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Object Oriented Basics Guide
Methods and techniques for object-oriented analysis and design
Object Oriented Analysis and Design
Basic Object-Oriented Concepts - good O-O tutorial
Explaining Rational Rose to Managers

Managing Object Oriented Projects

Object Oriented Methods Q & A

Object-Oriented Language Basics (by Jeff Friesen) from JavaWorld:

Moving Yourself to OOP - the July, 1997 issue of Troubleshooting Professional Magazine.
Object-Oriented Links
An Introduction to Object-Oriented Design
Object-oriented programming in C
Object-Orientation FAQ - provides a quick and current reference on available systems such as object- oriented languages, CASE, OODB and etc. and to provide good references to current and relevant OO systems, groups, texts and literature.
Object-Oriented Glossary
Object Oriented Analysis and Design Tutorial
Tons of Object-Oriented Links
Papers, Talks and Positions relating to Object-Oriented Thinking and Development
A Laboratory For Teaching Object-Oriented Thinking (introducing CRC Cards)
Tutorials and introductions to patterns.
Tutorials and introductions to patterns
Courses on Patterns
The Object-Oriented Page
Case Tool List
OOSE Articles
Let us know who you are and what your interest are in software engineering; afterwards, we'll send you some FREE white papers on UML and Object-Oriented Analysis and Design.
Object-Oriented Software Engineering Links and content
Object-Oriented Software Architecture - A Practitioner's Approach
A Methods and Standards Page
Object Oriented Programming Resources
Object-Oriented Links
Object Oriented FAQ
The Object Practitioner's Guides - written on various topics related to Object-Oriented development.

IBM Developerworks Object Oriented Tutorials:

::: Stroll Through History :::
Follow the Components history timeline, which covers the major developments in object-oriented programming from the introduction of
Simula to the introduction of Web services.

::: First Admit You Have a Problem :::
Object-oriented programmers and data-oriented, linear-thinking programmers often have a communication gap. Scott Ambler discusses ways of overcoming the object-data divide.

::: Molding a Use Case :::
A lot of thought must go into the creation of a truly useful use case. Allen Holub shares his methodology, his use-case template, and his
many years of experience in this month's column on the OO Design process.


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