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Charles Spurgeon's Ethernet Web Site - This site provides extensive information about Ethernet (IEEE 802.3) local area network (LAN) technology, including the original 10 Megabit per second (Mbps) system, the 100 Mbps Fast Ethernet system (802.3u), and the Gigabit Ethernet system (802.3z).
Multi-Segment Configuration Guidelines. From "Ethernet, The Definitive Guide," provides the complete set of 10, 100, and 1000 Mbps Ethernet half-duplex configuration rules in a single chapter.
Virtual Private Networking Reference
An Educator's Guide to School Networks - an excellent free guide to computer networking
Data Communications - self study guide

Networking Fundamentals - self study guide
NetAnalyst Tip Library - Tips for the computer network professional, also sign up for their Free Reference Materials
8 Steps to Intranet Deployment
Free Networking Troubleshooting Case Studies - These case studies will cover all topologies and a variety of network problems.
Frequently Asked Questions about Networking
Practically Networked HowTos - Good, practical tutorials and how tos for networking your computers, includes Windows 2000 and Linux networking and internet sharing.
Introduction to Administration of an Internet-Based Local Network
eHows: Internet and Networking - tons of free tutorials
Certified Internet Webmaster Cram Site
CIW Foundations Study as posted by Big Daddy

TCP/IP practice - 12 Available Questions
Free Network+ Certification Practice Exams
HyperRFC - Hyper-linked RFC - This is a searchable RFC (Request For Comment) documents index; Eligible query forms are: RFC number, filename of RFC document, or
single keyword of RFC title.
Microsoft Networking Essentials Exam practice questions, concentrates less on servers an workstations than it does on the connections between them and the network standards they use.
i-Net+ Study help - this cramsession will help you to prepare for the CompTia I-Net+ Certification Exam
i-Net+ Certification - Certification - A tutorial for the CompTIA i-Net+ Certification, a vendor-neutral Internet certification.
Network+ Study help - this cramsession will help you to prepare for the CompTia Network+ Certification Exam
Network+ Certification Study Guides, Notes, and Practice Tests
Network+ Certification Core Tutorial - Network+ Certification - A tutorial teaching the requirements for the Network+ Certification exams.
Free CompTIA Exams:
Microsoft TCP/IP - Study Notes for TCP/IP MCSE Exam
Home Page of Andrew S. Baker - lots of networking and some hardware help and advice. Links to many sites in various well-defined topics.

Network Design and Research Center
Network Tutorials and Resources
How Stuff Works: Networking
The Carrier-band Network Handbook's Columnist Articles
Data Communication Technical Papers at
Serial Communications Tutorial
TCP/IP Ports Database - This Web site has a comprehensive list of port numbers. So if you need to know whether that open port on your server can safely be blocked, here's where you'll find out.
Technology Guides from Network Computing
IPv6 Tutorial - This new standard for IP numbering had to be introduced to help overcome some of the limitations of the old system and to provide enough addresses to see us all well into the next century
Understanding the OSI 7 Layer Model - A full length explanation of the OSI 7 layer model including the role of each layer and of the stack. This model defines how applications running upon network-aware devices may communicate with each other.
Understanding DHCP - Defining an TCP/IP addressing system and setting up the correct address on each workstation and server is far from trivial. Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol can be a great help.
Understanding NAT - As interest in using the Internet grows and grows, Internet address space comes under greater demand, and the threat looms that it could run out. Network Address Translation is one method of conserving Internet address space which you can put to use on your network.
Understanding Frame Relay - Who’s using Frame Relay technology, and why? Can it help ease your own comms bottlenecks?
Understanding VPNs - IP-based Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) across the Internet are swiftly overtaking the conventional technologies of remote access dial-up servers and expensive leased-line WANs, but can frequently be complex to configure and maintain.
Understanding Virtual Network Computing - VNC is a free, open-source remote control and monitoring tool. It consists of viewer and server components, and its platform-independence adds greatly to its usefulness.
Windows 2000 Top Networking Issues - In this FAQ, we examine some of the most common network-related calls that have recently been coming in to Microsoft’s support department.
How to Speed Up your Network - Troubleshooting a sluggish LAN can be a complex process  but there are a number of simple changes you can make to improve performance.
Troubleshooting a Switched Network - Switches are intelligent devices which run software and can exhibit quirks. We delve into a few of the common problems you might experience on your switched network, and explain how to solve them.
Your Internet Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) - An Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) is essential for every company, which explains to staff what they may and may not do in the course of accessing the Internet for business purposes. We outline how to develop and maintain your AUP.

Understanding TCP/IP Tutorial - Never really understood TCP/IP?  Well now is your chance with this multi part tutorial from PC Network Advisor:

Slitex Foilset Asynchronous Transfer Mode Tutorial - In this tutorial we present an overview of ATM and Gigabit Networks
ISDN Tutorial
Packetizer - A resource for packet-switched conversational protocols
IP Addressing Fundamentals - This tutorial discusses basic concepts of IP addresses, including address classes and subnet addressing.

Understanding IP Addressing: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know - this 65 page white paper is available in 3 pdf files.

The Internet Protocol

IP Addressing Fundamentals
TCP-IP in Depth  - Good document from Rutgers on TCP-IP, etc.
Troubleshooting TCP/IP
DNS and BIND - Security
Using Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (Windows NT Network Administration)
Troubleshooting TCP/IP (Windows NT Network Administration)
Sample Chapter from IP Fundamentals: What Everyone Needs to Know About Addressing and Routing
Configuring IP Addressing
Internet Protocol Addressing
IP Addressing Subnetting Tutorial
Uri's TCP/IP Resources List
Network Address Translation Tutorial
Linux Network Address Translation
Windows 2000 Networking Resources
Computer Networks Destinations is a large and growing collection of computer networks resources on the World-Wide Web.

Technical Networking Info - links
HTTP Transactions
Connecting a Network - Easy to understand guide to networking
Computer Networking Tutorials from
All Networking Articles and Tutorials from
Protocol Directory for WAN, LAN and ATM
The RFC Sourcebook is a reference guide and web site for finding official information about internet standards and internet protocols
Student Networking Tutorials
Networking Tutorials
Networking Tutorials
WAN Resources
Contains links to WWW sites which have useful information on Telecommunications related issues (Including high speed networks, ATM,ISDN, Network Management, SNMP).
ATM References, Tutorials, Standards, Papers
Asynchronous Transfer Mode Tutorial - In this tutorial we present an overview of ATM and Gigabit Networks.
Network Design and Research Center - Network Links
The following tutorials will help provide you with a solid foundation and understanding of basic networking protocols and techniques.
Ethernet Tutorial Part I: Networking Basics
Ethernet Tutorial Part II: Adding Speed
Ethernet Tutorial Part III: Sharing Devices
Fast Ethernet Tutorial
Device Servers Tutorial
Switching Tutorial
Networking and Communication hardware tutorials and links
Networks, Routers and Transputers: Function, Performance and Applications (book)
The purpose of this document is to provide a Information Database for Networking Technologies. It is intended for students of Computer Networking classes.
Tutorials - security, networking, cracking
ADSL technical tutorials and documentation
Networking links - either put in cat6.html or extract out the goods ones, or both

Free TCP/IP Tutorials:

The Simple Times is an openly-available publication devoted to the promotion of the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP). In each issue, The Simple Times presents technical articles and featured columns, along with a standards summary and a list of Internet resources.
Telecommunication and Networking Tutorials
Home Computer Networking Tutorials
Information on home PC networks.
Computer Networking Tutorials from Webmonkey
VPN White Papers

Accessing files on the central web server from a PC using Samba html
Connecting to a remote system from a PC using PCNFSPro telnet html
Transferring files between a remote system and a PC using PCNFSPro ftp html
Transferring files between a remote system and a PC html
Ascend and Annex dialup using Windows 95 or 98 html
File packaging html
Introduction to Usenet News using tin on Unix html
Using Talk on Unix systems html
Using SSH secure shell client on a PC to connect to and transfer files to and from a remote site html

IBM Developerworks Networking Tutorials:

::: Trust and Security in Peer-to-Peer Networks :::
In a distributed application, trust is of the utmost importance, but how do you know who should gain access and to what? In this installment of his column on peer-to-peer computing, Todd Sundsted introduces you to tools that make trust possible in distributed applications.

::: Virtual Private Networks :::
Curious about VPNs? Part 1 of this two-part tutorial by Larry Loeb presents a high-level VPN overview, proceeds to the technologies involved, and delves into the IPSec protocol.

::: Virtual Private Networks, Part 2 :::
This two-part tutorial is aimed at technical folks who want to understand the overall workings of a VPN.  Here in Part 2, security author Larry Loeb takes a closer look at this technology and examines some VPN implementations of note.

::: An Introduction to Neural Networks :::
Get a practical understanding of what may be the future of computing.  This article covers the basics of neural nets so that you can begin to apply them in your own coding.

Networking White Papers and Tutorials:

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