for the KU Community

Internet workshops schedule Spring 2000

A Practical Guide for Proof-of-Concept Engagements
This paper describes a process for delivering successful proof-of-concept (POC) engagements for a client who is interested in using object technology to solve a critical business problem. It describes a practical step-by-step approach to service engagements. While the process discussed herein will scale to accommodate the development of full-scale production applications, this paper concentrates on the application of the process to short-term engagements, like that of a POC. This document's contents are derived from successful proof-of-concept engagements delivered by experienced practitioners.

This is the third edition of the First Guide to PostScript - Computer Science Glossary - Computer Science home page at - College Courses in Computer Science


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Free MS Access tutorials:

Free Windows NT tutorials:

Free Unix Tutorials:

Free SQL Tutorials:

Lotus Certification:

Oracle Certification:

Citrix Certification:

Novell Certification:

Sun Certification:

IBM Certification:

HP Certification:

Informix Certification:


A Programming Resource Megasite Contains a large collection of programs, and programming related tutorials, source code, links, ideas, etc.
Has links to many tutorials - Programming Tutorials A site which has lots of Programming Tutorials

ECC: the Programming Section
A site with references for the most used languages, with tutorials, news, chat...

Programmers Heaven
Huge site with lots of resources and links to other programming sites

All About PC Programming This Page has information about PC Programming, reviews on compilers and books. Also features a Messageboard, links and a ChatRoom.

WebCT Demos:


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