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For a ton more Free training and tutorials on MS Office and other Desktop productivity software applications, check out The Best Free Desktop & Office Tutorials on the Web


The first 3 course modules of all the following online training are available for Free:

Microsoft Word 2000:

Microsoft Excel 2000:

Microsoft Project 2000:

Microsoft Access 2000:

Microsoft Outlook 2000:

Viewlets, put in member site on eo4c
Software Resources
Excel Quick Reference
Outlook Quick Reference
PowerPoint Quick Reference
Word Quick Reference
Advanced Microsoft Word for Windows

Windows XP Tips eBook
Dynamic Web Site Design
Free Microsoft Office Interactive Video Lessons

Video 1 - Starting a Microsoft Office Program (897 Kb)

Video 2 - Selecting Menu Commands (463 Kb)

Video 3 -Using Toolbars (0.98 Mb)

Video 4 -Using Shortcut Menus (318 Kb)

Video 5 - Getting Help (565 Kb)

Video 6 - Switching between open programs (875 Kb)

Video 7 - Exiting a program (342 Kb)

Watch all 7 videos continuosly (about 11 minutes/4.94 Mb)
Information Systems slides covering many areas in the field of Information Systems including technology, software, development strategies and practical areas such as word processing, using spreadsheets, the World Wide Web and programming.
DBCC Tutorials List
UWEC'S ITM Online Help Collection
Brand New User Tutorial
Beginner / Newbie Tutorials
Beginner / Newbie Tutorials
Beginner / Newbie Tutorials
Beginner / Newbie Tutorials
Free Excel Training
Powerpoint Tutorials
Word, Excel, Windows 2000 tutorials
Windows and Mac Tutorials
The Animated Internet - Discover How the Internet Really Works
Software Applications Tutorials
Beginners, Windows and Office tutorials
Lesson Plan Central - Computer and Internet Lesson Plans
Computer and Office Tutorials (links)
Computer Software Notes and Tutorials, excel, word, powerpoint, photoshop
Computers in Education - This material was developed for a course - it is very informative and helpful and includes topics such as Hardware, Word
Processor, Database, Spreadsheet, Graphics
MS Office Handouts
Outlook 2000 Tutorial
Teacher Workstation Reference Guide 

Outlook Tutorials to check out:

Tutorial Overview - Tutorial designed by Indiana University for working with Microsoft Outlook features.

Outlook Tutorial - On-Line tutorial covering both the basics of Outlook 2000 and advanced user features such as distribution lists, journal, tasks, etc.


Creating Shared Calendars with MS Outlook - Learn how to create a calendar and share it with others.


Dynamic Zone FX: Workshops:


Free Excel Downloads
Free Excel Downloads 2
Books and Open Learning Manuals
Office 200 Tutorials
Open Learning Centre - Self-paced learning tutorial notes
List of computing documents by category
PowerPoint Class
Working with Text
Interactive PowerPoint
Offline Presenting
Web Wizardry
Training and Documentation - Word and PowerPoint
How to Create MS Word Templates and Forms,,152+24508+9056,00.html
Microsoft Project 2000 FAQ
Using Microsoft Project to manage projects
What's New in Microsoft Project 2000
Other sites offering additional information for Microsoft Project Users
MS Project 98 Tutorial: Online Users Guide
Word Tutorials
Powerpoint Tutorials
PowerPoint Tutorials
Office 2000 Tutorials - links
Project Management Articles and Tools
On-Line Tutorials: Academic Technologies: Barnard College -
Online Tutorials are available on a variety of software packages listed by category
Tutorials - offers some good free training tutorials and also viewlets.
Office 2000 Overview - Basic Changes to the Microsoft Office Suite
PowerPoint Resources on the Web
PowerPoint Introduction training video
Excel Tutorial links
E-Learning Center - MS Office - slow download on pdf files, but they do come - Free Sample Course downloads for Office XP applications (doc files).
Free Short Guides
Software Tip Of The Day - If you're after tips on Word, Excel, PowerPoint or Windows, keep an eye on the Nerdybooks site and its excellent "tip of the day" feature.
Free Computer Tips to Master your Computer - current month, this year and last years tips
Windows 95 98 Guide - Tips, training manual and help sheets. (5.1MB .pdf)
Excel- Graphing - One sheet starter (.pdf)
IT/ Windows Tips, Tricks and Secrets
All free training downloads from, they have a banner sayong "Evaluation: not to be used for training" across each page. Includes Office XP training materials.

Free MS Office Quick References:
Most have a splash across the page, except for the following:
Outlook 98
TrainingZONE's quick guide to making your presentation stand out.

PowerPoint Animation—Help or Entertainment?

MOUS Study Guides (free registration required):
WORD 2000
, Excel 2000, Access 2000, PowerPoint 2000
Microsoft PowerPoint Tutorial
Online Technology Resources.
Link Resource Site for Office Applications and Programming
Free MS Word 97 Guide
Free Excel 97 Guide
2 PowerPoint Tutorials - Adding Sound to a PowerPoint Show and Web Delivery of PowerPoint Presentations
Word, Excel and other Tutorials
Various tutorials mostly for Excel
Documentation Library for office and other applications - will be growing
Tips from Element K Journals - a Free service that delivers software and computer tips and techniques right to your email box.
Video Professor Demos & Skills Tests - Free online course demos for various Microsoft Office and other applications.
Excel Tutorials and Download  Links
Tutorials and Online Reference Materials for Microsoft Office applications (links),10606,6001492,00.html
Microsoft Office Quick Start Guide\
Windows 98 help and tips page
MS Word Resources from MIT's Word User Group
Free Online Course - What's New in Window's 98
IT Training Material - Microsoft Office 97 and Word for Mac - The training material from IT Services courses is available for private use.
Technology Tutorials
Acrobat tutorial links
All kinds of tutorials including MS Office at Penn State
C&IS Seminar Notes and Handouts
Adobe GoLve Tutorials


Sun's Star Office Support Page
Star Office White Paper
Star Office FAQ

Excel and Powerpoint Tutorials
Download a product demo - many different courses to choose from, not sure how much training matieral you receive with each demo.
Excel Online Manual
Tips and Tricks Online Magazine
Using Excel
MS Word Tutorials
Excel Tutorial
Free Course: Fundamentals of MS Word 2000
Many Tutorial links
Several tutorials
Excel Tutorial
PowerPoint Tutorial
Access tutorial
Good Office Tutorials
Tips page,1245,4167-101830,00.html
Free PowerPoint Course
Powerpoint Guide
MS Access Tutorial with database file
Introduction to Excel Tutorial, written in Excel
Powerpoint Tutorial
Element K Free Sample Courses:
Windows 95: Introduction <>
Excel 7.0: Worksheets <>
Word for Windows 7.0: Level 1 <>
Word 7.0 Level 2 <>
Notes 4.5: Introduction <>
Learning Front Page 98
Free Online Courses: Microsoft Office 2000 Insight course, Microsoft Windows 2000 - Technical Overview, Microsoft Windows 2000 - New Features, and Microsoft Word 2000 Fundamentals.
Excel and other tutorials
Mastering Microsoft Publisher - A complete course for anyone who needs to master the subject.
Access 97 - A complete, in-depth course for programmers and database administrators
Introduction to Excel - This is an intermediate-level study of Microsoft Excel.
Mastering CorelDraw
A complete online course for prospective and active graphics artists and Web designers.
Mastering Adobe Photoshop
Everything you need to know to get acquainted and then master the techniques.
Mastering Adobe Illustrator
A complete course of study for beginners pros alike.
A complete online course for prospective engineers and drafting professionals.
Introduction to PowerPoint 97
A no-nonsenes, hands-on short course for anyone wanting to get up to speed with this popular Microsoft presentation graphics product.
Introduction to Lotus Freelance Graphics
Here is your chance to get up to speed with this powerful presentation graphics package.
MS Office sample chapters
Excellent free learning site
Many Tutorials, different topics
Short Course Handouts
Tutorial Links

Training handouts on web publishing, office and desktop tops, Unix, VMS, and statistical software
PowerPoint Tips, Helps, and Links
Netscape Tutorial
Netscape Composer Tutorial
Internet Relay Chat and mIRC
Many Tutorial Links
Links to Several online Word Tutorials
Links to Several online Word Tutorials
Access Tutorials and Learning Links
MS Publisher Tips and Tutorials
Various Tutorials including Microsoft Publisher 98, FrontPage 2000, and Quark XPress 4.0 (not found on 3/12/2003)
Adobe PageMaker Tutorials
Page Layout and Graphic Design tutorials
Resources for Desktop Publishers
How to! Manipulating Bitmap Images
Yahoo Desktop Publishing links
PowerPoint Links I
PowerPoint Links II
PowerPoint resources links
Word 97 Tutorial
Powerpoint 97 Tutorial
Windows 95 Tutorial

For New Office Training Site:
Introduction to Information Technology

The Concepts - Animated Photoshop tutorials for beginners
All the Tools - Animated Photoshop Toolbox reference
Easy Website Creation from Photoshop Images

Digital Studio - Tutorials:
Very well done Powerpoint and Photoshop Tutorials with graphics.
Todd's Dreamweaver MX Tutorial for Smarties - Beginner Version
Todd's Dreamweaver MX Tutorial for Smarties - Intermediater Version,,5+26+36038+74+26289+10256,00.html
What are computer files?,,5+26+36038+74+26289+10259,00.html
Saving , Retrieving, and Resaving Files,,139+23896+16946,00.html
Printing a document,,139+23896+16947,00.html
Printing a draft of a document

Windows basics:,,74+26290+10278,00.html
The Taskbar - describes the parts of a taskbar.,,74+26290+10277,00.html
The Windows Desktop - icons describes different kinds of icons.,,74+23086+12720,00.html
Take a shortcut - explains how to create shortcut icons on the desktop.,,74+26290+10282,00.html
Having your way with windows - describes the purpose of the three small squares on the upper right of every Window.
Windows 95 Tutorials
Windows 95 Tips
Windows 98 Tutorials
Windows 98 Tips,,9+27163,00.html
Windows ME Tutorials,,9+50+80,00.html
Windows 2000 Tutorials
Windows 2000 Tips,,9+35547,00.html
Windows XP Tutorials,,5+26+36038+74+26293+10311,00.html
Choosing software - Seven basic tips for buying software for a computer you already own.,,5+26+36038+74+26293+10313,00.html
Installing programs - gives illustrated step-by-step instructions for installing software on your computer.,,5+26+36038+74+26293+10314,00.html
Learning an application - gives 5 tips for learning applications.,,5+26+36038+74+26293+10304,00.html
What can wordprocessors do? - an illustrated article displaying 10 basic features common to most wordprocessors.,,5+26+36038+74+26293+10305,00.html
Advanced wordprocessing features - an illustrated article displaying 7 advanced features.,,5+26+36038+74+26293+10306,00.html
Using a wordprocessor - introduces 7 concepts and skills for using wordprocessors.,,5+26+36038+74+26293+10307,00.html
How spreadsheets work - an illustrated introduction to how formulas work in spreadsheets.
Microsoft Excel 97 Tutorial,,5+26+36038+74+26293+10309,00.html
Database management programs - introduces the basic concepts and describes how databases work.,,5+26+36038+74+26293+10310,00.html
What can databases do? - an illustrated explanation of the basic steps in using databases.,,5+26+36038+74+26293+10312,00.html
Choosing a database program - describes what to look for when purchasing database software.
Microsoft Access 97 Tutorials
Microsoft Access Office 2000,,10+57+34954,00.html
Office XP-Tutorials

Microsoft PowerPoint 97 Tutorials:

Microsoft PowerPoint 97 Tips:

PowerPoint 2000 Tutorials:
Microsoft PowerPoint 97 Tips
Advanced PowerPoint Tutorials
PowerPoint Templates: Adding multimedia to presentations
Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Graphics, and many pdf training and tutorial documents.

Desktop publishing:
Tutorials for Quark Express, Microsoft Publisher, Adobe Pagemaker,,10+58+26068,00.html
Adobe Pagemaker 6.5-Tutorials,,10+55+26151,00.html
Adobe InDesign Tutorials,,10+55+26033,00.html
Adobe FrameMaker Tutorials:,,10+55+26109,00.html
Adobe FrameMaker Projects,,10+58+26173,00.html
Microsoft Publisher Tutorials
Variety of tutorials for creating graphics
Tutorials for programs for creating multimedia

Photoshop Tutorials:

Photoshop Tips:

Illustrator Tutorials:,,10+58+140,00.html,,10+58+36851,00.html
Illustrator 10 Tutorials,,10+55+26074,00.html
After Effects 4-Tutorials,,10+55+26080,00.html
LiveMotion 1.0-Tutorials
Links to more Adobe Tutorials,,10+55+26133,00.html
Corel Draw Version 9 Tutorials,,10+55+36407,00.html
Draw Version 10 Tutorials,,10+55+26098,00.html
PhotoPaint Tutorials,,10+55+26159,00.html
Microsoft Visio 2000 Tutorials,,10+55+36414,00.html
Microsoft Visio 2002 Tutorials,,10+55+26060,00.html
Microsoft PhotoDraw 2000 Tutorials,,10+58+26145,00.html
Microsoft PrintShop 10 Tutorials,,10+55+30386,00.html
PaintShop Tutorials:

PaintShop Tips:

Freehand Tutorials:
Freehand Tips
Finance software tutorials

Photoshop Links:,00.html

PhotoShop Crash Course from HotWired

Photoshop Tool Basics

Photoshop Tips Cookbook

Photoshop Tips and Techniques

Graphic Design Resources Center
Adobe Acrobat Tips
PDF Tips and Techniques


Fee-based Training for Desktop and Office Applications:
Garland County Community College
Online Computer Courses, includes all the MS Office applications, plus Photoshop, QuickBooks, MS Publisher, and A+ Certification courses.
MS office and software training CDs and videos.
Good, thorough online courses at a decent price
Developers and distributors of award-winning technology and training solutions.
Microsoft Press provides comprehensive learning tools to help users of all levels get the most from Microsoft technology. They offer hundreds of training and reference tools-including multimedia tutorials, quick guides, in-depth references, resource kits, and interactive training on CD-ROM.
Online-University as well as tutorials for download, reasonable rates, from Webpublishing to MS Office products, good value
Keystone Learning has Advanced Excel, Powerpoint, and Outlook courses on CD and videotape, costing $49.95 each. Click on "Alphabetical List" , then click on Excel 2000 or 97, Powerpoint 2000 or 97, and Outlook 2000 or 97. The Advanced courses are described along with the beginning and intermediate ones.
Interactive Computer Training - Offers CD tutorials for Advanced Excel and Powerpoint
Advanced Excel and Powerpoint tutorials: $19.95 for 6 months, $29.95 for 1 year. Enter "Advanced Excel" or "Advanced Powerpoint" in the search box.
You get unlimited one year online access to the 900+ program lessons in this package for $97.00. Includes Advanced Excel and Powerpoint.
List of all Personal Computing Courses from, contains Advanced Courses in Excel, Powerpoint, and Outlook.
Excel 2000 VBA Programmer's Reference book
Professional Outlook 2000 Programming book
Outlook 2000 VBA Programmer's Reference book
Microsoft Excel 97 Step by Step, Advanced Topics book

Microsoft Office 97 Basic concepts and skills (link does not work as of 7/31/2000)

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